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Comment 11 Jan 2015

Absolutely. Did you forget about the touchdown he scored on the broken foot?

Im sure Urban and Herman know exactly how much to put on his plate. 

Hope to see him suit up and torch the Ducks.

Comment 10 Jan 2015

I hate saying disparaging things about our kids.....so all Ill say is I can't wait for Amir Williams to graduate.

I cant believe we lost to a team coached by Tom Crean, and the Hoosiers arent even good.

What is wrong with Anthony Lee?


Comment 03 Jan 2015
Most ridiculous post ever. All the things he's done for us...He could stand there in a clown suit for all I care.
Comment 31 Dec 2014

He DESERVES to be the starter next year, considering what he went through in 2011. Brax never had the luxury of redshirting like JT did. They threw him in the frying pan and he peformed as admirably as he could with Jim Bollman's doofy ass calling all sorts of dumb shit.

If he isn't named the starter for the 2015 season, I will be extremely disappointed in Urban Meyer. 

Comment 30 Dec 2014

Baylor and TCU have no one to blame but their idiot commish. They need to get with the times and just have a conference championship already. I really need Sparty to mollywhop Baylor so they can shut up, but I have a feeling Baylor is going to make them bite the curb and the whines from (whatever city it's in, Dallas?) are just going to get louder. 

Comment 19 Dec 2014

lol why does he keep saying "Ohaa State"

ts OHIO...OH- HI - YO.

Comment 11 Dec 2014


I'm sure if he holds out , he can get a much better offer. 

(I just hope it's outside of the B10)

Comment 02 Dec 2014

Im excited too man. I love FB but as a former hooper, I LOVE TOSU hoops.

Unfortunately I dont see us banging with Lville tonight. Theyre better on the glass and defensively. Unless Kam or another third scorer go OFF....I'm going with the angry birds. I just hope we keep it close and make it a dogfight. 

Dangelo needs to relax, he was way too ansty vs Marquette.

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