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Comment 18 Apr 2014

I agree.  Last year's class was unique though, in that there were many outspoken players committed relatively early, and many of them went on to big camps (see The Opening) where they were with a number of other OSU commits together.  Think this was very big in snagging some of our big commits later in the process (Meech, Jones, Dixon, Raekwon) because they saw the closeness of the 2014 class and saw something special.  Not many classes are that outspoken and close anywhere, so I think we may have been a bit spoiled with the 2014 class.  I am also hopeful we can get a great group of guys committed for 2015 in the near future to start recruiting on behalf of the coaches like last year, but either way, trust in the coaches to find the right guys either way (we just may not see the closeness and recruiting of teammates as much publicly as we did with the 2014 class).

Comment 15 Apr 2014

Was anyone concerned at all (I know it was only a spring game) that many of the "big name" players were held out of the Spring game, but Devin Smith saw a lot of time on the field and did not really produce?  They took a few deep shots at him, in which he was unable to create separation, but otherwise he seemed to play a good amount and be very quiet.  Anyone hear anything on how he has been doing in practice?  Have not seen many interviews with him this spring or much about him in general, and was very surprised he even saw the field (yet alone for most of the game) in the Spring game.  Maybe an indication of work ethic/improvement issues, just speculation obviously, but would love to get some thoughts from some of you 11W folks.

Comment 15 Apr 2014

I am indifferent on whether we get this guy, but am much more concerned about him going to TTUN.  Reuniting with his former OC in AA would probably make sense for the guy knowing the offense and all, and I truly enjoyed seeing Gardner running around for his life (except for against us for some reason...).  If he is seriously considering TTUN, then I want this guy. Otherwise, let him go to Cal and enjoy the nice weather.

Comment 10 Apr 2014

With the way his recruiting has been (I in no way believe he will actually go to UNC), but maybe he is changing his name to Alex Anzalone II?

Comment 20 Mar 2014

No idea why Matta does not use his "use it or lose it timeout". I don't think our ideal play is Q dribbling at the top of the key like a 3rd grader and pulling up for a contested shot. Would rather see drive and get fouled or kick it out to Q.  Never understand why you don't use the TO unless you have numbers (we did not, Lenzelle was back under the Dayton hoop)...

Comment 02 Dec 2013

Obviously bias here, but I think it is a joke that Mewhort did not get first team from the coaches.  He was the anchor of the best line leading the top running offense in the Big10 (if not the country), and he was flat out dominant (just doesn't have the big name).  

Comment 30 Jul 2013

Any one have any idea whether the suspension is just for the games or all team activities?  If Hyde is able to practice and work out with the team, I don't think it'll be too much of a loss.  If he is unable to practice, gotta think he'll be rusty and potentially out of shape for Wisconsin.

Comment 29 Jul 2013

It looks like the tickets go on sale on August 1st, and this appears to be Northwestern's method to keep the stadium from being a majority scarlet.  Lets hope our Buckeyes in Chicago (and those wanting a trip to Chicago) still buy up all the tickets.  Looks like the there is no other information on their website on date/time, but the Chicago Business article linked above says the date is August 1st.  I think they are not publicizing the on-sale date because OSU are stalking the ticket office with emails and phone calls, but I've heard from Northwestern alumni that they get emails on a weekly basis about the OSU and TTUN games.  Interesting to see if we still fill their stadium.