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Comment 31 Dec 2015


The crowd. Idk if people are just hungry for the Fiesta Bowl but the arena was crackin tonight. I dig it.

Jaquan getting the others involved when his shot wasnt falling (seemed like he clanked every 3 he took tonight)

AJ Harris breaking that press with EASE

Kam Williams and that buttery midrange jumper. He was feeling it tonight.

Loving finding his stroke.

Giddens and Thompsons tenacity on the defensive end

Jaesean Tate continuing to play like a beast. His touch around the rim is fantastic..if he could only develop a decent jumper

Didnt love:

the free throws. cmon. get it together.

that behind the back dribble in traffic. you arent Steph Curry. Plz stop. It resulted in 2 turnovers tonight.

the bad forced shots by Giddens (ie falling away from the basket, with his off hand off the glass, etc. )  Just kick it back out and reset, big guy. 

Keita Bates Diop needs to get some more lift on his jumper. I realize he caught fire last game, but he did not have his legs under him for the most part today. 

All in all, a great way to start the B1G schedule. Getting Illinois at home before going on the road will be a good test to see how this team responds to a more athletic  team coming off a bad loss to the boys in blue. Very excited to watch this team's maturation and growth over the season.

Comment 28 Dec 2015

Who said anything about winning a title? I just expected us to be in the playoff.

Ill be watching the game as well, in between hangover induced naps. 

I dont give a flying f*ck about Texas. They aren't them. Shame on you for even comparing the two programs.

& trust me, my life is pretty great. No reason to be miserable. I was miserable enough for that day that Urban and Beck ruined the seniors chances at going out the way that they should have. 

Comment 16 Oct 2015

USC is a dream destination job though. 

If they come calling you absolutely make that jump, just for the moneys sake.  If he wants to win at the highest level, he makes that jump. Especially now that Charlie Strong has some breathing room at Texas (the one school I thought Tom Herman would hold out for)

Comment 09 Oct 2015

Those new dorm pics make me angry/envious.

TAYLOR TOWER WHAT UP THO?!? somewhere in dorm #0836 , my name is engraved into the wall like Brooks from Shawshank.

Comment 28 Sep 2015

 Cardale been underthrowing receivers all season.

and Braxton's arm is stronger and more accurate than JT's.  Remember, he didnt have the luxury of having a redshirt season with a real offensive coordinator...not a bum ass Starbucks clerk in Nick Siciliano. (  For the record, I believe he could throw now, he's just switching to another position to improve his NFL resume. Understandable)

This team runs the table with Brax at QB last season.

Lol @ the downvotes for claiming a TWO TIME BIG TEN OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR is a the best quarterback on this team. There was a REASON he beat out Cardale and JT in spring fall practices to be the QB at THE Ohio State University.

you people are weirdos