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  • SPORTS MOMENT: I used to live in NYC and would watch games at the alumni gathering. After a lack luster win over YSU the bar flipped the TV's over to what would become Michigan's infamy, the App State game. After watching Michigan fail and wrapped in the ensuing warm glow I then made my way back to Grand Central, dressed in full regalia as always for the games. As I crossed 6th I saw, headed my direction, a utterly dejected Michigan fan, also in full tailgate dress, head down, oblivious to me as he trudged west on 46th. I stopped to watch his slow shuffle, a wide grin growing on my face. About 10 feet away looked up and our eyes met, my grin turned to laughter. I laughed, not a polite chuckle, but a deep cathartic howl that exercised all the Cooper demons from my soul. The look of anger, pain and confusion welling up on his face was a dish I had never tasted from a Michigan fan and I reveled in it. In a city of 9 million, our paths crossed at exactly, from my view, the right time. No words were exchanged. We passed, never to see each other again. But I feel safe in saying neither of us will forget those few seconds at 46th and 6th Ave in Midtown, and that is my best sports moment.

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Comment 18 Dec 2014

Forde is grotesquely biased.  In the wake of championship Saturday he wrote an article that gushed over TCU's 55-3 win over a terrible Cyclones team and laid the claim that after a performance so strong there's no way they can be left out of the playoffs and then, after gushing barely acknowledges Ohio States win and fails to even mention the score, "meanwhile Ohio State came out on top of a down Big Ten". And we all know why he didn't mention the score, because you can't say 55-3 over the #114 team is somehow more impressive than 59-0 over the #14 team and be taken seriously by anyone other than a TCU grad.

This is clear bias.   This is the shit lawyers pull when trying to sway a jury and while perfectly acceptable there (the lawyer is being paid to sway the jury after all) it represents a complete and utter hackery when found in an "analyst".  Pat Forde does not analyze, he simply writes stories that try to confirm whatever it is he already thought.

Comment 08 Dec 2014

And to think it wasn't that long ago joe bauserman was our starting QB.  We are exploding QBs right now.

Comment 24 Nov 2014

46?  Try 58-45-6.  We have a ways to got yet before we square things up.   Although I say we are 58-46-6 because that win in 2010 doesn't magically disappear just because some rich old white dudes get puckered sphincters when a young college student trades their personal property for a tattoo.   Those tears m@chigan fans shed that day happened.  They don't get put back.

Comment 16 Nov 2014

Since that game is going to be his swan song and those players will be FIRED UP I fully expect FSU to now lose that game. 

Comment 14 Nov 2014

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Yr ydym i gyd yn gwybod bod dysgu ieithoedd tramor wedi dyddio ers peth amser bellach, ac mae hyn yn dangos pa mor wirioneddol meddalwedd cyfieithu anffaeledig

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Comment 12 Nov 2014

The current top 4 aren't going to all win out.  Miss St and Bama play each other this Saturday.

Comment 10 Nov 2014

Twitter has a 140 character limit.  Dontre's tweet clocks in at 138.  I would give him the bene of the doubt and say edits were made for brevity of characters and not that he writes like that in real life.

Comment 09 Nov 2014

The real problem is the NCAA and the fact that they treat any contact with a professional league as the greatest of all crimes, resulting in a loss of all eligibility.   I get that if you PLAY for a pro team you shouldn't then later be able to be a ringer on a college team.  Yeah yeah, no problem, no body wants ringers.  But the way the NCAA has it setup merely speaking to a team to see if they might want you results in banishment.  Can you imagine an Engineering student being kicked out of school for applying for an engineering job/internship?  That is exactly how they are treating top college athletes.  The idea of the 1-and-done is to keep dumb 17-year-olds from blowing a chance at college in the hopes they can make it in the league, only the real problem isn't the dumb 17-year-olds but the NCAA policy of zero tolerance for any pro contact.

Comment 12 Oct 2014

It's my opinion, since there's no historical data to extrapolate from, that a 1-loss Champ from any of the Power 5 will be good spot to get in.  Having that extra game will be big over a 1-lose team that was at home for the conference championship game.  As for a team that got their first loss in a Conference Championship game?  That's a lot of variables but we, as humans, tend not to feel strongly about teams that just lost so I would not expect a team that just lost a CC game to get in over a team that just won theirs without some sort of mitigating circumstances.

I feel a 12-1 Ohio State is in the playoffs.  However, there's still a lot of football to be played and no certainty we end up 12-1.  

Comment 08 Oct 2014

I see a lot of chatter over the idea that the playoffs are basically going to be an all SEC show.  People need to stop listening to ESPN.  First, there is zero historical data to base any speculation on as far as what the committee will or wont do.  All we have is what they have said and that is that they will no be taking any poll into consideration and that conference championships, while not a prerequisite, will be given heavy weight.  Until we see otherwise or find out that the committee is staffed by ESPN employees I will continue to believe that a 12-1 B1G champ Ohio State has a puncher's chance at a playoff spot.

Of course that means we have to win the next 8 games in a row and that's easier said than done.

Comment 08 Aug 2014

I live in SF.  This morning on KCBS everyone was gushing about Hyde.  Even John Madden sounded momentarily lucid while talking about Hyde. (KCBS sports interviews Madden every weekday at 8:15am, it is the high light of my commute)

Comment 07 Jul 2014

So the police have already admitted there is, at a minimum, a 50% chance the drugs are not his.  I don't see how that charge sticks.

Comment 30 Jun 2014

I went to 5 guys 3 times at 3 different locations.  Food was over cooked each time.  I don't consider this a compliment on any level.

Compared to In-N-Out or Super Duper my experience at 5 Guys was disgusting.

Comment 24 Jun 2014

This is very common in Europe.  In Italy I saw an Ohio State hoodie in Spartan colors next to a michigan shirt in Scarlet&Gray.  

The reason for this is licensing fees.  Shops can sell the American "look" to a population that has seen it in movies and whatnot but doesn't know enough to realize colors, logos, etc. are wrong, all without having to cut the NCAA and schools in on the action.

Comment 18 Jun 2014

Alabama gets 68% to Ohio State's 60%???!?!  WOW!!!!  AMAZING?!?!!1  And that includes having to deal with Auburn??!?  Oh My!!!!!  I am just in awe.  In AWE!!!  

One question thought...  Is that the same Auburn you lost too?