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Comment 12 hours ago

This loss felt like the 1998 MSU game.   Granted, in that game the offense was way more efficient and dominant up front for 3 quarters, but it was a game where we dominated the stats most of the night, but a few huge mistakes and a couple mental lapses and all of a sudden late in the game we were suddenly trailing, and couldn't score when we needed to the most.  

I am also concerned that teams are starting to anticipate, correctly, what our offense is doing.   I don't know if it's a "tell" from our offensive line in terms of their stances or certain formations and down-distance being too predictable, but for two weeks the defensive fronts were a step ahead of us much of the night.  Yes, we got over 400 yards, but it was in spite of the offensive line getting pushed around.  

Comment 19 hours ago

Problem is, without Weber and Samuel making catches out of the backfield, our pass offense is far worse.   Very few receptions from other receivers tonight, except Marcus Baugh.   

Troubling thing is, PSU perfectly executed a formula for beating OSU that is pretty straightforward.   This isn't like 2014 when VT beat us by running a defense that many of our opponents didn't have the personnel to execute, or losses to MSU whose defense in 2013 and 2015 was really, truly elite.    This was a good but not great defense giving us fits.   

Thankfully, we're returning home the next two weeks.   I think NW isn't going to be a big problem as they're on a winning streak but not really stopping anyone.   They gave up 40 and 31 in wins over MSU and Iowa.   But Nebraska is no longer the lock that it appeared to be a month ago.   

Comment 20 hours ago

On a night when what we did wasn't getting it done, the easiest answer is always to point to whatever we didn't do, or didn't do as much.  Truth is, if we execute and people handle their assignments, Weber or Samuel or Demario McCall get first downs and take care of business in the red zone and elsewhere.   If we don't, they don't. Samuel had a spectacular run on one of his few run plays last night, but he is not a "magic bullet" for fixing things.

I love this team, but their youth showed last night.  Hooker was out of position at various moments, and the defense seemed to have communication issues.  Our mostly young offensive line got overwhelmed by rush packages that they should have been better prepared for.   

I love JT Barrett.  He is the leader of the offense and one of my all time favorite Buckeyes, so I really hope that whatever timing or accuracy issues he is having with the receivers get worked out.   It sounds cliche but I put a lot of this on the coaches.  Whether we have elite receivers or not, their job is to get these guys into formations and play calls that allow them to best get separation and be viable targets for JT.  I love Zach Smith, but how long can we wait for these young receivers to develop?  Some of them are in year three.   I know this is their first year of seeing significant playing time, but come on.  

Comment 20 hours ago

I was resigned at halftime of last week to OSU taking a loss to Wisconsin.  This one was harder to take.  I struggle with the words "outplayed" when we crushed them in terms of yards and and time of possession and until the blocked field goal still held a lead that we looked likely to hold onto.  Not much about last night had me thinking that had the field goal simply been missed or had we gone on 4th down and been stopped that PSU was likely to march down the field on us.  But the truth is we didn't put them away.  We got up 21-7 and in spite of finally getting great field position for a lot of the second half, we never moved off 21.  In the sense of being the team that made the big plays in the final quarter, PSU outplayed us. 

Hardest about this one is who it came to.  Any year, the worst team we can lose to is TTUN.  But after that, for me, PSU was second.  Divisional opponent that has been a whiny, childish, over-rated conference memeber from the beginning.  

Comment 20 Oct 2016

It does feel like most of our throws lately have been less than 10 yards or more than 25 yards, but they've also been the plays that are there.   The deep balls last week, the near misses or drops in the end zone and the others that were a little short or a little long and the pass to Dontre, they were with one exception that I saw all in situations where there was separation, or where the receiver was in a very good position to make a play on the ball.   We do seem to be either going deep or going short, with a lot of the field unaccounted for, but to be fair there isn't much of the ball being forced where it shouldn't go.   

Comment 19 Oct 2016

You have a great point about developing chemistry and timing, but i think it's because, beyond Brown and Samuel/Wilson, we're  still figuring out the pecking order.  That, and Meyer wants 5-6 or more receivers that are Ready for prime time.  That's part of the plan, so he will keep working guys in to build that up.  

Comment 19 Oct 2016

Penn State is not our rival.  Never will be.   I love saying that because they want badly to have a big boy rival, a team more highly regarded than Pitt or Rutgers.  But it's not happening.  But having said that, now that Bielema's gone, there is no team in the B1G I love watching us beat more than PSU.  Well before the Sandusky/Paterno disgrace, well before they hurled piss balloons at our band and became a dangerous place for our fans to go to for games, PSU entered the conference as this elite that expected to come in and soon become the perennial conference champion or runner up.   Then the "nobody likes us, everybody hates us" nonsense started, and I wanted to see everyone pummel this school I used to respect.  

Comment 19 Oct 2016

I like where this team is at.   I like that there are guys still figuring things out, that are absolutely going to be playing better, playing faster in November but that even now we are considered the among the top 3 or top 2 in the country.   I think if we had played TTUN last weekend, or even this weekend, I'd be less than optimistic about our chances.   They have a lot of experienced leaders and they're playing physical, dominant football.  But most of their starters I think are at their ceiling in terms of what they are able to do.  They're an impressive team, but I don't see them as being on an upward trajectory the way our young roster is.   Because we have an upward trajectory to our development, I think that come November we'll do just fine holding serve in C-bus to close out an undefeated regular season.   

Barkley will get yards on us - maybe even over 100.   And their offense in some ways is more challenging this year with a mobile QB.   But they're also an offense that we're more suited to stop.   One of the difficulties against Wisky was that the Badgers run the sort of offense that our defenses were built to stop 7-10 years ago, and maybe even 5 years ago.  But today, our defenses and our roster as a whole are built for stopping more "21st century" types of teams.   Franklin is re-building PSU in that way, and so I think while they'll be a challenge for us we'll dispatch them without near as much drama as we saw in Madison.   2014 they took us to OT, but that game was on its way to being a romp until JT injured his knee.  Also, I just think that with a three year starter at QB, our offense is just capable of so much more now than it was then.   Last year, they gave us a fight for 3 quarters before we put them away in the 4th.   But in truth, our defense had spent the first half of last year having to sort of carry a sputtering, drifting offense that had a ton of talent but couldn't find ways to get the best out of their skill players or their O-line.   And the first half and especially the first quarter of that game was more of the same.   Zeke having to run without the benefit of a genuine zone-read QB option to give the defense something or someone else to consider.   Jones played possibly his worst half of the year, badly missing on a lot of throws and not able to do much at all with his legs.   Truth is, in 2014 and 2015 when JT was running things AND healthy, Penn State couldn't do much to slow us down.   We've got the best "road game" coach in the country, and one of the best "road game" QBs in the country.   I feel good about Saturday.   

Comment 19 Oct 2016

Always thought Hackenberg was highly over-rated.   Throughout his time at PSU others were to blame for his lack of production.   "It's his receivers, it's the line."  McSorley gives them a mobility that he didn't.  But I'm not too worried about this one.  I think Gesicki has some success over the middle but Conley and Co. neutralize the outside and deep threats.   Barkley will get his yards, but this defense has made its living this year not only getting it's fair share of 3 and outs but also enduring getting hashed down the field only to shut the door inside or near the red zone.  

I wonder which Buckeye special teams player will be first to plant big fat kicker on a kick return.  

Comment 18 Oct 2016

Might have also acknowledged that he had two high but very catchable balls that would have been TDs but Samuel and Mclaurin couldn't haul them in.  He was far from perfect, but played very well against Wisconsin.  My favorite part of his game apart from hitting throws like the deep ball to Dontre and the winner in OT is the way that pretty much every time we need it, he gets those tough 2 or 3 yards.  Even if he has to drag a couple tacklers to do it.  

Comment 12 Oct 2016

I know JT is our MVP in terms of the guy that we are least prepared to replace, by far, and that runs raise anxiety and risk of injury.   But while his worst injury as a Buckeye came on a run play it was a busted play that was fairly innocent except the pile on bent his body back over his leg.   Point being, for all our hand-wringing about his rushes, he was done in by a play where he was not able to be mobile and looked more like a sack than a guy getting tackled while running.    

Personally, while I dread his getting injured, he's very judicious about how he runs the ball and avoiding vicious hits in the open field.   I worry more about the shots he takes while stationary in the pocket or on a roll out as he scans the field and still sometimes holds a bit too long.  

Comment 12 Oct 2016

True.   We have to have learned from the MSU game where we withdrew our offense into a shell for four quarters.   That was easily our most painful loss to watch because we weren't stopped or beaten so much as we just sort of yielded.   

Offense from last week is fixable.   In the passing game, JT missed on at least 3 deeper throws that, if they connect, likely stretch the defense and give us a bit more space.   Instead, we couldn't make them pay for tight coverage that smothered a lot of short and mid-range stuff.   Also, there were 3-4 drops, including the INT which was not thrown perfectly but went right off of Baugh's hands.   The plays were there, the ability to make them was there, it just didn't happen.   

Comment 12 Oct 2016

Good point.   Most of JT's runs aren't deliberate calls for the QB but zone read plays.   If the defense is taking away Weber or Samuel, not much we can do.   And truth is the zone read calls seem to bring a rhythm to the offense and especially the line that straight up handoffs or option plays don't.   So I guess if he gets a lot of carries as a product of what the defense is doing, I'm fine with it.   But on Saturday, it really seemed to me from what I saw that Samuel getting yards and finding space whenever he touched the ball, but it was not happening enough.  Likely the coaches saw things that we don't, as it's their job and they're great at it.   But I know in the first half I was perplexed that we ran Weber on edge runs way more than Samuel.   Found that confusing.   

Comment 12 Oct 2016

Hard to get hard to get double digit tackles in games when you're forcing Indiana into three and outs for most of the half.   Keeping the opposing team from getting to keep the ball is way better than gaudy tackling stats.   Our third down efficiency on defense has been excellent.  Haven't seen this as a stat yet, but guessing the total plays for our opponents is way down compared to last year at this time.  

Comment 12 Oct 2016

Hoping to see the Buckeyes dominate and win big on Saturday, but for all our advantages at the skill positions the Badgers have this ability to create chaos in the trenches and turn the game into a question of who can hammer the hardest up front.  We annihilated them 2 years ago in a game that was a delight from start to finish but was also an anomaly.  

Excited to see how our defense handles the change of pace of their offense.  They don't have elite speed, but they have size that can still create match-up problems.  Hope we shut down the middle of the field where they like to send their fullbacks and tight ends to trudge downfield in the short passing game.    

Comment 11 Oct 2016

Meyer's opposition to it makes a lot of sense.   It's wrong to lock kids in and further limit their flexibility and at an earlier age on such an important decision.  It's bad for the schools to be pushed to commit on a kid prior to seeing them as seniors.   Meyer brought up the point that more and more the schools are pressed to take a kid into the class before they are old enough to have all their academics in order.   I understand that the "have not" programs are feeling overwhelmed because kids are jumping ship for other programs, but this early signing just means there's less info to work from on both sides, and less maturity in processing the decision from the students.      

Comment 10 Oct 2016

Didn't see the game Saturday but just watched replay a couple times.  Barrett missed badly on deeper throws that he has to make.  Indiana left themselves open to it and we had guys open if it's well thrown, but it wasn't.  Several incomplete passes were just very well defended.  Indiana was sitting hard on short and middle routes without the deep plays connecting, had some pass break-ups.  Other misses were a few drops and throw-always.  JT didn't throw as poorly as his percentage suggests, but he did miss big opportunities.  We gave up a sack when they were rushing three in the first half.  Can't do that.  

Indiana did a good job beating us at field position for much of the game, and they also scored late in first half and to open the third, as we've been doing so successfully.  Fortunately we sandwiched in Campbell's kick return and JT's touchdown, and responded well in third quarter to their TD.  

Wisky is salivating on defense if they watched the Indiana game, but I think JT brings that focus and intensity that he always seems to have on the road.  

I like that the team is going to Madison feeling a need to redeem themselves for this week, with work to do.  Fun as the 50 point routs are, I think the our coaches with last weekend's struggles have this team right where they want them.  

Comment 08 Oct 2016

Evan Spencer had 20 total yards in the Bama Game but to me he was the MVP of that game.  13 of his 20 yards was the TD pass to Mike Thomas at the end of the half that left Bama bewildered and OSU with all the momentum.  The guy took out two LBs with one block to spring Elliott for the winning TD, and he snagged a perfectly executed onside kick to keep Bama from tying the game.