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Comment 20 Feb 2017

Side topic for discussion:  Who's the OSU coach going to Las Vegas?

Kerry Coombs. Who else would be going to the City That Never Sleeps?

Comment 19 Feb 2017

At this point, I'm actually hoping for the basketball season equivalent of the thrashing we got from Clemson. I think that not making the NCAA, OR the NIT, losing the 1st game of the B1G tournament, having a losing B1G record, and Matta not getting his 20 wins per season is the ONLY thing that is going to make Gene Smith move on from Thad, or if he get's another year, make Thad make the changes he needs to overhaul the program, a la Urban Meyer after the Clemson game. 

Comment 12 Feb 2017

My father was the Superintendent of the State of Ohio Parole Authority. He kept track of all the parolees who had been released by the Parole Board. There was 2 things in this world he hated above all else. The Parole Board, and the released sex offenders. They ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS had the highest rate of recidivism & the Parole Board & Parole Authority usually only knew of 10% of their crimes on average.

I will be contributing to Reagan's scholarship fund. May she rest in peace.

Comment 29 Jan 2017

Thanks, Matt. The other point that I think a lot of people are missing is that when a pet is dying or being euthanized, people often come back from out of town(or wherever) to provide the emotional support that other members of the family need to deal with the death. Torts being there may be every bit as much for his wife's support as for the dog or his emotional attachment to the dog.

Comment 25 Jan 2017

I don't think his throwing was the primary problem. For me it was his making the wrong reads & then relying on his legs to get him out of trouble. His athleticism with JT's reading of the options? Unstoppable.

Comment 19 Jan 2017

I think Tim Kirkjan said it best, "you didn't care about your name when you were taking PEDs. Well, it's not my job to care about your name now that you're done cheating"

This ^^^^^ a thousand times this.