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    Live - OSU and scUM 42 - 39;
    Participant - Beating Cincinnati Anderson on penalty kicks after 120 min of play in 1976 at the state tournament. Showing my age with that one...
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Comment 19 hours ago

I've still got mine......and I'm in my 50's.......

Comment 07 Oct 2015

They're going to get their second loss there.....

Comment 06 Oct 2015

@ ISurvivedCooper - I took the first shot to the heart when I was 11 years old & Bo famously ambushed Woody's (his words) "Best Team Ever" in 1969. Then I agonized through the 10 year war. The Cooper years were just sandpaper & salt being rubbed over & into a never healing wound. The best years of my football fandom have been Tressel & Meyer. It's scar tissue now, but it can be re-opened. I will ALWAYS agonize through any game with Michigan.

Comment 05 Oct 2015

@Yance - Let me explain. My 1st comment was being sarcastic & joking, but I did not use the sarcasm font. So my second post (the repeat) was in the sarcasm font to make it clear to BOLT that I wasn't making a direct comparison between the jerseys. I also think that I've earned the right (on a free forum) to post my opinion &/or a clarification of a previous post as often as I want to. Btw, my reactionary old fart hot take to the black uniforms is softening. You black jersey guys made some good arguments, lol.

Comment 04 Oct 2015

No, I didn't know that! That's great to hear - really like Matt/Remy's posts.

Comment 03 Oct 2015

Yeah, Remy's a great guy. I miss his posts. He LOVED researching stats & did a great job. A while back someone called him out on posting a comment right after he would put up an article, so that he could get helmet stickers. A bullshit accusation, as far as most of us were concerned, but I think it stung & I haven't seen him since. Which is a damn shame. Because EVEN IF he was commenting to get helmet stickers (which I don't think he was) he deserved every one of them considering the hours & hours he put in on his articles.

Comment 02 Oct 2015

Agreed. All terriers & sporting dogs need a lot of exercise. 

Comment 02 Oct 2015

Those are tough, hard-headed dogs. Often quick to bite, smart, and very independent - not real cuddly. How old is your daughter? If she's under 10 years old I'd think hard about it. Think about a Border Terrier, if you want a smart, active, affectionate apartment sized dog. Great dogs.


Comment 02 Oct 2015

@AirBuckeye. Please remove this joke immediately. Seriously.

Comment 02 Oct 2015

Keeping it clean::

"What did the fish say when he swam head first into a concrete wall?"  "Dam!"

For the kids:

What did the number Zero say to the number Eight - "Hey, nice belt!"

For Buckeyes:

What happens when a Michigan Man takes Viagra? He gets taller.

Comment 02 Oct 2015

I was forced to become a vet to afford my animal habit!

Comment 02 Oct 2015

Well, now.....

A crazy female Golden named Dolce.

Who is the mother of two 6 mo old Golden pups, Hoss & Little Joe.

Remy, the male Flat Coat (the happiest, dumbest dog I've ever owned).

Tumbles the Hurricane Katrina Golden Ret. mix rescue (scared of strong winds, lol)

A Pomeranian mix rescue named Timbles, with 2 repaired kness.

Tootsie, the Lab mix junk yard dog with a bad attitude.

Turbo the Wonder Cat, a rescue with spinal damage.

Clementine, the barn cat.

Tally, the rescued kitten from under the deck of my local pub.

Honorable mention:

Abracadabra, the Hereford cross cow that showed up in our pasture as a feedlot tagged calf. Never could find her owner.

Feldman the Holstein calf we bought to keep her company.

Comment 02 Oct 2015

I have a pet named Ollie. Can you guess what can of pet he is?

Considering the title of this post, talking about your canned pet is in really bad taste.