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Comment 04 Oct 2015

Can a passing game be "non existent" if your HC doesn't even trust your QB?

This is a much BIGGER problem than Mark May. 

I love my Bucks, but the talking heads have a point, this is not a Playoff team at the moment.

Comment 22 Sep 2015

Have you ever stared into the sun for 2+ hours?

Yep, it's just like that. Save your eyes.

Comment 21 Sep 2015

That's the simple type of info that would be great IN YOUR ANNUAL MAGAZINE PHIL!

Comment 20 Sep 2015

His fumbles gave Ole Miss 10pts.

There's your ballgame.

Along with that ridiculous fluke TD off two Bama defenders.

Comment 18 Sep 2015

I don't care who starts, just as long as they don't kick it OOB 2-3 times a game.

Comment 13 Sep 2015

Agree. Oregon gave up 41 points to a FCS school and lost to MSU, they should be lucky to even be in the top 10. QB play this year will show they're not the Ducks of the past. TAMU will crumble eventually through the season.