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Comment 07 Jul 2014

These guys have been told time & time again to do what is asked and stay outta trouble. I agree with Urban's decision to dismiss him now. He's trying to build a dominant, championship team here. No time for babysitting. Those who wish to be buckeyes and win a title will keep their nose clean and take pride in wearing the scarlet n gray! How do you not learn from mistakes made by former players? Hard to feel sorry for any of them that screw up at this point. Hopefully they all can move forward and LEARN from this. As a huge buckeye fan, it gets old hearing about guys flushing their opportunity down the drain. I can only imagine Urban's reaction. (Plus I believe he was on vacation)

Comment 16 Jan 2014
Our Zone offense is garbage! Craft & Scott have got to knock down a shot or 2! Teams are going to just play zone & find Ross. Our best zone offense is a back screen & lob to Thompson. And Amir just plays when he wants to. That comes from our lack of big men on the roster. Nobody is pushing him for minutes.
Comment 11 Jan 2014
If Braxton doesn't plan on running much next year then he for sure needs to work on his reads and making quicker decisions. That is one area where I thought KG was superior. You gotta be able to read that defense and know where you wanna go with the football....quickly! Maybe work on that "touch" a lil as well. Everything doesn't have to be a rocket all the time. Tons of young talent in the cupboards! Can't wait for the spring game. Many spots open! Go Bucks!
Comment 31 Aug 2013
Dunn can not be happy. Didn't even see the field! With the depth at RB, the hype of Wilson and Eze, I could see Dunn transferring. He's too talented to just sit and be content. Edit: It's only gonna get worse for Dunn when Hyde and Smith return.
Comment 22 Aug 2013

I agree with you Birm about Dixon. I stated awhile back that he's the "James Clark" of this class. Come out of nowhere and commit to the good guys. I think he really enjoyed himself here. Of course we could also say that Malik Hooker is also the "Clark" of this class. Not many seen that coming.

Comment 05 Aug 2013
You let these players profit off of their signature & memorabelia and you're gonna open a can of worms. Players that aren't as popular or aren't in the same light as a Johnny Foosball are gonna have issues. That left tackle that busts his rear protecting the QB won't get his reward until the NFL (where linemen are valued). Then you will have the envy / jealousy of those guys lower on the depth chart who aren't getting squat, but yet are suppose to give 110% at practice to make the starters better. And as someone has already mentioned, boosters would be outta control. And can we stop with the "he's still a kid" talk. Last I checked, we are "considered" adults at 18 and by that age should know right from wrong and the consequences that go along with bad choices.
Comment 04 Aug 2013
I also noticed that Mitchell & Bosa are monsters! This class has loads of talent & the thought of 2014's class and what it could become is freakish. Thanks for sharing the videos! I'm bout to tackle anything that walks thru the living room :o) GO BUCKS!
Comment 12 Mar 2013
It would be nice if stories like this didn't come out until charges are actually filed. Everyone wants to be the first to report a story and 9 times outta 10 the facts aren't even there! All this speculation and we don't even know Who, What Where or When. It's sad because all those "implicated" will have this pinned to their name whether guilty or not. Let's see things play out before we panic. Urban will handle this.
Comment 08 Feb 2013
Amen Jax!! That's what I was screaming the other day when folks were throwing daggers at the OSU staff when they said they should've honored Townsends commitment and not sign Clark! Here all along he had a spot & hung Urban out to dry. Poor Johnny.... F the Gators And don't gimme that, "my parents and family went to UF" If you were in love with Florida & it was your dream school then you would've jumped when they offered the walk on spot!
Comment 08 Feb 2013
Johnny Who? So basically he moved his time back so he could wait for Florida to wiff on a couple others! You can say awwww johnny got his offer from his dream school. I look at it like he somewhat played osu/urban. Wednesday people were throwing stones at our staff saying they should honor his commitment because he's been committed for 6 months. Recruiting can be brutal. Adios Johnny! **In August, Urban was the one who offered a full ride & Muschamp wanted him as a preferred walk on! I'm thinking that Urban snagging Clark really got under ole Willie's skin. He couldn't kick Urban's dog so he decided to offer Johnny
Comment 20 Jan 2013
If we could hit free throws we wouldn't of had to chuck up a running 3 at the buzzer! I could roll off the couch with a hangover and shoot free throws better than these guys! Any of them!
Comment 18 Jan 2013
If Manti's football career doesn't work out, perhaps he could one day pitch for the Yankees. Catfish Teo
Comment 17 Jan 2013

OK I'm really lost here........did she really die or did her internet get disconnected





Comment 04 Dec 2012

How soon before Arkansas is being investigated for recruiting violations? The fox has shed his sheep gear. It won't be easy recruiting against those top notch SEC programs. I find it hilarious that Bielema knew two weeks ago, but was weighing a couple other SEC schools. So you're telling me Bret, you selected Arkansas over Tenn or Auburn?  LOL   Yeah OK