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Comment 08 Feb 2013

I'm a Bengal season ticket holder.  Don't buy the club seats, the other seats are just as good, just avoid behind the field goal posts and outside the end zone seats on the side and you'll be in good shape.

I'm an OSU grad and lived in Columbus about 10 years total.  I grew up in Cincy and came back to live here after my stint in Columbus and I can tell you the city is BIG OSU fans.  Most are OSU fans, the media hates OSU down here, but the people do NOT.  The media wants Cincy to stand on its own, but most like OSU because its the dominant football team in college in Ohio and the media hates that fact.  It is a Catholic city and does have strong ND ties though because of that fact.  I think the crowd will surprise you.  My whole family, which includes about 30 strong and 2 other OSU grads wil be there.  We are pump to see our Bucks in our city and can't wait!