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Comment 10 Sep 2016

Nothing better than grandbabies!  Watched mine play soccer this morning and again this afternoon and missed the first half of the game today.   Congratulations, enjoy, before you know it Greyson will be out on the field and you'll be missing the first half of a Buckeye game.  OH!  

Comment 12 Jul 2016

That whole situation with Penn State, Sandusky and Paterno just reeks even more after the recent release of court testimony.  God help any PSU assistant coach who's caught lying about knowledge of these criminal acts.  Guilt by association has got to be a tough situation for any former coach.  I just wish old JoePa had to face the music.   IMO he's almost more despicable than Sandusky.  Unfucking believable that he knew back in 1976 and did nothing, nothing.  If I could, I'd bring him back to life just to put his ass back in jail forever.  

Comment 04 Jul 2016

Well Curry tried in the final quarter over and over and missed.  So I wouldn't bet any money on the Warriors just yet.  

Comment 04 Jul 2016

And last year when the Cavs lost without Irving or Love.........the Warriors won by default.  

Comment 04 Jul 2016

What you said!  Look how they quit passing the ball in the final quarter of game 7.  Curry wanted to shoot the ball, Klay wanted to shoot the ball, I don't see Durant wanting to rebound...  My guess is that some of them are not going to be so happy especially the ones riding the pine.  

Comment 23 Jun 2016

The Buckeyes National Championship is my pick mainly because I never doubted they would win it all while the Cavs caused me to scream and yell and hold my breathe, exciting yes but I was in no way all that positive they would win.    While this Cav's victory was sweet, it just wasn't "it" for me.  

Comment 21 Jun 2016

I think a bunch of that speculation is based on the house in LA and his kids being registered for school there.  Now this is just a rumor so who knows, I've always thought LeBron's boys were probably going to this school in Akron which is where my girls swim coach sent his kids.  http://www.oldtrail.org/Page/Admission?gclid=CKrY0Iaauc0CFQusaQodfioFiA  

I've also always thought the boys would then go onto St. Vincent, St. Mary's but I could be wrong about both, it's just a guess which is how rumors get started.  

Comment 19 Jun 2016

That's the ballgame!  Without their 4th big man GS is hurting and even with them playing hack a cav they will not be able to stop LeBron or Ky...and here's hoping Thompson continues to own the paint. 

Comment 18 Jun 2016

I was shocked by Curry's actions throwing that mouthpiece into the sidelines, he'll hit the wrong person one of these days, that is so not the behavior the NBA should accept from their mvp.  Then to hear him say he's thrown that sucky pacifier before but he throws it at the scorer's table but his aim was off this time, seriously who would admit that?  Then for Kerr to back him up being ok with the throw.....well that's just sick.  Imagine Urban being happy about that?    Curry threw that sucker like he was 2 years old having a tantrum.  It was a bad look and a black eye for the NBA and then Kerr said he was the league mvp and should be treated better by the officials.  I hope the Cav's knock his whiney ass and his sucky pacifier into next year tomorrow night.  Kerr can follow him right off the court, and I don't care how bad his wifey's day is I don't want any excuses from her either.