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Comment 16 Mar 2017
I didn't attack you personally. So idk why you're calling me a troll. I did attack the person who is embarrassing my Alma Mater and getting paid $3.5 million a year to do so. I played HS basketball and I'm kinda plugged in but I'm better at writing high end code so I went that route instead being a basketball scout. I'm just calling it how I see it. You're clearly related to Thad. I get it. I defend my family members as well. Btw My life is pretty nice actually. I'm blessed. Thanks for your concern "Pastor" lol #wwjd
Comment 16 Mar 2017

Goodwin isnt a Big 10 caliber player, so the fact that Thad offered him as an 8th grader, is very maddening. Spare me your national rankings. All the AAU coaches, and Juco coaches in the area just smirk and shake their heads (or type LOL on twitter) when I ask them about OSU's incoming recruiting class for the next two years (except Bazely, who has alot of upside but not under this current coaching regime) 

 Thad's talent evaluation (or lack thereof) is painfully evident when you look at the roster. 

& this obsession with "OHIO GUYZ ONLY" is very annoying. Get the best players, whether theyre from Toledo, Texas, Timbuktu or Tanzania. A half way charismatic coach with the resources of Ohio State ( & ties to LeBron) should be able to do that. But not this egg headed out of touch bozo steering the ship.

Comment 14 Mar 2017
Smart but not good Known for basketball iq = non athletic and undersized Most competitive = tries hard but just not good enough All these incoming recruits suck, except Bazely