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I just always loved the Buckeyes its just something about the allure and I learned of the rivalry with TSUN my love grew even more and continues to grow I can't see myself ever liking any other team


  • SPORTS MOMENT: My personal best sports moment would have to be in high-school in our rivalry game I got the ball on a swing pass and turn down field to run it I get about fifteen yards down field and see a defender so I spin and made him miss the crowd goes nuts! But I didn't know was when that happened another defender was right behind me and they hit each other I didn't know until the play was over lol I mean everyone was just going berserk
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Braxton Miller who else but of all time Eddie George.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: I dont have a favorite college player

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Comment 18 Apr 2013
Braxton definetly has improved, and that is great news for buckeyenation, if he can become more consistent (which I think will happen with more reps) this team will be a force, we didn't even get chance to see total package because of the black jersey, Spence, and Washington, looked good, but I'm not sure some of those would've been sacks in a real game on Braxton.
Comment 16 Apr 2013
I'm not worried either, but I was a little disappointed about losing out on a few of our top guys, and I have confidence in the coaches, to put together another fine class.
Comment 20 Mar 2013
Yep it's funny and my brother and I laugh all the time at fans of lesser SEC teams like the vols. I mean it's cool if you want to cheer for a team from the conference in a bowl game or whatever but it's another to brag about the best team in you're conference like it's has anything to do with your team and walk around chanting SEC! SEC! SEC! Especially when your one of the worst teams in the conference.
Comment 19 Mar 2013
Wow I'm really excited I think M.Thomas will be very impressive this year! Stand Drayton said Ball might be our best back in space also good to hear Decker held his own against AD. I know it's early but no word on Steve Miller or Carter I hope that changes.
Comment 19 Feb 2013
I'm glad Braxton wants too improve his passing game it's very crucial that he's able to pass. The main reason I say that is because I'm tired of teams not respecting the pass I would love to see Braxton make teams respect our ability to throw.
Comment 18 Feb 2013
I agree. Still would love to get Berger too simply because those skunk weasels are hoping we push him their way by taking McMillan,Garrett, and Booker and pass on Berger ala Derrick Green.
Comment 16 Feb 2013
I think it's very difficult but very do-able a lot of things have to improve as mentioned but I it can be done I think Fickell now understands that the bend don't break method was hurting more than helpingwe also didn't have a MLB until boren stepped in. I hope Braxton is improved this yr I'm hopingTroy like passing ability call me optimistic.