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    Participant - Beating Cincinnati Anderson on penalty kicks after 120 min of play in 1976 at the state tournament. Showing my age with that one...
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Comment 23 Oct 2016

Hove, my friend, you are so right. The O-line was getting beat most of the night, but they looked really gassed in the 4th quarter. I wonder how much of that is a hang-over from the Wisconsin game? I know that it takes more unity & coordination to make the O-line work than any other unit, but can't we have some sort of O-line rotation to help keep their legs fresh?

Btw, Hove, I know how much losing to Penn State frustrates you. Me too. My least favorite team after Michigan.

Comment 17 Oct 2016

Your friend is either an idiot or a secret mole from Michigan sent to disrupt the normal viewing schedule of some red-blooded Buckeyes. Watch The Game.

Comment 09 Oct 2016

I'm a hater. Beat the Crew for the championship last year like Portland did & I'm gonna hate you

Comment 06 Oct 2016

@ MiamiBuckeye -

There's more of us around here than you might think! You can include Mr. D.J. Byrnes in this group too.

I'm dating myself, but here it goes -

1968 - Played in the first youth leagues in Central Ohio in the Worthington Cardinal Boosters.

1976 - Played in high school. Played in the first night soccer game ever played in Central Ohio - Worthington vs. Columbus Academy.

1977 - Tried out for OSU. They dropped the JV team and only kept an expanded varsity that year. I didn't make the cut (no left foot).

1977 - 1992 Played in the Ohio - Indiana men's league, and then for Germania in the Columbus league.

My "professional" aspirations died with 2 blown cruciates playing indoor soccer.

Twenty year Crew season ticket holder.

Been to every USMNT game in Crew Stadium, and caught 3 of the USMNT games when the World Cup was in the U.S.

Watched Fulham play their rivals, Hull City, at Craven Cottage Stadium in London. Wow. Originally a Fulham fan (Brian McBride, anyone?), but with them out, I have shamelessly switched my bandwagon allegiance to Leicester FC.

Have been to all four of the glorious "Dos a Cero" matches in Columbus. Nothing compares to that! The last one broke the bank, but you better believe I'm going again this year!   

So, there are some pretty crazy fans here! Thanks for starting this thread.

Comment 05 Oct 2016

Sorry to hear that, Dee. Hardest thing in the world. I've been breeding & raising Golden Retrievers for 34 years - they've stolen my heart - each & every one of them.

Comment 05 Oct 2016

Real sad to hear. It's a spindle cell sarcoma on the face & they probably cannot get good margins to completely excise it surgically.

A little general info if anyone is interested:


Comment 02 Oct 2016

This^^^^. The O-line for the Cowboys are playing way below expectations.