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Comment 9 hours ago

Growing up in Toledo, Ohio State - Michigan always mattered.   Our whole family was into it, so it felt like from birth.   The year that it became all-important to me was 1986, and what I remember most was Harbaugh's guarantee of a win.   Until then, I thought I already hated Michigan.  I was wrong.  That was the first time it ever felt personal for me, emotional on a level that didn't make sense.  A few months later, Woody died and I remember my dad picking me up from school and choking back tears as he told me the news.  

Comment 29 Aug 2016

I give Finebaum credit for, unlike Mark May, acknowledging when the SEC got owned, and giving the Buckeyes proper credit.  I also think he was less surprised than most SEC homers by OSU's championship.  

I highly recommend re-watching the Bama-OSU game with the SEC Network commentary, including Finebaum.  Parts of it are hard to stomach, but the schadenfreude of watching and listening to a crew of SEC guys watching their unbeatable team go from up 21-6 to losing the Sugar Bowl and ending their season is a lot of fun.  

Comment 29 Aug 2016

I hope he can get things sorted out and find success in his future, be it at OSU or elsewhere.  Classic lesson that being a top recruit with loads of potential is not everything.  I remember last year he had a bit of a swagger about not getting his chances yet, eager to contribute.  He was in line to get his opportunities this year but didn't handle life properly off the field.  

There's a lot being written about our chances at a run similar to 2014 hinging on our speed, our offensive line, how quickly guys learn the system, etc., but it's really just as much or more about guys going all in on Meyer's way of doing things.  

Comment 27 Jul 2016

I agree with you that it's never "too soon" for a reminder about seat belts, but as I reside in Foltz's hometown (Grand Island) surrounded this week by a lot of folk who cherished him, I don't know that they are ready for the suggestion that he may not have buckled up.  Still, good message for all.  I ask that Buckeye nation continue to keep my town in your prayers.  

Comment 21 Jul 2016

I think the biggest concern for JT is having the slobs give him clear throwing and running lanes.   I think he'll be fine if we're solid up front.   He may not regularly wing it 40+ yards, but he doesn't need to.   If he's consistent in the medium range throws, that will be enough to back off the defense.   

It concerns me to think that Haskins (talented as I'm sure he is) with three months on campus might be more polished and prepared than Burrow.   I thought Burrow looked pretty good this spring.   It doesn't speak well of us as a program if the best back-up we can muster come August is a guy that's yet to have a game in OSU uniform.   I had similar concerns with receivers last year when with all the talent and speed we have recruited over the last few years, when Noah Brown and Corey Smith were lost to injury the only one of them that was seen as ready for prime time during the season was Parris Campbell.   Development's got to happen, fast.   

Comment 20 Jul 2016

Sad that this has happened.  After 4 years of being down in the depth chart, Dunn was about to get his opportunity.   But I fully support Meyer's decision to dismiss.   Some have said, "well, why isn't he being arrested?  Why aren't there charges yet if she has a black eye?" But it's not that fast and simple, and she has to take that action.   The reasons why many who are victims of violence don't press charges are numerous and complicated.   

I trust in all of these situations (with Hyde, with Barrett, with Dunn) that Meyer acts off of a lot more than the limited amount that the media and the public know about an incident.   I trust that he acts off of what he sees demonstrated in the individuals themselves, what he knows and observes about their relationships with other people, how they tend to respond to adversity and conduct themselves, and possibly even how he has observed them with the person who is alleging assault.   When Hyde was suspended for 3 games even after video exonerated him, I trust that Meyer was operating off of much more than just what was known about that moment.  I would guess that he saw that even though Hyde did not hit that woman, that there was still some troubling things about his choices that he thought were worth some discipline.   With Barrett, I would guess that he heard in Barrett's version of what happened something consistent with what he'd seen and known of Barrett in public and private, and that in her version he heard something that just didn't add up.    With Dunn, I would guess that while nothing is proven for certain yet, that what is alleged is very believable based on what he's observed with Dunn over his 4 years at OSU.    

Well, at least the young man has his degree.    

Comment 24 Jun 2016

Glad to hear that Jalin Marshall is making the most of his opportunity.   Like many others, I was of the belief that he would have benefited greatly from one more season at tOSU, a season where he would be the sole remaining full-fledged receiver with major starting experience, another year to showcase his talents, probably lead the team in receptions and show his versatility in the team's first season without EzE.   I thought he had room to grow after a 2015 where he seemed to take a small step back from his performance in 2014.   But I also undervalued his return skills, how important a guy who is fearless and smart back there returning kicks is to a team; a guy that can consistently flip field position and momentum for his team.   What's more, being in a situation where no one is expecting him to take over but just be a solid #4 or #5 receiver probably allows him to really play without fear, which is when he's at his best.   Personally, given the NY fanbase especially, I can see where sometimes it would be a positive to come in as an undrafted FA that people leave alone, rather than a high draft pick with a target on your back.   

Comment 24 Jun 2016

Thanks for the link to NYT article.  As a pastor, I see and am brought into so many lives that are battling depression, and sadly even as prevalent as it is there are still so many who understand so little about it and respond in ways that are toxic.   It is a terribly complex illness.  Reaching out, being present, speaking up, so much that is important to remember.  But even with all of this, there is a limit to how much a person outside of the illness can do.   There are few feelings as helpless as watching loved ones spiral downward, suffering with depression, in spite of doing everything in their power and getting so much help from others to reverse it.   There is no magic bullet, no sure answers, only "best practices" and diligence and hope.   But there are still too many settings, churches included, where depression is allowed to stay in the shadows where it tends to be strengthened.   Any action that shines more light, even if it doesn't bring answers, is a good thing to me.  

Comment 12 May 2016

Agree completely, especially on the notion of seeing some fire and spark and joy out of the team.  I also think the weight of expectations was heavy on the shoulders of too many last year.  They just didn't have the intensity and urgency of 2014.  And also, On MSU.  The passage of time and our rebounding vs. TTUN and ND has not made that stupid game make any more sense.  Sure, Zeke was in the hospital earlier that week, but if he's clear to play, our lack of using him was pathetic.  If he really was putting his health in jeopardy, find someone else who can step up.  

And thank you for asking what needs to keep being asked about the Big Bang Theory.  I have a pretty good sense of humor but I just get nothing from that show.  Over-rated, predictable, it's a mess of a show.  

Comment 09 May 2016

Wish I'd had the sense to see them at Stache's before they became so massive.  Was not in C-bus in 1990, and likely didn't miss much.  Raw as their sound was, even though they were rock gods within the 24 months that followed, I would guess that the first Stache's show was not as memorable as we would make it out to be in hindsight.   They were a great band, but I think much of their enduring legacy is more to do with Cobain's death.  Had he not died, I don't see Nirvana continuing to be a force the way Pearl Jam has been.  I think they'd have faded (partly as they had nowhere else to go but down) or dissolved within a few more years, had he lived.  

In my opinion, and God help me for voicing this and invoking the wrath of Covain fans, the best of Nirvana is still with us in Dave Grohl.  

Comment 06 May 2016

I think it's true that Meyer's offense leaves a QB exposed more often than most.   Barrett's injury happened on a running play.  Sort of a busted play, but still was a run where he got buried.    As for Miller's labrum, if I remember correctly, the damaging hit came on a pass play, in the pocket, against Clemson.  And then the re-injury, a simple non-contact toss.  But still, it's fair to say that there was some tremendous "wear and tear" prior to the actual injury, as a result of all the running.   

Comment 06 May 2016

The operative word being "Meyer said he expects....."   He expects every 18 year old to come in and compete - at every position.   He said the same thing of Mike Weber last year with the RB spot.  I think Haskins could be something special.  But to go in three months, really only fall camp for major development, from HS standout to #2 QB for the Buckeyes is a pretty bold forecast.    Anything's possible.  Certainly didn't see JT coming on as he did to take over in 2014.  But I think it's VERY likely that Burrow is on deck come September.   

Comment 05 May 2016

I can relate to how difficult it must be for Urban.  I serve on staff at a church with a few hundred in worship every week.  Some I see several times a week, but lots I see maybe once a year.  No way I can recall them all by name, all the time.  Not to mention the folk who met me once after so and so's wedding or funeral, and expect me to remember them.  It's maddening.  I wish the kid well wherever he goes.  He joined the fold, what 16 months ago?   At the time, Meyer's still getting together the 2015 class and since then the 2016 class.  Then again, as a teenager, pride is a powerful thing.  

Comment 03 May 2016

Don't really care about how many deep throws he had.  Until he gets more familiar and in rhythm with new group of receivers, not expecting much deep, and as long as he's solid on short and medium throws, we will be fine.  

What did catch my eye was was markedly different his stats were going to the left.  Hope they keep working on that.  Defenses will feast on us if it becomes apparent that we struggle throwing to one side of the field.  

Comment 03 May 2016

Agree that Conley is far from NFL ready at this point.  But he is the key leader in terms of experience and consistent play in our secondary.  The spotlight will be on him this year and if our pass defense does well he will be a big part of that.  That, and I think Coombs' has something of a track record going on in terms of coaching guys up.  

As for Marshall, I hope the guy makes the most of this opportunity as a FA.  But I think his statement about why he left, that those he spoke with that stayed had regretted it and didn't want to put in the hard work academically and in other ways, hurt him with teams and had better be something he rises above.  While he didn't say that he personally felt that way about college, only that others did, it was still not a good impression to make.  Because Marshall will soon find out that college is not the only place that people have to work hard at things that they don't really like to spend time on.  The NFL is full of those things.  Life is full of those things.  

Comment 29 Apr 2016

I feel bad for Tunsil.   The kid dropped in the draft because of a picture of him breathing in a drug that will likely be legal in at least half of the country 10 years from now, and for soliciting money from a coach who in the big picture is the one who should be taking the heat for that exchange.    And he's got people close to him that seem to want to sabotage his future.   

Comment 29 Apr 2016

He's far from as good as Emmitt right now, but in time he could earn these comparisons.   If he works and plays with the same selfless intensity and dedication and confidence that he showed at tOSU, we'll be seeing him in Pro Bowls and possibly Super Bowls within 5 years.   

Comment 29 Apr 2016

Eli sort of getting to go home (New Jersey kid) makes me happy for him even though he's going to the Giants.  Zeke to the Cowboys is going to be a great thing.  

I think my favorite story though is Darron Lee.  Bosa and Zeke were penciled in as first rounders in the future from their days in high school.  But Lee?  Played QB in high school and goes to OSU where we are stocked with talent there.  Converts and transforms basically in two years time into one of the best outside linebackers in the country.  His size and strength seems to have raised some questions, but I think the Jets saw the resiliency and effort and football IQ that it had to take for him both on and off the field to be where he's at.  

Comment 29 Apr 2016

I felt pretty good about Apple.  Didn't see him as top 10, but good for him.  

Marshall and Powell, both of them I felt were not helping themselves, could have used another year.   I love Tyvis Powell - so much fun to watch and listen to and he's a playmaker.  But I didn't see him as ready for prime time just yet.  Marshall's best attribute is his return skills.  I think it should get him drafted but might not.  He's a bit of a project, still, as a receiver.  Very good raw skills, but still rough.  

Comment 25 Apr 2016

Not a Bengals fan, but would love to see him get drafted close to home, having seen over the years how important family is in his life.  Though, Green Bay and New Orleans are two other really fantastic NFL communities.  As for Jets, NYC is such a fickle and pressure-packed place to play - it's not for everyone.  I think wherever Perry goes he will be a great asset and succeed, but I don't envy anyone dealing with NY media and fans.