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Comment 26 May 2015
Hope you didn't like it so much you get Skyline cravings. I got introduced a few months ago as a skeptic and now I find myself needing it every two weeks or so. The craving doesn't go away when you get it (help!)
Comment 17 Sep 2013

Two scholarship long snappers? Somewhere, Jim Tressel just long snapped all over his pants.

Comment 16 Sep 2013

This is what happens when you have an up tempo offense and you play an FCS team.

Essentially, no one wins. Ugh. I can't stand looking at that number.

Comment 09 Sep 2013

And, although it’s possible Ginn has greater straight-line speed than Wilson, it appears that Ohio State’s rookie hits top speed quicker and is much more slippery in space

As much as I'm LOVING Wilson, there's no way the "hits top speed quicker" thing is correct. Not only did Ginn seem to hit 125% speed IMMEDIATELY, the guy was training to be an Olympic Sprinter/Hurdler.

That being said, I think Wilson has the opportunity to have a better career than Teddy (and I loved me some Teddy punt returns)

Comment 20 Aug 2013

You're a true bro. You're giving your buddies a chance an excuse to drink with you on a day where the Buckeyes don't play.


Congrats on getting married as well; that's sort of important too.

Comment 05 Jun 2013

This is wonderful news for both students (it really was a blessing to feel like you could talk to someone so powerful and influential as your University President) and the University (I'm not even going to begin to list the things he's done for this University).

Comment 04 Jun 2013

I signed this petition not because I think it will work or because I think it'll somehow sway the BoT, but because I think Gee deserves to know how many people cared for him.

Comment 29 May 2013

Honestly, I think everyone here is just confused about having two Ohio teams in the same sport, be good at the same time. Should we be mad at each other? Should we hope for a split? Should we rub it in other states' faces? This is most weird indeed.

Comment 26 May 2013

A lot of people seem to be less than jubilant at these times. 

First of all, for those that have seen 11s 100m's before, you understand that that's still REALLY fast (especially considering 110h are right before). 


Secondly, those hurdle times are BLAZING. If I had to guess, he focuses on hurdles and ran the 100/200 to score points at the state meet. 


Lastly, running 4 events in one meet at that caliber should not be overlooked; it requires A LOT of athleticism (and trust me... Those 300 hurdles KILL you) 

Comment 21 May 2013

In he fact, the Arkansas forums (hogsville ?) were rather upset with how badly our band out performed theirs DDuring the sugar bowl. 

Comment 16 May 2013

Rutgers and M*chigan got absolutely hosed for 2014. It's obvious (between Nebraska the last two years and Rutgers/Maryland this time) that the B1G doesn't want new comers to do too well their first year.


M*chigan @OSU, @MSU, @ND? Ouch.

Comment 12 Apr 2013

I am aware they are chain restaurants, but I can assure you eating at Skyline in Cincy is a different experience than eating it elsewhere. Several other people from the Cincinnati area have also confirmed that they find something "different" while eating it up here at OSU.

Comment 12 Apr 2013

Montgomery Inn, Skyline and Graeters


Those three right there should be enough for anyone on the fence about going to take the trip (and yes, there is a difference between Skyline/Graeters in Cincinnati vs eating it in Cbus).

Comment 25 Mar 2013

I think Ross is not only starting to gain confidence, but he legitimately looks like he's having fun out there; which is fantastic news for his game. Before he looked either afraid to make a mistake or that he was taking every second on the floor like it might be his last for some reason. He looks looser, and it's really showed up in his shot, his drive, and even his ability to defend. Keep it going Q!