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Comment 30 Nov 2016

Desmond's credibility left when he started going on the scUM sideline for every big game, decked out in scUM gear.

He doesn't hide his bias, and ESPN doesn't give two shits about it......if you're telling me Bama would rather play OSU first than Washington, whatever credibility you had, just left.

Comment 27 Nov 2016

Simply, yes. Without a doubt.

IMO, I'm sick of hearing in summer camp "how fast the offense is" and "(insert name) is tearing up camp" only to find us winding the play-clock to 3 every series and only running tempo when things are going well. Also, Urban after pressers preaching "things will change" with this offense the next week, only to see pitch-plays and JT running 20+ times. This year's youth is BIG....and last year with this same crap play-calling was borderline wreck-less with the playmakers we had.....only to panic and run vanilla plays more than half of the season.

As I mentioned before, yes, our WR core is young.....but why call plays that take time to develop? If Zach Smith can't coach these young fellas to grow up quickly on the big stage, why no accountability on his end? If twitter is more important in his mind, he needs to be evaluated as well.

JT's regression is too obvious to overlook....it's not even debatable. As the OP said, we saw this at Nebraska with Beck and Taylor Martinez......his mechanics were god-awful by the time he left school. Can't just blame Beck, but Urban needs to reassess things regardless of a Title this year with both him and Ed. Because let's face it....it's not working.

Gotta love this D though.

Comment 27 Nov 2016

The better question, given the constant debate with who should/will be in the playoff is:

What is the point of the Committee.....if Conference Championships are all that matters?

Comment 21 Nov 2016

I wouldn't be shocked to see scUM drive down the field easily their first drive (i.e. MSU/PSU). I hope I'm wrong, but especially on Saturday, we looked like we were still in the locker room those first two plays.

All it takes is one big drive early, then our D sets in.

Comment 19 Nov 2016

"It was cold"

"It was windy"

Did the coaches just realize this would be the weather when they woke up this morning? Again, we look lost when the weather isn't perfect, and literally rely on JT to run 25+ to save the game.

Comment 31 Oct 2016

Agree....even with 4/5 star players, you still expect good things...but they're still young.

After the Oklahoma game, I think many (including myself) had a "holy s***, we are damn good"  moment, and expectations rose a bit.