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Comment 12 hours ago

Somebody seriously has to have DVR or something to find out who called for that upset out of those Fox Sports analysts. I spit out my drink when he called for the upset

Comment 20 Sep 2014

Wow, I'm slapping myself right now... Indiana.... Indiana... Just beat an overrated sec team

Comment 20 Sep 2014

Indiana 1st and goal with less than 30 sec in the game

Comment 07 Dec 2013

I really think that we can talk about stats all we want but it is going to be decided on the field. Do the games always go according to what stats you have going into the game? Not always... I am Super stoked for this game and cant wait to watch it. That being said lets just support our Buckeyes and be confident that they will win this game.

Comment 02 Dec 2013

Couldn't agree more, and there argument is our 25 game winning streak doesn't help us because half of it is in the past season, and we play in he weak B1G. Idiots then start talking about the seven years of Sec MNC champs and how that plays into how the voting goes. REALLY, what a bunch of crap, stupid hypocrites.

Comment 08 Nov 2013

I live just north of Salt Lake City and although Mormons may be a bit weird to hear them firmly believe that Utah v. BYU is the greatest rivalry in college football is just ludicrous! I would say possibly top ten to fifteen. There are really no venues pro ohio state, and I see more scum fans than buckeye fans out here. How I wish I could live back in my hometown of Piqua sometimes... Sigh...

Comment 05 Nov 2013

Thanks for the post and calculations/odds... I just reassure myself that as long as TOSU  wins out we have a good shot at going to the MNC. And I like a rough 75% odds that 2 of the 3 lose. GO BUCKS!

Comment 21 Oct 2013

I'm with the crowd of focusing on the upcoming game. It is nice to speculate and work it out in are heads but at the end of the year it will all be worked out. The two teams that (deserve) it ---- according to the BCS will play for the MNC. This is the way Urban is looking at it right now. This week we will focus on Penn State and not the games beyond that until they roll up on the schedule. Thinking about all the MNC possibilities would keep my head thinking while I'm trying to sleep --- it's hard to shut it down as it is. LETS JUST WIN!!! GO BUCKS!!!!!

One other observation about the ranking is that I was actually amazed there is so much separation between Bama and FSU... Bama is great but I wasn't expecting that much separation.

Comment 20 Oct 2013

Exactly what I thought with Auburn! Really that jumped that much after beating the media darling aka Johnny football and A&M's super sucky Defense... 


Comment 19 Oct 2013

They need him for that 'awesome' Auburn team... Why are they ranked again!?? Oh yeah there in the sec... Smh... Banging against the wall.

Comment 17 Sep 2013

Totally down with double Qb's! It's like pulling out extra guns and new wrinkles for other teams to prep for and be weary of... 

Comment 30 Jul 2013

Katzenmoyer is now owner of Katzenmoyer Performance, a training facility along with KP CrossFit also in Westerville, Ohio. He also serves as Strength & Conditioning Coach at his alma matter, Westerville South High School in Westerville, Ohio.

Comment 17 Jul 2013

So many calls I could think of, but this was one of the first I remember... I was screaming at the tv about this call...


Comment 06 Jul 2013

I really like Walts idea... The idea of modernizing the uniform while keeping it traditional. Putting more grey in Really brings out the scarlet.