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I'd give my entire story, but you'd die from the sheer awesomeness of it. So i'll keep it basic:

Christian(need to work on being a better one)
January baby
I has dimples(on my face you pervs).
Don't drink or smoke
No Facebook account(though I do stalk a few people...)

I'm pretty easy to get along with. I like to joke around most of the time, so try not to get insulted by things I say. The only people I have a problem with are those who are conceited, tauruses(they forget that Capricorns are the best), and LeBron apologist. I tend to avoid writing long comments on here since I mostly use my mobile device or gaming system to get online.

This came off like a Match.com profile.....


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2003 National Championship.

    Troy Smith to Gonzo '05 M*chigan game.

    Braxton to Devin '11 Wisconsin.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Troy Smith/Pryor/Braxton/Eddie George
  • NFL TEAM: Beng...:/
  • NHL TEAM: Pffft
  • NBA TEAM: Lakers(been a fan since the day Shaq was traded)
  • MLB TEAM: Yanke.......none. lol

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Comment 5 hours ago
Are we sure? He hasn't said he was coming back. I suggest we make 400 threads about it just to be sure.
Comment 13 hours ago
Bama. Why? For 25 days I heard how Ohio State stood no chance against Bama. How the Sugar Bowl was just a bye week for Bama before they won their 4th NC under Saban. 25 days of "You give Saban a month to prepare, and blah, blah, blah." 25 days of "SEC speed". "They're too physical." 25 days of hearing how Amari Cooper was going to be Sammy Watkins part 2. 25 days of listening to idiots like Skip Bayless saying Ohio State wouldn't move the ball on Bama. 537 yards later, "Bama wasn't that good". 25 days of hearing from irrelevant SEC team fans. 25 days of hearing how TCU got screwed(which got louder after they stomped Ole Miss). When Bama was up 21-6, i'm sure they were starting their "I told you so" articles. Heck, i'm sure they had finished them before the game. When Tyvis Powell intercepted the ball to end the game, the joy I felt can't be explained. I'm shocked no one is reporting that crows are now an endangered species. They suffered a huge loss on January 2nd.
Comment 13 hours ago
The only time I listen to 97.1 is when Urb is coming on to talk about NSD. The whole "Tressel should be fired" after the Purdue loss ruined radio for me.
Comment 14 hours ago
Like i said I don't just hand up upvotes because I agree with stuff or don't like stuff, thats even in the rules section isn't it?
That rule only applies to DVs. If you agree, you're encouraged to upvote. Like right now. :D
I also am an admitted curmudgeon
So you were right at home after the VT loss? lol
Comment 14 hours ago
11. Ohio State would have stomped Notre Dame in 2012.
Comment 14 hours ago
They were there celebrating their fictional '02 NC.
Comment 15 hours ago
To be honest Urban walked into a MUCH GREATER position than Harbaugh did regarding strength of program and recruiting class so maybe you irrational dudes can cut him some slack?  i mean dang did he sleep with your girlfriend?
If you ignore the bowl ban, and sanctions... And cutting a M*chigan coach some slack? This isn't Mgo.
Comment 17 hours ago
Jalin now is much better than Dontre as a freshman. You can't teach 6'3.
I don't miss games, so of course I watched it.  Nothing is more important than watching a Buckeye Game.
That game was Deckers first start, and Linsley was limited in minutes after coming back from injury.
Comment 17 hours ago
He wants to see Miami one more time before he moves to Columbus.