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Comment 11 hours ago

The stats here are convincing.  And watching the games, have we ever felt, "man this offense if just humming right now"?  Maybe for brief moments, but never for long stretches during the easy portion of our schedule.  The offense feels like nothing is easy right now.  

With these horses, we should be confident that any time we get the ball, a TD is likely.  This offense doesn't have that feel at all.  5-0 is certainly a good thing.  But given who we have played we should be 5-0.  We just should have looked much better getting here.

Comment 11 hours ago

This was glaringly obvious.  Since when are we afraid to run our offense?  We turtled.  If you can't count on your QB to throw a 5 yard pass to win the game, it may be time to re-evaluate the QB decision.  I love Cardale.  He and the offense seem to be regressing in each game.  His stats were good, but the eye test tells a different story.

Comment 12 hours ago

Haven't read all the posts.  Bottom line, if Zeke doesn't rush for the second most yards in school history, we lose.  And that isn't good as we came in as 22.5 point favs.  Outside of Zeke, the offense is a disaster.  Cardale's mechanics are messed up.  Bad.  The D looks solid, but how much longer can we make excuses for the Ed W/Tim Beck dumpster fire?   They are driving a sports car like a grandpa with his left turn signal on.  I know we don't need to be in top form yet, but man...  we look bad more often than not.  

I'm expecting Urban to go nuts on the side lines as we all know there is massive disfunction on the offense, but he seems so calm.  He seems way more patient than I can imagine myself being in his situation.

Comment 13 Sep 2015

Hadn't noticed this before, but I love how Bert is wearing over-sided headphones, just like the kids.  What a dope.

Comment 01 Jul 2015

OK in that they weren't yelling at eachother and the interview was moving along, despite Harbaughs crappy answers.  Harbaugh is just a strange and awkward dude.  I can't imagine his rap is much better when sitting in a living room trying to sell mom and dad on letting their son play for his program.