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Comment 30 Apr 2015

Heard that Ethyl and Tank will have it as well as Eddie George's.  Might want to call now to confirm though. 

BBR is always my go-to bar for watching fights on TV.  They always pay for boxing and MMA.  Cover is generally $10 after 10 p.m.  Highly confident they'll be showing it...they regularly have PPV fights on there.  $6000 isn't much if you can recoup it through a small cover and a lot of alcohol sales.

Comment 15 Apr 2015

1.  Any of those

2.  No week days (M-Th)

3.  $100 if some of it goes to 11W

** Two thoughts on courses:  

1. Leveraging the OSU connection to play at the OSU courses seems to make the most sense.  I figure there may be some on here with good access to OSU celebs who might be able to pull a string or two.  Happy to help ask a few buddies if it helps but I'm no celeb.  Just let me know, I'm happy to ask. 

2.  I could likely get us on Pinnacle in Grove City.  Really nice course (ranked #5 in Central Ohio--behind Muirfield, GC, Double Eagle and Scioto).  But green fees would likely be around $65-75, so not sure how much that leaves for the charity/11W.  Also, Friday would probably be a requirement depending on group size. 

Comment 09 Feb 2015

Appreciated.  My wife and I were on our honeymoon in Italy this past summer, so I had to get an international data plan just to check into work every once in awhile, and of course, like any true Buckeye, I had to check 11W here and there.  I had no idea how much data these page loads with GIF's ate up.  I literally exceeded my 1GB plan in a day or two on some forum posts.  $100 later, I learned my lesson. 

Comment 08 Feb 2015

I hope that's the way it went down and works out in the end.  Sure would be one of the best resolutions possible.

Comment 07 Feb 2015

Went ISIS on Time Warner last April   Signed up with Uverse when college football season came around.  Got a 1 year deal with them for their best package  for $120/mo (half my previous TW bill).  I know I'll have to renegotiate this October, but totally worth it.  And their mobile app is stellar.  Never going back. 

Comment 05 Feb 2015

Wow, just wow...  For being a prominent figurehead of such a "fine and venerable institution" like TSUN, one would think he could find a better manner in which to describe the situation.  I don't know, maybe it's just me, but if I read that quote without knowing who said it, I would've figured I was listening to someone from the SEC or the Big 12 conference. 

Comment 05 Feb 2015

Just to add to this discussion a bit, two points of note from today:

  1.  As said by someone earlier, Urban's 2012 class vs JH's 2015 class make for good comparisons on their approaches to recruiting and commensurate success.  It's clear that JH isn't even close to Urban's level.  Top 25 for TSUN today vs Top 5 for the Bucks in 2012. 
  2.  Anyone catch that one of the deciding factors in Weber picking us today had to do with JH flipping a lesser-rated RB from Iowa?  Weber said he was under the impression that he was the only RB being recruited by JH.  Maybe signals got crossed, but the one thing you can count on with Urban is transparency with his recruits.  It goes a long way (as demonstrated today) so JH better learn quickly if he wants to keep up and compete. 
Comment 01 Feb 2015

With Gustin not technically enrolling until 2017 due to his LDS mission, does that mean his scholarship doesn't start until 2017 (leaving room in the 2015 class)?

Comment 29 Jan 2015

That's incredible!!  I seriously just thought that photo was a family reunion pic at first and had to zoom in to notice that UFM and Porter Gustin were in it.  Two things stand out to me from that pic:

  1. UFM is a rockstar that a lot of people will go out of their way for a chance to meet (perhaps even more so in Utah given his ties to the state). 
  2.  The Gustin family is giving due (and perhaps heavy) consideration to tOSU.  I like our chances. 
Comment 22 Jan 2015

Agreed.  The older I get (now in my mid-30's), the more appreciation I have for what just happened in the 2014 season.  It is so difficult and rare to have everything align the way it did for us (and misalign for others at the same time).  2002 was a perfect example--and one that is now (believe it or not) 12 years gone.  Savor this one.  I'm confident UFM and team have the ability to win more, but it is by no means a given.  Enjoy being the undisputed champs while we are.  It's a great feeling to be on top of the hill.