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Comment 30 Sep 2013

Pretty sure I was sitting about 10 rows behind you (16A?) and I watched the whole thing unfold, though I obviously had no idea at the time that it was you.  Here's what I was thinking the whole time: in 20+ years of attending major sporting events, I've learned one thing that you guys apparently missed, and that is that majority rules.  If most of the people in the section want to stand, then everyone will stand.  If most want to sit, then everyone will sit.  And you don't really get to argue about it--this is why you guys lost the fight.  The folks asking you to sit paid the same $$$ you did, so I've no idea why some of you think that your money out-of-pocket means that your rights and desires supersede theirs.  (Some of them paid even *more* than you did for *seat backs* to make the *seat* more comfortable for *sitting* in--does that mean they're in charge now?)  And although you make it sound like all 106,000 fans were on their feet except for the crabby people behind you, that wasn't the case at all.  By the time you guys were asked to sit down there wasn't anyone standing up in the rows in front of you.  You guys were the clear outliers, and that's when people start to get pissed.  You're right that there's no excuse for yelling at other fans the way they did, but you were asked politely before the yelling started, and that didn't make any difference in your choice. 

The thing I find remarkable about this entire comment thread is that if you prefer to sit rather than stand you are, by definition, a "douchebag." Doesn't matter if you are fully engaged in every play, and screaming at the top of your lungs, and stand up for every third and fourth down (which our section certainly did, a fact curiously omitted from the original post)--if you decide you prefer to sit on first and/or second down, well then you suck and should just stay home.  I've stood up through every last second of plenty of games (including one on crutches, with a broken foot, in 95 degree heat, that went to triple OT), I've gone to work/school on countless Mondays with no voice left thanks to all the screaming I did on Saturday--and I even followed the team around for four years as a member of OSUMB.  I'd like to think I've established my Buckeye fan cred, but when people in the section where I'm sitting decide they want to sit, then I sit down too.  Thanks to all of you, I now know that means I'm a worthless piece of crap masquerading as a football fan who should never set foot in Ohio Stadium again.  Good to know.

If you all want a perfect game-watching world in which you get to make all the rules, then you are probably the ones who should stay home in your living rooms or buy yourselves a suite--because that's the only place where you get to be 100% in charge.  If you choose to go out and participate in a large group event and place yourselves among the masses, then you're gonna have to play by the group's rules. Just like your mama taught you!

Comment 23 Jan 2011

"With a chance to tie, Illinois couldn't even get off a shot as Diebler picked up a steal in the lane and outletted to Buford who was immediately fouled. Buford put the game away with two free throws - his first points of the 2nd half and first since a triple with 5:27 left in the 1st half to provide the final margin." I'd understand if you watched the last minutes w/your hands clamped over your eyes (it was that kind of game)--but didn't you miss something here? Diebler picked up a steal that was recovered by Sully, who immediately called time-out. The foul to Buford came after the TO and in-bound. And after a lot of whining by Weber.