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Comment 14 Jul 2016


& we got Chris Jent back.

I expect a huge leap from JaQuan Lyle....in terms of decision making, shooting, and just overall understanding of the game.

its going to see how much Dave Bell has progressed because THompson is going need quite a bit of help.

Daniel Giddens leaving was the only one I was upset about, but to be honest he was a complete liability on the offensive end. he didnt do anything well

Comment 02 May 2016

"Bunch of entitled, lazy, self-centered brats, if you ask me" .

1. no one asked you.

2. Austin left bc has a young kid and wanted to be  closer to his family (in addition to playing time). If wanting to be around your family and kid is selfish, well then..I guess many of us here are selfish.

Yea, how selfish of him. Pretty sure 99% of the ppl who post here are very selfish when it comes to their family and children

Comment 26 Mar 2016

Good for him. If he can strike while the iron is hot (weak class for big guys), and get paid...why not?

Costs him nothing, costs us nothing. It's not like he's transferring due to lack of playing time or something.

Some of you need to relax

Comment 23 Mar 2016

this was beautifully written.

concise, factual, and observant as hell.

11w is the best college sports blog on the interwebz. Let alone Buckeye blog.

*golf clap* 

Comment 16 Feb 2016

Ohio State beat Kentucky in the Barclays Center, in Brooklyn. Not MSG.

What a glorious day that was. Lost my voice from screaming #KNUCKIFYOUBUCK and FOOTBALL SCHOOL!!!!  at all those annoying ass #BBN fans...they talked a gang of shit before the game but were quiet as a church mouse when they slid out of there.

2nd Worst fanbase ever ( ttun being number 1 obv)