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I was born and raised in Southeastern Ohio and after I graduated college I moved to the Memphis area where my brother lived (& still lives). Life-long Buckeye fan in SEC country.


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Comment 13 hours ago

Watched the Sugar Bowl DVD on Saturday.  What a great win!

Comment 18 hours ago

Thanks for the tips.  Can't wait to eat bunches of food and see the sights.  Just hope the weather cooperates.

Comment 18 hours ago

Ha Ha, not at all.  Just that we happened to be right there when it happened.

Comment 18 hours ago

We spent several summers at Lake Cumberland which was halfway between where my family lives in Ohio and where my brother & I live in the Memphis area.  The last time we went we went to the falls and some dude dropped his shorts while standing on a boat right in front of my mom who was 70+ years old at the time.  I'm sure that was a trip she'll never forget.

Comment 26 Feb 2015

I don't have any good stories about meeting celebrities but I've often wondered if we have some well known folks here on 11W.  I'm sure there are many who visit and read articles but I'm curious if any of them post comments.  Any ideas?

Comment 25 Feb 2015

Good work, BT11.  I also live in SEC country and get a lot of the same reactions as you do.  Man, does it feel good now knowing there's nothing any of them can say for at least a year.

Comment 25 Feb 2015

It could be or it could be a clogged fuel filter, etc.  As I mentioned above, I'd still run a can of SeaFoam through it to see if that helps.  It might save you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary repairs.  You can get it for $7 at Walmart.  Auto Zone has it but for something like $12.  It may not help, but for a few bucks it's worth a shot.

Comment 25 Feb 2015

I'm no mechanic either, but 1 product I would recommend to anyone with an older car is SeaFoam.  I bought an '83 280ZX last May and had the worst time getting it to run right so I put in a can of SeaFoam and topped off the gas and the difference was night and day.  It basically dissolves all of the crud that gets built up over time and is safe to use in the oil as well.  One warning though, is you might clog up your fuel filter after the first use but once you change it you'll be good to go.  I now use SeaFoam in every gas powered object that I own (car, boat, riding mower, leaf blower, chain saws, etc.) and they all run as good as the day that I bought them. 

Comment 23 Feb 2015

You'd be surprised at how close you are, Unky.  The company I work for actually makes "Dunder Mifflin" paper that's sold on Quill.com.  I have a ream of it in my office.  

Comment 21 Feb 2015

Thanks for posting that, Remy.  I didn't see it when it was originally posted.  I'm very close to my brothers and sister and can't imagine one of them saying that to me.  That's incredibly sad.  

Comment 21 Feb 2015

Glad to hear that you're getting help, 618.  Also, kudos to 11W/Buckeye Nation for showing a brother some love in a time of need.  Finally, thanks to all the Staff & Mods for what you did to get him some help.  This is truly the best fan site on the internet.