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Comment 31 Jul 2015
Yesterday was a rough one. Kind of prepared me for the Brown's season though :/
Comment 30 Jul 2015

No they are not "proven", but someone will have to step up and play.  I am confident that with the options that we have on the table, someone will be able to prove themselves and make some plays. Yes i would rather see Marshall out there, but I am not going to say that any one of the players that we have cannot fill the void for one game and do what needs to be done. 

Comment 20 Apr 2015

I found myself getting annoyed by Harbaugh just reading what Alex said. I always thought that guy was a knob.

Comment 19 Apr 2015

What bothers me is that fact that someone can sit back and judge others on how they spend their personal time on a gorgeous saturday afternoon. Whats wrong with wanting to spend time with family and friends outdoors, watching and supporting such a great program? The people that are saying "oh, must not be anything else to do in ohio" are the pretentious people who want us to believe they live a better life because they live out west or in Florida. C'mon man!  


Comment 18 Mar 2015

Thomas is truly becoming the player we all knew he could be. So glad he turned down the right path and cannot wait to see him put up some big numbers this year!

Comment 18 Feb 2015

I know this is off topic, but as I watched the Buckeyes vs. bama game last night I noticed the refs were holding up plays so that bama could their defense lined up. The clock starts to tick after the ball has been placed and the refs hold Cardale up so that bama can get their players in. Specifically at :50 in the 2nd quarter. Can anyone explain? Why was this allowed?

Comment 06 Feb 2015

I understand why he is hurt, but to say that it is a "black eye on the university" is a bit much. My understanding is that the NFL does this in the days following recruitment because they do not want to interfere. Whether that happened or not, I don't know.

If he chooses to go elsewhere, I completely understand, but I would think that most players commit because they want to be a part of the program, not solely under one coach.