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Comment 02 Jan 2015

Hoss on the taste of my Buckeye nutsack, 'It tastes guuhd!'

Seriously, classy move Hoss.

Comment 31 Dec 2014

No problem.

Redneck is a derogatory slang term to refer to poor white Southern farmers in the United States.  The most common American usage, referring to the poor rural white Southerner, is probably derived from individuals having a red neck caused by working outdoors in the hot sun. (i.e.; from South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, perhaps others).

Hillbilly is a term referring to people who dwell in rural, mountainous areas of the United States, primarily Appalachia and the Ozarks. (i.e.; West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, parts of Virginia, Southeastern Ohio, Missouri, possibly others).

Comment 31 Dec 2014

This is an insult to hillbillies everywhere.  The SEC is primarily made up of Rednecks.  There is a difference between rednecks and hillbillies.

Edit: Sarcasm font.

Comment 30 Dec 2014

Yeah, the part of the presser I saw was very unimpressive.

Comment 23 Dec 2014

This is actually a great story.  Take a little time and read up on this.  The Hatch kid survived 2 plane crashes.  He lost his mother in the 1st one and his father in the 2nd.  Those of us in Fort Wayne will be rooting for him.

Comment 06 Dec 2014

I spent 2 years at Rio a long time ago before heading north to tOSU.  Fond memories of May Day week, the Big Rio sandwich at the student center and leaving Davis Hall at the crack of dawn before the house Mom woke up.

Comment 06 Dec 2014

Born and raised in Gallia County.  Have been working in Fort Wayne, IN for 30 years now.  Always tell people that I live in Indiana but I won't ever be from here!

Comment 10 Nov 2014
Holding at the college level is only called if it's at the point of attack or if it's a blatant take down. I did see a few that were missed that the camera had a really good angle on. I know I jumped off the couch a couple of times.
Comment 09 Nov 2014

'Now bring me Dantonio.'