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Comment 15 hours ago

Is DJ not aware that there are ways for him to go in and correct his typos?  

Comment 18 Sep 2014

I think Saturday, we'll find out what we have for a defense.  Against Navy we gave up a lot of rushing yards, and the story was, 'Well, you have to remember - they run the triple option."  Though to their credit, they clamped down in the second half.   

They also clamped down on VT, though only after we were in a 2 TD hole.   Poor field position didn't seem to help them there.   I think in that game, we started to see evidence of improvement.  Though VT did not come in with anyone talking about their QB or their offense.   

Kent State was a game where we did everything I think that we needed to do that week, but it didn't tell us that much.   

This week, we face a potent offense/passing attack, and it's not some gimmicky system of which we'll say after the fact, "we weren't expecting what we saw from them."   Time to step up   

I'm excited for it.  I think Grant and Apple and Bell and Powell and the others will be ready.  I think Perry has improved in coverage, Grant is playing with better awareness every week, Darron Lee is really fun to watch.   What's more, I think Bosa and the boys are going to make all kinds of noise.   

Comment 18 Sep 2014

Toledo hasn't been a very strong defensive team for quite a few years.   UC has a very good QB and explosive offense, but they didn't face much of a defense last Friday.   

The score from last week is a bit deceptive.  UC dominated early.  Toledo made it look closer later after the game had gotten out of hand.   That said, Toledo was also without their regular starting QB who was injured against Mizzou.    

Comment 17 Sep 2014

We have a lot of young starters because they're getting it done more so than some of the upperclassmen.   I'm excited to know that we're watching a "rebuild" and that we'll be enjoying these guys and their development for a couple more years, likely.  But it's a little sad.  It's a little sad that Devin Smith and Evan Spencer haven't progressed in their game as much as people hoped.  It's sad that we've had a couple of classes of linebackers depleted by transfers, injuries, and other factors.  The young talent that we have on this team is amazing, but they are the best we've got at certain positions more by default than by their abilities.   

Comment 14 Sep 2014

Good to have a week to prep for Cincy.  They have that "little brother" sort of chip on their shoulder when it comes to OSU, so they are a team where we should really be ready for anything.   Looks like they will be the next big test for our secondary.  With two weeks to work on coverage especially with our safeties and linebackers, I like our chances.   

Comment 13 Sep 2014

It means a lot.  I don't give a damn diddly if folk like Mark May and others scoff at this game and refer to it as a meaningless game or a cupcake opponent.   This young team got a confidence-shaking sort of loss last Saturday night.   The receivers needed to consistently get open and make plays.   The line needs to get reps together and see pressure and handle it.   The backs need to get touches.   The team as a whole needed to improve and get sharper, and they did today.   And as others have pointed out, we've faced a lot of smaller, less talented programs and been in a battle for the first 3 quarters.   That didn't happen today.   We've had better OSU teams in terms of talent in the last 5 years not go out and execute nearly as well as this one did today.   

A young team needs wins like this once in a while.   We need wins like this as often as we can get them.   

Comment 13 Sep 2014

It was a weaker opponent, so a lot of people will probably shrug and yawn at the score, but I thought it was a big win.  For one, we needed a win - period.   Second - we got to give a lot of guys some reps.  Third - great balance between run and pass plays.   Even with running most of the 4th quarter, great balance.   Fourth - a shutout of any FBS opponent is a good thing for a defense.    Lots to like about this one.  

Comment 13 Sep 2014

DJ - it's common for 18-22 year olds to make rash decisions and not be the best with self-control and self-awareness.   But it's no less very unfortunate for him, for his teammates.   OSU will soldier on, but to shrug and "c'est la vie" as if he didn't just let down 81 other athletes and his coaches is a bit off.   

As for him being "ready for the NFL," much as I wish this young man luck, that's a pretty elite, rare group that is essentially ready for primetime after one year of college.   

Comment 12 Sep 2014

It frustrates me, too, especially from the ESPN crowd.  To me, their hate on OSU and the rest of the conference, really, is all about their bottom line.  It's repugnant.   

As for the casual fans that hate on OSU, I have come to take it as a badge of honor.  I remind my wife over and over that there's a reason her Nebraska Cornhuskers don't get that sort of hate and attention.  Ditto for Wisconsin, or Ok State, or LSU, or even Oregon.  All of those are consistently very good teams and very good programs, but not nearly for as long as we've been doing it.  People only get this worked up over knocking a team down when it has been long established among the elite.   It's part of why I hate on ND so much.   

Comment 12 Sep 2014

1.  Our playoff hopes are done, even if we can still win the B1G.  I think we'll be a very different team come November.   I still like our chances of winning the conference, but not making the playoffs.  It's no longer about BCS rankings, but it's still about a team's overall resume, and for our resume to be strong enough it needed to be undefeated and in a fairly dominating fashion.  Right now, we have neither, and with one fourth of the season in the books by the end of the day tomorrow, it's already too late to remedy either of those in terms of the title playoff.   

2.  Whether teams have the talent to beat us with VT's blueprint is more up to us than up to them.  And it didn't start with VT.  Wisconsin used the blueprint last year on us.  The difference was our offense was able to do enough.   I don't care how inferior other teams are on paper, if our receivers can't get separation and make plays downfield, we will continue to have trouble executing if a team has us beat up front, numbers-wise.    

3. Until the receivers start getting it done, a key priority at running back is not who's most explosive, but who is most aware and consistent at protecting Barrett.   Samuel has a lot of potential and he'll be great.  But right now, if he can't pick up blitzes, that doesn't matter much.   

4.  In terms of the receivers, they have the speed and I trust that Herman has a sound strategy in terms of routes and exposing the other team's coverage.   That leaves that they're lacking fundamentals as route-runners and receivers.   

5.  I'd like to see us bounce back with a game where when the dust clears we've gained a balanced amount between run and pass.   270 on the ground and 250 via the air would be great.   Being efficient in run and pass is the best prescription for teams trying to stack the box against us.   

Comment 11 Sep 2014

DJ - Yes, sexual assault and harassment are bad.   You know who else thinks so?  Jon Waters.   He was the one who heard the allegation, investigated, and saw that the offender was expelled.   In spite of no criminal charges ever being brought by the victim.  But mommy didn't feel like he was looking sad enough or was offended that he didn't send a formal apology (why it was for him to apologize any further, I have no idea), so she pressured the university.   

Comment 11 Sep 2014

This article is more an indictment of the government than vindication of OSU admin to me.   They fire a guy who they had for the last couple of years lauded in his employee reviews for being part of the solution.  They hide behind him as a human shield against the media, claiming that Waters but no one else in high places at OSU knew anything about these things going on in the marching band.   I knew about this sort of stuff 20 years ago.   Anyone who feigned ignorance to the goings on of the marching band should be accounted to be grossly incompetent, or a horrible liar.   

TBDBITL will still be the TBDBITL, but there is nothing to feel good about in what they did.   They threw a director under the bus, came up with some important sounding policies that can't realistically be enforced because the university can't police non-criminal hijinks and inside jokes among 18-22 year olds in their personal free time. and patted themselves on the back for a job well done, all the while accomplishing nothing for campus safety or improving the community in general.  

Comment 11 Sep 2014

Heh.  Nebraska fans are known for their hospitality and sportsmanship, but not for feeling the need for conversation during a game.   Any fans of the Huskers or the Buckeyes that have to be able to talk, or hear themselves think, or want to sit and relax during football games, should know to stay at home and watch it there.   

Comment 11 Sep 2014

Yep.  I loved Tressel.  But anyone who would say, "this would never happen under Tressel is either lying or was not on this earth in 2004, one of the previous but recent times where we had to do a "rebuild" on offense and defense.   It featured a loss at NW and a shellacking at Iowa before Troy Smith took charge.  

Losses happen.  If we "can't believe it's possible" or some other silly statement, that's on us.   The difference between a passionate fan and a spoiled, delusional fan is not thinking we could possibly have lost to VT, or been outcoached/outplayed.   

Comment 11 Sep 2014

The loss of Braxton made many think back to 2004, 2008, and 2011 - three other seasons when we were replacing a lot of talent including experience at QB and skill positions.    Each of those years had some growing pains about them.  I can't envision a scenario where this team goes 6-7.   At worse, I think it could turn out a bit like 2004, where the first half of the season saw us adrift and lacking an identity and leadership.   By that season's end and going into 2005, we were torching Michigan, embarrassing Ok St in the Alamo Bowl, and following it with a phenomenal run 2005-2007.   I truly think with the youth and talent we have on the roster, we're on the verge of some huge things.   This year may carry with it some growing pains, but if it is followed in any way like what followed the growing pains of 2004 ( including that Iowa loss which along with Miami 2011 was the most brutal, ugly loss we've had in a long time), I am looking forward to watching what transpires.   Go Bucks.  

Comment 11 Sep 2014

Exactly.  The 1998 team was a great team.  As was the 1996 team.   Both got tripped up by teams that had nowhere near their talent.   Great teams can get out-played and out-coached.   We are not a great team right now, at our best.   The polls said that OSU was 20 or so teams better than Va. Tech.   The field showed it to be otherwise.   The loss was disappointing, but my feeling about it now is a bit like when a team with an effective, talented offense scores first in a game.   My immediate thought is typically, "well, wasn't expecting this to be a shut-out anyways."  I thought it very unlikely for this season to be a "shut-out."   I figured we'd lose at some point.  I expected it to come in conference play but with all the guys that are new starters, it's certainly not shocking that it happened early in the season.   

Comment 10 Sep 2014

I think Raekwon showed he was ready, and I think he will see the field plenty.   But I also think the coaches might know more about all of this than I do.   What's more, the LBs out there most of the night were exposed some in the passing game but were solid in other respects.   

Comment 10 Sep 2014

After VT, I don't know why any opponent we play WOULDN"T at least initially come at us with 7-8 in the box until we make them pay for it.   whether it be out of a 3-4 or a 4-3, our offense is going to see pressure and defenses crowding the line of scrimmage until our offense forces opponents out of it.   I can think of little reason why anyone we played would do otherwise.  I realize some may not match up talent-wise or have the personnel to do it with the success of VT, but clearly it works.   It worked for Wisconsin last year even though we beat them.   It worked for other teams that didn't beat us by doing it but were able to give us a battle when on paper we were a much better team.    Our running backs may be waiting a while for a defense that's going to line up against us in a manner that treats the run and pass with equal respect.   I think we'll handle Kent State just fine, but I doubt that they'll come out in a basic 4-3 in cover 2 or 3.   

It feels like after two full years of the QB being the centerpiece around which our offense was built, it's taking a little while to find what we do best on offense if not riding a Heisman candidate QB.   

Comment 10 Sep 2014

Sort of agree with you.  I was confused why he wasn't in there first of all as the closest thing we have in terms of style of play to what Hyde brought to the table, and second as the back most experienced with the offense and most likely to lend pass protection for Barrett.   I trust that the coaches have their reasons.   Anything that I've deduced about the game on Saturday I'm sure is something they've already considered and dismissed for good reason.  But I do wonder what ifs......

Comment 09 Sep 2014

I kind of appreciate his smiles in reflecting on the loss.   Because it hurts, but you have to keep things in perspective.   The de-mythologizing of Urban Meyer and this program is a healthy thing.   There has been, since the 2012 season, an air that we were inherently better because of Urban Meyer, because of recruiting rankings, because of what the polls say, because we're Ohio State.  None of that is true.   None of it ever was true.  Neither was it true for Florida when he coached there, or Utah, or BG.   It's a good thing to acknowledge.   

Comment 09 Sep 2014

I don't think Meyer was intending to say that VT was a defense like he'd never seen before, or that he wasn't prepared for what they did.  Many of the teams we've played in the past 2 years have stacked 7-8 in the box and tried to come at us that way.    What was different on Saturday is that, unlike all the other times, it didn't stop.  It didn't stop because we didn't make them pay for it.   I think it was a statement about our offensive performance as much as it was a statement about the strategy of VT's defense.