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Comment 23 Nov 2015

Depends on the weather. Harbaugh would love for this to be a game where both teams are grounded. Rudock still sucks and Harbaugh wants to run it 40+ times anyways. Ohio State under Beck has zero creativity in the run game and poor weather likely means a repeat of saturday. Our passing attack has been inconsistent even in good weather, but Michael Thomas will be the best WR on the field. Jalin can make some plays too. I also want Michigan to be able to throw because Darboh/Chesson don't scare me and Ruddock will throw at least one pick. In a game with decent throwing weather I pick us by 7 points. In piss poor weather like last week I pick Michigan by 10. 

Comment 23 Nov 2015

A couple things can happen that might give PSU a win over Sparty

1. The MSU Defensive Line goes to Taco Bell and gets food poisoning

2. Aaron Rodgers puts on Hackenberg's jersey and nobody notices

3. Satan determines that his deal with Dino is null and void

Comment 16 Nov 2015

I'm fine with Burbridge getting some of his 50/50 balls and getting 75 or 100 yards. Cook is going to target him at least 10 times and he is going to come down with some. I can live with that as long as the MSU ground game is stymied and Kings/Price are held in check. Its hard to see MSU getting more than 21 points in this one. Cook is great but the running game is mediocre and their nifty little sweeps with Shelton aren't going to work against Lee & Bell. I could be wrong, but I think they are going to constantly be in 3rd and 6 type situations. I respect Cook/Burbridge but its hard to see them winning this one without a good ground game. 

Comment 27 Oct 2015

Agreed. Whoever wins that game may be our greatest threat. LSU is one dimensional as Harris is a poor mans Jake Ruddock lol. Their passing game is hard to watch. However, if LSU is able to run it on Bama then I do think they are our #1 threat. We have had some serious trouble with power backs and Fournette is the best in the business at those type of runs. And obviously LSU has elite team speed at every position as always. Miles always has a handful of 300 lb bayou freaks that run a 4.7 forty. LSU would probably be the most physical opponent we could possibly face. Alabama still has Henry, but Coker doesn't scare anyone and Cooper is gone. And then of course you have the unpredictability of Les Miles and the predictability of Saban. Saban being out for revenge is significant, but at least you know what your getting with him. Miles knows he has no quarterback so he would use a month to come up with all sorts of trick plays and foolery. 

Comment 26 Oct 2015

Nobody will have a more important combine than Cardale. If he shows up and throws an accurate ball I think he is a lock for 3rd round. Some people have mentioned 1st round, but I don't see that being possible even with a great combine. Sure the NFL has taken mistakes like Ponder and Manuel in the 1st round but those guys were actually starters on their college team and weren't known for immaturity. A perfect workout can't take away Cardale's horrible film from this year or how poorly he initially  handled the QB controversy when he got yanked the first time. There are some pretty stupid GM's in the NFL, but none dumb enough to take a clear long term project QB that may or may not pan out. Ponder/Manuel/Weeden were bad picks, but they at least were viewed as having a floor of solid backup QB. Right now NFL scouts don't even know if Cardale can be that. 

Absolute highest Cardale goes is 2nd round. And if he goes that high I would say he had a pretty damn perfect combine and pro day. NFL teams are still expecting to get future high-quality starters in the 2nd round and gambling on a project really hurts depth if you whiff. If I had to guess I would say Cardale goes late 3rd of early 4th round. Maybe the Jets could make him a project and when the Fitzpatrick/Geno experiment eventually blows up he could step in and throw some bombs to Devin Smith again. 

Comment 23 Oct 2015

If Strong continues to suck they should give a serious look at Tom. Tom can score points and they are going to need some to keep up with the high flying attacks of Baylor and TCU. Or they could just try and be the first Big 12 team to play defense, but I've given up expecting anyone in that conference to understand how a solid tackle works. 

Comment 23 Oct 2015

Wow, had no idea about all that. Hopefully we can exploit that inexperience in the secondary with some play action among other things. Thanks for the update!

Comment 23 Oct 2015

Agree on Cornell. Love seeing big bodied and quick DE's converted to DT at the next level. Elite athleticism in the trenches is ultimately what separates schools like Ohio State, LSU, Alabama, and Clemson from the rest of the pack. I respect the TCU's and Baylor's of the world, but the D-line talent across the board just isn't there. 

Comment 23 Oct 2015

I don't think Urban manufactured the QB controversy, but it did cross my mind. Guys urban had at UF have all said that they knew Urban was continually playing mind games with them. There is no doubt that Urban's motivational techniques are stepped in psychology. Urban frequently played favorites at UF and I think he has done that here as well. And I don't think that is a negative, I think it is genius. Urban knows that all these young men crave recognition and they all want to be the Jeff Heuermans and Evan Spencers that Urban singles out in press conferences. Which is exactly why Urban is very critical and rarely drops heavy praise unless a guy is really giving it all up for the team on Saturday. Urban really uses the media to his advantage in a way that Tress never thought of. Urban knows his guys follow the news from his sessions/appearances with the media. If a guy plays way below expectations or is a knucklehead Urban isn't shy about letting the Columbus media know about it from time to time. I think this tactic holds players more accountable and also gives them more motivation to bounce back from a bad game. There is nothing better than being in Urban's doghouse and rising to become one of his favorite players (just ask El Guapo).

This being said, Urban would never risk losing a game by creating an elaborate QB hoax. I understand the argument that Ohio State was dealing with the complacency that all title winners have and Urban had to manufacture a "us vs. the world" mentality. Few emotions are stronger than one that exists within the chip on the shoulder mindset. But creating a QB controversy is a mad experiment with potentially catastrophic results (ex. almost going into OT at Indiana). Urban is a psychology genius, but not someone that would make a mad gamble with so much proven talent coming back........ Although part of me does like to imagine that all this has gone according to his plan because it would be epic. It would be right up there with the Emperor seemingly leaving the Death Star vunerable and allowing the rebels to fall right into his trap (Que General Ackbar). 

Comment 23 Oct 2015

Sounds like Mike Bennett was LJ's prototype. A 285-290 lb DT that was quick as a cat off the ball. This also makes me feel as though Dremont Jones is destined to be our next great interior pass rusher. Jones is listed as 6-3 280 lbs. on the roster and was an excellent pass rusher in high school when he played DE. Just a guess, but my money is on him to slide into Washington's soon to be vacated spot for next season. Now all we need is to get Antwuan Jackson (6-2, 294 lbs) at NT and that would be a pretty sweet interior pass rush. Unless of course Hill/Munger decide to step it up and become leaders on the D-line. I definitely wouldn't mind seeing that either. 

Comment 23 Oct 2015

Who is the star DT they are missing and how many starters in the secondary are they missing? I don't know much about their depth on defense. 

Comment 19 Oct 2015

Oyster, thank you for that. It's been a rough week or so and I haven't laughed in days. I legitimately almost just wet myself from laughing so hard. That was gold! 

Comment 16 Oct 2015

Lol, exactly! Lets make a new rule that everyone is taken out to pasture at age 65. It eliminates our "the shoe is too quiet" problem and also solves the social security funding crisis at the same time. 

Comment 16 Oct 2015

Damn, that is a great observation. Hadn't even thought of that. Younger people will wear black and deal with the cold, but older folks will just say screw it. Maybe the older folks have black sweaters??? Interested to see how this plays out. We need to hack social security database and deliver black hoodies to every Columbus resident who is SS eligible. 

Comment 16 Oct 2015

Why won't the school just officially announce it? Everyone within the Buckeye football program is. Nobody in the OSU admin has told Urban and co. to stop promoting this so why don't they just get on board? It's going to look stupid if all the students and young people wear black, but all the older folks wear their traditional scarlet. I really hope the Columbus radio stations have been getting the word out. 

Comment 13 Oct 2015

No doubt they have a respectable D this year. Solid players and good coaching will do that. My beef is with the offense. Its basically a decent rushing attack with a very below average passing game. Ruddock is still garbage and Deveon Smith is a bulldozer but with below average wiggle. Their running game is good enough to get the job done, but their poor passing game makes them look very one dimensional. MSU has some injuries but should still have enough beef up front to put Michigan in a position where they have to pass to win. The Michigan D on the other hand hasn't seen a QB anything close to Connor Cook. I think MSU can put up 24 on these guys and be right there in it. 

Comment 13 Oct 2015

Balance being Ohio State ruling the Big Ten empire and MSU serving as a tough #2 (like the past several years). Under no circumstances do I want another 10 year war. I want UM to be like Georgia. Respectable but always collapsing when it matters most. 

Comment 13 Oct 2015

We also needed an absolutely historic beatdown against Wisconsin to slip in past TCU/Baylor. If we have one lose and only one win against a top 25 team I don't like our chances of getting in the playoffs. Last year we lucked out that our loss was the 2nd game and the Big 12 fucked themselves by not crowning a champion. I wouldn't want to depend on that happening every year. 

Comment 05 Oct 2015

Yeah, im not buying that these struggles are all part of the plan. If you lose to Indiana it doesn't matter how well you are playing when you get to MSU. With our schedule it would be extremely hard to recover and make playoffs still. I think the offensive line has come to together, but the receivers and Cardale are on different wavelengths. Perhaps this problem can be fixed, but right now this team is just not very good. 

Comment 02 Oct 2015

A genie comes down from the sky and gives you three options. You can only pick one. Which one do you choose?

A. Mark May is banished from the United States and sent to Australia to cover rugby

B. Jim Harbaugh shits his khakis on national TV and gives us the best GIFS ever

C.It is discovered that time travel (backward) exists and Tyvis is in fact the father of Cardale

Comment 01 Oct 2015

Of course weber won't be the same runner, but he will be a very similar one. Weber may actually have a little more wiggle actually. Like Walker, but not sure he will ever be Zeke. Then again, we may not ever have as versatile a back as zeke again. I think both Weber and Walker will find success, but for next year I'm taking Weber. Weber seems to be more of a sure thing to me. This guy is built like a small tank and we absolutely know he has no problem with major contact. Walker can add bulk, but how will he mentally respond to the physical punishment he will see at the next level? Will he really be able to step in as a true freshman and beat out someone who is equally heralded and more physically prepared? I doubt he is #1 on the depth chart to start next season. Maybe by the end of the year he will be, but not in game 1. Regardless, they should form quite the 1-2 punch.