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Comment 4 hours ago

FatPants - Thanks for the response brother. I understand the CPA carries more water, but once you have a CPA (years down the road for me), is it totally pointless to get an MBA? 

Also, when you are interning, for lack of a better term are you pretty much just their bitch, or are they actively teaching you and allowing you to grow as an accountant? 

Comment 4 hours ago

To whom this my concern,

    I was accepted into Fisher a couple of weeks back, and I was able to get into my specialization of choice (Accounting), but I have a few questions that I was hoping one of my fellow Buckeyes (or accountants in general) could answer. I'll begin taking my core business courses in the fall, but when should I start looking for internships? I'm not sure if I should be done with a couple of my core accounting courses first, or if it would be fine to get an internship now over the summer. Also, how does a typical internship work, should I already have a high level of accounting knowledge before applying for internships? Also, is there any advice you could give me that you wish you would of known when you were in college? I'm also curious, is getting an MBA necessary for an accountant, or would a CPA suffice. 

Thanks for any help you can give!

Comment 16 Mar 2017

Bosco - I have ran into other athletes before, and if that is how they all carry themselves, then Elliot took it to another stratosphere. Also, nobody was asking for his autograph, that had nothing to do with what I witnessed. It was more of just a "feeling" I got being around him, that he thought he was above the law, and others around him were beneath him.