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Maryland born and raised, went to Ohio Wesleyan, caught Buckeyes fever, never've looked back.

Let's just say the first time I sat in the student section at the 'Shoe I was hooked.


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Comment 03 Jun 2013

…I'm not sure if this is a dig at Hopkins, or…je ne sais quoi.  But yeah, Hopkins has known for 100 years that lacrosse is their thing, and, as the article directly states, they are being accepted as a member for lacrosse only.  They are D3 in all other sports.

Comment 03 Jun 2013

The flag of Maryland, based on the matriarchal and patriarchal heraldry of George Calvert, First Baron Baltimore, predates the Civil War by over 250 years.  We can't help that some assholes co-opted it for their douchebaggery.


Scuto bonæ voluntatis tuæ coronasti nos.

Comment 05 Mar 2013

Go easy on LSJr and Amir…this is not the NBA, Buckeyes aren't a rent-a-team like Kentucky—in the end, these are college students. Fellow Ohio State students, so show a little respect and support, guys.

Comment 18 Feb 2013

A lot of vitriol here for the basketball Buckeyes. I absolutely understand being critical, frustrated, exasperated, but why the hate?  LSjr belongs on a D3 team?  Aaron Craft shouldn't start?  Those simply are untrue statements.  You don't have to view the life through scarlet-colored glasses to realize its not the end of the world, or even the end of the basketball world.  The B1G is a brutal, ass kicking conference and we've had a few more ups than downs, and a few big downs, but keep the faith.  In Matta I trust.  And Craft.


Losing DT will be a kick in the balls, but there is a significant chance that Ross, Thompson, Williams, Craft's offense, LSjr will develop in the offseason and surprise some haters.  Also, losing DT is not guaranteed.

Comment 14 Jan 2013

I voted 2-1 before the Purdon't game.


Now that that is in the books as a 'W,' I stick with my original prediction, especially given that #4 scored 15 points in West Lafayette.  Also note that Lenzelle Smith, Jr. had 10 rebounds.  If Aaron does like that against Michigan and/or Michigan State, and someone else steps up offensively like Ravenel did Tuesday night, going 2-1 or 3-0 is very possible. 


The heartbreaking thing about this team's crappy performance so far is that there is so much talent and there have been flashes of brilliance.  The good thing is that probably means the problem is mostly mental and/or as a product of finding a way to play without the post player that provided 20 guaranteed points and 10 rebounds last year and that is averaging 7.5 points and 6.67 rebounds per game in the NBA this season.


I'm not discouraged yet.  Go bucks.

Comment 24 Dec 2012

If you're referring to season 10ish onward, you're right.  If you're referring to the period Johnny was referring to, namely seasons 2-8ish, you couldn't be more wrong.  I'm hoping you are either too young or too old to have grown up watching the aforementioned seasons when they were new and never got a chance to watch them for yourself.  If that's the case, do yourself a gigantic favor and get a hold of seasons 3 through 6, which is the best television ever created.  Pay special attention for Lionel Hutz, esq., voiced by Phil Hartman, which is the greatest television character of all time.

If, and it is my sincerest hope that this is not the case, you have seen the best television ever created, and still think what you wrote in your initial post is accurate, well, I truly pity you.

Comment 22 Dec 2012

OHa. We need a consistent first scoring option. 16 points? That's not close to good enough to be considered a good performance by someone so highly regarded as Tank.

Comment 22 Dec 2012

Football fans generally don't make good basketball fans.  All y'all hating on Coach Matta, just...stop it.  Come March things will be different.

Comment 22 Dec 2012

We look like a bad JV team tonight.  Really painful.  Kansas has played pretty well but we've just been atrociously bad.