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Comment 04 Feb 2016


THANK YOU for your tremendous site - Required reading for The Ohio State University athletic fans.

It will do nothing other than continue growing.

Job very well done!

Comment 10 Dec 2015
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DJ!  You make your mom and me extremely proud and we both love you dearly.
PICTURE LEGEND - DJ is the uncommonly- and classically handsome one seated to the left.   The shorter, stocky one to the right is DJ's younger brother S who is currently a tall, slender hipster living in Nashville, TN.
SINCERE THANKS to all who responded to my recent request regarding info on embedding an image or photograph. Special kudos to Fatpants who, from what I can discern, may be the smartest 5th grader on the planet.
And yes Oyster - I am fully aware one does not "need" an image or a photograph to attain helmet stickers.  However, I knew his mom was conspiring to punk him on his birthday so I figured I had best do my part.  In addition, I am 65 years olds and accumulating 11W helmet stickers does not even appear on my current list of worldly concerns.  Finally, I did not stay at a Holiday Inn last night but I did know who the Migos were prior to them appearing in one of DJ's recent columns so at least I've got that going for me.
Comment 03 Dec 2015

Toad - Great video but, really, we don't want to lose DJ do we?

Comment 24 Nov 2015

DJ - Brewster beat me to it . . . but the quote from your Skully that he cited above was brilliant!  Excellently played.

Comment 17 Nov 2015

Excellent Skully DJ - Lots of good information and some great morning laughs - Wonderful way to start the day!  Thanks.