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Comment 05 Oct 2015

Yeah, im not buying that these struggles are all part of the plan. If you lose to Indiana it doesn't matter how well you are playing when you get to MSU. With our schedule it would be extremely hard to recover and make playoffs still. I think the offensive line has come to together, but the receivers and Cardale are on different wavelengths. Perhaps this problem can be fixed, but right now this team is just not very good. 

Comment 02 Oct 2015

A genie comes down from the sky and gives you three options. You can only pick one. Which one do you choose?

A. Mark May is banished from the United States and sent to Australia to cover rugby

B. Jim Harbaugh shits his khakis on national TV and gives us the best GIFS ever

C.It is discovered that time travel (backward) exists and Tyvis is in fact the father of Cardale

Comment 01 Oct 2015

Of course weber won't be the same runner, but he will be a very similar one. Weber may actually have a little more wiggle actually. Like Walker, but not sure he will ever be Zeke. Then again, we may not ever have as versatile a back as zeke again. I think both Weber and Walker will find success, but for next year I'm taking Weber. Weber seems to be more of a sure thing to me. This guy is built like a small tank and we absolutely know he has no problem with major contact. Walker can add bulk, but how will he mentally respond to the physical punishment he will see at the next level? Will he really be able to step in as a true freshman and beat out someone who is equally heralded and more physically prepared? I doubt he is #1 on the depth chart to start next season. Maybe by the end of the year he will be, but not in game 1. Regardless, they should form quite the 1-2 punch. 

Comment 01 Oct 2015

making a recruit reenact a 50 yard pass play in the middle of Ruby Tuesdays.

Lol, and that is why we shouldn't sweat Harbaugh. He will find success at Michigan, but most recruits will still think he is a weirdo. Some will be willing to ignore his social akwardness, but most of the top recruits will still opt to go elsewhere. Recruits commit to play for a coach, and most won't want to play for a coach that awkwardly demands that they get down in a 3 point stance in the middle of a crowded restaurant. I'm sure Harbaugh is just tickled by his perceived quirkiness, but it just comes off as awkward. We shoudn't give Harbaugh so much pub just because he is mentally challenged. Harbaugh's brain doesn't fire like a normal human being, and he shouldn't be a celebrity because of it. Lets just acknowledge that he has some serious issues upstairs and move on. 

Comment 01 Oct 2015

Disagree strongly with this. Urban is going to give the first carries to the most physical runner/best blocker. Walker has a great tape, but Weber is clearly the more physical between the tackles runner. Because of his size, Walker has unfairly gotten somewhat of a reputation as a bruiser. That is not his game though. He uses his excellent cutting ability and top end acceleration to avoid a ton of contact. He can break through some arm tackles when need be, but he isn't a bowling ball like Weber. Not because he has dreads, but because of his physical gifts he (Walker) reminds me of Melvin Gordon. Weber reminds me more of Carlos Hyde. A  back with good one cut ability and solid speed,  but also a back that is going to punish guys in the secondary and push the pile. One of Hyde's best assets was his ability to get 1-2 extra yards when he was stopped by falling/leaping forward. His ridiculous bulk and upper/lower body strength made that possible. Weber's tape shows a back with a similar skill set. Walker may have a higher ceiling in the end, but Weber will already have a year in the system and will be physically ready to pound the rock up the middle. 

Comment 30 Sep 2015

As a lifelong Georgian I agree 100% with you. Both Bama and UGA fans are intolerably arrogant, but Bama actually has some reason to be. They have won multiple titles in the past decade, so when they boast they aren't riding coattails. UGA hasn't won anything since 1981!! All the other big schools in the SEC have won titles over the past 30 years, but UGA continues to inexplicably lose every single year to a team they shouldn't. They have no accomplishments yet their fans will be the very first to start chanting "SEC SEC SEC" after they win a bowl game. UGA fans look at Bama's accomplishments and try to make that glory their own by association. Their logic is simple: we played in the same conference as the national champion so therefore we also share part of the championship. It's hard to believe people think like this, but they do. They have no hope of winning a title so they latch onto the top SEC contender like a leech. Plenty of other SEC schools root for the conference, but not to the degree that UGA fans do. I can honestly say I know some proclaimed UGA fans who would put SEC dominance ahead of their own title aspirations. They love riding the bandwagon and will be riding it especially hard after Nick Saban blows their doors off. 

Comment 29 Sep 2015

I understand the comparisons to a degree. No doubt Ohio State has under performed up to this point and sometimes Cardale can behave very immaturely like Winston. No excuse for almost allowing NIU to take you into overtime. However, our level of complacency isn't anywhere near what FSU went through. The FSU offense and defense were completely mediocre for three quarters every single game last year. It wasn't until the 4th quarter that they would be forced to turn it up in order to escape with a win. I don't see this from our defense at all. They have been grinding every single minute of every game. Our offense has been mediocre, but i think it has been more poor execution than complacency. In the coming weeks the offense will continue to have some struggles. We forget that Cardale is still very raw and has started only 7 games. It will be very easy for some to look at these growing pains and mistake them for complacency. This offense has been re-tooled and it may not be until the final weeks that it is firing on all cylinders. Thank goodness MSU/TUN are at the end of the season. 

Comment 28 Sep 2015

I agree that NW has done a lot more to earn respect. Stanford is a good football team and Duke is actually decent too. BYU is a team that that was 2 hail marrys away from being 0-3. But I think we fear Michigan more because we also believe that there are four star talents all across their roster (which there are). We respect NW, but deep down we feel that they are chalk full of 3 star talent that has exceeded expectations. NW could very well be the better team, but it just feels like Michigan has a different legitimacy. 

Comment 28 Sep 2015

1. Michigan has an identity. They are going to run it 40+ times on offense and play Tress ball. Nothing exotic, just old fashioned I-formation runs and a simple passing game to keep defenses honest. On defense they focus on shutting down the run first and trust their secondary to hold down the fort. Their defense was actually above average under Hoke so it has really been the offense that has benefited most from having a new identity. 

2. They don't give out gifts anymore. Hoke's tenure was filled with constant fumbling, stupid interceptions, and poor execution. Rudock has thrown a few interceptions, but the chronic fumbling and stupid miscues/penalties are largely gone. Michigan still has a long way to go, but they aren't gift wrapping points to the opposing team as much. 

3. They will be our toughest matchup. Michigan State is more talented, but Michigan's relentless (albeit just slightly above average) ground attack is built to attack our one chink in the armor on defense. We have stopped the outside run, but have continually been gashed up the middle by physical runners.None of Michigan's backs have an ounce of elusiveness, but they are all bowling balls. We had trouble with drake johnson last year and Smith seems like an equally imposing back. Harbaugh's wideouts are marginal at best so I expect him to line up in a ton of two TE sets and test out beef up front all game long. Wouldn't be surprised to see 50+ runs and very few passing attempts given our strong secondary. The Game is always close and this year it will be a true test of willpower. Sledgehammer game coming. 

I don't think Michigan is "back" to its glory days by any stretch, but they are significantly improved. While I absolutely despise Michigan, this improvement is a welcome sight. Our schedule isn't great and with all the OSU hate out there it will help to have another ranked opponent. I hope they win the rest of their games (minus MSU) and we face them at 9-2. That will leave TUN fans with far more sting than if we beat them at 6-5. 

Comment 28 Sep 2015

I was actually going to make the same point about Siciliano. He had no business being a QB coach, but Tress was too loyal and made him on anyway. Not a great move, but it never really hurt us. Pryor got better every year  and we won a crap ton of games. Pryor never developed into a gifted thrower, but that was never going to happen regardless of QB coach. He was just an awesome athlete getting by with pure athleticism. No doubt we would be better off with Tom Herman or several other QB coaches, but I don't think Beck would be why we lose a game. And if it does become apparent that Beck is a liability, we have a guy named Urban Meyer that  can spend more time coaching up the QB's. Urban has an eye for details and is a coach that really understands the dynamics of the position. He can and will step in if he has to. If Beck proves to be a bad hire you can also bet that Urban will politely show him the door like he did for Withers. 

Comment 26 Sep 2015

Hahaha, props. And yes I would. I love a good New York strip as much as the next guy. Much better than the catfood that Neo probably eats! Anybody can buy me off with food. 

Comment 25 Sep 2015

Having an android is like living in Zion and having an iphone is like living in the Matrix. In Zion (android) you have more freedom for sure, but life still really sucks some times. Especially when all your old pals are still in the Matrix having a jolly good time. In the Matrix (Apple) you are a slave of the system, but life is damn good. Life is so damn good in the Matrix (Apple) that you actually forget why you ever wanted to live in Zion (android). 

So, you have a choice. the blue pill (Apple) or the red pill (android). Neo takes the red pill, but I'm gonna go with the blue. I'm all for truth seeking, but when it comes to cell phones I just want the one that is going to make my life the easiest. I don't care whether it is an illusion or not. I'm going with the Matrix (Apple). 

Comment 24 Sep 2015

Good find. I think there is no doubt Meyer is rolling the dice on the player with the highest ceiling. Cardale is a true talent and his ceiling is probably significantly higher than what we saw last year in the playoff. I was all for JT over the summer, but I do understand wanting to for it all with Cardale. If he continues to progress and get better then you enter the playoff with the best QB, offensive line, and RB. An even scarier scenario now that the silver bullets look like a top 5 unit. And while there is a certain comfort level with JT, there is also a comfort level entering the playoffs with Cardale. He has been there, seen the top competition, and beaten said competition. I think Urban giving Cardale one more start here is the right move. If Cardale struggles mightily again, and JT is solid in relief then JT starts against Indiana. I don't think Cardale has to be great this weekend, he just has to be average. Manage the game, avoid turnovers, and put up 17-21 points by halftime. It is very doable. 

Comment 23 Sep 2015

I think it is interesting how the defense has come roaring out of the gate but the offense has been stale. I'm not sure how, but almost everyone overlooked the fact that the defense has far more NFL talent on it than the offense. The media spent all summer talking about Zeke and the QB wealth, but rarely mentioned the stockpiles of talent on defense. I do think this served as motivation for the defense over the summer. Looking at the starting 11 on defense, I see only one guy who clearly won't be in the mix to start in the NFL: Schutt. Vonn Bell, Apple, Lee, Mcmillan, Bosa, and Washington all seem like round 1-2 talent that will be drafted early and expected to start. Its early, but Conley and Lewis also look like youngsters with potential to go early with their outstanding play so far. You can argue that Perry/Powell don't quite have the elite athleticism to excel at the next level, but both have great instincts and perfect NFL size. They could both be in the mix one day for a starting spot. Yes, we have tons of talent on offense, but its hard to believe more of us didn't see this coming. I have missed watching good offense, but it has been great to see a defense on a mission to prove that they are the #1 unit in America. And given their elite production despite the poor situations our offense has continually put them in, I would say they are #1 right now. Now if only the offense could hold on to the ball and give us 28 points a game. Shouldn't be asking too much. 

Comment 22 Sep 2015

I'll go with 24-10. The offense still struggles, but only turns the ball over 3 times instead of 5. Add in a score on special teams and a defense that gets 3 interceptions. An ugly game that is not much fun to watch, but we pull it out. 

Comment 22 Sep 2015

I agree to a degree, but getting Thomas and Braxton that many touches isn't so easy because of the QB situation. Thomas is getting open a lot, but Cardale/JT have failed to get the ball to him accurately on a lot of throws. Other times they just don't go through their progressions and miss a wide open Thomas entirely. Defenses are loading the box and after the VT game they are placing a lot more emphasis on stuffing Braxton in the run game. Braxton will have opportunities in passing game, but again it is up to Cardale/JT to get him the ball in space. Cardale is going through growing pains as a QB right now and JT is just flat out rusty. JT doesn't have the strongest arm, but the throws he has missed on are ones he rarely missed on last year. I do agree we need to stop rotating so many H-backs and receivers, but ultimately we just need to get one QB going who can play average. Forget playing great. Lets just get a guy who can be our Alex Smith and be consistently mediocre for now until we can iron out the kinks over the next several weeks. After the last two games that would be a welcome improvement. 

Comment 22 Sep 2015

The problem is that when a lot of people are talking about a "vertical threat" emerging they are immediately thinking about what Devin Smith provided last year. The problem is that there is no Devin Smith on this roster or any other in the country. There is a reason why Mel Kipper said that Smith was the best deep ball tracker he had ever scouted in 25+ years. We got some fast guys, but we may never see a true vertical threat specialist like Smith again for a decade or more. His combination of speed, tracking ability, and body adjustment was unmatched in college football during his tenure. Yes, we can get some other guys to emerge as deep threats, but the deep ball just isn't going to be as potent this year. We will adjust accordingly. 

Comment 21 Sep 2015

I wouldn't say he sucked his first two years. We just didn't have the perfect personnel to run the offense (although Miller & Hyde were a damn good duo). But you are somewhat correct, the numbers from his first year were not mind blowing. Took him a year to get the offense to a well oiled machine. Guess we need to be more patient with Warriner. 

Comment 21 Sep 2015

Any Neil deGrasse Tyson gif gets an automatic upvote regardless of context!