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    Live - OSU and scUM 42 - 39;
    Participant - Beating Cincinnati Anderson on penalty kicks after 120 min of play in 1976 at the state tournament. Showing my age with that one...
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Comment 6 hours ago

That's funny. After reading all your posts in this thread I NEVER would have thought you drank at work.

thanks, buddy...I drink on the job anyways

Comment 6 hours ago

That's pretty weird, but I'll still maintain the 1st one is creepier. Good find, though, lol.

Comment 20 Nov 2014

Yeah, it is crazy to see the Cos in this light. But after Pete Rose from my childhood, Lance Armstrong, and Joe Paterno recently, I view everyone famous with a jaundiced eye.

Comment 20 Nov 2014

That's the creepiest Cosby look/face I've ever seen. Even without knowing about the rape allegations.

Comment 20 Nov 2014

My vote? Bucksfan changing his avatar.

Comment 20 Nov 2014

Nancy's, but for convenience sake & 24 hour greasy breakfast food it's hard to beat Fitzy's on Schrock Road.

Comment 20 Nov 2014

@SlumLord - Or maybe southern style:

" That Corey Smith sure drops a lot of passes, bless his heart!"

Comment 19 Nov 2014

Naw, it's so they can say "Oh my phone died, I didn't see that message". That way they don't have to see the assholes flaming them for the decommit.