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Comment 21 Jul 2015

Prayers to Zach Farmer and his family - Buckeye Nation has your "six" good buddy!

Comment 10 Jul 2015

DJ - Just letting you know Mom is going to rip your ass for dissing her "idol and hero" Bruce Springsteen.  Merely a fair warning my son!

Comment 24 May 2015

DJ - Good luck with the Skyline journey - I'm almost 65 and I couldn't eat that "stuff" if they paid me to do so - Healthy food consisting of fresh ingredients is the answer - Drive safely and I well see you at Mom's tomorrow for an in-depth first-person report - Godspeed!

Comment 04 May 2015


As DJ's dad I tolerated a lot of BS from DJ and his brother about being a life-long Yankees fan.  I looked at it as "all in good sports fun."

But to diss Derek Jeter is going a bit . . . no, quite a ways beyond the line IMHO.

I, too, am going to pretend I didn't hear (read) the Jeter comment.

Other than that, great Skully DJ with so little off-season info to work with!  Love you man.

Comment 04 May 2015


Tyra Banks a DH?  i'm thinking I'd have to find a way to work her into the regular lineup.

Comment 20 Apr 2015

Reminds me of a tee-shirt i once saw - "I'm not a gynecologist but I will take a look."

Comment 02 Mar 2015

Welcome back DJ - Glad you're feeling better - Grandma B and Uncle D both said to say HI to you and to wish you the best! Great to see your byline posted in the Skull Session!

Comment 21 Feb 2015

Fitz -

I am DJ's dad and I can attest, as his mother could and also would, he presented us with a fairly "large number" of highly precarious "situations" (if you will) while growing up.  I concede his mom had a lot more to do with how he ended up than did I (we were divorced when DJ was 16) but, no matter the primary cause for how's he's turned out, he continues to make both his mom and me as proud as any parents could possibly be.

Knowing him as I do, I assure you his concern for 618 Buckeye is truly genuine and his response in this situation just "shines a light" on how well he has turned out. We love you DJ!

Also, I'd like to give a shout out to the entire 11W community for the wonderful support shown this man or woman who would appear to so desperately need help. It shows what an unbelievably caring and cohesive community this website has created through our Ohio State Buckeyes. The overall response makes me proud to be a member! Thank you very much to each and every member of 11W.  We are all praying for you and hoping for the best fellow 11W brother 618.

Comment 21 Feb 2015

Cajun -

With no disrespect intended toward your comment, what "would really help lighten things up" would be 618 Buckeye posting and saying he or she made it through the crisis that was "at hand." 618 - If you're reading this on any platform let us know here at the home base that you made it through the night. We're all praying for you fellow 11Wer.

Comment 13 Feb 2015

Come on Mom - That is brutal! I have dozens of pics of DJ that i could put up but I would never do him like that! You don't comment very often and as I was rolling through the comments about 90MPH I saw that picture and thought "Who could have put that up? I know Mom would never do him like that." Then I checked and, sure enough, good ol' Mom comes through in the clutch. Good job. If I were you, I might anticipate a "frosty" greeting from him tomorrow when you all head to have lunch / dinner with his brother. Have fun!

Comment 02 Feb 2015

Fitz =

Sunday Skully's now!  Everything's cool every day of the week except how hard DJ's working!

Comment 31 Jan 2015

Andy -

Though I am not a terribly active commenter, I am an every day reader. My usual comments are directed at DJ's spelling ("judgment" vs. "judgement" being the most recent) and all I get accomplished is to be bombarded with down votes. Imagine the pain of a father merely trying to aid his grown son and then having the masses beat you down. It's almost as painful as reading some of DJ's writing (the line about the "Organ Trail" being the last I can remember) and thinking, "Poor Mom, I know she's going to read this and feel like a total failure as a parent." She lives literally right around the corner from me and, though I don't see her much anymore, I tell her to "just let it go," "boys will be boys," etc. but we've been divorced for 12 years now so I'm not sure how much impact my advice has. From what I see of her reactions to some of DJ's stuff I'm guessing my advice is truly "falling on deaf ears." I've always enjoyed reading your comments. They are always well-considered and well-articulated. GO BUCKS!

And just FYI - DJ's Mom is a helluva lot closer to 60 than she is to 30 but that takes nothing away from her being a wonderful mother and a wonderful person.

Comment 31 Jan 2015

DJ - Thank you very much for telling Mom "Happy Birthday." I think you may "be getting it" as this is the first time in God knows how long I haven't had to remind you. I hope your brother remembers but, just in case, I'm going to remind him sometime around noon. Keep up the great work and, though I know it goes against your DNA, try not to be too hard on Coach Hairball. On second thought . . . just keep up the great work!

Comment 22 Jan 2015

DJ - Just because you "don't like the way it looks" is, in my humble opinion, a lame and terrible reason to continually misspell the word "judgment."   While your preferred spelling "judgement" is accepted in most English-speaking countries around the world it is not considered acceptable in the United States and the last time I checked the United States is where you are writing and, I assume, home to the majority of your readers.  Also, typos on restaurant menus impact me like getting hit in the head with a hammer solely because I wonder what they might be doing with my food "in the back" if they're so sloppy in their approach to life that they can't even proofread their own menu. Though that is my problem, I don't recall ever having left a restaurant because of a typo on the menu.

Just FYI - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Manual_of_Style/Spelling 

Keep up the great work!  We love you!

Comment 12 Jan 2015

"DJsMom" - I echo your sentiments 100%.  DJ, don't even attempt to bring me a daughter-in-law like that or you will not be welcome in my house. Again, YOU WOULD DO WELL TO KEEP THE ONE YOU HAVE!  As you know "Mom", I have a tremendous amount of difficulty trying to figure out what goes through that boy's head sometimes!

Comment 12 Jan 2015

DJ - Absolutely tremendous "reckoning of a Skull Session" exactly as promised!  My only question is - Did Warren G. get in on the +236 money line that the game opened with or did he have to settle for the +180 which is the current money line?  Either way it was a wise (and in my humble opinion a profitable) betting decision.  Keep up the fantastic work!

Comment 07 Jan 2015

Phenomenal Skully!  Don't hang your neck out on the chopping block by trying to predict an Ohio State-Oregon score.  Just keep "guaranteeing" a win.  Given your "So Get Dumped" record, your guarantee is good enough for me!

Keep up the great work!

Love you man - Dad . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Oops, I mean BUCKEYE POPS