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Comment 06 Feb 2013

theyre not gonna get those calls especially on the road

Comment 06 Feb 2013

yeah its a bad situation, someones gotta lose and tonight it was unfortunately us, but remember what happened to michigan last year once we played them in the tourney

Comment 06 Feb 2013

its understandable the refs were gonna let the teams play it out in the last possessions though. while i think it was a foul the refs just didnt wanna really alter the course of the game akin to the no call on the pass in the super bowl. not every ref can be terry porter

Comment 18 Nov 2012

the man who had michigan #1 at the beginning of the season bob asmussen, might have osu #1 at the end of the season #irony

Comment 31 Aug 2012

any credibility sparty thought they had at the begining of the season is gone to me. its the sos same old sparty. i hope we embarass that joe bauserman they're calling a quarterback

Comment 09 May 2012

i would love to see him succeed. the one thing i always admired about terrelle pryor is that he is always himself and he doesnt care if you dont like him. i think he made some unwise decisions but you need to make mistakes to learn from them.

Comment 04 Feb 2012

we cant live with big willie, but we cant live without him

Comment 02 Feb 2012

so what im getting out of this is bret bielama is upset that a 17-18 year old kid followed his true hearts desire to be a buckeye? this supposed gentlemans agreemend is pure horsehit, its basically saying that youre not gonna let a 18 year old kid make his own decisions for himself and play where he WANTS to play. dodson obviously likes the buckeye state more than the cheese state, but to bret bielema that is illegal

Comment 30 Jan 2012

teach ryan hamby a vice grip hahahahahah so true