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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Best sports moment, where I was actually at the game. Has to be 2002 UM / OSU. Rushed the field after with my dad and brother, great time. Second best game I was at was probably Iowa in 2009, won in OT and also rushed the field.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Is there any other option? Aaron Craft
  • NFL TEAM: The Cleveland Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: CavsNation!
  • MLB TEAM: RollTribe
  • SOCCER TEAM: Soccer?

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Comment 25 May 2016

White - A semester away from applying to Fisher for an undergraduate program. From one business student to the next, good luck brother. 

Comment 24 May 2016

Ben - I think it has a lot to do with staying with their big lineup as opposed to trying to play small ball with the Warriors, which for some reason a lot of NBA teams try to do. 

Comment 24 May 2016

Ben - The Thunder's "Big" lineup is giving the Warriors all kinds of trouble. If the Cavs beat the Raptors, would they of done the same and went with Mozgov over TT? Seems to be the only way to compete with the Warriors is to go big while they are playing small. 

Comment 23 May 2016

Brewsters - Eli's mom did what my mom would of done, and I'm sure anyone else's mom's. Parents get defensive of their kids, only reason you and other people care is because of who she is. If it was a mom defending her accountant son on twitter, no one would care. 

Comment 20 May 2016

In my opinion the Air Canada Centre is right up there with Oracle Arena and Chesapeake Energy Arena for the loudest, most intimidating arenas in the NBA. I think the Raptors will feed off of that energy and win their first ever ECF home game in franchise history on Saturday night. Cavs recollect their focus, and finish out the series in five. 

Comment 19 May 2016

NorCal - Agreed. Barleywine is my favorite style of beer, but it has to be done right. Loaded up on hops or it quickly becomes a glass a vodka. 

Comment 18 May 2016

Damn, Kevin Durant is letting us know the "best player in the world" conversation doesn't stop after Curry and LeBron. 

Comment 18 May 2016

3M - I can only imagine. I was only 10 years old during MJ's last season in Chicago, and only remember it vaguely. I just wish fans would know there is a huge difference between being a Curry fan, or cheering for the Warriors and being a fan (short for fanatic). 

Comment 18 May 2016

The Thunder have the second, and third best overall players in this series. They don't have any depth though, and don't play nearly as well together as a team.