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Comment 27 Aug 2015

Been wondering about Jeff Greene.  Is he still on the roster, and eligible.  I know he doesn't have the explosiveness of some of these other wide-outs, but he is experienced and I hope can lend a hand against VT, as well.   Unless he's just not really had a good fall or isn't playing to the level the coaches wanted.  I know he transferred from an ACC school, but his numbers there were pretty solid.   

Comment 27 Aug 2015

There is a lot of potential, but that still leaves it as a question mark.  Yes, they have 4-stars as recruits.   ALL of that acclaim is about what they did in high school.   I still am confident that we handle VT, but I don't think it will be as pretty and dominant as we had been thinking.  

Comment 26 Aug 2015

Both of these guys are amazing, and both will see the field this year.  Even the back-up should see plenty of work in 3rd and 4th quarters, especially as Meyer has made it clear that he thinks it almost criminal for either to not get opportunities.   

But I agree with this article about Barrett being the more efficient, the more "complete" player in terms of decision making, in terms of leadership, in terms of distributing the ball and leading all parts of the offense.  Meyer loves for his offense to be not just prolific but if at all possible balanced, and to go fast.   Barrett is better at giving him those things.   

Comment 26 Aug 2015

I think the culture, the approach that Meyer takes, "9 units strong" will make a big difference.  I also think there will be a bit of an "edge" to our team in that we have Braxton Miller back, and with a championship ring that he deserved but did not get to play for on the field.  I think his hunger, his passion to return and get it done this year, will really be part of the difference.   

Comment 24 Aug 2015

Personally, I just sort of shrugged at the unanimous #1 ranking.   The respect is nice, but it's a "beauty contest" at this point more than a football ranking.  Still, McMurphy's tweet is pretty great.   

Comment 18 Aug 2015

The beauty of our situation is, if EITHER guy is having an off-night, unlike last year when Braxton's pre-season injury had everyone holding their breath about our scarcity of options, this year we KNOW that there's another guy on the sidelines who can step up.    If teams are sticking too many in the box and JT's not able to make them pay for it, bring in Cardale.  If teams are in a coverage package that is really taking away our playmakers and Cardale's not getting it to them, bring in JT and let him and Zeke run it down their throats.   

Comment 18 Aug 2015

I think against most of our opponents, being limited in read option or zone read won't matter.   But against a few really tough defensive teams, where separation for the receivers could be in short supply and we're needing to be really precise in how we execute and have our full playbook available to us, in those moments, I want JT back there.   

Comment 16 Aug 2015

God, I love that mentality.  Instead of "We're going to win the championship," it's "We're going to be nine units strong, everyone giving total effort and handling their assignments."   Most teams put the focus on championships that they never are a part of.  Urban and his boys put the focus on doing what champions do, until they become them, on the field and in life.    

Comment 14 Aug 2015

JT did look more solid running the option, but Cardale and Braxton are such a "study in contrasts" in terms of how they hurt you.  In a split second, a defender must not only decide which player to take (QB or RB) but also whether he has to prepare to bring down a wrecking ball, or one of the fastest guys in the game.   I think how you come at tackling a 250 lb runner vs. one that can make you look silly with his moves adds a wicked twist to the challenge of defending the option.   

Comment 14 Aug 2015

Props to Braxton and the others for keeping his plans to play WR/H-Back under wraps for probably months.   As the top team in the country and with the QB battle such a national story since January to sports writers who've not had much to talk about, keeping something like this under wraps until Braxton and the program were ready for it to be made known had to take some doing.    

Love his confidence, and it's merited.   He can and should be working towards and expecting to be the most electrifying guy in the game this year.   

Comment 12 Aug 2015

Love his approach and attitude, as well.  I think both will be alright, because I think both of them trust that, if the starter has the offense clicking as powerfully as is hoped, the 2nd guy will see plenty of time in the second half of games.   I think both of are eager to give their very best when they get their opportunities.   The starter will be the one with immediate Heisman buzz, a lot more reps, clearly more significant minutes.   But I really think they both recognize that this battle is not "all or nothing."   Both will likely get opportunities to do great things.    

Comment 11 Aug 2015

You're right, he doesn't have to be elite, but he does need to be a complete player.  Meyer doesn't want someone in the line-up all that much if they are only valuable when they get the ball in their hands.   He doesn't need to be the best blocker on the team, but he needs to be solid at it.  He doesn't need to be the best route runner, but he has to have it at his disposal to be going just about anywhere on the field when the ball is snapped.   

Comment 11 Aug 2015

Cardale mentioned some important things.   Miller has the athleticism, and as a QB obviously the knowledge of the offense and maybe better than most receivers an understanding of where to ideally break off routes, look for the ball, find soft spots in the zone, etc..  But in terms of reading the defenders, in terms of making himself useful and valuable when others have the ball, in terms of concentrating and making the plays in traffic, getting his timing in sync with Barrett and Jones, etc., it will take some time.  Not near as much as, say, Teddy Ginn as a freshman.   But it will take a few games for him to really be as explosive as we're looking forward to.  Still, just seeing him back on the field is a beautiful thing.  

Comment 06 Aug 2015

I'm no longer really giving thought to the QB battle.   Now that it is between just Barrett and Jones, I expect that one will start and the other will likely still see at least a dozen snaps every week, especially the first half of the season when a lot of our games should have us up several TDs in the third quarter.   Under some coaches (like Tressel), a back-up QB coming into a blowout in the third or fourth quarter would just be handing the ball off.  But with Urban's offense, even if JT or Cardale is getting "garbage minutes" in the third or fourth quarter of a 30 point blow-out, they'll get opportunities to use their arm.   I think JT is the guy, but both of them will see the field plenty.   

Comment 06 Aug 2015

It will be interesting to see how the defense does to start this season.   They shut out Wisconsin, mostly bottled up Alabama, and for most of the night shut down Oregon.  But during the season, they gave up a lot of yards and a lot of big plays.  Hoping they continue their momentum.   Our LB trio looks to be as good as it's been since 2005, and our front even without Bosa for game one should still be a handful.   I think our secondary is under-appreciated, especially Bell and Apple.   And Tyvis Powell, though he makes mistakes occasionally, also makes a lot of big plays.   I think late in the year we were the best tackling defense I've seen in years.   I think our success had to do with pressure and being aggressive, but also, we were not swinging and missing in the open field.   

Comment 05 Aug 2015

Kind of surprised Rife made it this far.   He's a horrible person who was part of the horrible scandal that ended things for Tressel.  But it's pretty much understood that Tressel's concealing and failures to report were what did the most damage.