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Comment 04 Apr 2016

Listening to Mendoza was a whole lot better than Schilling the game before that one.  Wow, had to turn that one off!

Comment 11 Mar 2016

Loving is the least of our problems. Just because he isn't a rah,rah leader, get in people's faces, doesn't mean he isn't a quality player. Quiet intensity sometimes looks like disinterest. Does he take plays off, yes. More than I like, but he's probably top three best on the team. He needs to come back with a relentless approach, even if he wants to stay even keeled all the time. If that makes any sense.

Comment 11 Mar 2016

How is it that KBD seems to be on the floor the whole game and be so ineffective? Is the coaching staff thinking the light bulb is still going to come on this year??

Comment 11 Mar 2016

This is the same offense we've seen for a long time. Pass back and forth, dribble from one side to the other. When shot clock winds down, penetrate and throw up a prayer, try and draw a foul.

Comment 05 Mar 2016

May as well leave Diop in there to pick up his 5th. He's not doing anything today.

Offense definitely needs revamped. Been the same crap offense for too long now!

Comment 05 Mar 2016

1.  This team would be better served in the NIT. Most likely, one and done in the big dance.

2.  Do we ever recruit someone that can shoot 80%+ from the foul line?

3.  Giddens, Mitchell, Thompson add nothing to this team.

4.  How turing is it to watch a high post offense that mostly comes off screens to shoot threes, or shoots a desperation three as the shot clock expires.

5.  Defense is TERRIBLE!!

Comment 27 Feb 2016

Best and worst involve same two teams....

Worst...OSU vs. Wisky. 1982. Driving rain all day. OSU lost 6-0. Tim spencer fumbled late in game with OSU driving for winning score. Last time that the shoe wasn't sold out. (?).

best.....OSU vs. wisky. 2011(?). Braxton to Smith. The Shoe exploded. First game I took my son to.