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Comment 04 Aug 2016

How can you say he's not a WR? The coaches are around him basically all day and see him practice everyday.If he couldn't play receiver I'm sure he would be at RB and I'm pretty sure we have a top two coach in the country.Urban likes him at H back, lol why do everybody wants him at RB the kid is 197lbs..Trust in the coaches he will get carries as well but he's no everydown back.

Comment 18 Jul 2016

All u ppl that think Curtis should go to RB are wrong..Why do we recruit the best players in the country? Samuel future God given in the NFL is not at RB so why should he waste a year (Which he will be nationally known) at a position that doesn't benefit him.Antonio Williams step up.Curtis will get carries Dontre will get carries Weber will get carries and JT runs a lot also.Four ball carriers is more than enough.

Comment 15 Jun 2016

Lmaoo when will ppl get it through their heads that Samuel is playing HB..Everyone wants to coach the team if he wasn't good enough to play HB I'm pretty sure he will be back at RB..He still will get plenty of carries but he's too versatile to jus have at RB, and God willing he goes to the next level his future isn't at RB.

Comment 19 Apr 2016

No I am not upset at all bro...You just used a horrible example with the failed Jet sweep scenario lol..Its not the ball carriers fault they get no yardage on a sweep play that TE,RB and WR have to almost execute the block perfectly for that play to work..

Comment 19 Apr 2016

MAN how many times URBAN MEYER HAVE TO SAY CURTIS SAMUEL IS PLAYING H, and ppl still keep putting theories of him playing RB this year.Sure he will get carries out the backfield but he's an H..The whole plan was to Move him to H didn't Dontre play RB his freshman season also..The RB battle is between Dunn and Weber god damn.