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Comment 16 Apr 2015

I think Urban likes having a kicker for kickoffs and a kicker for FG/PAT.   If we've got room for them, why not?   If he's better at kickoffs than Nuernberger, then he'll have had a strong career at Duke followed by being a part of a perennial top 5 program.   If he's not, then he'll be a back-up and still on the roster of THE Ohio State University in its bid to repeat as champions.  It's a win/win for OSU, and a win/win for Willoughby.   

Comment 16 Apr 2015

True.  For some guys seeing significant positional time in the Spring Game, it is their moment, maybe their only moment because of our depth, to really stand out and make some memories on the field.    

Comment 16 Apr 2015

Given that I don't really get into baseball, the Spring Game, along with Draft Day and the Stanley Cup playoffs, is all I've got to be excited about in sports until August.   At least this year, one starting QB for OSU is playing in it.   I love seeing how the newbies compete and perform in this one.   Excited to see Noah Brown in action with all we've been hearing about him, along with Johnny DIxon and James Clark and Parris Campbell.   Curious which guys make a name for themselves.   Personally, I'm pulling for Jeff Greene, who transferred in and played a bit last year, to make some noise in his last season as a Buckeye   Always fun to see who the next Taurian Washington/T.Y. Williams is going to be - that guy who has a career day in the Spring and then disappears in the fall.   Also curious about the second LB unit behind the Perry/McMillan/Lee.   I think the way that the LB unit really stepped up and came together last year was one of the many really great things about that championship year.   And then there's that battle for #2 behind Elliott.  Samuel has the clear edge, but I still think Brionte Dunn is going to show us good things this year.    So much to watch for.   

Comment 15 Apr 2015

Another thing to love about this offensive system is that not only does it utilize a lot of playmakers, but it brings versatility to their game.   Samuel and Marshall and Wilson will one day be draft prospects who can be used out of the backfield, in the slot, split wide, wherever a team wants to plug them in.  To me, that makes them far more valuable than a conventional running back (though Elliott, while more conventional in how he's utilized, will also do great things in the NFL).   

I like Wilson a lot and hope he rebounds from injury with a great season, but Marshall's combination of athleticism and toughness, making guys miss OR running through tackles, is really special.   What I like even more about Marshall (no disrespect to the others) is that he's an Ohio boy.  We get great talent from all over the country - South, East, West, wherever - but to me the explosive playmakers that are sons of Ohio are that much more awesome to see.   

Comment 14 Apr 2015

He gave a lot more details than I'd anticipated in Spring at the positions where we had battles going on.   The more I watch film of Corey Smith, the more I realize that he is our replacement for Even Spencer.   The guy was a terror on special teams and a vicious downfield blocker.   Makes sense, then, that Brown would be the next Devin Smith.   

I wonder how the backups look at linebacker.  With Perry, Lee, and McMillan, we are as spoiled at that position as we've been since the days of Hawk/Carpenter/Schlegel, but I wonder who is first to come in when one or two of those guys needs a break.   

Comment 14 Apr 2015

Keeping Meyer locked up has less to do with how much OSU pays him, and more to do with OSU helping him keep the staff that he chooses to surround himself with.   

Comment 10 Apr 2015

I want TCU in the playoff this year.   Would like to see us also take down another SEC school, but would love to give TCU its chance to find out what they were missing this past January, and silence them.   TCU will have a very good team this year, possibly good enough to make the final four.   And Patterson constant whining is clearly "working the committee" for the coming post-season.   Very "Paterno-esque" of him.   

Comment 10 Apr 2015

Hey, as stacked as our roster is, a kid grayshirting is really just buying more playing time.   The two-deep is going to be awfully crowded this year - likely next year, too.   I think saying to an 18 year old or two "we think it would be better for you to start your eligibility clock with the program a little later" isn't the worst thing in the world.   

Comment 10 Apr 2015

Also, HIPAA doesn't prevent the student himself from disclosing anything.   If he feels like he's wrongly being kept out due to something as questionable as a bad knee or separated shoulder, he can shout it from the rooftops, especially if another school agrees to take him on to play.  Otherwise, if he doesn't want to go public with it, have to assume there's nothing to crow about.   

Comment 05 Apr 2015

OSU has not been developing guys the last few years.  I don't think it's Matta's fault.  He knows how to coach guys up.  But guys like Williams and Thompson seemed to plateau a couple of years ago.   I hope that Tate and Russell do give us another year or two, and see what we can develop around them.   

I get the point, that there is no "five easy steps" for OSU to move from a team that makes the tournament to againn being a team that makes the final four.   The teams that go far in the tournament when the game is on the line might have one elite player like we have in Russell, but what I see as different from OSU is that they also have 3-4 other guys who are also legit "go-to" guys in the clutch.   When OSU has their backs against the wall, too often I only see one, maybe two, guys that seem to want it, be ready for it.   

Comment 05 Apr 2015

If Braxton Miller is 100% in the fall, he will certainly make a strong case for the starting job, but given that Jones will be working as the starter all through spring and into summer, and Barrett should be fully recovered for some time before Miller is 100%, it's far from a certainty.   

Comment 05 Apr 2015

When will the writers STOP over-valuing Georgia ?   Honestly, Mark Richt under-achieves with his talent more than anyone outside of Bob Stoops.   

Comment 01 Apr 2015

For a long time now, guys from elite programs have been doing big things in the NFL even though seeing limited action on account of being on rosters that were flush with playmakers.   Think about guys like Matt Cassel at USC.   He barely saw the field in college, but it was enough to get him the opportunity and the rest is history.    I hope these guys realize that whether they get 10 touches a game or 3 touches a game, they are a part of a program where that limited time with the ball in their hands will get them the opportunity to perform their way into the first few rounds of the draft.   

Comment 31 Mar 2015

Love his toughness.  Wilson is more elusive, but Marshall is better at just running hard and getting the tough, extra yards.   Him and Thomas out wide, with Samuel and Wilson splitting reps in the slot and at H-Back.  perfect.  And with Corey Smith getting better, we're as stocked as we've been in 10 years at receiver.   

Comment 29 Mar 2015

We have a ridiculous amount of playmakers at WR.   Against MSU and Clemson in the 2013 season, the pass game largely disappeared when we needed it most.  I think against Clemson, Philly Brown was the only one with multiple receptions.   A little over a year later, we have Mike Thomas, Marshall, Corey Smith, and Dontre that have all proven themselves as legit weapons, with Dixon and others primed to make plays this year.   We are more stacked and complete now at WR than in 2005-2006 with Ginn/Gonzales/Holmes/Vance/Robiskie.   

Comment 29 Mar 2015

Lou should have known better than to wear blue, but I think he gets a pass.   For most of the year, he was one of the only media persons that hadn't written off OSU and left us for dead.   In a nation of analysts fawning and drooling over the "SEC," Lou has always been quick to represent that the B1G and the northern part of the country is not dead to the football world.   

Comment 28 Mar 2015

Can't stand Kentucky.   They are the New York Yankees of college basketball.  Seeing a team presumed to be champions before the tourney even starts as they have become is just nauseating.  How could anyone not root for them to be knocked down?   What's more, their fans, when it comes to college football, are among the loudest and most obnoxious OSU haters.  They have the least to crow about in this area, but they never shut up.   I strongly dislike Bo Ryan, but I like watching his team play.   

Comment 25 Mar 2015

I feel the same way.  I have no idea how this violates anything, or if it violates anything.  I just have a gut feeling that the one poor choice Braxton makes will cost him in ways it shouldn't cost anyone because that's just the way things tend to roll for OSU.   Yes, we're at the top of the heap right now, and are poised to dominate, but we are also so dang snakebit over the last 5 years.  

Comment 24 Mar 2015

Keep grinding, guys.   Meyer is going to be all over any whiff of complacency or entitiement from these guys like a hawk on a field mouse.    It does my heart good to hear Meyer, at the beginning of Spring Camp, already demanding more.   Here's hoping these guys keep their edge, their anger, their will to improve and develop.   Our schedule this year (no Nebraska or Wisconsin, Sparty/Minne/Penn State at home, bye week giving us a breather right before the grind of November) gives us a very manageable path to return to the playoff, if the boys stay hungry and work their arses off.   

Comment 17 Mar 2015

My five start in the back end of the defense - Cam Burrows, Damon Webb, Marshon Lattimore.  Then, Dontre Wilson and Tommy Schutt.   

With the exits of Armani Reeves and Devan Bogard, Burrows needs to begin to secure his place in things.  The door is open for Webb and Lattimore to really see the field a lot this year, and I think Urban is hungry to get those two involved.   Agree that Wilson has lost a lot of ground to Marshall.  The biggest difference I see is just strength.   Marshall runs through tacklers that would bring Dontre down.   With departures on the D-line, it's time for Schutt to really deliver.    

Baugh needs to progress, but I think he'll do well with opportunities he's given.  He's developed well behind Heuerman and Vannett.  As for Farris - it is his last year.   I think we've seen his best.  I think it's enough that he'll see some time, but not carry the position as a starter.    

Comment 11 Mar 2015

I think the biggest factor will be leadership.   All of them have the skills to run the offense and win games.   Meyer expects more than talent and poise mental and physical toughness from QBs.  He expects leadership.   I don't know how he measures it, but I think whoever comes out on top in that category will get the starting spot in September.