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Comment 23 Apr 2015

Usually fairly reliable when it comes to SEC news since it is a religion down here. That being said, I'm not sure who the source was. It's like the NFL draft and the "anonymous scout." Lots of reports and rumors but no verifiable facts. I'm surprised not one person with a camera phone could capture an image of Braxton if he was in Tuscaloosa. My mind tells me that there is usually fire where this smoke, but I also know that social media is a cesspool for lies and misdirection. 

Comment 23 Apr 2015

Well, I live in GA and every sports radio station is saying that Braxton was in fact spotted in Tuscaloosa. Of course all this could be coming from a completely erroneous source (very good chance). Still, its not far fetched to think that a transfer to Bama could be in the works. I'm sure Lane Kiffin has tried to pull out every stop for Braxton. Anyways, I see four options here:

1. Braxton is just visiting Dr. Andrews. End of story. 

2. Braxton is visiting Dr. Andrews AND stooping by Tuscaloosa which is just 55 minutes away. 

3. Braxton is visiting Tuscaloosa and not Dr. Andrews. He is just using Dr. Andrews as an excuse cover story. 

4. Braxton isn't even in Alabama. This is a bunch of mularkey fabricated by low life wannabe Bama beat reporters.  Braxton is at home playing video games. 

Not sure which one I buy anymore. Braxton is playing this one close to the vest and has stayed out of the limelight. Saban is also possibly playing it close to the vest as he is saying he hasn't even heard any rumors. Which could be true considering he admits he doesn't even know how to use Google. Or he is doing his Tressel impression and skipping around directly answering the question like a politician. I have given up trying to figure out what is going to happen. 

Comment 14 Apr 2015

I always get a chuckle from this chart, but I believe it gives Bauserman too much credit. Only Cardale can throw a pigskin over the horseshoe. 

Comment 10 Apr 2015

Good chance he will. Finally has talent around him at the guard spots. During his 1st stint the best they could give him was Larry Hughes and Mo Williams. These guys were supposed to be his "star" running mates. What a joke. He will bring it home. 

Comment 10 Apr 2015

I think I will stick with this guy until the end of time. Although if Urban Meyer wins a few more championships at OSU I might have to make it a permanent tie.....

Comment 22 Mar 2015

No reason for him to stay. If he declares he is almost a lock top be picked in the top 5. Only reason he stays is if he really wants to be #1 overall next year. Hate to see him leave, but he needs to. He is a great kid and any franchise would be lucky to have him. Will be best NBA player to come out of Ohio State since Redd with the potential to be even better. Not sure he can surpass John Havelicek (few who can) but I'm rooting for him. He will have a long long NBA career. Good luck and go get yourself paid D'Angelo! 

Comment 16 Mar 2015

Hit nail right on head. Its all about floor spacing. You need 3 point shooters to open up space under the basket and you need post play to keep guys from sitting on the wings. Grandstaff and Lyle should solve the 3 point problem. Giddens offesnive game is still developing, but he should still be an upgrade over Amir. Mitchell also has a pretty decent game around the basket . That being said, 3 point shooting looks to be the strength of the team when you also factor in Loving and Williams. This should really help the young guys down low early on. Tate, Giddens, and Mitchell could be very dynamic with space to operate. Obviously this all depends on player development, but I don't see Giddens turning into Amir. And it is hard to see Grandstaff being another Della Valle. These incoming guys look to have very high floors. 

Comment 06 Mar 2015

Some of the years were absolutely awful. Horrible draft picks and bad head coaches. Then around 2007 hawks got just good enough every year to sneak into playoffs and lose. And you know every year it was going to stay same until they blew up the roster. Danny Ferry deserves executive of the year for dumping joe Johnson's contract on Brooklyn and constructing this roster. 

Comment 06 Mar 2015

Good summary there and thanks for being one of the few fans to acknowledge hawks are legit. Lebron was a little off but statistically the hawks are ranked #2 in D so that may have contributed some as well. Hawks have excellent wing defenders that never quit. Atlanta has also become a difficult place for other teams to play which never used to the be the case. For years Philips arena was like a tomb during games. Not the case anymore. Hawks are sort of a unique case. No superstars but they have the best floor spacing and team passing in the league which is a pretty deadly combo. Playoffs need to get here asap.

Comment 06 Mar 2015

Never thought I would be posting about my Hawks on this site. Cavs are my #2 but gotta pull for the hometown team. Cavs got nothing to be ashamed of. I know most people don't think very highly of the hawks but they are legit contenders with under the radar players. No superstars but great players at every position and a great bench with young talent. Looking forward to seeing these two teams in Eastern conference finals! 

Comment 23 Feb 2015

Hahaha, I stand corrected. He is more of a community college type. Hopefully that isn't giving him too much credit.....

Comment 23 Feb 2015

Not sure what is more to blame for the basketball Buckeyes current state: poor player evaulations or poor player development. I tend to lean more towards the evaluation side. Even if Amir went to duke I think he is still missing shots from point blank range. We all get on him for playing lazy (which he does), but I just don't think he is a very good athlete to begin with. When you combine this with a low motor you get a player who should probably be playing for a MAC school. Sam Thompson/Scott are both high motor guys, but they have natural limitations as shooters. Their lack of shooting ability was easy to overlook in high school because both were so quick to the basket and physically dominant. Even with the best shooting coaches in the country, I don't think either of these guys become above average offensive players. I blame Matta for recruiting Amir as the centerpiece of this senior class. It turned out to be a horrible call and our quality of play/depth has suffered as a consequence. I don't blame him for recruiting Scott or Thompson. Neither can shoot, but they both play great defense and have been great teammates. If this team had even just a Terence Dials at center they would be at least a decent threat in the tournament. 

Comment 19 Feb 2015

Thompson has to develop a 3 point shot if he wants any chance at an NBA career. Thompson has all the skills necessary to be a tremendous wing defender at the next level, but you have to contribute at least one thing on the offensive end. Right now there are lots of D & 3 players in the NBA, lockdown defenders with limited offensive game but a decent 3 point shot. If you want to play small forward in the NBA you have to contribute to floor spacing. If your small forward has no jump shot you will end up having a situation like we saw in Detroit with Josh Smith. Smith has one of the worst jump shots in the NBA. but the Pistons played him at the 3 because they have Drummond/Monroe at the 4-5. Teams responded to this by leaving Smith uncontested on the perimeter and using the extra defender to clog the lanes and harass Drummond or Monroe. This absolutely decimated the Pistons floor spacing and sent their record plunging until they released Smith (and subsequently went on a winning streak). If Thompson could develop just a mediocre jump shot he has a chance to stick for several years and be a solid rotational player. As things stand right now he is looking at being an undrafted free agent who will probably get a few chances in the D league to develop that 3 point shot. Thompson is a great kid and hopefully he will be able to make that NBA dream a reality. 

Comment 06 Feb 2015

100% agree with the diva remark and that what drives me nuts with this kid. On signing day all he can talk about is how in 3 years he will be in NFL and Zeke leaving is apparently ensuring that happens. I guess Curtis Samuel is just going to retire from football. Same with Kareem Walker and George Hill. And then he bails on Michigan because they get some no name RB from FL. This kid needs to buckle down because Curtis Samuel is going to absolutely bring it once Zeke leaves. Weber just gave Samuel more motivation than he will ever need to secure the #1 spot for 2016. 

Comment 06 Feb 2015

No, we should not have to address this. Mike has every right to be upset, but a position coach should not have been why he committed. I was not impressed with Mike's answer when he was asked why he committed to Ohio State. He said he committed because Ohio State gave him the best chance to go 3 years and then jump to NFL. He said Zeke assured him that 2015 would be his last year at Ohio State. I like Mike Weber, but he seems overly concerned about the depth chart being light on competition. His announcement of his 3 year NFL plan also seems like somewhat of a slap in the face to Curtis Samuel, Warren Ball, and Dunn. Samuel is a very promising back and I don't think Weber just gets handed the keys to kingdom once Zeke leaves. 2016 will also be Dunn/Ball's final year and he shouldn't dismiss them fighting hard to earn serious playing time. Drayton leaving is a blow for Weber, but he needs to get his mind right and put this 3 year plan talk out of his head. Its a very difficult situation, but it doesn't have to become a huge issue if Weber steps up and handles it the right way. I don't think Urban has to address it unless Weber reaches out to a media outlet to start a story about how he was tricked on signing day. That would be bad. 

Comment 06 Feb 2015

What Mike is going through right now is tough. I'm sure he had a close relationship with coach Drayton and that was a big selling point for coming to OSU. That being said, Mike Weber needs to step up and handle this the right way. After his press conference he said he choose Ohio State because he will do 3 years and be gone. He mentioned that Zeke assured him that he would be gone after 2015, thus leaving Weber with an easier path to the top of depth chart. Now he is ticked because Drayton is gone and I'm sure some part of him thinks this hurts his NFL plans. He needs to learn that playing for Ohio State is about representing the OSU family/university and playing for the brothers next to you. Urban has talked extensively about how he observed Chip Kelly at Oregon and noticed how the entire program from top to bottom had bought into one culture. He has taken this to Ohio State and it seems clear that this family culture is what got OSU through all the difficult challenges this year presented. This group of players represent the most selfless bunch I have seen at OSU and they play for each other. Headlines and future NFL money are the eventual rewards for this devotion to the unit ahead of self. What happened to Mike isn't fair, but the program is a lot bigger than Stan Drayton and early playing time. Mike can either sulk over a difficult development or man up and show all his future teamates/coaches that he is ready to put the team first. Great opportunity here to impress the team and entire OSU fan base. I hope he makes the right move. 

Comment 05 Feb 2015

Why the hell did anyone down vote this? It's ok to down vote when someone is being a troll or a complete jerk. But don't down vote when someone brings up a legit point that you may or may not agree with. I don't know if OSU did anything shady, but other coaches will surely use this against us down the road  regardless. I completely understand Weber being upset if he was not informed of the interview. I would be too. I'm very happy for Drayton who absolutely deserves this opportunity, but it is not a good look for us. 

Comment 05 Feb 2015

It is not going to take a miracle. If this team wins 3 more games and gets to 20 they are still right on the bubble. Not saying 20 gets them in by any stretch, but they are at least still in the discussion for a spot . If they win 5 more regular season games (a real possibility given they play PSU twice, Rutgers, Michigan, Nebraska) and finish 22-9 they should be a lock. And even if they don't finish really strong in regular season, it isn't far fetched to imagine them performing really well in the Big Ten tournament and making it to the final round. This would also really impress the committee. It will be hard for committee to leave out a high caliber coach like Matta and the best guard in the entire country. Same situation with Michigan State this year. Michigan State is 15-7, but if they can get to 20-21 wins the committee isn't going to keep out a brand name with Tom Izzo. As long as Ohio State doesn't completely implode down the stretch (losing to PSU twice) they are in a good position to make the tournament. 

Comment 04 Feb 2015

100% agree with this pick. I think he gets overlooked because nobody knows exactly what position he will play. But when you watch the tape he looks more explosive than just about any prospect in the country. Great speed, but even better acceleration and moves in the open field. I would be shocked if he doesn't end up fielding punts in the near future. I'm not saying he is the next Ted Ginn, but he could have that type of impact on offense/special teams. I'm absolutely shocked that most recruiting services only have him as a fringe top 100 player. He will see the field early and often. 

Comment 04 Feb 2015

He wouldn't hold a press conference if he was sticking with Ohio State. He is already committed to us so a press conference would just be announcing what everyone already knows. Also, most people at Cass Tech are probably already pissed he is going to OSU so why would he subject himself to more ridicule than necessary if he was sticking with us. He is holding a press conference because he knows the whole state will go nuts when he flips and everyone in Michigan will want to watch it live. It would be a huge moment for Michigan and I'm sure all those close to him told him a press conference was necessary for such a monumental UM moment. If he was staying with Ohio State I don't know why he wouldn't just fax in his LOI at same time as Alabi.

Comment 03 Feb 2015

Agreed. Wouldn't be a fun day of Vonn Bell like surprises, but keeping all your current guys is vastly underrated. Would love to get Prince, but if Weber then turns around and picks Michigan the day is a wash. Just keep all the current guys and add one more good piece like Hill. And ALWAYS remember you could be stuck in the dump with Hairballs underwhelming group of miscreants.