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Comment 04 Dec 2014

You're a garbage fan, man. Don't ever make a forum post like this again without watching half of a game where our players fought back from 20 down. I would bet every cent I own that Thad Matta will be the best coach in OSU history when he retires (if he's not already).

Comment 28 Jul 2014

New-ish member here. Sorry to bother you guys but can someone please fill me in on this 9Route guy, if you don't mind? It would just make this whole thread so much clearer!

Comment 28 Jul 2014

Birm, a lot of us saw pictures of Stacy Elliott (Ezekiel's dad) chatting up Torrance Gibson, and with Justin Hilliard and his father. Do you think Stacy Elliott actually has any kind of impact when he talks to a recruit? Also, are there any other "recruiters" who aren't coaches or other commits (like Hilliard and Cornell) that the average fan may not know about or realize is a "recruiter"?

Comment 28 Jul 2014

Not to be "that" guy, but is there a way I can check who DV'd my comment? I may be biased but that one seemed pretty unnecessary. I'm trying to get to 100!

Comment 27 Jul 2014

With two commitments already for 2016 and others, like Jonathon Cooper, being on commitment watch at anytime, what's your reaction as to why 2016 is seemingly getting off to a much faster start than 2015?

Comment 27 Jul 2014

Other buckeye fans: STOP TAGGING TORRANCE GIBSON (or other recruits) IN TWEETS/INSTAGRAM POSTS!!!

Although this seems like something that should be common sense and a given, obviously it's not. If you don't understand why, it would be pointless for me to tell you. That is all.

Comment 19 Jun 2014

-I love the men's bball team slightly more than the football team. I just like basketball more, and I think buckeye fans as a whole don't appreciate the fact that Matta is the perfect coach for our university and he does a phenomenal job despite playing second fiddle. I also don't think there's enough appreciation and support for how the program has recently been built up to being great.

-I don't think Braxton Miller is elite. In three seasons as a starter the only game that I'm truly impressed he led us to victory is his freshman year against Wisconsin. I'd take Terrelle Pryor over him every day of the week, twice on Sundays (an expression, not a weird NFL insinuation).

-I really thought Tressel was on the decline when he left

-I'm the biggest Craft fan ever, but am excited to see the new look of our program without him and think Shannon Scott will thrive

-However, I hate how Lauderbeck says Craft was "incredibly overrated," and while I admit he's not an offensive genius, with the right players around him he is an elite, game-changing player (we dont get close to the 2012 final four without him)

-I honestly think for how much pride we have as fans of OSU (-I hate THE and tOSU etc etc) our spirit and the atmosphere at football games is not nearly what it should be, many teams have a better, louder stadium. And the basketball games are downright embarrassing.

Comment 05 Jun 2014

Surprisingly, the one team no one seems to be talking about is Spain, which is only a good thing for them. They're still the team to beat in my mind, although Germany may have the best talent.

I also think people underestimate Ghana. Too many people chalking that one up as a win already. They've beaten us twice for a reason.

That said, I think the US have a chance. Very important to find a way to get at least three points from the first two games and give ourselves a chance.