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Buckeyes have been my Team for the past 55 years, there are so many excellent players thru the years, just to watch them play is enough for me.


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Comment 20 Feb 2014

Really be great to see the silver bullets rejuvenated covering the secondary coach Ash style  and the frontline kicking butt and dropping the offense with a thud!, courtesy of coach Johnson.  My motor is already running for spring practice!  O-H. 

Comment 17 Feb 2014

Nike and Oregon can try and promote this program all they want but think about its history. For years and years they have been middle or bottom in the Pac 12. They very well could be on the rise, at the least they are going thru a cycle.  I think that maybe w/Nike in their backyard and promoting them anything is possible, but what kind of tradition do they have to look back on and say with pride we belong.

Comment 16 Feb 2014

I agree with Z, if a kids heart isn't into Ohio State then that can translate into a bad experience for the Malik and Ohio State. Good luck to the young man in his football career.

Comment 12 Feb 2014

I can remember when John Cooper was given the pink slip, and OSU went a calling, all the big time coaches didn't seem so interested in us and our program, Jim Tressel was a plan B type coach, because of his small college ties and lack of major college coaching, but boy did he come in turn the program around.  As for Urban he was the very best fit for us and we were very lucky he was ready to return to coaching.


                                                                               Move over Nick, Urban is the real rock star!

Comment 02 Feb 2014

Fickell is a pretty damn good linebackers coach and a gr8 recruiter for he buckeyes, but a positions coach is a specialist, that works only with a small group of a team, I believe that is where Luke is the best fit for the scarlet and gray.

Comment 15 Jan 2014

gr8 coach for the good guys, Urban pulled the rabbit outta the hat on this hire, just a comment has to the age, people are living longer these days 62 these days is like being in mid to upper thirty's so coach Johnson if he wishes and stays in good health could give us 10 years.

O-H.... Go Bucks

Comment 06 Jul 2012

gr8 article good reading,  keep up the good work!