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Comment 23 Mar 2015

Andy - This is not a response directly to this post.

However, I've noticed that you've been all over the Matta threads recently. You, more than any other user, have been questioning coach Matta. Now, you haven't been an outright ass about it, and you are certainly entitled to your own opinion. But I just feel there are way too many questions coming from you towards a coach who came in and turned a program that had been mediocre-to-middling for decades into a frequent B1G champion and occasional national title contender. Not to mention that Thad has done this at a football school. Sure, OSU has money, but we can't even fill our arena, and the basketball team has dealt with EXTREMELY fair-weathered fans (like you), who openly question our great coach and call for the team to be better. All of this while, to be honest, the atmosphere in our arena on most game days just sucks, and cannot compete with the likes of a Duke, Kansas, or even Michigan State. I think you need to temper your expectations, because Thad has done an OUTSTANDING job with the Ohio State basketball program, and calling for him to contend for a national title year in and year out simply because we have money is just unreasonable. Only a few schools are perennial national title contenders in basketball, and just having a large athletic department does not constitute a school where two years like we've just had can justify your frequent questioning of Thad. Sure, you can probably deny that many of your posts have explicitly questioned the job Thad has done, and you throw the occasional hedge word in there, but the frequent comments and overall disapproving, negative tone of your posts are unmistakable. So, to be blunt with you, in the next year or two when Thad has us contending for a title again, I'm going to come find you and shove it in your face. You may spit out an argument that you like Thad but just think he could be doing more. But the negativity towards him is impossible to miss and I can't wait to come find one of your comments 1-2 years from now and remind you of your frequent negativity.

Comment 04 Dec 2014

You're a garbage fan, man. Don't ever make a forum post like this again without watching half of a game where our players fought back from 20 down. I would bet every cent I own that Thad Matta will be the best coach in OSU history when he retires (if he's not already).

Comment 28 Jul 2014

New-ish member here. Sorry to bother you guys but can someone please fill me in on this 9Route guy, if you don't mind? It would just make this whole thread so much clearer!

Comment 28 Jul 2014

Birm, a lot of us saw pictures of Stacy Elliott (Ezekiel's dad) chatting up Torrance Gibson, and with Justin Hilliard and his father. Do you think Stacy Elliott actually has any kind of impact when he talks to a recruit? Also, are there any other "recruiters" who aren't coaches or other commits (like Hilliard and Cornell) that the average fan may not know about or realize is a "recruiter"?

Comment 28 Jul 2014

Not to be "that" guy, but is there a way I can check who DV'd my comment? I may be biased but that one seemed pretty unnecessary. I'm trying to get to 100!

Comment 27 Jul 2014

With two commitments already for 2016 and others, like Jonathon Cooper, being on commitment watch at anytime, what's your reaction as to why 2016 is seemingly getting off to a much faster start than 2015?

Comment 27 Jul 2014

Other buckeye fans: STOP TAGGING TORRANCE GIBSON (or other recruits) IN TWEETS/INSTAGRAM POSTS!!!

Although this seems like something that should be common sense and a given, obviously it's not. If you don't understand why, it would be pointless for me to tell you. That is all.