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Comment 10 Nov 2014

This is exactly what Urban Meyer has to say now given his precarious situation.  He cannot say Braxton is our starter without alienating Barrett and undermining his accomplishments.  He cannot say Barrett is our starter without undermining Braxton's past accomplishments and risking that he won't come back.  It has to be a competition to be fair to both guys.

I feel terrible for whoever loses the job if Braxton comes back.  Braxton losing out his senior year would be an awful way to go, and Barrett losing out would be an unfortunate sabbatical and hindrance to his development.  Both deserve to be the starter, but only one can.  Braxton should not be a skill guy because (a) it's insulting after all he's done, and (b) he is too fragile to risk it.  If he is going to do that, take a pay day and try that out in the NFL.

Comment 07 Nov 2014

Haha, sorry!  I decided to go with the smaller of the only 2 numbers available in the 350-450 yard range.

Comment 06 Nov 2014

Wow, I'm impressed Space Coyote!  In my extremely layman opinion, I worry a bit about our offense's tendency to work down the field with 5-7 yard plays.  Against bad defenses, this usually works, but against better defenses one or two good stops can get the drive off track and cause it to stall.  Michigan State seems more vulnerable to the big play but can shut down short plays fairly well.  How do you see that aspect playing out?

On the flip side, it seems that Michigan State's offense is somewhat reliant on big plays and we are doing fairly well in stopping them since the Cincinnati game.  So I think that will be in our favor.

How do you see this game going?  Are you confident that one team is better than the other or the matchup favors one team over the other?

Comment 06 Nov 2014

I don't understand the down votes here.  It is a legitimate comment.  Urban does not always back up his comments on the field, and he has been known to play cautious in big games with a lead, starting last year against Wisconsin.

I do think he will take a slightly different strategy if we have a lead against Michigan State.  Penn State was not moving the ball at all until the end so Urban trusted in the defense.  Against MSU, he knows they can score.

Comment 06 Nov 2014


That's sad 11W isn't offering these anymore.  I definitely wanted some but I've been putting it off!  Start selling them at Conrads

Comment 02 Oct 2014

I agree I liked Common Man and the Torg back in the day and I'd be happy if it came back.  Torg provided the necessary humor to keep the show from being too negative.  I can't listen to the show anymore because  80% of the show is complaining about something and when they're not complaining they are having stupid debates about things like "what is the most important position in sports" rather than talking much about actual current teams/games.  At least that's how it was when I stopped listening a year or two ago.  Now I just listen to Bishop & Rothman and Buckeye Extra (Carpenter and Hall) because they actually talk about the Buckeyes and the NFL.

Comment 29 Sep 2014

I completely agree.  Those huge plays look really bad, but if you take those away you can tell the defense didn't give up much else.  Based on our offensive skill, I would much rather have a defense that stops the opposing team most of the time and gives up a handful of big plays.  (Obviously I'd rather stop both, but if I had to choose)

Our offense is efficient and can wear defenses down with the run.  We are going to move the ball and score most of the time.  If opposing offenses can't move the ball on us but have to rely on big plays, they won't win because their defense will be exhausted.  So I'd much rather play a risky defense that shuts down many drives than the type of bend-but-don't-break defense that allows teams like Iowa last year to drain the clock with long drives and limit our possessions.

So, after some time for reflection, I'm encouraged by our defensive effort even though it's much different than we were used to with Tressel.  Our defense compliments our offense.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

True, I just think we should pay him what he's worth on the short term--whatever that is.  Maybe $4 or $4.5 per year.  We don't want to overpay too much or everyone else will want that deal.  On the other hand, if we piss him off then he won't want to stay here once he's an unrestricted free agent.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

If they are willing to pay upwards of $5.5m-$6m a year over the long-term, then give it to him in a bridge contract.

No, this is a calculated gamble they are taking.  This would be overpaying him in the short-term and possibly underpaying him at the end of the contract.  They won't want to pay him $5.5-6 million a year for 2 years and then have to pay him huge money if turns out to be a star.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

I'm also on the management's side on this one, which is rare.  But Johansen's camp is seeking a contract like he is a guaranteed star and holding out for this gives me a bad impression of him.  This is terrible because we finally have a good thing going, building momentum as a franchise and now we are going to be without our rising star?  Ugh.  It definitely doesn't make him seem like a team player and may cause friction with the rest of the team if things do resolve.

I'm all for paying him if he pans out.  I've been thinking this whole time they should give him some sort of incentive-based contract like Andy Dalton's that escalates the pay if he plays well but doesn't if he struggles.