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I'd give my entire story, but you'd die from the sheer awesomeness of it. So i'll keep it basic:

Christian(need to work on being a better one)
January baby
I has dimples(on my face you pervs).
Don't drink or smoke
No Facebook account(though I do stalk a few people...)

I'm pretty easy to get along with. I like to joke around most of the time, so try not to get insulted by things I say. The only people I have a problem with are those who are conceited, tauruses(they forget that Capricorns are the best), and LeBron apologist. I tend to avoid writing long comments on here since I mostly use my mobile device or gaming system to get online.

This came off like a Match.com profile.....


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2003 National Championship.

    Troy Smith to Gonzo '05 M*chigan game.

    Braxton to Devin '11 Wisconsin.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Troy Smith/Pryor/Braxton/Eddie George
  • NFL TEAM: Beng...:/
  • NHL TEAM: Pffft
  • NBA TEAM: Lakers(been a fan since the day Shaq was traded)
  • MLB TEAM: Yanke.......none. lol

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Comment 12 hours ago
And Boyd torch that secondary with 378 yds, 5 TD's.
A secondary without Roby. Gardner in Rich Rod's system would be a better player.
Comment 18 hours ago
but may I humbly request an entertaining downvote GIF accompaniment?
No gif for you.
Comment 20 hours ago
His teeth are an outrage.
Comment 21 hours ago
Will Rod Jones be able to beat out Ezekiel Allen?
Comment 22 hours ago
Its ironic that when a black guy makes all the right choices and is a QB in the NFL he's not "black" enough
No one says you're not "black enough" when you make good choices. :/
Comment 22 hours ago
I heard T.J Barnett is a good QB for Ohio State.
Comment 23 hours ago
I am starting to get a little nervous about this Penn State game. It has nothing to do with that ESPN article.