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Comment 29 Jan 2015

Sad to say but I think Dontre days are done...Noah brown will be moved to TE more than likely and parris will be an outside receiver

Comment 29 Jan 2015

I would like to see Samuel be utilized at RB and H-back..Think he will breakout this year

Comment 19 Nov 2014

It's sad how some people can just forget how good Braxton is he will start next year..If he was healthy we will be undefeated and won't need help from other teams to make the Playoffs..Also Braxton never was blessed with the skill positions we have now.

Comment 11 Nov 2014

Urban says Curtis Samuel won't get HB touches yet but he had a certain smile on his face..I believe he will and when he does he won't look back..Feel bad for dontre because this might can bury him on the depth chart.Jalin is already better at the position and Curtis is bigger faster and stronger who was recruited to play there..Urban said Samuel can do so much things for them on offense so speedy recovery to Dontre..looking forward to Saturday should be interesting 

Comment 26 Oct 2014

Our offensive playcalling is suspect.We won against a struggling penn state team hopefully we play better in east Lansing...JT takes way to much hits for a QB. Eze played tough but give Curtis some touches he's a change of pace..Urban get all these speedy guys and don't use them..Last year his excuse was they didn't have enough wat will it be this year..When games get tight our offense so predictable..Won't work against a good team

Comment 24 Oct 2014

Some of u guys up here not even making sense..It's no comparison between Braxton n JT sorry to say..You guys forgetting Braxton was our starting qB as a true freshman..Heisman candidate..Jt is doing great but the weapons around him are helping a lot..Last year offense was so predictable Braxton left or right or El guapo up the gut..With the skill positions we have now with Braxton we would've been a top 4team in the country and be undefeated..