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Comment 10 Feb 2014

Brave young man doing this, I wish him well.  It has to take tremendous courage to make an announcement like this and tell family and friends.  Kudos to Michael Sam and to the players and coaches at Mizzou.  Well played.  

Comment 07 Feb 2014

Sweet, it's much easier for me to read.  And it's great on my samsung phone.  Haven't checked it on the kindle yet, but I'm sure it's awesome there as well.  KUDOS to the designers and the testers.  

Comment 07 Feb 2014

Yeah I forgot the icon on my phone looks good as well.  

Comment 05 Feb 2014

I'm ok with him picking Dantonio and MSU just glad it wasn't the michelin man er meetchiken guy up there North of here.  

He picked his choice, just not sure it was the right choice.  Since the comment was made about too much social life I wonder if there's a serious gf going to MSU?   Maybe the parents aren't crazy about this relationship and thought some distance was a solution.  Just guessing really.    

Comment 04 Feb 2014

Wow after reading about his parents insisting he should go out of state, I really have to wonder what happened at MSU on that visit with his mother?  I know from experience the kid has to go with his heart even at 18.  

I found the comments about Larry Johnson interesting, if Malik ends up here I think Larry is probably the reason and for good cause.  Just saying.  

I think Michigan is still an option.  

I suppose it's a toss up.  Heads it Michigan/Tails OSU

I'm surprised they're considering FSU.  I wouldn't send anyone down south where they shoot first and ask later and party on. 



Comment 10 Jan 2014

Have no fear, the Browns are not smart enough to hire JT.  The Stooges running that show are....  fill in the blank ....    Actually the real 3 stooges would do a better job of this.  

Josh McDaniels took himself out of the mix..........O.M.G.  Now they're interviewing last years rejects.  LMAO Cleveland has now become even more toxic.  

I would love to see JT coaching somewhere soon I just don't think it will be in Cleveland and not in *ichigan.  

Comment 04 Jan 2014

Some folks need to learn that it's only a game and it's a team game at that.   Tweeting hate to a college kid over a game well that's despicable behavior by over the top bullies.   

It seems to be all over as well not just football, but whatever sport or nation.  Fans seem to think they have a right to trash talk and twitter has given them the means to bash these players while remaining safely on the other side of the computer.  

So as bullies and cowards tweet their rage, hopefully Philly, Roby and the rest of the Buckeyes can unfriend the trash or whatever you do on twitter.  In instances like this, ignorance is bliss.  Let the rabid fanatics rant to each other.  


Comment 31 Dec 2013

Just have to say this....had he come here instead of Clemson, he would have heard some Heisman talk.  Oh well it didn't happen and I wish him well.  


Comment 29 Dec 2013

I picked RichRod because he does know how to put together a strong offensive team...defence was his downfall.  Not sure Hoke can do much coaching at.all.  He's a dynamite recruiter.   He might just be a really good salesman but not necessarily a good coach.  Kinda like he talks the talk but doesn't have a clue how to walk the walk.  

Comment 29 Dec 2013

Lewan bleeds every game.  He has a pimple on his forhead that he picks pregame.  

I also fell asleep while Hoke was talking some nonsense at half time.  When I next noticed the TV screen it was blank.  

Comment 27 Dec 2013

So TSUN allowed a player with a broken foot to play 3 more quarters after shooting him up with pain killer....how very *ichigan of them.  I wonder if they post one of those buyer beware warnings on their official signing papers, "may be required to play with broken bones"?

Comment 18 Dec 2013

Well said!  

I pitied them for much of the year.  But it was shear hate that twisted my gut during and after the fight.  So hell yes the win was the biggest one of the year for me.

I have that game saved so that when I feel the need for an uplifting of spirits, I watch it again.