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Comment 14 Jul 2014

Non chain! Gallos on the corner of Bethel and Olentangy has some of the best sauces in town. 

Comment 29 Jan 2014

Walt buck nailed it. That lineup puts us up 11 points. Then we sub in starters and just like that it's tied. Neither option is stellar but I'll take the one that produced points. Hell I'll take anything that produces points on this team! 

Comment 10 Jan 2014

Listen. I hate both of them just as much as everyone but this is bad news for all of us. After this year ended and I watched the bowls it became a clear just how far away we are from the staff we need to be a national champ. Bama was damn solid and just got better. It was a great hire and we can poke fun of it all we want but if we don't fill these two coaching gaps with two home runs of our own then get used to a defense that looks more like the silver mullets.