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Comment 23 May 2013

Any opinion from the 11W staff on how this affects McMillan's decision? They aren't projected to play the same position right?

Comment 18 Oct 2012

Another great analysis. I understand Urban's want to implement his defensive scheme but I am baffled as to why they haven't tried to use the strengths of the D to their advantage?  The two corners are good in man coverage and the D-line is stout against the run.  Shazier is greatly sideline to sideline and athletic enough to cover TEs in man coverage.  So my main question is why isn't this a press coverage man team? Especially now with Boren at the Mike the team appears to be built to stop the run with out a lot of additional support from the secondary.  The safeties could play a 'robber' type scheme with the short zone safety adding run support.  Is this not an implementable scheme?  Or is that it does not fit the cover 4 model?

Additionally I would really like to see more blitzes LBs.  Shazier is a great athelete and has shown he can get to the QB effectively.  There is also the much discussed move of pushing Nate Williams to LB and putting Spence in his place.  I think this would be a great idea for passing downs as it would create a serious pass rush, while allowing Shazier to cover the TE.  My question here is why they wouldn't move the smaller Spence to LB and leave Williams on the line? 

Comment 18 Oct 2012

The reason Nick Saban is a good college football coach is because he is such a good recruiter.  This does not translate to the NFL.  It is also unlikely that the Browns would give him personnel authority so his talent evaluation skills would not be as valuable.  It's also worth noting that Saban would want a more sure thing at QB.  If sancitons were coming I'm sure Saban would jump ship but it would more likely be for a team that could draft a QB, preferably in the south where he is revered.