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  • SPORTS MOMENT: I used to live in NYC and would watch games at the alumni gathering. After a lack luster win over YSU the bar flipped the TV's over to what would become Michigan's infamy, the App State game. After watching Michigan fail and wrapped in the ensuing warm glow I then made my way back to Grand Central, dressed in full regalia as always for the games. As I crossed 6th I saw, headed my direction, a utterly dejected Michigan fan, also in full tailgate dress, head down, oblivious to me as he trudged west on 46th. I stopped to watch his slow shuffle, a wide grin growing on my face. About 10 feet away looked up and our eyes met, my grin turned to laughter. I laughed, not a polite chuckle, but a deep cathartic howl that exercised all the Cooper demons from my soul. The look of anger, pain and confusion welling up on his face was a dish I had never tasted from a Michigan fan and I reveled in it. In a city of 9 million, our paths crossed at exactly, from my view, the right time. No words were exchanged. We passed, never to see each other again. But I feel safe in saying neither of us will forget those few seconds at 46th and 6th Ave in Midtown, and that is my best sports moment.

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Comment 27 Mar 2015

CZ is optically flawless casting a brilliant array prismatic colors and not one of them is covered in blood and not one penny goes to the DeBeer's family.  I am PROUD that our Buckeyes won't be helping the immoral profiteering of the DeBeers while commemorating their big win.

Comment 22 Feb 2015

After last winter I moved away form Cbus.  I don't mind the cold (super fun with a forced induction car) and snow is beautiful and fun.  However, the ice you have to live with for weeks after a big snow is just awful.  I had a bad spill off icy steps a few years back and grazed the corner of a concrete step.  An inch to the side an that might have been it for me.  Also, every accident I have been in as diver or pass and at fault or not has involved ice.  I like seasons.  I like snow.  I hate ice.  There is no redeeming ice.

Also as a person that like driving older cars the salt used to combat ice ends up destroying that which I enjoy.

Comment 19 Feb 2015

This is about the money.  About being able to stop the players from being able to get paid or unionized.  That's why it's only for revenue sports.  They don't care how bad they muck it up.  They think most of us will come no mater what they do and as a result figure that 100% of 1 billion is better than 80% of 950 million.  And you know, they are probably right.  Yeah the game will suffer but it'll still be what's going on during a fall Saturday.

Don't be surprised if this gets through.  Don't be surprised at all.

Comment 31 Jan 2015

I have always thought it to be the weather.  Northern kids get what, 9 months at the most?  Southern kids can go year round.  Over the course of 4 years of high school that gives the southern kids an extra 12 months, an entire year, of pick up games, outdoor leagues, etc.  Also the milder weather makes it easier to be multi-sport as you have an entire year to spread schedules out. This is, in my opinion, why there are more stars on the players in the south.  They simply have more experience on the average.

Comment 16 Jan 2015

That 1954 picture is interesting in that the people in the stands are all wearing dark muted colors.  There is almost no red in the stands.  It's not something you can see on the B&W photos but really stands out to me in this one. 

Comment 14 Jan 2015

Yeah, ESPN was using some unknown criteria that resulted in lower numbers than what those schools claim.  I have no idea why they would do this or what their criteria was since they never acknowledged the discrepancy however it is hypocritical.  The NCAA has never awarded championship in FBS.  Prior to 1998 there was no organizing body that schools belonged to that awarded a championship. If you want to talk official championships Bama has 3, and Ohio State 2, etc.  Any number other than that means you are arbitrarily deciding that in year X this team was "champ" and in doing so are doing the exact same things the schools do, only your arbitrary standards are a little more restrictive.  Where they counting just AP?  I saw they only have Woody 3 championships.  WTF is so special about sports writers that publish through the Associated Press that give them any damn authority over who is the Champion?  Not one damn thing.  But ESPN has got to be an ass hat to drive page views so Boom, they are apparently now only recognizing some claimed Championships.  Whatever.  We claim 8 and 8 is what it is.  ESPN's graphic showing 6 isn't worth the pixels it was printed on.

Comment 14 Jan 2015

Objectively, without the power to hire and fire staff (all he was allowed to do was back fill one opening) he wasn't a "head coach".  I'm not saying he's the next Paul Brown but the guy gets a mulligan for that year.

Comment 10 Jan 2015

DJ, it dawned on you.  Don is to put on an article of clothing.  Dawn is to being to understand.