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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Will Allen's interception against _ichigan to cap a perfect season and go to the national championship game. The sack against Miami to win it is a close second, but the interception was in The Game, it was win or lose (no tie) on that play, and the receiver was open before Will Allen jumped in front of him. Devastation to elation in a split second.
  • NFL TEAM: Browns / Steelers
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets / Penguins
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  • SOCCER TEAM: U.S. National Team / Columbus Crew

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Comment 10 Apr 2014

I was thinking the exact same thing.  That deserves a Skull Session shout out.  Go Jackets!

Comment 09 Apr 2014

Exactly, that was the debate.  Like I said, it probably should be considered taxable because playing football is a service and a required condition for the scholarship (at least attempting to play when not injured).  However, the IRS has not gotten entangled with this issue to my knowledge.

Comment 09 Apr 2014

I was thinking the same thing.  We are naturally optimistic during new seasons, and our season will be a bust if the secondary problems persist.  So, we all want to believe they are being fixed.

Still, I think there is some validity to the new system being an improvement.  Under Meyer, I think we need an aggresive defense that will stop drives quickly, even if we occassionally give up big plays, because we will probably outscore the opponent in the process.  Last year, Iowa hurt us with long sustained drives that kept our offense on the bench.  This is what we want to avoid.

This is different from our needs under Tressel.  We were fine with a bend-but-don't-break defense because it was successful in preventing the other team from scoring and we didn't need as many drives on offense.

In contrast, our bend and break defense was a real liability last year.  Hopefully Ash is the answer!  I think Fickell will do a decent job this year, and the LBs struggles were more lack of skill/depth and being put in situations they struggled with.

Comment 27 Mar 2014

We had this debate in our income tax class at Ohio State (Moritz).  I believe our prof said it should be considered income, but the IRS has not challenged it.

We also had an interesting debate about whether "donations" paid to get the opportunity to purchase football tickets are deductable as charitable donations or rather just part of the cost of purchasing tickets.  Again, I think it should not be a charitable donation but the IRS hasn't challenged anyone who claimed it as such.

Comment 19 Feb 2014

I would say the main difference is Smith's drop off in B1G play.  His shooting percentage has tanked.  Also, Ross takes more shots, so has higher scoring.  Otherwise, Smith has more assists and fewer turnovers, but Ross has more rebounds and blocks.

Ross Smith
Shooting 43.6% 44.2%
(B1G) 43.6% 36.9%
3pts 40.0% 37.0%
(B1G) 40.9% 30.2%
Pts. 14.4 11.7
(B1G) 15.8 10.0
R 146 126
A 22 39
TO 36 28
Blk 13 1
Stl 18 16


Comment 11 Feb 2014

That's a great point about people who can't afford the standard season price.  Personally, I think its great to see the stadium full for a spring game, but raising the price deters people from coming.  I would have gone for $5 as a family outing with my wife and kids (2 yrs old and 5 months), but now it will cost $25 for my wife and I, and our kids would probably want to leave after 30 minutes, so it wouldn't be worth it.  I can see $5 as a cost of hosting the event, but trying to find the max price people would still pay for an exhibition game seems greedy.  Isn't OSU technically a non-profit organization? I know that's a joke these days, but still.  The game isn't THAT entertaining.  Part of me wants to see low attendance to teach the administration a lesson, though I'd feel bad for the players/recruits.

Comment 03 Feb 2014

I could have missed it, but I didn't see anything about his parents not wanting him to play in Michigan.  They just said they want him to consider other schools alongside MSU because they're worried he's thinking like an 17 year old.  That said, hopefully the family does like OSU.

Comment 15 Jan 2014

All of a sudden, the slow and plodding Big Ten is home to five of the nation’s 11 highest-paid coaches.

Yes, but unfortunately that doesn't mean they're 5 of the best 11...*cough* Ferentz *cough*

We'll have to see how much success Hoke and Franklin will have.

Comment 07 Jan 2014

No, they have more "elite" teams that can match up with the best of other conferences and their middle-lower tier teams are better than their counterparts in other conferences.  Even though they went 0-2 in BCS games and lost their streak, they will continue to have an impressive record in NCGs, bowls, and marquee non-conference games for the foreseeable future...unfortunately.  Just because they're not perfect doesn't mean they're not the best.  But I welcome any blemishes that may come.

Comment 07 Jan 2014

Yes, this was another lose-lose game (a la TSUN-Notre Dame, or Bama-LSU).  I wanted FSU to win but kept finding myself rooting against them.

Comment 07 Jan 2014

Then, of course, they'll get credit for strength of schedule, wins over top-10 teams, and "good losses" to top-10 teams.  It's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Comment 18 Dec 2013

When the defense was questioned, Barnett took exception. He said people are also critical of LeBron James.

True, but LeBron is the best while OSU's pass defense ranks 75th in FBS and 11th in the B1G ahead of only Northwestern (243.5 yds/g).  Sometimes criticism is deserved.

Comment 11 Dec 2013

Yes, the passing game wasn't great down the stretch, but MSU's secondary did make some great plays.  I think our run attack was good enough to win if our defense plays better.  Iowa, Purdue(!), _ichigan, Northwestern, and Minnesota all held MSU to fewer points.  You can't give up 34 points and expect to win against the #1 defense.  The defense has been a liability all year, even against Buffalo and Cal before Bryant went down.

Comment 25 Nov 2013

The Rose and Sugar Bowls should count, and do for people who are paying attention, but we are still paying for getting pants by Florida.  It's not fair because it happened 7 years ago, but it started the narrative that Ohio State/the Big Ten can't win big games.  People still look at us like we looked at Baylor: "Ok, you've haven't lost but who have you played?"  People haven't seen Urban's Buckeyes play a top 5 team yet and no one really knows how they'll fair (including us--we may be confident, but we'll have seeds of doubt until we see how we play).  It's tough to compare teams and predict outcomes (see Oklahoma St. vs. Baylor being a blow out and Oregon getting killed by Arizona and Stanford).

Bottom Line: People will forget about the Florida game after we win a title game, or possibly if we dominate a great team (e.g. winning convincingly over Stanford).  Until then, people will continue to bring it up.