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Comment 25 minutes ago

@ActionStanleyJackson - You might want to read JDBucknuts' comments from above, which were:

My son works with Timmy B and yes he is a big time SEC homer, but for good reason. He tells it like it is (until now the SEC has been on top).Timmy has eaten a lot of crow for his predictions against the Bucks, but he has taken it well and admitted when he was wrong. He's really a good guy and a good mentor for my son. Far from MM, who bolted immediately after the NC game and went into hiding in a cave somewhere in the middle east. I wonder how much we would have heard from MM after the NC if we had lost. You can't put Timmy B in the same basket as MM. That pinhead would never admit he was wrong even if he was paid a bonus to do so. I hope that "Daffy Duck" has a field day with him when he comes back in the fall (and Rece Davis for that matter too,,,MM's biggest supporter).

Comment 1 hour ago

@ Toad1024

So as I understand it theses threads discourage downvotes or 11wer's to not downvote to keep ones % as high as possible. Is this correct?

I think that's the general premise. But I don't think there are multiple theses about it.  ;-)

Comment 19 hours ago

I think you're right, Earle. I'll go to look for an image or meme, and I'm always drawn to the animal related ones.

P.S. That's picture of a real class of future police dogs in France. The Academy's cat gets to stroll down the walk & the dogs are in a "stay". If they break, they don't pass & have to go back for more training.

Comment 22 hours ago

@ Wargor - Please, now. This is THE Buckeye site. It's Friday afternoon. It's our job to find any little thing about our opponents (particularly our rivals) and find some way to twist & mis-use it to smear, cast aspersions, taunt, heckle, needle, insult, deride and abuse them. Why give up a perfectly good time to do just that by using reasoned arguments to take away that opportunity?

Remember, this is us talking to UM/Harbaugh:

And this is us talking to Alabama & Oregon:

Comment 29 Jan 2015

I think it will really hurt. But he'll have a solid recruiting year under his belt by 2016, so I expect them to rebound. I expect them to improve significantly on the field this year, which will be the real bellwhether for how their 2016 class winds up.

Comment 29 Jan 2015

Still, all my Michigan friends aquaintances believe that Michigan is about to enter a new golden era of football.

There, got that fixed for ya.....


Comment 28 Jan 2015

Well, you can tell it's both hump day & post-season at 11W after reading this thread.