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Comment 8 hours ago

I no longer hold my breath when he takes off with the ball nearly as much as I do when he's looking for a receiver for too many seconds in the pocket.   In the Clemson game, he took a lot of tough hits getting yards with his feet, but it was the hits he took on sacks late in the game that really seemed to beat him up the most.  I don't for a second question Herman and Meyer having Miller under center for that last series even with the pounding his shoulder had taken.  But I have wondered once or twice whether Kenny G gets that throw to Philly Brown above the LB that picked it off to seal the game.   

Comment 11 hours ago

Kudos for your use of "Brady Hoke" and "Flounder" together.    Well done, sir.   

Comment 28 Jul 2014

These were three incredible comebacks - three of my favorites.   Another one right up there, though it was agonizing at times to watch, was last year's win at NW.   For most of the night, it looked like the pretty kitties had our number on the big stage.  And then Hyde and Co. turned things around.   

Comment 06 Jul 2014

I like Smith.  He's critical at times of OSU, but I think he's very fair and honest about it.  It helps a lot to hear the insider details on his days at OSU.  As a fan and student at the time, what I remember hearing was that he was upset with the school because the program wasn't allowing him to study and take his academics seriously.   Part of me, at the time, thought "Well aren't you a delicate flower?  I guess he can't handle it as well as most."  Years later, more mature and understanding the magnitude of the franchise that is OSU football, he was probably absolutely right in taking the stand he did.   Clearly, history has vindicated him from any fault in the drama.  

Comment 05 Jul 2014

Mike Doss, AJ Hawk, Santonio Holmes.   My three big wishes for this year - a safety that has a phenomenal instinct for the ball and making big plays, a linebacker to step up along with Perry and Grant and strike fear in the opposing team, a receiver who just refuses to be covered and has a bad-ass attitude.   Hopeful that McMillan will be that man at LB and Jalin Marshall or James Clark will step up and become a force as a receiver.   I actually feel pretty good about the safety position - just miss watching Doss play.  

Comment 30 Jun 2014

Sick of the SEC garbage.   To say that we're not quite on a level with Bama, or SCar, or Auburn?  Okay, fine.  But to say OSU doesn't measure up to Kentucky, or Miss State, or Mississippi, or Florida, or Georgia, or Tennessee?   Get the hell out of here!   I get that they're still the "gold standard" conference, but I'm done with the false aura of greatness being passed on by proxy to programs that are simply not at all great.  

Comment 27 Jun 2014

One of these days, I'd like to hear what was said or went on behind closed doors after Fickell made that, "Hey, we won, didn't we?" remark.   That couldn't have gone over well.   Clearly there were serious issues and it was a reminder of all those games when Tressel's offensive coaches would shrug off concerns about only scoring 10 points against a team they were favored to beat by 30 because, "Hey, a win is a win."   The defense has become that tolerated weak link that the offense was so many times under Tressel.  This needs to change.  

Comment 27 Jun 2014

I will grant that against MSU and Clemson, the offense was in a position, late, for a game-winning score and stalled out.   But MSU had an offense that was far from great and looked, I think, better than they really were against our defense.   Against Clemson, I think Sammy Watkins had the game of his life and our defense.   And I think it was an injured Miller throwing a late pick that sealed our fate against Clemson more than our defense (I anticipated a lot of points from Clemson).   But the truth is 1600 yards and 115 points over the final 3 games of the season is atrocious.  

Comment 26 Jun 2014

"you only have to get one team to like you."  That's true if you're looking as far as an initial contract.  To get drafted or signed, all it takes is one team that believes. If you're looking for a CAREER, it takes much, much more than that.   It takes production and development and patience.   I wish him well, but I don't think he's NBA material.   Still, there are at least other options, other places where he can play basketball and make a living, at least for a handful of years.   

Comment 25 Jun 2014

To me, the advantage of rotation of players isn't so much keeping them fresh, though that should in theory be true.  To me the big upside is knowing that the "next man up" is really ready to be the "next man up."   If Spence or Bosa or Bennett goes down, it makes a big difference to know that whoever steps in for them will be someone that has had a lot of quality time.   

Clowney was a bit of a specious example.  I have a feeling that if the drop off from Spence or Bosa to the next man is that dramatic, they aren't going to rotate that person in nearly as much.   

Comment 20 Jun 2014

Interesting theory.  I disagree with it whole-heartedly, but interesting.   For starters, DJ, did you mean to say that Nebraska was dominant in the 1990s?  Three national titles, plus a title game appearance in 2001.  I think you meant a decade ago, and not a lifetime ago.   Very disingenuous.   

I appreciate your frustration about Rutgers and Maryland.   I'm still bothered that we didn't bring in Missouri, which geographically, academically, and athletically is a much better "get" for the Big Ten.   Betting on East Coast people to boost college football revenue is a gamble.  It's just not a big thing out there.  Basketball - yeah.  Football, it's all about the NFL.   But I guess it's all about the markets.   

In terms of sharpening our skills on better competition, we've been feasting on average NW, Purdue, Indiana, and MInnesota teams for decades.   Some years, we've been a powerhouse program.  Other years, more average.   I don't know that playing in the SEC will make us better.  

I think it WILL cost us - in recruiting, in credibility and reputation as an academic institution - to align with and go against schools that do not operate with the same ethics as the Big Ten.    

The other big problem is the SE in SEC stands for "South Eastern."   As someone who lives in Nebraska and watched what their school went through when they went from a member of the Big 8 that was situated smack in the middle of the conference, to being a member of the Big 12, a conference that stretched from Texas to Nebraska but whose center of gravity was always in Texas, it would matter a lot that OSU would be a northern school in a southern-oriented conference.    

I think it's WAY premature to talk about Missouri and aTm as having "arrived" in the SEC.   Mizzou has had one really great season in the SEC, and aTm has had two.    It will be 2-3 years before we see what moving to the SEC will mean for their recruiting, their coaching staffs, their athletic departments, and how well they compete on the field.   

It's fair to be a bit reserved in giving credit to Michigan State.   I mean, it was one conference title win.   But it's one more than we have. It's easy to look at OSU on paper and say, "We're like men among boys in the B1G."  But until we demonstrate that when it matters most for a couple of years, it's sort of irrelevant.   Until we get a few conference title wins and some "final four" wins under our belts, I think we have a ways to go before we see ourselves as being too big and dominant for the B1G.   


Comment 18 Jun 2014

I know very few Buckeye fans that have a dislike for the Spartans.   Of course, a few more years like 2013 and that could change.  

Comment 18 Jun 2014

Agree about the "over-rated" part.  I want so badly to see us beat an elite, top 5 program, especially sometime after October.   Then we can talk freely about national title aspirations.  

Comment 18 Jun 2014

I, too, was sad to lose to MSU, but felt like the team was "due" or something.  Agree that part of me felt glad that someone else in the conference was finally stepping up, even if it came at our expense.   

Nebraska people are amazing fans.  I live in central Nebraska and the Huskers are my distant #2.   I was at the 2011 game in Lincoln.  They were really great to us all day long.  And at the end of the night, everyone I saw fully owned that they got lucky and that "If that QB of yours hadn't gotten injured, we'd have lost to Ohio State by 50"

Comment 18 Jun 2014

A part of me was disappointed when Miller decided to stay for a 4th year.   I was looking forward to see the next new leader (whoever it turned out to be) take over.  I think Braxton Miller's a fine young man and an incredible athlete, but I don't see him as an elite QB, or even the best one in the conference.   His completion % was much better last year, but that was mostly due to throws to wideouts at the LOS.   For a third year starter, he still made far too many wrong reads in the option game, and was too indecisive throwing the football.   

I don't think we should expect to be mentioned among the elite until we beat someone elite.   The Oregon and Arkansas bowl wins were the last impressive wins we had against teams that on paper seemed to belong in the top 10.  In 2012 we exceeded expectations but did not face any elite talent.  In 2013, we got two great opponents (MSU and Clemson) and lost close, winnable games to them both.    

Ann Arbor is a really great college town.   I always feel dirty for saying it, but it has really great bars, restaurants, stores, shops.  It's a great place to spend a day.   Their stadium, on the other hand, is one of the most unattractive, unimpressive craters I've ever seen.  Truly do not get what's so impressive about it.   

I gave up on the 1997 Rose Bowl team after Plummer's late TD.   I didn't leave the house, but I left the room until we were back in the red zone.   

Comment 17 Jun 2014

If we make the title game this year, I'm a happy guy.   Hell, if we make the final four, I'm a happy guy.  But making the title game would mean that we'd done something that I don't feel like we delivered on last year - beating a team that was equal or superior to us in talent. I'm proud of how this team has played over these last two seasons - undefeated in two consecutive regular seasons.   I think that the next step for us is to not only win the conference (something most will have us favored to do), but win a game that many or most aren't expecting us to.   Looking at next year's schedule, as always, there are games we COULD lose.   And no doubt some will bet against us vs. Penn State and Michigan State.   But the next step for us is to take care of the business everyone expects us to take care of and then exceed expectations on the big stage.   

Comment 15 Jun 2014

Great interview.  I actually have a "Joe Germaine" memory.  Was at Conrads, looking for a birthday gift for my brother a week or two after the 1997 Rose Bowl win, and Joe was in there.   Got his autograph on a Rose Bowl program to give to my brother as part of his gift.   He was very gracious, humble, soft-spoken.   I congratulated him on the Rose Bowl win and thanked him for what it meant to us fans, after years without one.  

Comment 13 Jun 2014

Wishes - 1. no major injuries (and none at all at positions where we lack depth)

2. Raise up the next trio/quartet of play-making, scary-good receivers. The last couple of seasons we've had one or two very good receivers, a lot of just good receivers, and no great ones.  Defenses have at most only had to worry about double-teaming one guy, and good defenses didn't really bother double-teaming anyone, and we couldn't make them pay.  May this be the year that Zach Smith earns his salary in-season, and not just as a stellar recruiter.  Sorry, people.  I know he's a Buckeye to the core and Earle's grandson, but with a senior QB, year three of the Meyer / Herman offense, and a number of talented young guys no longer too young to make an impact, it is time for this team to present a passing game that must be taken seriously.  I get that teams stack against the run because we have a great run game, and they still couldn't stop us, but we need to stop making it so painless and easy for teams to cheat in their safeties.  I think OSU gets in the title game when we become a team that may not pass for 250 a game, but that has a fleet of receivers too deep with talent to play one on one.

3.  Grant us solid play from linebackers.   We should have the corners and DL to take some pressure off them this year, but this has to  stop being the position group that is most vulnerable.   

4.  Grant us a 4 quarter mentality, and a truly angry football team.   The overall stats for this team and the turn-around of the last two years has been stellar, but also inconsistent.  We've gotten it done, but just about every game are streaks of exemplary play interspersed with perplexing stretches of play for a quarter or more that is unfocused and undisciplined.   I'm not saying grant that we win every quarter.  I'm saying grant that we don't have a quarter a lot of Saturdays where we look inept or as if we're coasting.   

5.  Grant us an upward trajectory from September - January.  In most respects, in terms of results, Meyer is as good or better than Tressel.  In recruiting, in keeping his team focused, in bringing the best out of his players, in setting them up for success on the field.  Maybe it's just me, and I'm sure that injuries have played a part, but it has felt like physically and emotionally this team has been fading as it approaches the end of the year.   One thing about most of Tressel's teams was that they always seemed to get better as the year went on.  They'd have speed bumps and infuriating close calls, but there was this improvement that seemed to build from week 1 to week 12.   It's felt a bit shaky the last couple of years in that respect.   With some exceptions, I don't see as much of guys making a big leap in performance from September - November.   In other words, grant that we are at our peak, physically and mentally, going into November and beyond.   


Comment 12 Jun 2014

Sorry, Kyle.   You are correct in that the play was "there" and added up according to the numbers, I'll give you that.   With all of the stops they made on Braxton for little or no gain that night, on the 4th down play the numbers were there for OSU.  If Heuerman's man doesn't come off his block and blow it up, Hyde and others have cleared more than enough room for Braxton to get the first down.   

But I still think a give to Hyde is more likely to get us the yards we need.   I know that based on the numbers game, MSU has a 7-5 or 8-5 numbers advantage.   But at the point of attack, even if 2 or 3 are unblocked, it's unlikely that more than one at a time is getting a shot at him.   With 2 yards to gain and a safety or OLB coming up to make a play on El Guapo, I'll take the odds of Carlos pulling and dragging a guy for the necessary couple of yards.   One of his great strengths for OSU, something that had him almost never tackled for loss, was how he always fell forward, always kept his momentum and drive after contact.   2 yards amounted to 2-3 hard steps forward after contact.   I think Carlos would have definitely been swarmed by MSU on 4th and 2, but not until after he pushed for 3 hard fought yards.  

Comment 12 Jun 2014

I like the idea of reducing the crowding effect, though I'd still like attendance to be near 100000.   The stadium up in that whore of the North I've always thought felt much smaller than the 'Shoe, and that they simply pack people in much tighter, which really isn't much to brag about.    

Personally, I don't care how comfortable the seats are because I don't go to games to sit.   I despise being asked by those behind me on a third down play to sit down so people sitting on their duffs can see.   First, it should be announced on the scoreboard not to ask people to sit who are standing, especially at critical points of the game.  If you're not willing or able to get off your butts for the Bucks, you can watch at home.   We already have enough people sitting too much of the time.  We don't need to encourage more of it.   

MORE BLACK KEYS at OSU games.   I'd love to see Little Black Submarines replace Seven Nation Army.   


Comment 12 Jun 2014

Watching the video, I see what you mean about him needing to get lower and get more fundamentally sound.  He was a man among children out there.   If he can work on some fundamentals, he could be the most dominant we've seen since Hawk or Katzenmoyer.   

Comment 10 Jun 2014

1.  Stars get really over-rated.   For every 5-star that pans out as an All-American, there's a Jamaal Berry-type who never really amounts to much.    

2.  Not worried about the lack of offers or accolades.   Kids in South Dakota don't get the exposure of the kids in Florida, Texas, Ohio, etc..   I seem to remember Laurinaitis, coming out of Minnesota, was drawing some attention but wasn't considered elite when he was being recruited.   

3.  Ratings need to be a consideration, but I really like the attitude that Pat Fitzgerald has.  We're not just looking for the best players according to other people.  We're looking for the best players for Ohio State.   And those aren't always the same thing.   


Comment 09 Jun 2014

I don't have any ill will towards Pryor for what he did.  He was young.  He made mistakes.  He paid heavily for them.   What he did was magnified by Tressel's decisions, which TP couldn't control.   Gene Smith was doing what he could in a situation where TP was basically beyond being punished by the NCAA (off to the pros - albeit prematurely) to send a message that OSU took the violations seriously.   If you really are confused why Tressel is still regarded more highly than Pryor in Columbus, given the body of work for each of them in football and in life, I really don't know what to say.  

I think if Pryor wants to finish his education, that will happen.  I think if he wants to help others learn from his mistake, that will happen.   I think if he wants to change his legacy as a Buckeye, I don't think OSU or Pryor can do much about that.