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Comment 29 Mar 2014

Seriously, how many of these student-athletes take out student loans to pay for their extraneous expenses?  Why are student loans not a valid option for these student-athletes who just need some extra money to manage their cost of living?  Then they can pay their loans back and have to learn to manage their money responsibly, because the kids who will go pro will be able to pay their loans back with their huge pro salary and the kids who won't will have to be cautious about the amount of loans they take out so they can pay them back on a likely lower salary, like every other college student.

Comment 06 Mar 2014

you're right, but on the Tuition and Fees page there is a section further down that lists the estimated cost of attendance including health insurance and living expenses at $44,215, maybe that's where the $44,000 comes from?

Comment 26 Feb 2014

plus, i would like to see how many student athletes take out student loans, broken up by sport.  the vast majority of kids i went to college with had to take out student loans and i have yet to hear anything regarding whether these athletes who are complaining about not getting paid enough took advantage of student loans like just about everyone else.  are student loans ideal, especially in the minds of these players who are aware of the revenue of athletic departments these days? no.  but it would hold them accountable to pay it back instead of blowing all this extra money they would get on top of their full ride+food+training services+etc. on unnecessary status symbols.  then they would, in a sense, be forced to learn budgeting and other financial skills and some of these stories about former pro players who are now bankrupt might not be as prevalent.  or they just go pro and pay off their loans with their first paycheck or two regardless of how they spent their loan money.

Comment 24 Feb 2014

i think you hit the nail on the head when you said running the 40 with no pads is about standardization.  if you tried to use a standardized set of pads, how do you go about standardizing them?  do you have 1 set of pads so everyone runs in the same set?  do you have different sizes that are all the same weight for different size players?  do you adjust the weight of the pads based on player weight?  i don't think that these problems that you mention go away with pads, some players just have good straight line speed and some have better agility, and between the 40 and the shuttle run, they have separate tests for those.

that being said, i do agree that scouts do seem to place a huge priority on one number for one skill for these players.

Comment 29 Jan 2014

I had this thought today and I've never heard anyone mention anything like it before, so here goes:

What if the NCAA were to set up a memorabilia marketplace (similar to Ebay, Amazon, etc...) where players would be able to sell autographed items or other things to the public for set prices.  The NCAA, league, school, and player would take a pre-determined percentage of those sales.  This could allow those establishments to profit from the administration of those teams and the fame that comes to those players from playing for their school, while also allowing more famous players to profit off of their popularity.

The set prices and set profit distribution percentages would hopefully prevent players from picking one school over another of equal popularity/competitiveness while still rewarding those exciting playmakers who are the fan favorites.

I know this is not perfect. One flaw would be that a booster could go in and buy a ton of items from players of a specific team to increase the benefit of playing for that team.  My original though to correct for this was to place a limit on the number of items and individual player could sell, but that would diminish the returns for being one of the popular players.  My second thought was that registered boosters would not be able to purchase items from this exchange, but I don't know that this would be easily regulated.

If anyone has any comments or thoughts, I'd love to hear them.  I thought this could be an interesting, regulated approach to allowing players to earn money off their fame and likeness.

Comment 26 Jan 2014

unfortunately this trend isn't limited to ESPN, or even sports news for that matter.

Comment 13 Jan 2014

I hope the thought of losing minutes to a freshman in Loving would motivate him to up his game a little bit... Time will tell.

Comment 11 Dec 2013

I wouldn't be so sure about that, Ohio State has a huge fan base in Florida, and given that we don't play down there very often, I'm sure all of those fans have to be plenty excited to go.  Add in how well OSU fans normally travel, even with the lower excitement level of this game I expect plenty of OSU fans in the crowd.

I go to Clemson for grad school (after doing my undergrad at OSU) and radio stations are pumping out tons of advertisements for the general public to buy cheap tickets through the Clemson Athletic Dept website to take care of their allotment, it's pretty evident they think they're going to have a hard time selling them all.  I would guess 60-40 for OSU in terms of actual fans of those schools, but I also wouldn't be surprised if the number of locals who go for the game and halftime concert is significant as well.

Comment 10 Dec 2013

I was sitting next to a Bama grad/fan in the bar while I was watching the B1GCG (he was wearing an MSU jacket, mind you), and he did nothing the entire game but tell me that Auburn was going to jump us even if we won, and when the game was over he yelled "Go Auburn!".  I had been respectful about it the whole game because he was an older "gentleman" at least twice my age, but at the end I had had it.  I told him if that's what he thought, then it just proves that their rivarly is a weak excuse for a rivalry and you wouldn't catch me dead rooting for _ichigan ever.  He seemed incredulous that I wouldn't root for another B1G team to improve our conference reputation, and I told him that's why our rivalry is lightyears better than theirs.

Bama fans will indeed be rooting for Auburn, because SEC!

Comment 10 Dec 2013

The comment after that is pretty good too, something along the lines of "don't insult banjos like that"

Comment 10 Nov 2013

while I do agree that I would rather have Spence, mainly due to attitude and such as others have mentioned, I have two things:

1) especially after last year, Clowney is likely getting a lot more attention from the opposition's offensive lines, limiting his production at least a little bit.

2) Clowney has 30 pounds on Spence, which will be beneficial to him when it comes to pro scouting.  That being said, with Coach Mick around I'm sure Spence still has some muscle to add in his time at OSU