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Comment 15 Aug 2014

2/3 of the world is covered by water.......The rest is covered by Kerry Coombs!

Comment 11 Aug 2014

My guess is that the kid really likes Ohio State and what the school has to offer. He knows the class is filling up and spots are limited, hence the soft verbal. I'm sure he still wants to make a few visits. I posted a YouTube video at the top of this thread that was recorded earlier this year and he doesn't even mention OSU. Perhaps "The Closer" has him committed. 

Birm, how many times has Carlton been on campus? He said he's looking for a school where education is "mandatory" and has a great fan base. Was he at FN Lights?

FWIW..... Rivals has Carlton committed to OSU.

Comment 11 Aug 2014

Check out this interview earlier this year with Carlton. Amazing what Urban and the tOSU coaching staff has done with him. In this interview he didn't even mention OSU in his top 5. He definitely knows what he wants in a school and it looks like he found it @OSU! Welcome aboard Mr Davis.



Comment 05 Aug 2014

No, My plan would be to dismiss those who force others to take part by bullying. Or if you don't wanna follow the rules, then yeah, yer gone! No Tolerance! Besides disagreeing with what I say, what would your plan be? Let it go on because that's the way things have always been?  SMH

"He couldn't just take away a hundred scholarships on day 1".............lol He's been the Director for two years! Am I missing something?

Comment 05 Aug 2014

I think I said, I understand things won't change over night. Here's my point.....you didn't agree with things when you were a member and couldn't totally change them as an assistant - SO - you finally get the director job (2 yrs ago) so it's your time to make things right. Go in and say hey, I realize questionable things have went on in the past, but I'm here to tell you that changes are going to be made. From here on out if I hear of any of this going on you will be disciplined or dismissed. I didn't say get rid of dozens of students. You dismiss or discipline a few ring leaders who think this behavior is cute and eyes will open!

Comment 05 Aug 2014

Here's what I don't understand about the whole situation ....

Waters was a member of the band in the 90's and admitted that hazing and sexual harassment went on then, but that he did not agree with it.

Waters was an assistant director for 10 years, knew the same stuff was going on, but said he didn't have the authority to totally change everything.

Waters becomes the band director a couple years ago and some of these things are still happening. 

I realize you're not going to totally change everything over night, but as the leader/director, if you take a hard stance against such behavior and warn band members of consequences then the stuff will stop when folks responsible for such behavior are dismissed from the band! Is there a count of members who have been dismissed for such behavior in the last two years? If things are still going on then some members should have been bounced. Who makes people run down the ramp naked & imitate sexual acts?

*If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem"

The Navy game can't get here soon enough!

Comment 07 Jul 2014

These guys have been told time & time again to do what is asked and stay outta trouble. I agree with Urban's decision to dismiss him now. He's trying to build a dominant, championship team here. No time for babysitting. Those who wish to be buckeyes and win a title will keep their nose clean and take pride in wearing the scarlet n gray! How do you not learn from mistakes made by former players? Hard to feel sorry for any of them that screw up at this point. Hopefully they all can move forward and LEARN from this. As a huge buckeye fan, it gets old hearing about guys flushing their opportunity down the drain. I can only imagine Urban's reaction. (Plus I believe he was on vacation)

Comment 16 Jan 2014
Our Zone offense is garbage! Craft & Scott have got to knock down a shot or 2! Teams are going to just play zone & find Ross. Our best zone offense is a back screen & lob to Thompson. And Amir just plays when he wants to. That comes from our lack of big men on the roster. Nobody is pushing him for minutes.
Comment 11 Jan 2014
If Braxton doesn't plan on running much next year then he for sure needs to work on his reads and making quicker decisions. That is one area where I thought KG was superior. You gotta be able to read that defense and know where you wanna go with the football....quickly! Maybe work on that "touch" a lil as well. Everything doesn't have to be a rocket all the time. Tons of young talent in the cupboards! Can't wait for the spring game. Many spots open! Go Bucks!