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Comment 18 Feb 2017

Just going off what I saw. He's a good HS player. That doesn't translate to D1 ball.  (Other posters on 11w have seen him play in person and were less than impressed as well) *shrug*

I'm not here to get into a pissing contest over who has the better eye for talent. All I'm saying is..*I* dont see it. Along with countless other coaches (HS, AAU & Juco)  that I talk to on Twitter. 

I haven't mentioned  espn...scout or rivals rankigns bc tbh, I put more faith into their offer sheet and other coaches that are recruiting them. 

Would Goodwin get a scholarship to Kansas, Kentucky, Duke, UNC, UCLA, etc? He's not anywhere elite, and yet somehow Thad Matta was compelled to promise him a scholarship when he was 14 years old (as if he was  anywhere near as good as OJ Mayo or LeBron or even Jon Diebler)

...just asinine on so many levels & reeks of desperation. 

Comment 17 Feb 2017

I'm glad we both make each other laugh. I tend to have the same reaction at your constant defense of Thad Matta.

I've seen Ahrens and Goodwin live, multiple times. Lol, neither of them are good enough. Braxton Beverly is an undersized PG who is going to get bullied for 4 years and Kaleb Wesson is still way out of shape.

Unfortunately for him, we have zero strength and conditioning so hes prob going to be like that for 4 years as well.

There is zero upside to this program right now.

Comment 16 Feb 2017

great post. 

i have ZERO interest in what Matta has to do in the off season unless its preparing for retirement...we're paying $3.5 MILLION a year for this. if he was being paid the going rate for a tenured professor of Basketball....I'd be fine...but no.

next year's recruiting class is abysmal, and the following year isnt good either (Bazely could be special with the RIGHT coach)

Comment 29 Jan 2017

totally agree with bsk.

grandstaff, mitchell, and aj harris were not good players . IIRC mickey mitchell quit college basketball altogether 

giddens is a dallas lauderdale type player. great defensively but a total liability on offense (and his rebounding kinda sucked too unlike dallas)

Comment 28 Jan 2017
Don't worry guys We have the 10th ranked recruiting class in the big 10 coming in next year, to complement the NBA talent players we have now. Brighter days are (not) ahead
Comment 27 Jan 2017
Well congrats to LSU gymnastics on providing a raucous atmosphere. If we can get back to that 2011 environment I'll be happy, even if it isn't Cameron indoor or Assembly Hall. That being said, you can't blame thads abysmal RECRUITING or lack of player development on the environment at VCA. The blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the 3. 5 million dollar man
Comment 26 Jan 2017

I've been given a tour of the basketball facilities. They are pristine. Second to none. The ONLY difference between ours and the blue bloods is the number of championship trophies in the case. The banners were impressive. I always forget we have 11 final four appearances  (for all those who say we're just a football school only 4 schools have more  UNC 19, Kentucky/UCLA 17, Duke 16, Kansas 14)

Thad Matta is very lucky that Ohio State football has been distracting Gene Smith from the state of the hoops program