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Comment 15 Apr 2015

Curtis Samuel and Jalin Marshall will make opposing defenses look really bad..Zeke is going to do what Zeke does..Mike Thomas will be a top 3WR in the nation..Noah brown will be our possession receiver and great blocker..This might be dontre Wilson worst time to be injured because he's going to fall back on the depth chart..Two foot surgeries when that's your top asset isn't good.I really hope he will be healthy

Comment 26 Mar 2015

@Squirrell..If U follow players he was recruited as a Hback but I respect your opinion...

As Dave Biddle reported today, Ohio State running back Curtis Samuel worked solely at wide receiver during Thursday's practice session.

The early thought there is that the Buckeyes just want Samuel to get some work in catching the ball, but Bucknuts/247Sports has learned that the OSU staff is actually exploring moving Samuel to the "H" role full-time.

A position move is not always a positive thing for a player, but that is certainly not the case with Samuel, as the Buckeyes are looking into the change in order to find more ways to put the ball in the Brooklyn native's hands.

"They [Ohio State] are talking seriously about moving Curtis to H," a source told Bucknuts. "They're saying he's just too talented to only be the back-up to Ezekiel. They think he can be a Heisman candidate one day. He's already over 200-pounds, but he's such a fantastic athlete. His skill set is really in the middle of back and receiver, so he's perfect for the H. He can't be caught by the first guy and just finding ways to put the ball in his hands this year will make the offense even more dynamic."

With that in mind, there's still a solid chance that Samuel takes over at running back once Ezekiel Elliott's career in Columbus is over. The good thing for Buckeyes' fans though, is that whether he ends up sticking at back, moving to H, or doing a little of both, the Ohio State coaches believe that Samuel will be a game-changer for the program.

Comment 26 Mar 2015

Squirrel if the coaching staff didn't think he's good enough to get reps over some guys why move him..Dixon won't play H and U can see Jalin on the outside also...As for dontre I think Samuel is jus a better football player than him..Time will tell