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Comment 20 Oct 2016

Mark me down as a hater who was thrilled when the Enemy became our Head Coach.  I've seen a NC game with him over there and I've seen a NC game with him on OUR sideline.  Sure did like it better with him on our sideline!

We can compare him and Tressel (and Woody too) forever but in the end nobody can doubt what Urban has done (at 2 schools now) and what a winner he is and that he has (apparently) become a really fine person and good guy and family man. 

Maybe what we ought to do is realize we've literally had SOME OF THE BEST COACHES OF ALL TIME.  Most schools are lucky to have ONE Woody or Tress or Urban.  We've had all THREE.  Wow.

Comment 18 Oct 2016

Hailing from Big D here ... was less than impressed that Jays fans littered the field in protest of a correct replay review, and managed to hold up the game so long we had to switch pitchers because Hamels got cold.  Then Bautista does his bat flip and the Rangers lost.  To say there is some serious Toronto hate going on down here is an under-statement.

But to answer the OP's question a buddy of mine is a Royals fan.  When they played the clip of Odor knocking Bautista's block off between innings of the Royals game the announcer said "28 other teams are standing and applauding."  So that would tell you it isn't just the Tribe's fans who are unhappy.  BTW, this Ranger fans says "Go Cleveland!"

Comment 17 Aug 2016

I have no good thing to say about the media but I think the 2015 Sugar Bowl just eclipses everything, followed up by a very nice evening in Dallas Texas with the Oregon Ducks.  The monkey is off our back.  

And, the media has a super short attention span.  They can't think back that far.  You watch - if we don't win another soon they'll start with the B1G isn't as good as the SEC thing again.

Comment 10 Aug 2016

When they add Catan to the Olympics (hey, ping pong is in!) I'll be bringing Gold home to the good ol' USA.  Nobody trades wheat for ore like I do.

Also think I've a great shot in the Latte Making competition.  I make great great espresso.

Maybe they can combine these into the Geek Decathalon and include a few other sports I'm great at like frisbee golf and Doctor Who trivia...


Comment 01 Jun 2016

it was a long day yesterday.  I found myself agreeing with Hairball. Saban talking about minor NCAA rules as if he cares for any NCAA rules is simply incredible and then Bert AND Saban made sense when they said kids who don't get drafted into the NFL ought to be able to go back to school (like they can in college hoops).  Three idiots all said something semi-sane in the same day.  I may just turn on CSPAN and see what is going on in Washington!

Comment 26 May 2016

can there be a longer than lifetime ban?  what in the world?!  we can joke back and forth with the SEC guys about recruiting violations and cash to players.  this doesn't hold a candle to that!  we're talking about sick sick stuff that IS AGAINST THE LAW.  someone's sister, someone's daughter ... sexually assaulted.  and these guys not only didn't stop it they covered it up and in one case, the Pepper report, says they retailiated against a woman who reported.  

this is Penn State time here.  this University needs to take a break from athletics until they can figure out some priorities.  and Art Briles must never coach again.  ever.  

Comment 26 May 2016

you're dead right but does anyone really imagine the NCAA will ever do the right thing?   "Hey, the NCAA stood up for what is right and acted in a reasonable and intelligent manner" said NO ONE EVER.

Comment 26 May 2016

there's never a bad time to think about the Bucks.  and we'll just call it "rescuing" a kid from that mess...

here's a tweet from an ESPN recruiting guy...


Jeremy Crabtree

Baylor QB commit Kellen Mond was already looking around quite a bit before Bears' coach Art Briles was dismissed Thursday. A Big Ten recruiter just told me he expects Mond, the No. 2 dual-threat quarterback, to decommit today or within a few days because of the news. Mond is also heavily considering Ohio State, Auburn, Florida and others.

Comment 25 May 2016

the article makes clear that whether we like them or not, alt unis are here to stay because they matter to the kids.

and would anybody stand a chance if Bama actually had cool unis?  they seem to be doing pretty well in those "least liked" unis they sport...

Comment 09 May 2016

So the biggest rival to Duke and Coach K offers up a smear campaign with no proof and somehow that is (1) certainly true and (2) noteworthy?   

There is NOT a lot of smoke around Coach K and Duke.  What there is a lot of people who are envious and jealous of his success constantly trying to besmirch it and take something away from it ... WHICH IS EXACTLY LIKE THE SCUMMERS TRY TO DO TO US.  

You'd think we'd be smart enough to recognize this kind of nonsense and just laugh at it (like Coach K does while polishing his NC rings).  And when it comes out of Coach Slimey Cal you'd think  we'd all be smart enough to discount everything he says by 1000%.

Comment 26 Mar 2016

I never get the hating on Coach K.  What he did was wrong, and being forced to admit (i.e. caught in a lie) is even worse.  But the guy is a great great coach - and he's never hit a player, hit his wife or done anything remotely akin to such.  Maybe that is why this got attention - "oh we finally got him now."  Really?  Is this a story if some mid-major coach did it?  I think not.  It's just all the Duke haters crying and whining one more time.  You'd think that the fans of a team that gets hit with that kind of thing toward our own coach all the time would take a deep breath and maybe decide this is not the complete end of western civilization.

Comment 12 Mar 2016

You need to go visit.  For a week.

As you can see there's plenty of mixed opinions here - "I love it," "It's the end of the world."  

I live in Dallas and cannot abide Houston.  It's kind of a Dallas snotty thing but it's mostly the oppressive humidity and heat and hurricanes.  Houston is a swamp and living there reminds you every day.  As a bonus if you're on the south or east side you get the petrochemical industry.  Stinky swamp with cancer! I wouldn't want to live there - would choose Denver over Houston in a heartbeat.

But that's me.  Go visit.  Go see.  Houston has nice parts, medium parts and places you don't want to be caught in after dark (like about every other major city in America).  It does offer a lot of great restaurants and don't forget Texas high school football, which is absolutely amazing and incredible.

Texans are the best - friendly, helpful, and very conservative in their values (a plus for me since I'm conservative too! HA!).

And if you move there you can always jump on I-45 and head north to a fantastic city here in Dallas!  ;-)

Comment 24 Feb 2016

The Texas State Fair is notorious (or celebrated) for frying all sorts of stuff, including bacon, butter (yes, you read that right), Snicker bars, Oreos and just about anything else they can batter and deep fry (including corn bread soaked in Coca-cola for "fried Coke").  As one who has sampled these confections - like fried smores - I must say THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY AWESOME.

Comment 17 Feb 2016

Way to go Duke!  And UNC's coach screws it up again!

Comment 03 Feb 2016

You may be right (not saying you aren't) but I'll bet Urban & Co would not be happy to have to prepare for that wishbone/flexbone nonsense every year!

Comment 30 Jan 2016

I always wonder what they do with these high school coaches they hire just to get their players.  They don't want these guys as coaches so what do they do with them?  "Hey Biff, can you get coffee for us and then go help the equipment guys paint the field?"

Comment 14 Jan 2016

Welp ... I wish we'd gone with UA or Adidas or just about anybody besides the Univ of Nike.  I loathe how their swoosh appears all over everything (it's not about you, Nike, you're just a supplier to us) and how they put together templates so that it looks like teams are all playing for them, instead of being singularly unique and awesome on their own.  

And yes, I know that UA and Adidas have put out some wretched "alt unis" but I'm not a big fan of some of the weird looks Nike has put us in. 

That said, it's a pile of money and that's a very good thing.  I'm guessing UA and Adidas had the chance to jump in there and up the ante and didn't so more power to the Athletic Department for getting the best deal for the best school!

Comment 09 Jan 2016

This is my thought... what was the reasoning behind doing that?!  What if they had minor bowl games on New Year's Eve, the Big Six on New Year's day (I admit it: the Rose Bowl must be played New Year's afternoon), and then Saturday afternoon/evening had been the two big playoff games?  What was wrong with that plan?