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Comment 04 Oct 2015

Love it!  That's a great stat, thanks for sharing. 

Agree with your assessment, too.  The turnovers have interrupted game flow, allowed the opponents off the ropes, and made us tentative at times.  Fixing those and playing with a purpose / focus will go a long way to getting the offense back on track. 

Comment 04 Oct 2015

And just to add to those stats, they've given up 19 turnovers in the last 7 games if you include the playoffs.  Despite the big victories in both of the playoff games, we turned the ball over a bunch there as well (6 times total?  I know we had 4 in the NC game.).  Has to change or it will come back to bite us. 

Comment 28 Sep 2015

Cray:  Since you don't know Cbus that well, my suggestion would be to go to pick your restaurant based on the area of town you want to explore for the evening.  Three highlights of Columbus (among others) would be Short North, German Village, and Easton.  The first two areas are uniquely Columbus (and very original) while the latter was contrived but well done and now being replicated elsewhere.  That said, each would be perfect areas for a three-day visit.  You could visit Easton first since you'll be staying near there.  Tons of great dining options from casual to fine dining and everything in between.  On Wednesday night, I would visit German Village.  Walk the brick streets and take in the unique area.  Maybe have dinner at one place and walk to another for a nightcap or dessert.  (Happy to make recommendations, I live there currently.).   On Thursday night, I would visit Short North.  Tons of great options there with lots of activity.  Besides what some others listed, I would consider Forno or Brassica since they are new and still approachable (short wait times) and have good food that isn't overly expensive.  All the other Short North recommendations were good also, so you can't go wrong there.  Enjoy your time here.  It's a great city worth exploring.  One other recommendation:  save yourself the hassle of driving/parking when going to the Short North and German Village.  Grab an Uber for $10-15 and let them escort you around.  It will make the night more enjoyable and you can have an extra drink or two at Curio or the Pint House. 

Comment 24 Aug 2015

For Netflix, I highly recommend The Fall.  It's found under TV shows in the British TV section.  It's a BBC fictional series about a current day serial killer and the authorities attempts to track him down.  Suspenseful, incredibly well written (smart substance, not gore) and there will only be 3 seasons (no stringing it along for ratings like they do in the U.S.).  Enjoy...just don't make it the last thing you watch before going to bed. 

Comment 25 Jul 2015

That's correct.  


Aside from the Ohio State commitments, a handful of visitors opened eyes around the stadium but none more than Calabasas, Calif., defensive back Darnay Holmes. Holmes was in lockdown mode the entire night and was exceptionally physical but ran step-for-step with each receiver he squared off against. Holmes is a rocked-up 5-foot-11 and 190-pounds and showed himself to be the quintessential cover cornerback. One Ohio State coach told me that Holmes may have been the "best cornerback we've ever had in camp."


Comment 02 Jul 2015

Good call because it's not as if respecting Cardale would've changed the outcome of the game.  They're just looking for an excuse on why they lost and don't want to admit that we were the better team with better athletes, coaches and game plans.  

Comment 30 Apr 2015

Heard that Ethyl and Tank will have it as well as Eddie George's.  Might want to call now to confirm though. 

BBR is always my go-to bar for watching fights on TV.  They always pay for boxing and MMA.  Cover is generally $10 after 10 p.m.  Highly confident they'll be showing it...they regularly have PPV fights on there.  $6000 isn't much if you can recoup it through a small cover and a lot of alcohol sales.

Comment 15 Apr 2015

1.  Any of those

2.  No week days (M-Th)

3.  $100 if some of it goes to 11W

** Two thoughts on courses:  

1. Leveraging the OSU connection to play at the OSU courses seems to make the most sense.  I figure there may be some on here with good access to OSU celebs who might be able to pull a string or two.  Happy to help ask a few buddies if it helps but I'm no celeb.  Just let me know, I'm happy to ask. 

2.  I could likely get us on Pinnacle in Grove City.  Really nice course (ranked #5 in Central Ohio--behind Muirfield, GC, Double Eagle and Scioto).  But green fees would likely be around $65-75, so not sure how much that leaves for the charity/11W.  Also, Friday would probably be a requirement depending on group size.