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I was an usher at the Shoe from 1997 to 2009. When I retired I moved to Allen, Texas (5A football state champs the last two years in a row - ask D. Wilson, M. Mitchell and the future soon to be one of the best linemen to put on tOSU uniform, Mr. Knox about Allen, Texas football). Love the Buckeyes and follow them throughout the year. Shout out to all my friends in section 23A - 25A Radar is alive and well.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 13 years as an usher in the shoe.
    The whole 2002 season. I had to be at the games early and I met every Tuba Player that year before the game who dotted the i.
  • NFL TEAM: Cowboys
  • NHL TEAM: Penquins
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Indians/Rangers

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Comment 22 Jun 2017

What? Let me get this straight.  A. Lind shows up at a football camp and writes an article about one of the campers, just one, and takes his photo.  He then writes the article about the shirt content, thus creating his story.  Then, Mr. Lind creates a headline that has the word "platform" in it.  That's like building the fire and then pouring gasoline on it.  It may be topical and relevant but not at a football camp. Just my perspective.

Comment 15 Mar 2017

There's a lot of Bull down here and they don't like the Ohio State Buckeyes.  As for snow shovels we don't have them, but we do have golf clubs and we use them year round.  You may not believe this but when it's too hot we jump in the pool or go inside to the AC.  Y'all have a nice day and play in the snow you lucky dogs, Buba and me have a tee time for this afternoon.  Only in the upper 60's today better take a sweater. LOL

Comment 11 Mar 2017

I know your pain Hov.  I'm approaching 70 and if it wasn't for Ohio State and the site I'd be sitting in a chair by the pool.  I grew up with some pretty good Brown's teams and watched the Championship game in 1964 on tv. Then the Indians came so close a few times and then last year against the CUBS.  What bad luck!  The whole country and part of Northern Ohio was pulling for the Cubs. I retired to the Dallas area and I'm enjoying the 'Boys and my BUCKS.

Comment 09 Mar 2017

When a 6'10" guy continues to gun 3's and makes less than 20%.  The coaches need to correct the player's shot selection, but they can't make the shot for him.  Same with foul shots, if we were a fair or average foul shooting team we would have won.  I fact we would of won maybe five or more games.  No talent or the coaching can't get the talent out?  Who solves the problem?  The program needs to be evaluated by someone not standing in the forest with no team bias.

Comment 02 Mar 2017

Does it matter in the stats that one of your starters and some say the best player was out. How many assistant coaches help Thad make play decisions while the ball is in play? Does Thad shoot their foul shots? How many turnovers is affordable?  Thad cares about the players and the way the game is played.  If you want a better team then MAKE YOUR FREE THROWS AND STOP TURNING THE BALL OVER!