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Comment 29 Apr 2016

I feel bad for Tunsil.   The kid dropped in the draft because of a picture of him breathing in a drug that will likely be legal in at least half of the country 10 years from now, and for soliciting money from a coach who in the big picture is the one who should be taking the heat for that exchange.    And he's got people close to him that seem to want to sabotage his future.   

Comment 29 Apr 2016

He's far from as good as Emmitt right now, but in time he could earn these comparisons.   If he works and plays with the same selfless intensity and dedication and confidence that he showed at tOSU, we'll be seeing him in Pro Bowls and possibly Super Bowls within 5 years.   

Comment 29 Apr 2016

Eli sort of getting to go home (New Jersey kid) makes me happy for him even though he's going to the Giants.  Zeke to the Cowboys is going to be a great thing.  

I think my favorite story though is Darron Lee.  Bosa and Zeke were penciled in as first rounders in the future from their days in high school.  But Lee?  Played QB in high school and goes to OSU where we are stocked with talent there.  Converts and transforms basically in two years time into one of the best outside linebackers in the country.  His size and strength seems to have raised some questions, but I think the Jets saw the resiliency and effort and football IQ that it had to take for him both on and off the field to be where he's at.  

Comment 29 Apr 2016

I felt pretty good about Apple.  Didn't see him as top 10, but good for him.  

Marshall and Powell, both of them I felt were not helping themselves, could have used another year.   I love Tyvis Powell - so much fun to watch and listen to and he's a playmaker.  But I didn't see him as ready for prime time just yet.  Marshall's best attribute is his return skills.  I think it should get him drafted but might not.  He's a bit of a project, still, as a receiver.  Very good raw skills, but still rough.  

Comment 25 Apr 2016

Not a Bengals fan, but would love to see him get drafted close to home, having seen over the years how important family is in his life.  Though, Green Bay and New Orleans are two other really fantastic NFL communities.  As for Jets, NYC is such a fickle and pressure-packed place to play - it's not for everyone.  I think wherever Perry goes he will be a great asset and succeed, but I don't envy anyone dealing with NY media and fans.  

Comment 13 Apr 2016

I've been hearing that the murderer could be looking to use "stand your ground" as a defense.   But with neither Smith not having a gun on his person at the time he was shot, and with him having his back turned and moving away, and even more so if it's true that he put two bullets into Smith's wife first and then turned it on him, makes it a lot harder to sell that he was in imminent danger and had to shoot.   Even if the guy thinks Smith is going to his car to retrieve his gun (I'm sure that's what he'll say), if we allow shootings at the mere possibility of the other person pulling a gun on us, we've lost as a society.   

Comment 13 Apr 2016

That's sort of where I'm at.  I get that running with the 1s is a new thing for these guys.  I get that some of this is new to them.  But the article is specific about sloppy routes, dropped passes, guys unprepared.   Your job is to build those skills from day one and no matter where you are on the depth chart you can be on top of those things.  What I read is that the staff is having to work on things that they haven't had to work on in a few years.   Whether that's because guys got complacent or because it's just time to refresh with a young unit or both, it sounds to me like a unit not quite where it should be.  

Comment 13 Apr 2016

"Bad" receivers.  Receivers who "don't know what they're doing".  What the heck were. Hill, and Campbell, and Clark, and McLaurin doing last year?   I know we had veteran starters getting reps, but how is the unit so poor in fundamentals.  And I wish we'd stop hearing about how young they are.  Austin Mack is new to the party.  Gibson is in year two and really first Spring at this new position.  But a few of these other guys, I'm sorry, they should have been there long enough to not have their hands held.  I believe Barrett when he says the unit is not complacent - now.   It feels though, that they had been.  

Comment 13 Apr 2016

Agree.  Gun was found only after search of vehicle.  It was not immediately spotted at scene, which if Smith had been holding or pointing it or even had it on his person it would certainly have been discovered that night, not well after the fact.  Are we to believe that Smith was shot to death and his wife severely wounded and as he lay dying and his wife seriously injured he took the time to put a gun out of sight that he was just about to fire.  

Also, very hard to claim your life is in danger when you are the one who pursues.  I don't care if Smitth had an arsenal in the vehicle.  If it's not pointed at anyone or being fired, the guy didn't have to kill anyone.  

Comment 11 Apr 2016

Very interested to see if Burrow does much in Spring game with the run game.   He is billed as a pro-style QB.  Given our game plan leans so much on Barrett as a run threat, how much do we have to switch things up if Burrow is forced into duty?  Heard nothing but good things about him as a passer but when our offense does best with up-tempo and read option stirring the drink, I want to see how he fits with that.  

Comment 11 Apr 2016

There was mention of Barrett's vulnerability given that he is called on to run a lot.  Keep in mind that Miller's most devastating injury came on a drop back pass play.  Barrett's did come on a run play, but it was more a function of how he was bent over by the tackle.  I don't recall how the knee injury at PSU in 2014 occurred, but I'm not as worried about Barrett's health as I was about Braxton,s.  He's no bigger as a player but he doesn't look as fragile.  

Comment 09 Apr 2016

My thoughts, exactly.   I appreciate the article about JT not making excuses for anything and working to improve, but guys like Clark and McLaurin are more than due to step up.   Gibson, well, he's still learning a new position and as great an athlete as he is I'm not sold about where his head's at.   Mack has only been on campus for a few months and it's a startling wake-up call if he's outshining guys who've been in our system for 2+ years.   

Comment 08 Apr 2016

Rocket arms are over-rated.  Brady's arm isn't the strongest, never has been.  More and more offenses are meant to utilize short and intermediate routes.  Great QBs get their playmakers involved.  They're great distributors.  I've never liked the way that QBs being great "field managers" is treated as a negative.  

Comment 08 Apr 2016

His rush totals after contact were bigger than some backs' totals overall.  And I agree with Tyvis.  What makes Zeke really special is he loves making key blocks, clearing things for QB and others.  I can't think of a team in the NFL that can't use that sort of back, or a second if they already have one.  

Comment 04 Apr 2016

Insightful breakdowns.  I think we missed Devin Smith, no doubt, but I think of the three main reasons for our struggles, the two that stand out were struggles in execution in the play-action, specifically zone read plays, and somewhat with the offensive line inconsistency.  We did not find a new deep threat, but to me that is largely due to other things not clicking.  Devin is uniquely gifted for deep, jump ball plays, and finding those deep bombs.  No doubt.  But surely, had the play action to set it up been more effective, at least the separation would have been there.  What I saw looking very different in the 2015 GIFs was the defensive secondaries on the plays in question gave no consideration at all to the play-action, a part of our game that was not as dominant and consistent as it had been previously, i think in part because the addition of Braxton and the lack of JT meant we did not run some of our most effective stuff as often, and when we did it did not look the same with Cardale running it.  For all Jones' gifts as a passer and his size and power as an occasional run threat, he could not come close to briniging the rhythm and the speed and the efficiency that it had with JT.   There was such a fluid, natural look to the offense with JT and Zeke both masterful at selling the fakes as well as running with authority.   Cardale, with all his gifts, just couldn't duplicate that.  And while it's hard to argue with throwing Braxton behind center for some snaps and involving him in some reverses to get him touches, those things seemed to take us away from our rhythm, our strengths.  

And that that problem with rhythm and those change-ups to the flow of things brings us to the offensive line which, absent the freezing effect on the defense that the efficient zone read brought to the table, did not have an answer for defense's suddenly pinning their eRs back because our offense had quite simply gotten easier to read.  It got painfully obvious when Braxton was taking a snap, for example, what was coming, as he almost never handed off, and never threw the ball.  That made things more difficult for Decker, Elflein, and company.  It couldn't have been clearer than at the end of the year when we shredded a pretty good Michigan defense and the offensive line was very blunt that what we did different was run an offense that played to their strengths.  We spent most of the year puzzling over how to utilize Braxton's strengths and Jalin's strengths and Cardale's strengths.  When we finally after MSU went back to the game plan that played to the strengths of our offensive linemen, we suddenly looked like world beaters.  

Comment 04 Apr 2016

If Gibson and Mack and a couple others can emerge, we will be set to shock the world.  I know they are young, but it seems like every year we see major programs who have freshmen who break through as wideouts.  Why not us? I like Zach Smith.  The production he helped generate out of a receiving corps that was very good but not great or elite in 2014 was invaluable, especially after struggles in the pass game in 2012 and 2013.  He's a lifelong Buckeye who clearly has bought into Meyer's system and has been a strong recruiter.  This is the year he really shows himself.  Brown, Smith, Wilson, Mclaurin, Campbell, Gibson, Mack, and others at his disposal, and all but Mack have had at least a year in the program to figure things out.  Even Gibson converting from QB has already had a season, a winter, and now a Spring to adapt to the new position.  Meyer is dead on that if they can't produce and help our offense have balance (or even carry the run game as it replaces Zeke), then we either got the wrong guys or need to find another way to coach them (read: another coach).  I'm excited for what I think they will do.  I think JT with a full off-season to integrate with the offense will do things beyond what he did when thrust into the starting role in 2014 or slowly taking charge while recovering to 100% as in 2015.  

Comment 04 Apr 2016

Holtz has been a great ambassador of the sport (possible misconduct at his coaching stops aside) and a solid buckeye in how he unapologetically speaks up for OSU.  But I'm glad for his sake that he's not featured as much on ESPN as he used to be.  His work there, his mis-speaking and stammering, was getting more and more cringe-worthy.  

Comment 31 Mar 2016

Love everything about this kid.  Love his mindset, love his leadership, love how he seems to put as much effort into the little things like selling a play fake as he does into throwing a deep ball, love how when hit a yard or two shy of the line to gain he almost always pushes forward and battles for the needed yard.   I love how he handled the devastating injury at the end of 2014, continuing to contribute and do whatever was needed of him to get us through the post-season.   I wish he didn't have so much on his shoulders this year, that Noah Brown and Corey Smith and Dontre Wilson had been healthy last year and returned as more experienced leaders of the pass game.   But apart from Troy Smith there is no one in recent memory that I feel so confident about having the keys to the offense.  JT just seems to have a brilliant intuition about when to take matters into his own hands and when to let others take the lead - seen it through the last 2 years.   

Comment 30 Mar 2016

On the plus side, in reference to those that left it could prove to be addition by subtraction.   And we still have the core of the team, those that produced most of our points.   

But no matter how incompatible those who left may have been with the program, going into next season with a supporting cast that is just about all new from the previous year's (and back to square one with bringing them into the program and the system) is a big step back.  It may precede a big step forward for OSU, but not without first being a significant step back.   

Every coach, even the great ones, have a recruit or two from time to time that just doesn't work well with the program.   That's inevitable.   But to have it happen with 80% of a recruiting class is just not a good sign and CANNOT happen again.  If it does happen again, whether you want to fault the recruiting decisions or the coaching or the team culture, the buck stops with the head coach.   If these 4 departures are not filled with upgrades by Matta and the program, 2016-17 could be his last season with OSU.   

Comment 29 Mar 2016

I like Meyer's fire.  I don't think OSU is in for 3-5 losses necessarily, but I do think that there is some serious work needed on several units (WR, safeties, CB, DL) where it is not a given that we will reload and the new talent will just step up.  It takes the right mindset, and leadership, and "above the line" effort, and a lot of other intangibles that aren't measured by the 4 or 5 star ratings that these kids came to the program with.  I hope Meyer and Co. can get these guys to buy in.  If they do, with youth like Gibson, Mack, Weber, Webb, Lattimore, Conner, Hilliard, and others, we could be in for at least a 2 year extension of this amazing run.  If not, it's going to be a couple years of under-achieving