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Comment 22 Jan 2015

DJ - Just because you "don't like the way it looks" is, in my humble opinion, a lame and terrible reason to continually misspell the word "judgment."   While your preferred spelling "judgement" is accepted in most English-speaking countries around the world it is not considered acceptable in the United States and the last time I checked the United States is where you are writing and, I assume, home to the majority of your readers.  Also, typos on restaurant menus impact me like getting hit in the head with a hammer solely because I wonder what they might be doing with my food "in the back" if they're so sloppy in their approach to life that they can't even proofread their own menu. Though that is my problem, I don't recall ever having left a restaurant because of a typo on the menu.

Just FYI - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Manual_of_Style/Spelling 

Keep up the great work!  We love you!

Comment 12 Jan 2015

"DJsMom" - I echo your sentiments 100%.  DJ, don't even attempt to bring me a daughter-in-law like that or you will not be welcome in my house. Again, YOU WOULD DO WELL TO KEEP THE ONE YOU HAVE!  As you know "Mom", I have a tremendous amount of difficulty trying to figure out what goes through that boy's head sometimes!

Comment 12 Jan 2015

DJ - Absolutely tremendous "reckoning of a Skull Session" exactly as promised!  My only question is - Did Warren G. get in on the +236 money line that the game opened with or did he have to settle for the +180 which is the current money line?  Either way it was a wise (and in my humble opinion a profitable) betting decision.  Keep up the fantastic work!

Comment 07 Jan 2015

Phenomenal Skully!  Don't hang your neck out on the chopping block by trying to predict an Ohio State-Oregon score.  Just keep "guaranteeing" a win.  Given your "So Get Dumped" record, your guarantee is good enough for me!

Keep up the great work!

Love you man - Dad . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Oops, I mean BUCKEYE POPS

Comment 01 Dec 2014

DJ - You make me proud to know you and to be a member of the 11W community.  Amazingly well-done.

Comment 06 Nov 2014


The LJ Scott playing running back for University of Louisville this year graduated last year from Marion, Ohio's Harding High School.

The other LJ Scott is currently a senior running back for Hubbard, Ohio's Hubbard High School and "committed" to Michigan State University in July of this year.

I am a Marionaire (as DJ calls us) and spend a lot of time in your fair city visiting my elderly mother.  I love Tampa - Enjoy!


Comment 15 Oct 2014

Hasbro -

Why don't you contact the "powers that are" and submit your game day posters.

With your ideas of "associative features" you might have a shot at Walt's job . . . uh . . . maybe not!

Comment 06 Oct 2014


Have another cup of coffee my friend.

I hope you'll be OK today!

Comment 27 Aug 2014

I've had the distinct pleasure (read DISPLEASURE) of being guardian of The Starcat (the real one) for a few days in the not so distant past.  With my severely-sliced-almost-severed right hand and with my blood covering my kitchen floor from placing her in her carrying cage, the words "all cats are an embodiment of serenity" were not the first thing that came to mind.

Comment 05 Aug 2014

Unky Buck,

The Rupert Drop WMD was in excess of 6 minutes itself so it's obvious you're not partaking of the "full monty" on these very well-done Skull Sessions.  Your loss I'd say.  Selah.

Comment 02 Apr 2014

I spit my morning coffee all over my laptop upon seeing the Purdue President's "sweet" hair.  Should I contact your or Jason for reimbursement of my anticipated repair costs?  Keep up the great work!

Comment 29 Jan 2014

Congrats Jason - You have a great thing going and should be immensely proud of how it is continuing to grow - Keep up the great work - Looking forward to your format change and also to seeing you at next year's Eat Too Brutus - GO BUCKS!

Comment 13 Nov 2013

Absolutely unbelievable - May not be able to go to sleep here by my usual 8:30pm after having read Warren G"s "diary" for the fourth (fifth?) time this afternoon - Fantastic!

However, I would have taken the other side in the Ball State / Northern Illinois game - Northern Illinois is a "power" in their division.


Comment 01 Nov 2013

I'm thinking it's closer to 364 days until Halloween comes around again rather than 334.  Whaddya think?