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Comment 11 May 2014

while it's important to educate buckeye nation on the dastardly deeds of SI's B-side, everyone please be sure that you DO NOT SHARE THE ARTICLE FROM SI's WEBSITE.  this only encourages more filth like this by increasing that idiot's click count.  link to the article only through this page.

Comment 12 Apr 2014

haven't heard attendance figure.  south stands renovation look like they haven't even started... it will be ohsoclose to not being a horseshoe when they add the new seats.

Comment 12 Apr 2014

when asked in pregame interview about his thoughts on the backup qb situation, says cardale & jt have been a surprise, but buckeyes need to "go recruit a quarterback."  please stay healthy, brax.

Comment 05 Apr 2014

The game's greatest prize is something Virginia Tech hasn't sniffed since Mike Vike was throwing darts and scrambling in Blackburg

if mike vike was anything like mike vick, i'm sure he was a one man highlight reel.

Comment 27 Jan 2014

who cares what is actual 40 time is? we need to be more concerned with braxton calling his own number before the snap when the play call is to read his keys.  how many times have we watched a run play get stuffed for a few yards where if he would have just given/kept, 20+ yards easy?

i also would love to see more development on braxton's touch.  we know he can sling it long & we know he's got the fastball... but i want to see this kid "throw the curve" for strikes.  the throw where you have to deftly drop it over the LB's and in front of the safeties... the pump fake to get DL's in the air, then dump off the easy screen pass.

braxton has the physical tools, but he isn't there mentally yet.

Comment 04 Dec 2013

haven't watched enough of sparty to know how good max bullough really is & what his future holds, but he's got the coachspeak down pat.

Comment 23 Oct 2013

The team has six negative rushing yardage plays in 210 attempts. Hyde has zero in 72 rushing tries. Those types of stats are why every running back is accumulating at least five yards a carry.

those are just insane statistics.  remember when we all thought urban & tom would be throwing it all over the yard?

Comment 21 Oct 2013

we are used to seeing "bend, don't break" defenses in the BCS era at ohio state.

lately, it's been "bend, break, then hope the duct tape holds" variety of defense.

a lot of it seems to be because the offense is no longer primarily concerned with ball control nor field position -- just score quickly.  we held the ball in the 2nd half vs iowa, but that has been the exception.

defense needs to hang its hat on something.  "make mistakes at 100 MPH", i believe was this staff's philosophy?  the mistakes are happening fast, but not because the defense is playing fast mentally.

Comment 19 Oct 2013

anybody recall any games last year with heavy rain?  should be pretty steady precipitation this afternoon, curious how everyone thinks this will affect the spread/total.

Comment 11 Oct 2013

we had a chance to get louisville on this year's schedule and ohio state said no cause they probably didn't want to give up a future home game.  the brass hate giving up guaranteed money from a home game vs. the crapshoot that is the windfall that a national championship would bring.

Comment 07 Oct 2013

And how about Jamal Marcus? He's quietly putting together an outstanding season, typically making an impact on the rare snaps he receives. He made an outstanding play late in the 2nd quarter, sacking Trevor Siemian on 3rd and 6 from the OSU 9-yard line, forcing the Wildcats to settle for a field goal and a 20-13 lead. Think about it, 27-13 at the break was nearly reality if not for Jamal's gigantic play

you have to subtract the FG to add on the TD that never was.  would have been 24-13.

Comment 24 Sep 2013

keels is one of the best play by play guys there is.  not many guys can do both football & basketball as well as he does.  only thing is that he shouldn't try to spot numbers by himself -- gets a few wrong in the rush to give listeners a name.

Comment 19 Sep 2013

can't judge this trade now; we'll have to see how the 2014 draft turns out.  browns have a ton of early round picks (7 picks in the first 4 rounds, including two #1's).

it would be nearly impossible to swing and miss on all 7 guys, so there should be at least 1-2 starters out of that mix.

Comment 12 Sep 2013

What is the goal this year?  If it's to get Braxton in NYC this December, start him.

if it's to win the B1G and go to Pasadena, start Smooth Jazz. 

Comment 08 Sep 2013

if you watch when dr. kaeding is doing the sideline diagnostics on braxton, #5 winces pretty noticably.

i think braxton starts at cal, but has a very short leash.  b1g championship can't be put in jeopardy against a team that northwestern just handled fairly easily.