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Comment 19 hours ago

Antonio Pittman is criminally underrated in these comments. 

(Archie, Byars Robert SMith all those guys were way before my time & I dont watch old footage that much so i cant comment on them)

Comment 16 Jan 2017

"Also, "Making the Tournament" lets break this down.  So 32 conferences which means 32 teams are already in from Conference wins.  This means that to "just make the tournament" you need to be in the top 36 teams remaining for an At-Large Bid, you must be in the Top 11% of remaining teams (36/319 Teams total).  Let me break that down for you since most of you think in football terms."

*I*   dont think it football terms. CBB is my favorite sport. But carry on.....

For OSU to finish in the top 11% of Teams every season, we would be in the Top 14 teams every season, year in and year out.  So to say "Just making the tournament" like it is some crappy milestone...you my friend are mistaken.  The issue is Thad's Buckeyes have made it 9 out of 12 years he has been at OSU and the first year they were ineligible including 7 straight until last year (6th longest Active streak in NCAA).  

I'm well aware. My jr year was Mattas first year. I was one of the few cheering in those paltry pathetic crowds, including that amazing home win over undefeated illinois.

"The other year they should have made it and won the NIT and many said last year because of our conference record we should have made it.  First time a team with 10 B1G wins didnt make it.  So because Thad was so successful, we lost sight of exactly how rare the air is and how much of a milestone it is to actually make the tournament and do well there"

i read "should have"...I should have continued with med school instead of dropping out. id have way more money now.  with all due respect Pastor, no one cares about should have. William Buford SHOULD have shot better than he did vs Kentucky in 2011, and we would have won...but alas...

"SO before you say "Just make the NCAA Tournament", maybe you should reconsider what it actually means to make the Tourney, or you could ask the 283 teams each year who don't make it how rare it is...."

Ohio State has an athletic department with a budget greater than 282 teams, so again ...i dont really give a flying you know what about what OTHER schools do or dont do. I hold my alma mater to a different standard bc. There is no excuse to NOT be a sweet 16 team year in and year out with our facilities, $$$, and recruiting advantage (Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois...in addition to a few national recruits).

I just hope and pray that one day our fanbase demands the same level of excellence from our basketball program, as they do the football program. One day...

Comment 15 Jan 2017

upvote for the optimism.

as ive said many times before, i hate seeing buckeye coaches get fired. i hope thad turns it around, but im a pragmatic guy (to a fault)

 i do risk analysis for living so my brain is just wired to look at the trending patterns in addition to recruiting rankings. im not as hopeful but im glad you guys are. 

Comment 15 Jan 2017
"if we somehow make it to the tourney, this will be Thad's best coaching season of his career" 1. We are one more loss away from being eliminated from the tournament, if not already. Most CBB experts have us out. 2. The most telling part of this is that we're supposed to be content w a guy being paid $3.5 (without bonuses) and all he has to do is MAKE the tournament? ................
Comment 12 Jan 2017

im tired.

the losing is getting to me.

im happy those kids are getting full rides to their dream school, i really am. im just calling it how I (and the recruiting services) see it.

*cheers* heres to happier days ahead 

Comment 10 Jan 2017

Baylor has the same number of champinships that we have in the last 50 years. 

Matta has not been earning his salary. When he was taking us to final fours, and recruiting well? Absolutely. the last 5 years? Lol hell no.

he out recruited blue bloods for Conley and Oden ( & DeShaun Thomas & Dangelo Russell) who arent even from Ohio OR his home state of Illinois. So please stop acting like it hasnt been done before. We have examples. 

Comment 09 Jan 2017

1. We should at least be in the hunt for a Big 10 Championship and Sweet 16, EVERY SINGLE YEAR...especially for $3.5 million dollars a year.

2. With all due respect, Idgaf what other Big 10 schools have or havent done. Or whether Duke Kansas and Kentucky have crappy football programs so we should be happy with our basketball program (another ASININE argument Ive seen multiple times in 11w comments)

3. Every Alabama fan Ive had the misfortune of communicating with, is extremely content and satisfied. I dont know what out of reach goals youre talking about. We havent won an NCAA championship in basketball in 50+ years. The last one was pre civil rights movement.

I'm 31. I want to see at least one championship banner go up before I die. 

As far as I'm concerned, Ohio State basketball should never finish below 3rd in the Big 10, and making the tournament year in and year out is the bare minimum to ask for.  This isn't football. We shouldnt have to wait 1 or 2 years for a guy to hit the court.  You need a steady mix of one and dones and role players. All we have are role players. Nobody should be redshirting unless injured.

BAYLOR is number 1 in the country right now & Scott Drew makes 1.4 million a year....

Comment 09 Jan 2017

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but KBD is not that good.

No one on this team is. Jaquan Lyle is a talent but he makes the dumbest basketball decisions ive seen in a long time.

Micah Potter has some promise.

Not a single one of these guys is an NBA player. Cant win NCAA championships with teams like that unless you have a solid X's and O's coach

Comment 08 Jan 2017

I've been saying it. His recruiting classes arent good either. He captured lighting in a bottle with D'ANgelo but even had had ZERO help...otherwise that is a special Carmelo Anthony/Kemba Walker type talent you ride all the way to the championship game.

2016 class is 41st ranked...(are kidding me? you should see some of the pitiful schools ahead of us) . Andre Wesson and CJ Jackson are not good. Micah Potter sucks right now, but I think he has real promise. He just needs the right coach. Thad isnt the one. 

2017 is even worse. Kaleb Wesson is not good (enough..he just happens to have the right surname).  Braxton Beverly is not good, and he's undersized

2018 has alot of good players in the state of Ohio  (Bazely is good..., Ahrens & Goodwin are blah)

if we start fresh after the season,  we have a shot before we lose them to a powerhouse like....Butler, or Creighton or WIchita State.