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Comment 27 May 2015

Um Xzibit has two CLASSIC west coast rap albums under his belt.

Soo that bit about him not being good is somwhat untrue. Ask any knowledgeable hip hop head about "At the Speed Of Life" or "40 Days 40 Nights" or even "Restless"...

but yea, hes washed now. & a perfect pairing for michigan football but i think theyll be somewhat "back" under Harbaugh (before he runs back to the NFL...I give him 4 seasons max in Ann Arbor)

Comment 27 May 2015

I think ttun wins 7 games including a big one over sparty to get the intrastate rivalry sizzling again. harbaugh will be a good coach for them.

but boy oh boy is urban going to discipline him. and its going to be glorious.

Comment 17 May 2015

I love Kareem Walker's attitude.

"I didn't see that they dropped me," Walker said. "But I don't really care, either. I care that my parents don't have to pay for me to go to college, I play for the scholarship opportunities not a ranking. Making a catch out of the backfield in a camp doesn't mean you're going to make a big catch with five seconds left in the fourth quarter and people put a lot of stock into that. Some guys are camp players, some guys are on-the-field players, I'll see where they put me when the season comes back around."

Sounds like a kid about to put together a monster season.

Comment 16 May 2015

The Phoenix Suns didnt even make the playoffs so I fail to see how they're a contender.

Youre correct about everything else, for some reason I thought Kobe was in there for at least 3 more years.

I dont really think Clarkson is all that great...Julius Randle has promise though.

I think Rondo is pretty toxic right now in most GMs eyes, but there will always be someone to take a flyer on his playmaking ability. I think he's on the downside of his career though.

As a Pistons fan, I hope Monroe resigns but I have a feeling he's gone. You're right about Aldridge and Love but I think Aldridge resigns and Love goes to the Celtics. 

Comment 16 May 2015

I honestly think so. I think its a toxic situation until Mamba hangs it up. Just my .02

I dont think ANY of those guys will end up in LA...if im wrong, feel free to bring this up. I'll eat my crow then.

the Knicks need ALOT of things..D'Russ would help, but not much

Comment 16 May 2015

its very very very hallucinogenic lol. and i would hate that as well.

its possible that LA could land some big fish.

Philly has a great young nucleus with Noel and Embid (who is going to be a GREAT player), and they have a bevy of picks.

Remember this isnt the same management that ruined Evan Turner ...whole new staff.

I can understand the metric hangups. I believe in metrics quite a bit. To each their own

and yes. Teague and Lowry would have BOTH made it over Conley. The Knicks players are GARBAGE (and that includes Melo...never was a fan.) ...he would have had to do all the heavy lifting and im not sure it would have been enough for an ASG appearance. Memphis is the perfect spot for him.

Comment 16 May 2015

either you dont watch the NBA, or you want to see him fail miserably.

the Lakers are held hostage by Kobe's outrageously bloated contract, and NO free agent wants to play with Kobe Bryant.

 and the Knicks are a horrible mess full of bad contract decisions and a coach who is in WAY over his head.

I live in NYC. I wouldnt want ANY Buckeye on the Knicks OR Nets.

and you're wrong about Mike. He wouldn't be an all star on any team because there are just so many elite point guards ahead of him. He's a great PG though, and the best fit for Memphis. We're just living in an era of extremely talented PGs (and extremely pathetic centers ..cough DeAndre...cough Dwight...cough NeNe etc)

Comment 27 Apr 2015

Why? the 76ers are a perfect fit for him

Nerlens is a beast. Embiid will be a solid 12/8 guy every night and they have a plethora of draft picks.

this isnt the Doug Collins/Evan Turner Sixers regime.

Philly would be the BEST spot for him. Then Sacramento (but not for long bc Boogie isnt staying there)