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Comment 14 Nov 2014

Hahaha. Icing on the cake for us. We take one player from MN this year and it happens to be five star Jashon Cornell. Oh, and we snagged James Laurinaitis from MN too. Which I'm sure killed Mason considering Laurinaitis was an under the radar 3 star. 

Comment 11 Nov 2014

I don't think Braxton is headed for the draft. He still has a long way to go in rehab process and NFL teams are going to want to see that he can recover properly. He needs to start one more year in college and prove that he can stay healthy. He also needs to improve his accuracy and prove he can be a pocket quarterback. If Braxton leaves for the 2015 NFL draft, the best he is looking at is the 5th round as a project pick. 

Clearly Braxton needs to stay, but where does he go? Oregon and Auburn will both have openings. Nick Marshall has been great for Auburn, but Braxton could put up even bigger numbers in that system. Oregon would offer the best opportunity to grow as a passer. We can't let either of these things happen. We are stacked next year, but the thought of having to go against Braxton in a playoff game scares me. He is an amazing athlete and is going to win a bunch of games wherever he goes. We can't let him leave period.

We also need to remember that J.T. still has big games left. What happens if J.T. really struggles against Nebraska and an SEC opponent in playoff/bowl game? J.T. is the better passer, but against a team like Alabama there probably wont be much time in the pocket to wait on receivers. J.T. is no slouch as a runner, but Miller would be the best athlete on the field for both teams.... Then again, on 3rd & 12 situations the QB run is not going to be an option and you want the best pure passer. ahh screw it. While writing this I have realized there is no perfect outcome. Let's just do the Leak/Tebow thing and be done with it. I love both these dudes equally and picking between them is like picking between Star Wars episode IV and V. Or Godfather Part I and II. I need an advil now. 

Comment 07 Nov 2014

The thing that sucks about Michigan State is that they won't give us any freebies. When playing most opponents you can count on a few personal fouls/blown coverages/turnovers. FSU might be most talented team in country, but even they practically handed the game to louisville on a silver platter with bad interceptions. MSU might be most disciplined team in country and they are not going to shoot themselves in the foot. We have to execute to perfection if we hope to move the ball on Saturday. No holding calls and no personal fouls on late hits. This is a lot to ask of young guys who are learning on the go, but every drive counts when playing MSU. A 2nd & 20 against MSU is almost always going to lead to a punt. We are going to have our struggles on offense, but if we avoid big penalties/turnovers, I don't see how we can't be in it till the end. I think we can hold them to 21 points if we play field position and make them go 80 yards for every touchdown. If we can contain Tony Lippett we will make things very difficult for their offense... Our offense will somehow churn out 17 points and a special teams touchdown will be the difference. Ohio State wins 24-21 and beats MSU at their own ball control game. This may be an optimistic prediction, but I think our boys will respond to finally be underdogs for the first time in years. Go Bucks!!

Comment 06 Nov 2014

100% agree with your take. The A gap blitz that Narduzzi is going to bring really concerns me. Of course that blitz also means that Ohio State will have some very favorable matchups. Not sure if any of their linebackers can keep up with a guy like Heurman. We obviously don't have a seasoned guy like Mariota, but hopefully Herman puts J.T. in situations where he can get the ball out fast and exploit blitz. This never seemed to develop against VT sadly. I am optimistic, but I also know Narduzzi is going to put the pressure on J.T. all night long and bring it from all over the field. 

Comment 06 Nov 2014

MSU has a great secondary, but the losses of Dennard and safety Isaiah Lewis are significant. I wouldn't be surprised if if Trae Waynes blankets Devin Smith and shuts down his big play ability that Narduzzi is very aware of. But who covers Michael Thomas? CB Darian Hicks is solid, but at 5-10 he is at a significant disadvantage when covering the 6-3 Thomas. I am also interested to see how freshman safety Montae Nicholson holds up in coverage. Isaiah Lewis was a seasoned veteran, and replacing his high football IQ is a difficult task. Ohio State's playmakers are going to be in some one-on-one situations with defenders who are relatively green and prone to make a few mistakes. I like our chances of getting open when we have Smith/Thomas/Heurman/Wilson/Marshall to throw at them. However, MSU is going to make us earn every yard and the open receiver may be Barrett's 3rd of 4th read on many plays. Will the o-line be able to hold long enough for J.T. to make it to these reads? I like our protection on the edges, but I'm worried about the pressure that Narduzzi will send at our interior. Our o-line is not going to be stellar on Sat night,  but if they can just be relatively solid/decent we have a good shot. Everyone pray that Jacoby, Pat, and Billy get laid this week and play loose. I believe they will step up and rise to the occasion just as their predecessors did at MSU! Go Bucks!

Comment 30 Oct 2014

Never schedule Georgia kids to visit in November. I have lived in Georgia my entire life and people are freaking out right now because it is going to dip into the 50's this saturday. When it snows 2 inches they call it a blizzard. When Roundtree visits Columbus saturday night and it is in the 30's, the cold weather is going to become a very negative factor in his recruitment. Vonn Bell and McMillan need to convince him that he will adapt over time....... It is always best to get the GA guys to visit in September when it is still hot and humid. Sweating to death in GA is the norm and they will feel right at home. I'm sure Urban tried to get him to come earlier, but he was already booked. Weather aside, I think Ohio State does have a decent shot at landing this kid. Ohio State has had great success turning GA kids into great players dating all the way back to Tress. Let's keep it up!

Comment 29 Oct 2014

Watching this makes me miss Braxton Miller even more. I love J.T. but I don't think he could ever make that throw. Braxton had his share of inaccurate throws, but his arm strength made all sorts of ridiculous highlight plays possible. Can't wait for the Braxton to come back and give Bud Foster all sorts of fits!

Comment 23 Oct 2014

Shocked to read that. But Brady, Brees, Wilson is an unbelievably talented trio. All have been massive draft day steals. I wonder when Ohio State will have a QB drafted in the 1st round? Would love to watch a Buckeye signal caller on Sunday. Krenzel, Smith, and TP all got to start a few games, but nobody has stuck around. That needs to be changed. 

Comment 23 Oct 2014

So Rashod Berry is being recruited for TE? I was sort of hoping Urban would still be able to flip Chris Clark from Michigan and give Hoke a punch in his Charlie Weiss gut. But I guess Urban is satisfied with the combo of Berry and Josh Moore. Still think Clark will flip as the dumpster fire at Michigan will continue to grow after MSU sacks Gardner 20 times and Michigan has -200 yards rushing. I'm not sure what will be more enjoyable.......Watching Ohio State dismantle PSU or watching UM get pounded  in the ass by Pat Narduzzi. 

Comment 17 Oct 2014

I think Ohio State will win, but I'm a little less optimistic than most here. I have been talking with friends who are Rutgers fanatics and they seem convinced that Rutgers has a better front 7 than VT. They have watched film on both teams and told me Rutgers simply has more talented pass rushers than OSU has seen all year. Of course they also admitted Rutgers has zero talent in the secondary and will  probably get gashed for  several big pass plays on Saturday night. That being said, they are totally convinced that Rutgers will commit completely to cover zero, shut down run game, and essentially concede that they will get beat on some big pass plays. I'm no Rutgers expert so I do give some creedance to their claims. However, fans often overestimate their teams talent and I'm skeptical of how good the Rutgers front 7 really is. I think Gary Nova and their commitment to cover zero make things interesting, but Urban and our superior talent pull it out! OSU 35, Rutgers 21. 

Comment 14 Oct 2014

True. The first bye was great because it allowed us to regroup and prepare the offense for Cincy & Maryland. The second not so great. And I love that PSU and MSU both get a bye week before us. PSU I'm not so worried about because we simply have more talent, but I don't like giving Dantonio and his D two weeks to watch film on us. I'm sure they will also add some new wrinkles on offense as well. We can win in East Lansing, but Herman better give them some looks we haven't put on film. 

Comment 14 Oct 2014

How Florida State fans/Jimbo think the conversation went down:

James Spence Authentication broker: "Jameis, would you be kind and sign 1,000 pieces of sports memorabilia?" 

Jameis: "Absolutely, I would love to spend the next 3 hours signing your mini footballs!!"

JS Broker: "You're so generous Jameis! I will donate 10% of proceeds to the local children's hospital!"

Jameis: "That would be swell Mister! Golly, I sure am happy I could help out!" 

How it actually happened:

JS Broker: "Jameis, I'll give you $1,000 if you sign some memorabilia for me. Easiest money you ever made."

Jameis: "Sounds good. F--k her right in the p---y? 

JS Broker: "What?"

Jameis: "Just give me the mini footballs bitch"

JS Broker: "Ok"

Comment 14 Oct 2014

Can anyone tell me how many spots remain in this years recruiting class? I'm a little concerned because we have 17 commits and guys like Torrance Gibson, Josh Sweat, Damien Harris, Matt Burrell, Lawrence Cager, Garrett Taylor, Mike Weber, and several others are still possibilities. I know someone like Sweat is a longshot, but there a still a bunch of high profile guys on Ohio States radar. Is there going to be enough room to have more than 20 commits this year? I only ask because a few months ago every expert was saying that this years Ohio State class would be smaller than most other years. 

Comment 10 Oct 2014

I will always wonder how 2006 would have turned out if we had a true 2 guard. Jamar Butler played out of position that year at the 2 because we didn't really have anyone else. If only we had a guy like Diebler on that squad. We missed all those threes against FL and if we had just had slightly better shooting from the arc it would have made a huge difference. Oh well, it was still an amazing season and FL had a ridiculous amount of NBA talent in Joakim Noah, Al Horford, and Corey Brewer. Crazy to think that Noah/Horford are both top 25 guys in the NBA now. 

Comment 10 Oct 2014

It blows my mind that Coach Matta has been here for what seems like an eternity, but he is still only 47 years old! Personally, I think Matta is on his way to becoming Ohio State's version of Tom Izzo. I could see Matta coaching another 20 years until his mid-60's and becoming a legend OSU fans will talk about for decades to come. I'm not saying this will happen, but I would love to see him at the center of OSU basketball for a long long time. He is going to get a couple titles eventually, and when he does he will finally be recognized as a top 10 college basketball coach! We are in good hands! Go Bucks!

Comment 06 Oct 2014

I talked to Nick yesterday on the phone. He got me 300 channels and even threw in Big Ten Network to seal the deal. Great guy!

Comment 06 Oct 2014

Herman isn't going to get offered a Top 25 job like Florida and no amount of time as our OC is going to change that. Ed Warriner has coached at eight different schools since 1984. He was a very successful offensive coordinator at Kansas and has been one of the top offensive line coaches in the country for a long time. He has never been offered a good HC gig. If a school like illinois offers Herman the HC position he would take it no questions asked. Opportunities do not always abound and even mediocre coaching gigs must be seized. Herman may very well end up HC at a school like Florida one day, but not until he has proven himself extensively as a HC somewhere else. Herman may stick around for another year, but not much longer. 

Comment 06 Oct 2014

Harbaugh is going to have his pick of some very attractive NFL jobs. The NY Jets head coaching position will be available after Rex Ryan finally gets canned. Harbaugh would need to find a QB in free agency or maybe take a shot at a guy like Jameis Winston and try to mold him into a more mature player (if that is even possible). I'm still waiting for the Dallas Cowboys to collapse, and when they do Jason Garrett will be the scapegoat. That may be the most attractive position, but I'm not sure the universe could handle the egos of Jerry Jones and Harbaugh under the same roof. Would make for a great reality show though. 

Comment 06 Oct 2014

Excellent point! For me, there are five Big Ten coaches who I think are great for the conference. Urban Meyer, James Franklin, Dantonio, Gary Anderson, and Pat Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald consistently does the most with the worst collection of talent in the Big Ten. I know Fitzgerald loves NW, but I think he could be very successful if he took over a program like Illinois. It would be a rebuilding project, but he would get better recruits and probably have a bigger football budget. And despite Wisconsin's debacle vs. NW, Gary Anderson is a good coach. He just needs to get a decent QB in Madison.

To be determined Big Ten coaches: Randy Edsall, Kyle Flood

Guys like Ferentz, Jerry Kill, Darrell Hazell, Tim Beckman, and Kevin Wilson are complete no names around the country. Some kids in Big Ten country may remember that Ferentz had good teams a decade ago, but kids in the south/west don't know the guy. I know it will be difficult, but these schools need to up the ante and throw some serious money at the top assistant coordinators from the SEC. There is an abundance of innovative assistant coaching talent in the SEC, but very few attractive head coaching jobs that will be available in the conference. Iowa, Minn, illinois, Indiana, and Purdue need to fork out more money and hire some new blood that can recruit other regions. I know it will be hard for these athletic directors to offer big time salaries, but it is worth the gamble considering how much football revenue would increase with a program in contention.