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Comment 1 hour ago

Normally I like trading down and acquiring more picks, but you still have to draft well. Does anyone remember 2011 when the falcons traded up for Cleveland's #6 overall and Cleveland got two first rounders, one second rounder, and two fourth rounders in return. The Falcons were roasted for giving up the farm for one pick and the Browns were universally praised for acquiring so much draft capital. It literally seemed impossible at the time to fathom that the Falcons would come out the winners, but the Cleveland FO shit the bed once again. 

What Cleveland used their picks on: Phil Taylor, Greg Little, Owen Marecic, Brandon Weeden (Marcecic washed out and the rest are no longer with Browns) 

What ATL used their pick on: Julio Jones (franchise cornerstone and statistically the #1 wide receiver in the NFL) 

Cleveland needs to draft well and pray that Wentz ends up being a bust. Also, pray that the Browns don't draft Connor Cook and completely waste their 2nd round pick. Very anxious to see where they go tonight. 

Comment 4 hours ago

Jack was 100% medical. I love Lee, but if Jack was healthy he would have been the first linebacker selected. Ragland may have had medical concerns, but with him you can make  a legit argument that he fell in part because GM's saw him as only a two down linebacker. Ragland is a great striker, but not someone you want covering tight ends across the field. Reminds me of a slightly better version of former Bama backer Courtney Upshaw. A run-first linebacker that is hard to hide in an all out passing league. I may be off base here, but I wouldn't want to take him in round 1. 

Comment 4 hours ago

Alabama has plenty of speed but their scheme just demands more thumpers. Chris Ash on the other hand opts for less thump and more speed/versatility than we typically see in a college defense. Neither defensive philosophy is a bad move for the college game if you recruit elite scheme fit players. However, more and more NFL teams are following the Seahawks lead and adopting a 4-3 "under" D with hybrid defensive end/linebacker tweeners and safety/linebacker tweeners. Guys like Darron Lee are far more valuable than someone like Ragland who you probably want playing in the box and not in space. I think once Sam Hubbard gets more polish he will also be highly sought after as a guy that can be the SAM in a 4-3 Under like Irvin in Seattle. Maybe I'm wrong and he will be a pure 4-3 end, but I do think he will have the ability to be a stand up player at the next level. I still think Alabama will continue to have plenty of 1st round picks, but I just feel that Ohio State is right in step with the evolution of modern NFL defenses. Ash was perhaps Urban's best hire in years and I suspect in two years or so Rutgers will be top 25 in total defense. 

Comment 6 hours ago

Yep, I see a lot of bama and msu fans commenting how all the Ohio state kids drafted couldn't even win title or big ten title. Did they forgot all these kids were starters on the 2014 team that won it all? People act like all our guys were massive failures that didn't win anything. People have a short memory. 

Comment 17 hours ago

She is really funny and just seems like a real person. It's interesting, before this years class I never heard much about the mothers of our players. But we have learned a lot about about the mothers of Apple, Zeke, Lee, and a couple others. I think a lot of it has to do with how involved they are in the program and the excellent character that each of their sons has displayed. It isn't lost on me that all our guys getting drafted tonight come from families with involved parents that demand doing things the right way. 

Comment 28 Apr 2016

Surprised ATL isn't on this list. All we have is 31 year old Jacob Tamme who can't block at all. That is literally all we have at TE. If Falcons don't grab hunter Henry in the 2nd round, I would be a little surprised if they passed on Nick in 3rd round. 

Comment 28 Apr 2016

Never thought carpenter would be the bust from that group. He was so versatile in college and seemed like the prototype 3-4 linebacker. Some will say Hawk was a bust, but 10 years in the NFL is very hard to do. He was never a star but acquitted himself nicely. Mangold has been the best center in the NFL for a decade and should be in canton for sure. Personality wise he reminds me a lot of Taylor decker. Just a good laid back dude that suddenly turns into a monster on football field. 

Comment 28 Apr 2016

Yep, but I would only take Clark if I felt pretty confident about getting a game changer in 2018. You can take an off year in QB recruiting, but you can't miss back to back classes if you want to sustain a very high level of QB play. To me Danny is just another guy. I like the kid, but it is hard to hype him when all his HS numbers are underwhelming. He is light years behind Haskins and even burrow looked more polished coming out. His lack of mobility isn't going to help either. Sure Haskins has mediocre speed as well, but he compensates for that with throwing mechanics that are absolutely surgical. Not hating on Clark, but there just seems to be a huge gap between him and someone like Haskins or one of the elite 18' prospects we are in on. I'm fine with taking him, but let's be damn sure we have a shot at an elite prospect in 2018. 

Comment 27 Apr 2016

Agree 100% and this will be Beck's last year for sure. I admire Urban though for his two year commitment to keep coaches no matter how horrible they are. Keeping Beck another year shows he is a true man to his word. I think Beck may be best suited for an assistant job at a non-power like Kansas or Texas Tech. He has roots out there and wouldn't have to deal with expectations. Beck isn't a horrible assistant outright, but he is for a program like Ohio State that can hire another very bright and promising offensive mind (like Stoops with Riley). Beck always seemed more like like a temporary plug to a leak than an actual hire that added value. 

Comment 26 Apr 2016

Even with Curry I think there can still be a debate that the Spurs are the better team. Yes, Golden State made history this year, but the Spurs still went an incredible 67-15. They have awesome post play with Duncan/Aldridge and the best defender in the game with Kawhi Leonard. Then of course they have bench players that have been finely tuned to fill their roles with maximum efficiency. Having an all time great coach in Greg Popovich doesn't hurt either. 

If I'm the Cavs then I'm hoping to face a Golden State team with Curry out. The Cavs would take that series in 5. The Cavs can't beat a completely healthy Golden State or San Antonio. The Cavs have no bench and both Golden State/San Antonio can go ten deep without much of a drop off. The Cavs starting lineup is as good as any, but towards the end of a series with the Spurs, Lebron and co will be exhausted while Pop's troops would be fresh. 

Comment 25 Apr 2016

Agreed. It's disappointing because I would watch a lot of his games and he would have a couple "wow" throws every game. If he had the character of an Andrew Luck he would be 1st rounder all day.  Unfortunately, QB is the one position you can't get away with being a poor leader at. 

Comment 25 Apr 2016

Good work here. I disagree with a lot of these rankings, but nice to see evaluations that are different than what a lot of sites put out there. How Buckner is a top 10 player I will never know. I guess my biggest beefs with these rankings are Ragland and Cook. Ragland is a sure tackler, but reminds me too much of former Sooner Curtis Lofton. A thumper that can play two downs, but has to come off the field on 3rd down. Hard to see him covering the middle of the field in a 4-3, but maybe a 3-4 scheme would mask his limitations. My disagreement on Cook is nothing physical related, but more so personality/leadership related. A lot has been made about him not being named a captain at MSU, but I do think there is something there. That was a snub by his teammates no matter how you slice it. I think there are legitimate character concerns with him and this has been echoed by countless scouts. Cook has all the talent in the world and because of that I do think he will probably by a starting NFL QB somewhere. I just think he will probably look something like Jay Cutler: A guy that will really flash stardom on occasion, but will be undermined by poor leadership and a piss poor attitude. This is just my opinion though and I probably value personal character more than most NFL talent evaluators do. I just look around the world and notice that very few organizations are successful when the head of the snake doesn't leadership. I hope I'm wrong about Cook, but I think Jay Cutler is the ceiling there. 

Comment 25 Apr 2016

I love how there are so many different stories unraveling at the same time, but I hope the show can spend more time at the wall and less time with other plots that are taking a century to unfold (Arya). If they wait until the end of the season to bring Jon Snow back I'm going to be frustrated beyond belief. Also, where the hell is little finger? That scheming little bastard has to be up to something  and we haven't heard from him in awhile. 

Comment 14 Apr 2016

I'm very critical of my Falcons for blowing some draft picks in recent drafts, but after watching that Browns video I feel much better about our organization. 

NFL Front Office Hierarchy

1. Excellent: Patriots, Seahawks......

2. Good: Broncos, Panthers, Cardinals, Pitt.....

3. Mediocre: Houston, NY, Atlanta......

4. Bad: Detroit, Miami, San Diego....

5. Fifty feet of dog shit

6. Cleveland Browns

Comment 08 Apr 2016

I love the narrative that Harbaugh is some sort of genius that has found loopholes that no coach in NCAA history has ever discovered. I'm pretty sure Harbaugh has about the same amount of intelligence as the average 12 year old. The same guy that went on Cowherd and literally couldn't muster a single answer to any of the easy layup questions that Colin asked. This guy may know how to coach football, but an above average mind he is not. And really all he has been to this point is bombast. His on the field product was very mediocre so he has gone out of his way to be bombastic and stir up controversy via camps. If Michigan is underwhelming again this year you will see the bombast rise to an all-time level next offseason as Harbaugh fights to stay relevant. The Harbaugh strategy is very simple: If you can't be successful then be controversial as hell and use that to stay in the spotlight. 

Comment 06 Apr 2016

I think it bodes well for the future that both Landers and Hamilton are sticking out already. Both guys were last minute additions when we whiffed on some higher ranked prospects so they have gone under the radar. It says a lot that Meyer is already singling them out when Meyer hardly ever talked about Hill/Munger their first couple years. Both guys already look like they have the natural strength to be solid rotational players and hopefully starters one day. Looking forward to watching them this year. 

Comment 12 Mar 2016

This is probably the most valuable thread I have ever seen on here. A lot of people on this site are really suffering due to cancer or know people that are. will be keeping all those mentioned above in my prayers. Thanks for posting this polar. 

Comment 07 Mar 2016

Surprised he didn't finish the story by telling us how he rode off in his Bugatti after the game and put in a call to Urban to let him know that Victor is a good one. In all seriousness though, good story and I hope Victor excels with Bucks. 

Comment 04 Mar 2016

Lack of effort is the only thing that really bothers me. I'm ok with a lot of these HS kids being a little rough around the edges or occasionally getting pissed freshman year in Columbus because they aren't seeing the field. Putting team first and attitude adjustment are much easier to change. Laziness is another ball game and its hard to get a kid to maximize his talents if he has no apparent desire to do so. Not saying this is the case with Cornell though. He has only been here a year and there is a lot of talent in front of him. Only time will tell. Thanks for your very honest evaluation of his HS play though. 

Comment 04 Mar 2016

Your take seems a little hard, but I didn't watch him in HS so I'm in no position to judge. Guys who take a lot of plays off are definitely a concern. I guess that helps explain why he was #1 in junior ESPN100 and then fell off a cliff. Still, he clearly has enough tools to be an impact player if he puts it all together. He is going to see guys like Bosa, Washington, Lewis, and Hubbard all get NFL paychecks. If being in a position to get that type of money isn't an incentive then I don't know what is. He still has time, but with Cooper/Bosa looming he really needs to get cranking. 

Comment 04 Mar 2016

I'm worried about that as well. Its sort of an unsaid rule that you don't tell the media what a specific team asked you. Eli wasn't doing it for publicity though and explained that he wasn't upset about it. Eli didn't have any red flags at Ohio State so I'm thinking that most NFL people won't make a big deal out of it. 

Comment 04 Mar 2016

I wouldn't be surprised if this question and a lot worse get thrown at NFL prospects regularly. In these events they aren't really studying the answers necessarily, but the way in which a prospect reacts to an uncomfortable situation. I think the point of the question was to shock Eli and then see how he responded the rest of the interview. The question was still uncalled for though and I have a feeling it was asked by Falcons line coach bryan cox who has a history of sort of going rogue on occasion.