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Born and raised in Columbus. Moved out to Sunbury when I was 10. Diehard anything Ohio (Cincinnati is part of Kentucky) that's about it. Killing time until the 31st.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Best sports moment, where I was actually at the game. Has to be 2002 UM / OSU. Rushed the field after with my dad and brother, great time. Second best game I was at was probably Iowa in 2009, won in OT and also rushed the field.
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Comment 14 Sep 2014

I'm sorry, Ohio State is the B1G. There is no other conference I would rather be in. Ohio State is better than that, you don't run and hide when things get tough, you go out and not embarrass yourself against Va Tech, and then help the conference get better. All Ohio State needs to do is win, last year the ACC was every bit as weak as the B1G and that didn't effect FSU one bit. 

Comment 13 Sep 2014

If Ohio State is good enough they will be in the playoffs. The B1G has been this bad for quite some time now, didn't stop OSU from finishing in top 2 in 2002, or 2006, or 2007. Let alone a top 4. Stoping blaming the B1G, and win. I don't care how bad the B1G is, when it comes to football, nothing is bigger to me than OSU/Michigan, OSU/Penn State/ and recently OSU/MSU. I don't care how good other conferences have been recently. 

Comment 11 Sep 2014

And of those 6 schools, Ohio State was probably just 0 - 1 against each. Not as big of a deal as the media makes it out to be. I believe Ohio State is 10 games over .500 all time against the SEC .

Comment 11 Sep 2014

I would take Urban Meyer in his prime over the legend that is Coach Tress in his prime. Yes I am sick of watching these defenses, but not as much as I was of watching boring football. I do disagree though that Ohio State peaked. Ohio State may have been NC favorites in 2011 and was coming off a BCS Bowl win over the invinceable SEC when Coach resigned. 

Comment 09 Sep 2014

If my numbers are correct, according to the scholarship grid (minus Lindsay, and Jayme Thomspon) 52 players on the roster committed while Urban Meyer was the head coach. That puts Ohio State's roster at 64% Urban Meyer recruits. That is a big IF on my math though. 

Comment 05 Sep 2014

Damn, you guys make me feel like an alcoholic. I'll normally drink beer on gamedays, but I'm too excited to contain myself for the big ones. I drink liquor. Tomorrow will be a lot of Jose Cuervo for me (I'm too broke, and I have a bottle left over from a while ago still) 

Comment 03 Sep 2014

If Braxton were Ohio State's QB, I would laugh at Va Tech fans for being so confident. The fact that it is Barrett's second career start behind a OLine that struggled last week, I can't blame them. If I were Va Tech I would be confident as well (in the sense that being a homer always makes you more confident than you should be)

Comment 03 Sep 2014

I used to never believe in the term "gamer" until Johnny Manziel. I understand why "gamers" don't always get their chance, it's not a good example to set to the guys on the team that you don't need to show out in practice as long as you can do it in the games. Having said that Bell is one of those guys, I don't care how he practices, I trust him on gameday. 

Comment 01 Sep 2014

I'm not sure exactly where I would have Ohio State, but these are the teams that would be FOR SURE ahead of Ohio State. (If you are only basing it off of week one, and not last season or potential)

Texas A&M, Georgia, Michigan State, Florida State, Oregon, Auburn, Oklahoma, Stanford, USC, Georgia, LSU. So I would have Ohio State somewhere around 12. Don't get too angry at me, these things sort themselves out and OSU just needs to win and they will be just fine. 

Comment 01 Sep 2014

I don't believe an OSU coach has left on their own terms since the 1930's. Eventually Urban will be fired or forced to resign. Don't hate me, coach's just don't leave under their own free will at Ohio State. Too much pressure. 

Comment 01 Sep 2014

I can't wait for this game! I wish VT were still a perrenial top 15 team as they were when this matchup were scheduled. I'm still pumped up and I watched that entire Bama game last year. That is what scares me, just like OSU, Alabama were breaking in a new offensive line, and VT dominated defensively during points of that game. LIke VTBuck stated, it was the special teams that let Va Tech down against Alabama. I believe Va Tech is unranked for a reason, and with this being the first home game, a night game on top of that. OSU wins 38-21. 38 may be way too high against a Bud Foster defense, but I'm counting on the OLine to continue off of their solid second half performance against Navy, and for Barrett to get even better from week 1 to 2. 

Commented on VT
Comment 01 Sep 2014

I remember the good days of watching our beloved Buckeyes from Kandahar Afghanistan. Would wake up in the middle of the night just to watch the Bucks on FirstRowSports.EU. 

Comment 01 Sep 2014

Also, I firmly believe Barrett would of put up 300+ passing yards yesterday had he not played an offense that ran the clock down every single play. On the flip side, don't be too caught up in Barrett's completion %, all of the screen passes and jet sweeps inflated his stats. 

Comment 01 Sep 2014

Ohio State's offense is most dangerous if you have a passing first QB at the helm. Once JT gains some experience I believe the OSU offense will be more dangerous than it was with Braxton at the helm. When I say experience I'm not talking about game 4 or 5 of this season, I think when JT Barrett is a JR/SR he will have this offense firing on a different level than Braxton ever had it running at. I think you can clearly see that JT Barrett is much further ahead as an actual QB than Miller was at that same point in his career. Having said that, Braxton will be the starting QB if he returns next year.

Comment 01 Sep 2014

Lets not undersell LSU. They are a perennially powerhouse SEC program. MSU / Oregon is a toss up in my opinion, and i have OSU/Michigan winning by double digits. If my predictions come true and MSU upsets Oregon (given Stanfords success, it is not that unlikely) the B1G will look very solid in the early part of the year. Nebraska has a chance to build in that in a couple weeks at home against Miami as well. 

Comment 31 Aug 2014

St. Eds won, I believe 38-7. St. Xavier also dominated top out of state competition in East St. Louis I believe and St. Ignatious won a game against pretty good out of state comp. as well. 

Comment 31 Aug 2014

Don't worry, Ohio Stadium will be rocking Saturday. May not be on par with USC (Texas in 2005 was the best atmosphere I've ever been to) but a primetime night game against a OOC opponent like Va Tech, the crowd will bring the juice. Not to mention first home game of the year, and the unvieliing of the "new" Shoe. The stadium will be ROCKING!

Comment 20 Aug 2014

Talent trumps all. I'm sorry but just like in 2012, people said OSU would lose 2-4 games. Sorry, OSU is simply better at every position than any team they face. Also have a better coaching staff. That's just the reality. O-1 losses. Only possible loss is MSU.