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Comment 27 Apr 2015

Why? the 76ers are a perfect fit for him

Nerlens is a beast. Embiid will be a solid 12/8 guy every night and they have a plethora of draft picks.

this isnt the Doug Collins/Evan Turner Sixers regime.

Philly would be the BEST spot for him. Then Sacramento (but not for long bc Boogie isnt staying there)

Comment 16 Apr 2015

I hear you, but Butch Jones is a heckuva coach. I knew when Tennessee made that hire, that they were on the way back.

Dooley and Kiffin were lame duck hires that probably cant even potty train their kids, let alone coach a football team.

Butch did work at CMU, UC AND he has a hungry Volunteer team brimming with talent. I wouldnt be surprise if the Vols scratch and claw their way to 8 or 9 wins including a few big ones.

I love CFB when all the traditional powers are operating at full capacity..(that includes the ones we love to hate)...and a rocking Neyland stadium would be fun to see again.

Comment 30 Mar 2015

what a load of *cough*

that game was winnable. 

we WERE better than michigan state. we werent better than Clemson. That Clemson team would have shredded MSU as well.

he/tom herman blew it. big deal. it happens. plz stop with the self fulfilling prophecy malarkey.

winning two titles in a row will be redemption.

Comment 27 Mar 2015

that highlight video of aj harris vs luke kennard is amazing.

kennard has that perfect hateable duke face for the next 2 years (great looking handle, smooth release, more athletic than I thought, he's gonna be great for the Blue Devils) 

but aj harris looks great as well...amazing handle and court awareness. cant wait to see him lob to Daniel Giddens.

Comment 25 Mar 2015

Go Grizzlies!!!

I went to see the Knicks vs Grizzlies 2 nights ago...man, those Knick fans were SURLY while Mike was running laps around them.

What was really cool was the O-H! that I heard whenever Mike OR Kosta did something good. We're represented well, even in the Big Apple :)

Comment 24 Mar 2015

He knew the risk when he did so, and he did it anyway. When he got caught, he did the noble thing and fell on his sword for the university. Long Live Coach Tressel. 

 *shrug*  I had a blast in New Orleans at the Sugar Bowl. and it was fun handing an L to Bobby Petrino. 

Yup, I'm glad Tressel played them. 

Sure, the reputation was damaged for year In hindsight, but considering what happened in Chapel Hill, Happy Valley & Coral Gables...what we did is small potatoes and everyone realized that. We seem to have recovered just fine. 

Regarding their futures, IIRC most of them are in the NFL. Pryor was robbed of his senior year though, which I'm certain would have netted us a national championship, and him a Heisman. EASILY, but I dont dwell on the past too much. Neither should you. It's only sports ;)

& yea, win at all costs. As long as you arent beating/raping children, beating/abusing women, committing ACADEMIC FRAUD, or any of that grimy stuff we've seen throughout CFB. I dont give a  DAMN about the NCAA and it's "impermissable benefits" malarkey. Kids should be able to make a profit off their own liking. That's entirely different topic though, and one for anther day.  

& Nothing wrong with me. I'm doing just fine pal. Just got back to my apartment after watching the Mavs/Spurs game. I'd be better if spring came to NYC a bit faster though. How are you though?

Comment 24 Mar 2015

Gene Smith didnt get that email. Tressel did. I clearly said it was Tressels fault didnt I? But I'm glad he played those players. I didnt believe him about being scared of the FBI or anything. He wanted to win. That's what he's paid to do. The players broke no laws. Just a very stupid NCAA rule.

Comment 24 Mar 2015


*steps on soapbox*

the minus is for firing Jim Foster. I still hate that move.

 I never blamed him for anything.  That was all Tressel/Pryor/Herron/Posey/Adams/Whiting for what happened. & Idgaf about vacating wins that the whole world saw happen. *boo hoo* 

and for the record, I dont hold any ill will against them for what they did. Then, or now. It was a ridiculously archaic rule by the conglomerate of world class fuxkfaces known as the NCAA. They sold their own possessions, for tattoos and money. And at the risk of downvotes, I could care less that they sold their gold pants. Most of those kids have giant BLOCK O tats on their forearms and biceps. And also that whole part about them putting their bodies/health on the line for the university we all so dearly love. I know how they feel about TOSU.

I just wish Tress had done a "select all" ------> delete on his inbox instead of going through each one and replying lol. God bless him though.

My only regrets of the whole Tat5 "scandal" (besides J** B**s*rm*n) was that final pass to Devier Posey in Luke's interim year. A little bit more touch and we send those dirtbags home from their library stadium with a frown on their faces.

Oh well, these next 4 years are going to be sweeeeet vengeance. 

But yea, he gets an A-

*steps off soapbox, back to lurking*