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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Will Allen's interception against _ichigan to cap a perfect season and go to the national championship game. The sack against Miami to win it is a close second, but the interception was in The Game, it was win or lose (no tie) on that play, and the receiver was open before Will Allen jumped in front of him. Devastation to elation in a split second.
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Comment 16 Jul 2015

These statistical measures are fairly irrelevant in my mind. I think any of the three should be able to take us through the regular season undefeated. What I care about is who has the best chance of leading us to another title. That is the expectation this year. Small statistical differences and 0.3 more wins based on a speculative computer algorithm don't matter to me very much.

Our best chance might in fact being a 3-headed monster. How would defenses prepare if they don't know which QB they would face in a game or each drive?

Comment 14 Jul 2015

The ONLY way I could possibly imagine 2 Big Ten teams in the CFP is if Ohio State looks like world beaters but loses to the Big Ten champ (MSU/Wisconsin). But the stars would still have to align:

1) We would have to look really good and continue our momentum from the CFP so that the perception is we are still one of the 4 best despite the loss. The loss would have to be close or fluky to a really good team.

2) Assuming the SEC champ is guaranteed a spot, there would have to be a perception that at least two of the PAC 12, Big 12, and ACC champions are not compelling playoff candidates. This is really unlikely. I would say both the PAC 12 and Big 12 champs will get in over a non-conference champion. The perception that USC/Oregon/Stanford/UCLA or TCU/Baylor/Oklahoma are all strong teams will mean the champs won't get snubbed. TCU was a strong candidate last year that was screwed by FSU being undefeated.

3) Even then, Ohio State would have to have a stronger resume and perception than all other non-champions. For example, if Alabama looks great again and doesn't win the SEC.

If all of this happens, we might see OSU take the 4 spot and the Big Ten champ get in above them, probably a 2 or 3. So there wouldn't be a rematch unless both teams won. Still--VERY UNLIKELY. The conference perception is still too weak. I also enjoyed seeing 4 different conferences represented.

Comment 26 Mar 2015

I am beginning to have a bad feeling about this QB situation. I am feeling a no matter who starts fans will be divided and dare I say it, a Tim Tebow situation could occur where fans clamor for the back-up, especially if that back up is Braxton.

That's an interesting point.  I have been focused on the QB dilemma trilemma in the context of success, but it would be very difficult if we get to a point in a game where the starter is struggling and we are faced with a potential loss.  Undefeated is going to be our expectation this year.

Comment 10 Mar 2015

Technically, "toeing the line" means following the rules, so this is what the OP is doing.  The OP meant the forum topics at issue were close to the "line" of site policy, or across the line.

Comment 13 Feb 2015

Very good scene.  Tough to see one of my favorites die, but like you said, at least he makes several cameos.

Comment 13 Feb 2015

Yes, way too many people think they were dead the whole time.  I just thought it was weird and unnecessary to have the flashes to the alternate reality they apparently created to find each other in the afterlife.  But, at the same time, it did provide some closure for the characters.

Maybe people wanted more of the supernatural aspects of the show explained?  But I think you just have to accept that it was a sci-fi-like world the writers created.  Not everything had to have a natural explanation.  They at least explained the "why" for a lot of the mysteries.

Comment 13 Feb 2015

I'd say:


2. Alias

3. Game of Thrones

4. Homeland

5. The Blacklist

6. Breaking Bad - still one of my favorites, but I really didn't like the ending

*Still need to see The Wire, among others

Including other genres: Chuck, The Office, Modern Family, Blackish, Parks & Rec, and ... Survivor (I know, I know...I just like the strategy)

Comment 13 Feb 2015

I think the ending is overly criticized.  It was okay, not great, but it didn't ruin the brilliance of the earlier seasons for me.  The writers' problem was it did not seem like they had the whole series story arc mapped out before they started and it ended up too aimless.  There was no need for the crazy "flash sideways" afterlife plot from season 6.  But the characters were brilliant.  I loved how they really developed most of the characters and made you care about each one -- but they could die at any moment.

Comment 29 Jan 2015

In the B1G coaches/media eyes "anyone" can succeed at tOSU.

True, but 2011 should have put that notion to rest.

Comment 14 Jan 2015

This is exactly why I don't see him transferring.  I like the idea of a competition to decide who starts--the coaches will decide who is best instead of all of us (but the debate can be fun still).  I could also see the competition extending into the season to see how they all perform against real competition, dividing up quarters or halves.  Normally I wouldn't be in favor of this but it would be a nice way to reward each player because they have each shown they can perform incredibly as a starter.  I expect Braxton to eventually win the starting job because I think he can be as good as the others or close in decision-making and accuracy plus he brings an extra element of speed and elusiveness in the open field.  I hope this happens to send him out on a good note.  He needs a championship too for all he's done for this program!

Comment 14 Jan 2015

Interesting article.  I guess it's a good point that the rule allegedly designed to protect players ironically exposes them to injury risk before getting paid.  One solution would be to offer insurance that would be worth the player's projected value over the lifetime of a typical career.

Comment 14 Jan 2015

Yep, Michigan State was good this year and should be good again.  They just knocked off the #5 team in the country and played well early in the year against an Oregon team with their top 2 WRs and TE healthy.  They will be a challenge next year and will be hungry to beat us after we prevented them from getting to the playoff.  However, I don't see us losing until we play them.

Comment 14 Jan 2015

Agreed.  But hopefully we will be good enough that variations in luck/circumstances will not be enough to create losses.  I expect us to occasionally drop big games to good Big Ten or non-conference games (Michigan State, TTUN (eventually), maybe Penn St. or Wisconsin, and in the playoffs).  One of the toughest issues we may face over the next few years is perhaps complacency in working hard enough in the off-season and practice to maintain the level of excellence that we have started to achieve.  But, if anyone can guard against this, I trust Urban Meyer to do it.  Competition among position groups for playing time may help fuel the fire.  For example, it will be a dogfight for playing time among the QBs if 2 or 3 come back as expected.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Remember when many people thought Curtis Samuel was better than EZE? http://www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-football/2014/09/40551/is-curtis-samuel-ohio-states-best-running-back-maybe-but-hell-never-tell-you-that


Comment 13 Jan 2015

That's a great shot!  It doesn't even look like the lady got wet.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Great point!  I agree that the defense freaking balled out and I didn't see that coming.  I think we all thought Zeke would run well but he was the clear MVP--he was the only person I was confident wouldn't fumble and he moved the ball.  Everyone else I was yelling at to go down on purpose in the 4th!  Without him, it is a really close game--but you can say the same thing about our defensive effort.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

The thread also made me reflect back on the back-to-back national championship game losses in Jan. 2007 and Jan. 2008. It might seem backwards, but some people have almost a sadistic subconscious that makes them hate someone who is getting beaten on - they despise weakness

I think it has more to do with relishing when a team that considers itself great is exposed.  This is probably why everyone is enjoying bashing the SEC right now.  I don't feel the same thing for Oregon though.  They obviously have some issues, but they weren't beating their chests and proclaiming themselves the greatest before the game was played.  The team (or maybe just Mariota) seem pretty grounded--more concerned with working hard than talking smack.

Comment 12 Jan 2015

I've been confident about this game ever since the Sugar Bowl, but now I'm full of nervous energy.  I CAN'T WORK LIKE THIS!!!