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Comment 26 May 2015

Crice, was this a reply to me or Cal?  If it was to me, I think you and I are more or less on the same page.  I definitely think he comes off as a jerk, I'm just willing to give him a little bit of credit for being smart enough to con his way into front row seats, paid appearances, and the like.

Comment 26 May 2015

I would agree with you, but what he does is too sleazy to not be fairly well thought out.  I'll give it to him, he's making this whole scheme work for him, but it's sleazy as hell.

Comment 26 May 2015

The nice thing about a fanbase as large as Buckeye Nation is that there are a lot of intelligent fans who understand the game and trust Urban with his eventual QB decision.

The not-so-nice thing about a fanbase as large as Buckeye Nation is that there are a lot of unintelligent fans who don't understand the game and won't trust Urban with his eventual QB decision.

Comment 26 May 2015

I mean, he's used to being able to just go up to the front row of the stands and people just letting him sit/stand there, maybe he just thought it would work the same way for parking spots, the handicapped be damned...

Comment 22 May 2015

Yeah I agree about the LeBron, and Austin Carr and the other announcers were all saying supporting things like, "I hope he's ok," and, "hopefully it isn't anything serious," and the like, which was good, obviously.  Every time they showed the replay though, the crowd at the Q cheered louder and louder, I just feel like we as fans should be better than that.

Comment 22 May 2015

It was a blast! It was basically like being at an actual game, just without the players on the court. All the concession stands were open, the cheerleaders and dance team performed, they had halftime entertainment, the whole nine yards. They also had games set up behind either end of the court that you could go down and play before the game (and during, but obviously most people were watching the game). We sat in the club level on the sideline, basically even with the jumbotron vertically and maybe on the last quarter of the screen horizontally, so we had a great view. The crowd was doing cheers led by the normal game host and was pretty into it, and Austin Carr and the other normal guy were doing game commentary instead of the TNT audio. There was no cost to get in, but you had to pick up a ticket, so we just showed up 1.5-2 hours before tipoff, stood in line for a little bit and got a ticket, went to the other line to get in for maybe half an hour, and then got in to go find general admission seats (most of the arena, I think there were only like two sections reserved for people who have a Huntington bank card), which is cool because you can pretty much sit wherever you want. Pretty painless. For most of the games you can pick up tickets at NEO Discount Drug Mart stores or at the Q box office ahead of time, but for this game they only let you pick them up at the Q. If you enjoy the basketball game atmosphere and basically want the feeling of watching the game in the arena and just watching the game itself on TV (which if you're in the upper deck for some arenas is basically what you do anyway), it's definitely worth it.

Comment 21 May 2015

...was the year the Cleveland Indians won their last World Series.  The Browns won their last NFL championship in 1964.  I would imagine neither the Browns or Indians are too content with not having won a championship in over 50 years...

Comment 21 May 2015

If the Cavs win the title then I vote Ohio secedes from Earth. We have nothing left to prove here

I think the Browns would disagree, although it's possible they've actually just given up by now. 

Comment 19 May 2015

Presumably a school would still be limited to 85 scholarship players on the roster at any given time, so they'd still only have to pay 85 scholarships per year.  Recruiting class sizes would go down though.

Comment 19 May 2015

Especially that FSU fan calling out the Tat 5 and then saying Jameis was given those crab legs, like that makes it not an NCAA violation...

Comment 18 May 2015

the community service was probably court-mandated

Comment 15 May 2015

Damn Jose Mesa's blown save in Game 7 of the '97 World Series... that game is my first sports memory.

Also, Tony Fernandez had a terrible error in the bottom of the 11th that should have been a double play to end the inning.

Who would have though that Orel Hershiser and Chuck Nagy would have gone a combined 0-3 in the World Series... (Eric Plunk took the loss in Nagy's only start of the Series, although Nagy pitched pretty well that game)

Comment 15 May 2015

How can you hate a guy that went 0-4 against Ohio State?

Mike Hart at #3 on your list went 0-4 against Ohio State.

Comment 12 May 2015

Yeah, the elephant is Mike and Gian's logo. They're the guys behind the bro science and Dom Mazzetti videos, in addition to this shirt obvs

Comment 06 May 2015

could have been

We also weren't guaranteed to score if we didn't turn the ball over.  Both teams made mistakes that game, that's college ball for you, but the better team clearly won in the end anyway so it all worked out.

Comment 06 May 2015

it was truly a white collar crime NCAA violation


Comment 06 May 2015

Turnovers are a part of college football, for better or for worse.  If Oregon didn't have dropped passes on 3 different 3rd down passes, the game could have been much closer.