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Comment 22 Feb 2017

I've been pulling for McLaurin to really emerge, but I think Hill and Victor are easily the two most dynamic in the group.   It think Kevin Wilson will find a lot of creative ways to overcome the issues we've been experiencing.   Truth is, even where lack of separation, protection breakdowns, and deep ball accuracy are concerns, teams can still find ways to have a productive, dangerous pass attack.   I don't think that the cupboard was any more stocked for Tom Herman in 2014 than it is right now for Kevin Wilson.  If anything, I think the last 2 years offensively, we've done "less with more."   

Comment 25 Jan 2017

Yes!  Absolutely right.  For two years, too many post-games with our coaches talking about the things that the opponent's defense took away from us.  Time for games where the opposing coaches are staring damp-eyed at reporters like Harbaugh in 2015, shaking their head and saying, "we just couldn't stop them.  Nothing we tried could stop them."  

Comment 24 Jan 2017

What I'm looking for is not an overhaul but sharpening, and finding their identity.  I hope Wilson returns our offense to going out each week, knowing its strengths and executing those things impressively, and smoothly countering the defenses we face.  

2015 and 2016, it felt like we spent much of the season throwing things out there to see what worked, over-thinking, and being confounded by defensive moves that experienced, accomplished coaches should have seen coming or at least more quickly got a handle on.  

Comment 19 Jan 2017

Got to attend the game in Lincoln last night through the generosity of a parishioner.   Was happy for Loving.   He had a great first half but had gone ice cold until he came through in that moment.    Both teams were terrible from the line, and as mentioned above SO many turnoevers, but it was nice to see this group rally, no sense of panic, get back to playing forceful but clean defense, and gut out a close win.   Nebraska has had several close wins this year so I was not too optimistic in the final minute that we'd be the team that made the big play, but they responded.   

Thompson came up with some big points, but I was also impressed with Bell's work coming off the bench.   

Comment 19 Jan 2017

Thank you for not having to many "or" positions on the two-deep.   What's the point in guessing about the depth chart if we're too wishy-washy about it?   

McLaurin and Campbell based on experience makes sense, though I'd love to see Victor make a leap past McLaurin.   I like McLaurin, and I've been hoping for him to really emerge, but Victor just looks the part of a play-maker, the little bit I've gotten to see of him.   

McCall and KJ at the H-back excites me a lot.   

Comment 19 Jan 2017

I mean no disrespect to Haskins and Martell.   From all I've heard about them, they are exceptionally talented athletes and young men of excellent character and work ethic. I hope that both of them find ways to excel and do great things at OSU and beyond, and perhaps it will turn out that one of them this fall truly emerges as the back-up to JT Barrett or even his successor.   But I'm weary of hearing how much they are regarded as being far above Burrow in terms of "the future" for Ohio State, given that he's the only one that has taken any real snaps in college competition.   Yes, it was in situations where the game was out of reach, "garbage time," as it's often called.   But for one thing "garbage time" in the second half of an OSU blowout might mean 2nd unit for us, but that's not always the case for the other team.   And second, as competitive as OSU practices and scrimmages might be and as much as our talent level might lead some to boast that our practice squads are a tougher test than a Rutgers or Bowling Green, to me getting it done on the field on Saturday matters more.  

Besides that, I've seen enough of these premature anointings of elite recruits (Torrance Gibson and a few in the receiving corps being just the latest) to be skeptical of them.    

Comment 13 Jan 2017

One thing I wonder about with Zach Smith is what job offers he has gotten over the last 5 years.  To me, if you are on Meyer's staff and not getting offers to other places, something is wrong.  I would guess that at least after 2014, Smith got offers to interview from other schools.  Maybe he gets them every year because mostly these things happen quietly.  But sometimes, word leaks out, and I don't recall him ever having to deny or comment on rumors of him taking another job.  

Comment 13 Jan 2017

Maybe it is a lot on play-calling.  I don't know.  I don't think it's on the QB because I have watched games with teams where the QB isn't seeing things, isn't getting them the ball even though the play is there.  For sure, JT in 2016 failed to see some things and missed on some things, but it wasn't a common theme.  Where receivers are getting it done and getting separation and not getting the ball, it's very obvious and usually very roundly criticized by everyone, including and especially sites like this one full of people that watch things very closely both in the stadium and on TV.  So at the very least, this crew of very good to great recruits are not developing as hoped.  

In terms of play-calling, even without separation our offense needs the occasional deep shot to force the safeties to back up.  Not enough of that.  In terms of play-calling, whether it's slants or middle screens or double moves or what have you, even if these guys aren't striking fear in the defense with the speed and route-running (and they're not, and that's a pox on Smith), the OCs are there to find high percentage ways to get the ball in the hands of these athletes.  

Zach Smith has been an exceptional recruiter, and hopefully Kevin Wilson restores that rhythm and tempo and explosive, aggressive mindset that it seems like we've been lacking since Tom Herman went to Houston.

But it is no longer 2015.  Zach Smith does not have a roster of raw newbies that are still adapting along with a super freak talented former QB still learning the position.  He has at least a half dozen guys with experience and talent that are ripe to produce.  Campbell and McLaurin are not elite, but they are pretty good and should this year be producing.  Victor and Hill have shown flashes of the sort of play we hoped they would bring, and it's time for Smith to develop that into a consistent thing.  Dixon, Mack, and Clark are not chopped liver, and none of them are too new to make their mark.  

Comment 13 Jan 2017

I would be very surprised if Noah Brown becomes the next Michael Thomas, who left OSU looking more NFL-ready and more highly rated, went in the second round, and had a great rookie year.  Thomas wasn't exactly overlooked.  Maybe DJ was thinking of Jalin Marshall.  

At any rate, I hope for his sake that Noah Brown impresses and surprises a lot of people.  

Comment 13 Jan 2017

None of us knows what Gibson did.  We know that at the very least it was something that it surprised Meyer that he was removed from the university.  That said, the university likely has a list of offenses for which dismissal is pretty common, and the thing he did was one of them.  If he did something for which another student who isn't a promising student athlete would be dismissed from the school, then they need to dismiss him from the school.  

He lost a season to injury, and another to removal from school.  He sees his being moved to wide receiver as a setback, and he was not going to be playing QB here, but can at Cincy and that's kind of the whole of things.  

Comment 11 Jan 2017

For years, I've seen Denver take a lot of guys from Colorado and Denver, the Niners and Seattle and Arizona do similarly with guys from schools near them, both in the draft and I drafted free agents, and have been so exasperated with Cleveland and Cindy not recognizing the good in this.  How if they work out well it sells more tix because so many Buckeyes in Ohio will be excited to see the guys play, how for guys like Tyvis Powell it's the answer to a dream.  

Comment 11 Jan 2017

Or was Warriner or Beck part of his recruiting?  Hard to say.  Wondering if we could see teams use the hiring of Wilson against us in talking to families.  "We know your child's safety comes first, and you know, OSU hired this guy who might have been playing guys who were already injured."  Im high on Wilson and think he's a great hire who will not as an OC do a damn thing to compromise the health and safety of our players, but who knows what recruits get told by others.  

Comment 10 Jan 2017

Given how we finished (because the AP is about adjusting over the course of the season) I would have put us behind PSU and possibly also FSU.  Though we went undefeated in November, our season ended not only with a bowl shutout but a poor showing against MSU and an anemic offense against TTUN.  Ah, well.  Only one poll number that really matters, and that is Clemson's position.  

Comment 10 Jan 2017

Weber has cemented his place as our RB, and had a very strong first year as a redshirt freshman.  McCall is just too explosive to keep off the field for too long, so he is far and away the best option for the H position.  With all due respect to Campbell and Hill and E.G.-W and some hot receiver recruit who hasn't so much as practiced at the college level, McCall is guy we need at H-back this fall.  

Comment 09 Jan 2017

It's not a big sample size to work from, but Hill and Victor, given their yards per catch, look to be the guys most likely to be big play threats.  Campbell and mcLaurin given the number of receptions are clearly solid receivers.  But their yards per catch make them better in the short game and over the middle, getting those 6-10 yard completions.  

Comment 09 Jan 2017

Good point.  After much of 2015 was spent awkwardly forcing plays to Miller and trying so hard to get everyone touches that we forget to develop an identity, in 2016 we saw constant over-corrects.  Samuel gets touches for a game, but Weber doesn't.  Then the next week, Weber gets 20 carries but Samuel doesn't get his touches. Then the next week, Weber gets 9 carries in the first half and only one the rest of the day, or vice versa.  

Maybe absent a standout athlete, we just look to get to the ball to whoever is open.

Comment 07 Jan 2017

We've got quite a number of spaces that have to open up, but I trust that the coaches are 99% clear on who is on the roster and who is leaving already.  They know as they recruit how many more we can try to secure commitments from.  They know these kids.  They know their families.  They know who has nagging, ongoing problems with a leg or a back that will have some days better than others but that aren't going to fully heal.  They know who these kids are.  And as others mentioned it is kind of interesting for us to sit and speculate, but just as in previous years, when the dust settles, we will be at 85, some players that were going to see limited action with us this year will be a prized and beloved transfer to another school, and some young men that have been battling one injury after another and haven't been 100% in a long time will be walking away from football while they can still walk away from it.  

Comment 07 Jan 2017

I guess Evan Lisle is what happens.  The guy has been in the program, grinding all four years, and hasn't seen a ton of playing time on the line, not likely to be a spot there for him next year assuming Pridgeon is healthy.  See also James Clark.  Clearly, guys that have not shined as brightly as we had hoped continue to have a place at the tangle if they want it.  

Comment 07 Jan 2017

I, too, disliked their over-signing practices.  And I don't like to think of players encouraged to leave.  But if you are in year two or three, and you're still languishing behind other guys on the roster at your position, maybe a year or more away from being competitive for a starting role, a move to another school may be in your best interest.  Seeing that more and more.  Especially as smaller schools get more and more exposure with dozens of games televised each week on TV or internet.  A guy like Nick Conner at LB, for example, could start at a lot of schools, be racking up 70+ tackles a year, and getting NFL attention, where at OSU, depending on development of Hilliard and others, who knows when he starts to make a big impact on defense.  Same could be said of Hilliard, really.  

At some positions, there are only so many that will emerge.  Those that haven't, time not spent showing what you can do in a uniform is precious and valuable.