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Comment 07 Oct 2014
Maybe Driscoll set him up, hmm? Edit: My apologies, I forgot the sarcasm font! :/
Comment 06 Oct 2014
It's about time someone else states the obvious. The polls mean jacks**t at this point. What I'm fed up w/is how they kept saying the AP & Coaches Polls mean absolutely nothing yet they continue to use them in their debates w/the viewers. Smdh! Also, they keep talking about how good the lower half of the league (Miss St, Olé Miss, etc;) is, instead of telling everyone the truth. Maybe the top teams (Bama, LSU, etc;) just aren't that good.
Comment 20 Aug 2014
Happy 8th Birthday 11W! Looking forward to what the future holds for the next 8!
Comment 19 Aug 2014
"Barrett's Time To Shine".. maybe we could get the staff to do an article on this? (Sorry, using phone doesn't allow me to use the sarcasm font)
Comment 19 Aug 2014
Last night when the news first broke everybody panicked, this site crashed & the sky had just fell and caved in the entire planet. This morning, after a well deserved good night's sleep, I am proud to call myself a Buckeye & a 11wr!! Kudos to everyone on this site for staying positive and looking forward to what the future may bring! One upvote for everyone on this fine morning. GO BUCKS !!!
Comment 17 Aug 2014
I think the pundits at the AP rank Wisconsin so high because if LSU wins the game it just makes their SOS seem that much better. But hey, I'm ok w/that, after Wisconsin wins it'll just backfire on them (I hope)!!
Comment 07 Aug 2014
We need to get that crimson shirt off Lindsay. Will someone please pass the man a scarlet one please!
Comment 08 Dec 2013

Surprisingly, I'm not as upset as I thought I would be. However, I find it a little ironic that the BCS era for the Buckeyes ends the same way it started... a loss to Sparty (1998 & 2013) to end our perfect season and knock us out of the Championship game. Not only would we have played Florida State in both of those years but we also allowed a sec team to sneak in at the last minute... ugh, smh!

With that said, I blame this loss on the coaches, Urban as well. IMO, they got a little complacent and predictable with the play calling. But it is what it is. Congrats to Mark Dantonio & Michigan State on a great season. Go to the Rose Bowl and represent the B1G gentleman and kick the crap out of Stanford!

Go Bucks!!

Comment 29 Sep 2013

Roby hurt his back making a tackle on M. Gordon on Wisconsin's second possession in the 1st qtr. I think it was just a stinger. I do believe it had a little to do with his poor performance the rest of the game, but that's just my opinion.