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Buckeye born and bred. 2003 graduate. Blessed to have observed some glorious OSU football and basketball moments. Go Bucks!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002 National Championship game, every win over scUM and every home football game in the 'Shoe!

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Comment 22 Jan 2015

Agreed.  The older I get (now in my mid-30's), the more appreciation I have for what just happened in the 2014 season.  It is so difficult and rare to have everything align the way it did for us (and misalign for others at the same time).  2002 was a perfect example--and one that is now (believe it or not) 12 years gone.  Savor this one.  I'm confident UFM and team have the ability to win more, but it is by no means a given.  Enjoy being the undisputed champs while we are.  It's a great feeling to be on top of the hill. 

Comment 17 Jan 2015

Great post/find.  On paper, the Beck hire was initially more difficult than normal to understand.  Just goes to show that you have to defer judgement to the guy running the program (UFM).  He has his reasons and it sounds like they resonate well with some important contributors to OSU's future success.  Well done. 

Comment 14 Jan 2015

D- Forget that Helfrich tried to score a TD with 31 seconds left in the first half by using all three of his timeouts.  Also, Oregon is well-known for their ability to score in under a minute (as demonstrated by their 70-yard, 1-play drive in the 3rd quarter.

We needed to either pre-arrange a surrender/forfeiture  or go up by 3 scores to secure the win.  Since the latter was the only feasible option, UFM took it.  Oregon just didn't like the knife in the heart after they were already wounded to the point of death already.  Can't blame them, but it had to be done. 

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Ditto!  Thanks for all the great data all season long, Remy.  

Now that the season is over, do you plan to post one final chart showing where OSU finished for each statistical category you track?  That would be pretty interesting to see where we ended up.  I realize we've been growing as a team all season (so next year's stats could be even more dominant start to finish) but would be interesting nonetheless.  

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Nice post.  Good comments from Bianchi.  Just glad to see people owning up to being wrong when they were once so adamant they were right. 

Any word from Mark May?  I saw he was booed the day before the game and he's since changed/softened his negative tone after we beat Alabama.  Anyone have any video of his post NC game commentary?  (I just got back to Ohio from Dallas so I'm trying to get caught up.)

Comment 13 Jan 2015


Having spent my formative years in Toledo until leaving to go to OSU, I am sad to say that the Block family (owners of the Blade) have a long history of producing a terrible product (despite having some highly talented writers and staff).  They almost make it a point to be pitiful even though there is no need to be.  Until I moved to Columbus, I had no idea what journalistic fervor and dedication to OSU looked like.  Unfortunately, the Blade also divides its loyalties among the local fanbases, so OSU, TTUN, UT and BGSU often a similar share of coverage.  Best wishes to you up there.  You can be grateful for this fine site--it's the best in the country!

Comment 12 Jan 2015

We went to the hotel yesterday for the Buckeye Bash.  Exactly like an Embassy Suites configuration except bigger and at least two bars in the atrium area.  For future planning, it would make sense to tuck the players away in a different part of the hotel that doesn't surround the atrium (if possible).  

Gene Smith make it a point to tell fans about the 10p noise curfew.  Sad that all didn't observe it--I suppose alcohol and enthusiasm clouded judgement.  Hopefully the guys can get a nap in today.   We need to be fresh!

Comment 12 Jan 2015

Watching those 8 minutes of championship game glory from the 2003 Fiesta Bowl brings back so many incredible memories.  The foe seemed insurmountable (according to the media at least) but we had a TEAM who played together and refused to quit, which is the only way you beat a roster of 1st-round NFL talent on a championship stage.  Man, what a night we had in early 2003.  And here we are, 12 years later having experienced many highs and lows from then until now.  We are on the doorstep.  And once again, we have a great TEAM with a strong coach who knows how to win.  This our our time.  Win the turnover battle and make smart plays.  Let's go get our destiny, Bucks!!!

Comment 09 Jan 2015

Almost ate the duck dish at Nida's in the Short North tonight.  But then I realized we'd be having it again on Monday night in Dallas and I didn't want to spoil my appetite for later in the weekend. 

Comment 09 Jan 2015

Love Weber but would also love to get this weekend started off with a big victory in landing Harris!  Regardless, let's just win this championship!!

Comment 08 Jan 2015

+1  Summed up my thoughts perfectly.  It's the reason I'm dropping so much coin to get out to Dallas to cheer this team on.  Last time I had this nervous magical feeling, I was taking a trip out to Tempe in 2003.  This one feels right.  Let's go win it!

Comment 08 Jan 2015

Same here.  I left it on ice out of reverence to that glorious 2002 season but now I'm tempted to break out it for the trip to Dallas since it carries such good mojo with it.  Leaning on leaving it in Cbus but it will be a game time decision. 

Comment 08 Jan 2015

Hey guys,

My apologies, the four tickets I had were sold.  Sorry for the fire drill.  Hopefully some others will be able to provide tickets here.  

Go Bucks!

Comment 08 Jan 2015

Mack, Sideburns and Zee,

As luck would have it, a friend came back in and spoke for the tickets right after I posted this.  In case he bails, I will definitely be reaching out to you.  If we ultimately need to split them in 2's, that works as well as I have someone looking for 2 only as well.  Thanks again, I'll be back as soon as I know more.