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Comment 07 Jan 2014

As a person that absolutely despises the SEC, you would think i would have been cheering my ass off for FSU but that wasn't the case. I'm a huge fan of Malzahn and the way he runs his offense (very similar to our style). Plus I still can't get over how shady the whole Winston situation was handled. This game was crazy though, Marshall did a great job of throwing the ball and as always him and Mason were shredding defenses on the ground. Winston was absolutely rattled, there were open recievers every where and he was not trusting his reads. Benjamin and the other wideout (can't think of his name) were awesome tonight. 

Tress probably smiled watching this game because it all came down to special teams in the end. Auburn did an amazing job pinning FSU deep almost all night but that's where the advantage stopped. The missed field goal and FSU getting the fake punt kept them in the game. The return was crazy in that a Tiger pulled his hammy and it all fell apart from there.

All and all the streak is over so I guess tonight was a success.

Comment 05 Jan 2014

I feel like we have good talent on the defensive line with Spence, Bosa and Marcus so d-end will be fine. Linebacker is a huge question mark going forward hopefully Raekwon can step in at mike linebacker. I feel like we will be fine with Vonn Bell at strong safety (why he saw no playing time this year we will never know). Corner is probably the deepest position on the team going forward. Just imagine if we could have the Tress era defense with the offense now.....

Comment 05 Jan 2014

Normally most people in football will say that receiver is one of the more difficult positions to make the jump from high school to college. I think that has a lot more to do with that then how good our upper classmen were.

We had ONE good wideout this year and that was Philly.

Devin Smith is useless when doing anything other than running fades.

Evan Spencer is good at blocking and thats it.

Chris Fields had one good game his entire career. 

We have to get better at that position very quickly.

Comment 05 Jan 2014

Yes Yes Yes Glad to see there are other people that are seeing the same things I see. I don't know if sight adjustments are in the playbook if they are than I am disgusted in their ability to read it. I think we really have two main issues on offense.

1. When the defenses are loading the box, we have to be able and willing to throw the bubble screen. Part of the reason why Carlos could not get going in the 1st half was because they were loading the box.

2. We just have to get better at receiver. Devin will probably never be anything more than a deep threat. Spencer is a good blocker but not much else. Michael Thomas, Jalin Marshall, Corey Smith and our other young guys have to improve.

Comment 04 Jan 2014

I'm going to say this with all due respect, but if you really think that Braxton needs to be moved from QB then I question your football knowledge. You are really going to compare Denard throwing the ball to Braxton throwing the ball. We are talking about a quarterback who has won two consective B1G offensive player of the year awards and your comparing him to a quarterback who's calling card was the arm punt. Do you not realize that the coaching staff tells him to run the majority of the time? Do you also realize that other than Philly, our recieving core is pathetic?

Number two does it matter that he is an NFL qb right now? I would love to see these other quarterbacks in college that are sooo much better at dealing with pressure. Mechanics wise he is miles above where TP was and also remember that Braxton's freshman year was being coached without Tress.

Last thing, I'm just confused how you say that JT Barrett would solve the issues. You are talking about a guy that has had no college snaps and missed the majority of his senior year, and you think he is better than Braxton.

It sounds to me that you have the same viewpoint like the people that wanted Kenny Guiton to play this year. I just don't understand why Braxton gets all of this blame and it annoys me to no end. Once again I was not trying to bash you, I'm just trying to understand why he gets so much blame

Comment 21 Nov 2013

Good for Roby and he will probably be the first corner picked in the draft. Roby has been given too much blame in my opinion this season. Dude has so much more responsibility in the defense then most realize (thanks to Ross for the breakdowns). He has to improve on his tackling technique but he could be the best Buckeye corner since Gamble.

Comment 06 Oct 2013

I love El Guapo and think he is the best back we have had since Clarett, but the only running back that might be taken in the 1st round this year is Yeldon. Hyde will be a steal though in the 2nd round. Surprising speed with the ability to put a team on his back with power running. Also is good at pass protection which will help his stock

Comment 06 Oct 2013

Team showed a lot of heart tonight no doubt about it. We absolutely need to play better but still won while playing below our potential. El Guapo took the team on his back and was amazing, so nice to have #34 back there. Michael Bennett was unblockable the entire night and Joey Bosa is already starting his B1G Freshman Defensive player of the year campaign. Secondary was weak in spots but stepped it up in the second half.

The most disappointing thing was how quick everyone wanted to give up on Braxton. Did he play well the first 35 minutes? No and he stepped it up to make up for it. I love Kenny as much as anyone but remember Kenny played SDst, Cal, and FLA&M. Kenny has smarts but no where near the arm talent or speed of Braxton. To get to where we want to go Braxton has to be the guy.

Regardless of all of that, back to back wins over top 25 schools at night.

also loved El Guapo's presser showing his emotions

Comment 27 Apr 2013

To be honest, Boren would have to go to a running team to be a fullback. Most teams now a days want that tight end hybrid to play fullback to catch passes. Anymore when teams need a fullback, they just bring in a extra tackle or a d lineman to block.

Comment 27 Apr 2013

I'm still absolutely flabbergasted that Fragel has not gotten picked yet. So much potential with only playing one year of tackle. It takes a special kind of guy to play left tackle and it would take him some time to develop but Reid could for sure do it. Could also see Stoney get a shot with somebody with the tight end craze and Boren will be a suburb special teams player for someone.

Comment 27 Apr 2013

As much as I hate the Ravens, Simon could not have gone to a better team. Baltimore loves those hybrid 3-4 backers that can also play 4-3 end. He will not be a flashy guy but will be good against the run. I could see him being alot like Jarrod Johnson was for Baltimore a few years back

Comment 21 Apr 2013

Both big guys with better athletic ability than you would think. We really won't see dunn used to his full potential considering we have so many options but he would have the ability to be the featured guy in the backfield.

Comment 20 Apr 2013

I could see it going either way honestly. Rod has so much talent with speed and power but still has not learned to hold on to the ball. Call me crazy but I see alot of Beanie in Dunn. One way or another we have lots of options when you consider the freshman