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Comment 11 Sep 2015

Separate files... grab the video & then create your own audio track.

You can use Final Cut or whatever video editing software you desire.

Comment 11 Sep 2015

As you are clearly more versed in this, what was your original source for the ESPN3 feed?

I didn't really have time to mess with it too much & used the WatchESPN website.... never could get the quality above what looked like 50% on the meter.

Comment 04 Sep 2015

If you have ever seen Tom Herman's wife, it's no surprise she was able to lift the spirits of a college aged male.  Mensa Man married up a few notches. 


Comment 24 Aug 2015

Just got my StubHub e-mail to download... sec 204, row B.  Things just got real.

Any word on an 11W gathering on Sunday night?  I assume there are others that have no desire to listen to country music, even if it is free...

Comment 02 Aug 2015

There's a reason Marotti's official title is "Assistant Athletic Director for Football Sports Performance" (http://www.ohiostatebuckeyes.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/marotti_mickey00.html).

He's much more important than just a strength & conditioning coach, as it's been well documented here & on many other occasions.

To put it into perspective, when the coaching staff got paid their bonuses after making the CFP Championship (no add'l bonus for winning), Marotti was paid more than four other position coaches, as well as the actual AD, Gene Smith (http://www.cleveland.com/osu/index.ssf/2015/01/ohio_state_football_coaches_ma.html):

Urban Meyer $400,000
Luke Fickell $225,000
Tom Herman $206,250
Chris Ash $195,000
Ed Warriner $150,014
Larry Johnson $150,000
Mickey Marotti $144,750
Gene Smith $120,000
Kerry Coombs $112,500
Stan Drayton $110,625
Tim Hinton $107,252
Zach Smith $63,765
Comment 16 Jul 2015

The use of autografts vs allografts is just another example of the advances in medicine that we continue to make over time & the move towards less invasive procedures to reduce overall risk (and subsequently, liability).

I was at OSU when I had my third ACL tear (not fun) & Dr. Kaeding at OSU Sports Med did my reconstruction.  Used an cadaver & infused the graft with my own platelets.  Was part of a study at the time -- has anyone heard of this or know any significant outcomes?  I know that the knee that Dr. Kaeding did vs the knee some hacks at someplace called Cleveland Clinic has felt much more stable over time.

Re: females being more likely to tear their ACL, it seems to the casual observer that the natural valgus nature of the female anatomy, with the femur anchored in wider hip sockets narrowing to the knees, would be a primary factor in an ACL failure.  Similarly, males with similar anatomical considerations with a higher carrying angle in the knee than normal might also be predisposed to injury at a rate comparable to females.

Comment 19 Jun 2015

How's the Uber presence for the C-burg/B-burg gameday commute?

Comment 17 Jun 2015

Bought two south endzone tix on StubHub, which I believe is the authorized resale market for VT athletics.  Not sure about the Ohio State allotment available to the general public, but as any good home field advantage would have it, that allotment will be slim.

FWIW, there is a nice 3D seat viewer for Lane Stadium at the link below:

Comment 07 Jun 2015

I went to actually went to Tech for my freshman & sophomore years before transferring back home to tOSU.  Used to have a soft spot in my heart for the Hokies before last year's upset.  Will be exciting to see Blacksburg & campus again after over a decade.

Just bought tickets on StubHub, hotel has been booked for months.  Any word about an 11W gathering yet?

Comment 19 May 2015

Mr. Byrnes-
In all fairness, the very first tagline for this article on the frontpage reads "Win total speculated to be 11", not "Vegas likely to set win O/U at 11".  So admittedly, I was already reading with a preconceived notion of the text.

However, there are more people than you'd think who don't understand how the juice works on two sides of a betting line to keep the books profitable.
Comment 19 May 2015

That O/U does not necessarily mean Vegas is predicting Buckeyes to win 11 games.

All prop bets are created with the intent to turn a profit.  If Buckeye Nation bets the over & SEC country bets the under, Vegas will move the odds of each outcome appropriately to ensure the money is relatively even coming in on both sides.  And there would be no liability for the books on a push of 11 wins, not counting the punishing blow to our national championship hopes...

Comment 01 May 2015

Probably should be a moratorium on "The Wire" #Bangers considering the current state of things. It's a little flippant. 

Comment 19 Apr 2015

All the trolls who spew vitriol about nothing else to do in Columbus and a skewed life balance would be wise to remember that families are Buckeye fans, too.

This estimate is just that, but I'd guess that over 20% of that crowd will not go to a game in 2015.

The weather obviously helped, but the spring game serves as a chance for those who can't spend $400+ on four tickets, parking, and food to come to the Shoe and experience a gameday atmosphere affordably.

Comment 15 Apr 2015

Weather.com now predicts a high of 74 on Saturday with 0% chance of precip.


What would the Vegas odds be of the Shoe hitting 100k this weekend?  I'm gonna go with +450.

Comment 06 Mar 2015

I think Urban has earned some deference, given his track record.  But let's not completely dismiss those who think "The Grind" is more rhetoric than reality.

Yes, expectations at Ohio State have never been higher, both academically & on the gridiron. 

But the only players on the roster who are to be truly commended for balancing their workload everyday are the ones who are loving fathers first, student athletes second.

Elite athletic talent always seems to lower our expectations for those individuals and that is a major disservice to the 90% of the roster that will never play on Sundays.

Buckeye Nation needs to follow Urban's lead when he makes programs like "Real Life Wednesday" mandatory for all players.  We should expect those young men to handle their business in the classroom so they won't need football ten years from now when the real grind begins.

Comment 11 Feb 2015

Interesting how Warriner/Beck will change the dynamic of the QB room.  Herman clearly got the most out of that group.  X's & O's are one thing, but relating to & being an effective coach of those young men remains to be seen.

Warriner has been a sideline coach to this point, while Herman called plays from the press box.  Neither fact says much, but now that Warriner will assume the playcalling, how will his effectiveness as a position coach change?  Can Beck truly develop the QB group while not being able to call a game that tailors to each of their strengths?

As far as Braxton, seems like every time the cameras would cut to him on the sidelines during a telecast, there was nary a headset to be found.  So the last game reps (mental or otherwise) that Brax has had was January 2014.  Maybe it's because he had already mastered the Herman offense.  Maybe there were only enough headsets for JT & Collier.  But it's not a good look.   I don't think Braxton can win back the starting job by Labor Day.  Cardale will be the sharpest, and there's no room for a "warmup" game at VT.

Comment 03 Feb 2015

Yeah, that drive from Blacksburg to Roanoke could get dicey after the game, what with all the celebratory spirits. 

Plus to drive back to Columbus from Roanoke, you have to double back through Blacksburg anyway.