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Comment 13 hours ago

I don doubt that Browning is an extraordinary player, good enough to play immediately.  But if he comes in and starts with Worley, Booker, Baker, Hilliard, Borland, and Conner already in that unit, unless he shows a knack for the middle that no one else does after McMiilllan's departure, it would leave me a little worried about how we have recruited and developed.  I love seeing Baker and others make an early impact, but it leaves me wondering what the other 4 and 5 star guys from previous years were about.  

Comment 17 hours ago

So sick of the hand-wringing over PSU and conference championships.  3 simple things.  

1.  Nothing has changed with conference title games.  CFP factors them in to the degree that they have been and will continue to be used to separate out teams with equal resumes where one wins a conference and the other does not.  None of that has changed because....... 

2.  PeeSU does not have an equal resume to OSU.  Both teams had a conference loss on the road (we lost by 3, they lost by dozens).  Both teams had wins over top ten teams in conference and a blowout cross-divisional win.   But in non-conference, OSU beat the Big-12 champion on the road.  Ran them off their own damn field.  PeeSU lost to Pitt.  4-loss Pitt.  That is what the committee is looking at.  It's not that conference titles don't matter.  It's just that it's not and has never been meant to be enough to give a two-loss team an edge over a one-loss team.  Their B1G title gave them a standing in the final rankings above 2-loss Michigan and Oklahoma that still doesn't have a real championship game.  They got the boost that a conference title is intended to give.  

3.  Kanell and others sharing that meme are childish and dense.  In 2006, FLA winning their title game meant they were 12-1.  TTUN had only one loss to the #1 team in the country, but they were 11-1.  12-1 vs. 11-1.  Hmmmm. Meyer was first advocating for his team which any decent coach should be doing but also pointing out the way a conference title truly matters - sorting out teams that, without it, have identical records.  What's more, he crushed us in the title game, so it turns out he couldn't have been more right.  

Comment 04 Dec 2016

Really tired of hearing the line that OSU getting in means championship games don't matter.  People, it's basic math.  One loss is better than two losses.  One extra game, championship or otherwise, isn't always going to overcome that.  Does it mean championships no longer matter, of course not.   Championship games were meant to help sort out when you have multiple teams that end with one loss, not to vault a two loss ahead of a one loss.  It's just that simple.  

Comment 04 Dec 2016

Agree.  It's been five years since Sandusky's crimes and PSU's complicity in it became public, but I am still a long ways from being happy for them as a conference member.  Individuals were found to be in the wrong, but the culture of the school, the cult around Paterno, was also a part of it.  And that's never been repented, and in my opinion they've not been made to pay near enough for the lives destroyed.  

Comment 03 Dec 2016

Go Badgers!  PSU has really been a different team since getting healthy, and McSorley has really figured things out, but to quote Charlie Skinner, "there's not enough bourbon in the world to make me okay with" seeing PSU any closer to the playoffs than they already are.  I know the "scandal" has been over for them for going on five years now, but I am still far from a place of being able to watch PSU and not feel a little bit sick.  

I know that it's not fair to the players, especially those that were still in middle school when Paterno died.  I know the current staff wasn't a part of it.  But the violations that got SMU a "death penalty" many years ago and the felonies that temporarily shut down Baylor's b-ball program pale in comparison to decades of complicity in a child molester using a program's facilities and fame and popularity as the "candy" to lure young boys into being assaulted and raped.  Makes me ill that this program currently stands free and clear of all consequence.  I'm supposed to be happy for the student athletes and staff who were in high school or elesewherre when it all came to a head 5 years ago but I can't be.  I want to go up to these young men and say, "where is your head at?"   I don't care how much they grew up adoring PSU or how long they dreamed of going there, as an institution they failed to stand up for protecting children time after time and instead stood silent while a child molester turned their facilities into a crime scene.  

Comment 02 Dec 2016

Looking forward to seeing what the warmer or climate controlled conditions of the playoff brings to our passing game.  Stats wise, it felt to me like we weren't hitting as well on the deeper throws, but I accept the figures to say what they say.   But one other similarity between 2014 and 2016 (and even somewhat 2015) was how as the weather got a little dicey and inclement, the numbers and efficiency in the pass game dropped off.  Both seasons JT did a lot of his best work when conditions were better, before November.  Both seasons, the pass game receded late in the year.  In 2014, in a post-season played indoors, it sprang to life again.   Likewise it seemed to rally some against ND last year in Arizona.  

The one thing I would counter in terms of JT statisticallly the same now, no worse, than in 2014 is that he is also no better, from year one to year three.  As someone who lives in Nebraska and watched talent at QB out here never fully mature under Beck's tutelage, I tend to want to point a finger in his direction.  He is not Tom Herman.  On the other hand, who is? 

Comment 30 Nov 2016

The bad news is I don't think Prince makes a big leap in the next month.  But on a positive note, I don't think Bama's defense is much better than Michigan's.  Probably pretty equal.  I think the problems of last Saturday prepare him for Bama.  Not to mention the fact that even with Prince's struggles and teams jumping on it and going after him, we have still found a way to do enough to win against those defenses. PSU and TTUN abused him, but we still got it done the other day and against PSU still did enough, not always pretty but enough, on offense to win.  Hell, we outgained the Nits by over 150 yards.  That may also be a part of what the committee is thinking about with our seeding.  Maybe they not only saw the score but watched the game, where two blocked kicks gave them victory in a game that we statistically won.  

Comment 29 Nov 2016

12-1 five year average per season.  Incredible.  

I love how, just as with Tressel, this is personal for him.   While I know he has to compartmentalize it, The Game and this job, this specific job, have been in his blood for his entire life in a way that no other coaching tenure has been for him.   I love seeing Shelley and his kids down there after big wins, because I think for them as a family this is about representing a legacy and a lifetime of this culture and loyalty that never leaves you, whether you are in Ohio or Utah or Florida.  

I love that he knows the magnitude of what he is a part of and embraces it and rises to meet it.  A lot of great coaches have had similar opportunities and withered under the intensity and weight of it.  

Comment 28 Nov 2016

I hope they can work on whatever communication glitches have been dogging them all year with getting plays off. I know that Herman was more influential than Meyer with how fast we went on offense 2012-2014, but watching the play clock again and again get down to 3 or less before the snap is maddening.  I don't know if the pre-snap reads are being hindered by the defense or the o-line calls are more complicated this year or we are just over-thinking, but JT has always thrived on establishing a rhythm, and it's hard to do when there is so much chaos between plays.  

Comment 28 Nov 2016

Agree.  JT missed on a number of throws, mostly high.  The INT was high to an open Samuel, though I think he's got to make that catch, had both hands on it.  And still waiting too long.  Speaks to trust still not fully there with wideouts, I think.  Reps will help with that, but only so much.  

Also agree that they need to build up a bit to the deep balls.  Get him started with flare outs, slants, hooks, come back routes, higher percentage stuff.  And after those, test the waters deeper.  

Comment 28 Nov 2016

Would like to see McCall gain the trust of Meyer in the next month to get some touches in the playoff.  One thing about TTUN that impressed me this year was the number of people who got touches in the run and pass game for them.  We have to move beyond an offense where about 4 guys (Barrett, Weber, Samuel, Brown) do almost all of the damage.  It sounds like a lot to defend, but it really isn't.  Lack of a #2 wideout after Noah that really stands out has meant teams pressing without paying dearly for it. Too much talent out there for the pass game to limp along as it has.  

Comment 21 Nov 2016

Agree about a future in coaching, but to talk about him as a liability for us in the present is missing the big picture of all he brings.   He runs Meyer's offense as well as anyone since Tebow.  He makes very good decisions, and has a knack for getting the tough yards that I haven't seen since Troy Smith.   Yes, he does struggle with the deep ball and holds the ball too long in general.  But we are not a playoff contender without him.  I am excited to see what Burrow can do next year (I think he has a much higher ceiling as a passer), but Barrett is a great player and leader.  Not NFL ready but let's not treat him like a one trick pony who has long since peaked.  

Comment 21 Nov 2016

I gotta brag that about thirty seconds before MSU's fake punt I told my wife, "MSU is going to run a fake punt.  Their offense is getting nothing, the crowd is out of the game, and they're out near mid-field."  And I called that Dantonio would go for two.  

The problem with all the "what if he'd gotten the two points?" Is that people forget something.  If MSU converts there, OSU has the ball with a decent amount of time on the clock and now needing to call plays to score points instead of to run out the clock.  I think if they convert, JT puts a dagger in their little Sparty hearts and leads us to points in the final minute.  

Comment 21 Nov 2016

National championship sounds about right. Realistically, this is like the first round of the playoff for OSU.  Depending onPSU, maybe we have a 3 game or 4 game playoff.  But I think that has to be the mentality.  Keep winning, we advance toward championship game.  Lose, and it's over.  

Comment 21 Nov 2016

I don't see how the line could be higher than 4.  Speight injured?  The strength in their pass game is Darboh, Chesson, and Butt.  I was looking forward to maybe just once seeing us home underdogs, seeing how that lit a fire under the Bucks.  But now it's TTUN who gets the added motivation of feeling disrespected.  Really didn't need that.  Doesn't change the game for us.  I still think we win a tight, defensive battle.  But it doesn't help.  

Comment 18 Nov 2016

Booger McFarland really summed it up nicely in talking about Ohio State and PSU.  For the committee, the head to head will not really matter much if both win out because they will not be equals.   Unlike the B1G conference that sees both teams as having one conference loss, the playoff committee if they win out will see a team with one loss (and more impressive wins) and a team with two losses.  Not really a close contest.  Just win, baby!  

Comment 16 Nov 2016

Really need to stop scheduling Sparty the week before TTUN.  I agree with this that no matter what their record is, it is a physical battle a week before The Game.  Would prefer a Maryland or Rutgers or Illinois before The Game.  

I don't care how badly they have played this year, MSU has a lot of talent and is hungry as anyone for a strong signature win.  They have no bowl game, so this is as close as they get to it.  Hoping PSU turns out to be their highlight reel game for the year.  

Comment 13 Nov 2016

Gotta wonder if the B1G revisits their rules for the conference championship after this year.  To see an 11-1 playoff contender passed over by a 10-2 PSU team that even if they beat the champion from the West division (and I don't think they beat Wisky), they are a 2-loss B1G champion standing in a field of teams with several probably still having one loss.  Long story short, I don't know that PSU gets in even if they win the conference, and that's gotta be something that bothers the conference - to have the season end insuch a way that we aren't able to get a team in the final four.