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Comment 1 hour ago

I find myself watching and listening a lot more to Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports Radio now. I will follow Cowherd wherever he goes, and they have added a lot of nice talent that ESPN has had to get rid of, e.g. Chris Brussard and Doug Gottlieb. I also love Nick Wright. 

Comment 18 hours ago

CDUB - I appreciate that man. I became a little too defensive and instead of clarifying my point, I just doubled down on my argument and became irrational, so for that I apologize. I don't want to come across as a know it all just because I watched one documentary, and really it is irrelevant to this case other than the potential victim shaming from Irish Buckeye before any facts came out. 

Comment 20 hours ago

CDUB - It's a fairly obvious connection if you have seen the documentary. Towards the end of the documentary the focus is on women accusing athletes of sexual assault/rape only to be victimized themselves and harassed to the point where they are deleting their social media and even leaving school because the harassment is so bad. So the connection to the OP Irish Buckeye continuilly bashing this women before knowing the truth is very, very similar to what people did to the alleged victim in Jameis Winston's case. 

Another money-grubbin ho.

Counter-sue this bitch for defamation.

Since she dragged his good name through the mud for the world to see ... then when it comes out she's a liar --- her name must be released, and she must go to jail. Enough with the false allegations.

- I have to admit that I'm a little baffled that you can read what Irish Buckeye is posting, compare that to what I'm posting, and be upset with me. However, I think the issue is that you are jumping to the conclusion that because I referenced The Hunting Ground, that I am alluding to a cover up, and that women never lie, and that Conley actually did rape this victim. However, the only point that I brought up The Hunting Ground is because Irish Buckeye is coming across as the type of person that would harass a women and send death threats for accusing one of his favorite athletes of rape, which isn't ok to send hate either way especially since no facts have came out whatsoever. 

Comment 24 hours ago

I am - I absolutely will. Between studying for finals, and commenting hot takes on here, I don't have the time yet. I still highly suggest The Hunting Ground for anyone who hasn't watched it yet. Every claim they make is a verifiable source, so although there may be some legit criticisms, the documentary is a very solid eye opening experience. 

Comment 25 Apr 2017

Mike - You could look at it that way, but you could also make the argument that these guys aren't used to being to no and will not take no for an answer. Either way, we don't know what happened. 

Comment 25 Apr 2017

CT - That is possible. Although if I were Conley I would definitely make people well aware of that. He's getting grilled on social media and hasn't said a thing about the rape kit, so I don't think it's completed yet. 

Comment 25 Apr 2017

I always conduct my own research. It should be noted that highly regarded documentaries such as The Hunting Ground source all of there information, in which you can fact check yourself, they also post screenshots of all of the text messages, emails, and social media comments that women receive from men and women like Irish poster up above. It's actually really sad.