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Comment 23 Aug 2016

BrutusB -

 Though if they ever DID have some NFL caliber guy they'd be damn near invincible.

The qualifier being "under Saban". Otherwise, Joe Willie Namath might have a thing or two to say about that.

Comment 22 Aug 2016

Feeling old? I was 7 years old & sitting with my grandfather watching the Browns the last time they won a championship. In 1964. That will make you feel old!

Comment 20 Aug 2016

plus I'm trying to avoid moving the grass.  Come on rain!

I think moving the grass would be something to avoid at all costs!

Comment 19 Aug 2016

@YTOWNBUCKI - You've always seemed like a decent guy & a good poster on here. And everyone has their moments. But I hope you to understand that a dog's ability to think ahead (i.e. "if I crowd past this kid to try to get down the stairs 1st, he could then fall, which could then cause him to be hurt") does not exist in your dog anymore than it exists in your 1 year old.

What your dog has to be taught is that he has to sit & wait at the top of the stairs until humans (and kids!) are at the bottom, then he is invited down.

Comment 19 Aug 2016

He deserves jail time and an ass-whipping. What scum. I'm raging inside.

A puppy's ability to connect what he did with you being angry about it is generally less than 2 seconds. Seriously. So if you walk into a room where the puppy defecated 3+ seconds ago and start beating the dog, yelling at him, shoving his nose in the waste - guess what? He has no idea what you are mad about, has no idea what is wrong, and is being taught to be afraid of you and your random lunatic aggression.

And the part that is still bothering me:

Zamora was charged with a Class C misdemeanor, according to the report, and told the TV station, "I lost my temper trying to discipline him. I’ve been through training with a dog trainer to help me learn new potty training tips."

This gives the appearance that he still has the dog in his possession. God help that dog if he does.

Comment 18 Aug 2016

In addition:

Damon Arnette - Gareon Conley

Joe Burrow - J.T. Barrett

DaVon Hamilton  - Mike Hill

Joshua Norwood - Damon Webb

Tuf Borland - Joe Burger

Jonathon Cooper - Tyquan Lewis

Michel Jordan - Billy Price

Austin Mack - Noah Brown

Comment 18 Aug 2016

I love some of the doozies I've sent without checking what auto-correct did to my message. So I always get a chuckle out of them!

Comment 17 Aug 2016

Like any good media whore, Rome pushes buttons to generate mince plosives, which are all good for him.

It took me a while to figure it out, but I'm on to you, once I found this on the internet:

[When I] have to explain Epenthesis. I usually resort to my own home-made explanation: “When a nasal sound is followed by a voiceless fricative, a voiceless plosive which is homorganic to the nasal may be included between them.” Then I point out a few exceptions, such as "mints" vs "mince", comment briefly on the possibility of epenthesis before a voiced sound and that’s about it.

Comment 16 Aug 2016

Never have listened to or read Rome, but I like that article on Harbaugh. Then again, my opinion of UM runs along the lines of a quote I'll paraphrase: "If Michigan was playing a team of Justin Beibers coached by Satan himself on Snooki University field, I would still root against Michigan". 

Comment 16 Aug 2016

Harbaugh's awesome. Sometimes it's like we've all forgotten that we Buckeyes have lionized a borderline senile old man who punched a 20 year old in the neck on a football field.

Shame on you.  

Comment 12 Aug 2016

A complicated issue, no doubt. I need to do my homework if I'm going to debate you, I see!

I'm just here to say that Solo's asshole quotient is high, she is representing the U.S. and should congratulate the Swedes in public & bitch in private to her teammates, family, & friends.

Comment 12 Aug 2016

@John - Solo's behavior was bad enough that she was suspended/kicked off the National team until she got her shit together. White & Phelps have been pretty good team mates to have & generally behaved well while competing for the U.S.