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Comment 27 Nov 2016

Our receivers were open a lot ..JT missed on about 8-10 throws..He make that easy throw to Samuel on that slant he's gone..Had two receivers open down field and overthrew them by 5yards, it's jus so frustrating seeing a veteran player like JT make so much bad throws..

Comment 20 Nov 2016

He muffed 1 punt in the snow with 20mph wind RELAX please.WHAT THE HELL MCCALL GOING to do at PR in a big game and he never played in a meaningful game.Its easy to field a punt up 60. No disrespect to McCall in no way but please be realistic here who you'll put your money on Samuel or McCall.Lol but JT get every excuse for the weather when he's missing 5yard passes.We a team and will beat TTUN, GO BUCKS !!!!!

Comment 19 Nov 2016

Last post..STOP GIVING JT EXCUSES..Every team we play against plays in the same weather..Its ridiculous Urban need to coach JT hard and stop pretending everything is good when it's not..The receivers took the blame for this dude all year but I'll say it's 70% JT 30% the receivers..Can't run straight at bama wit them horrible read options or even TTUN..

Comment 29 Oct 2016

Man I'm getting frustrated with JT Barrett man he doesn't even tries to throw the ball down field he gets every excuse.Its either the weather or the receivers not getting separation..No receiver really get separation at this level u have to throw the ball to a spot..It's also 77 degrees so no weather excuses. All these check downs is getting ridiculous no defense respect the deep ball at all it's getting horrific now.