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Comment 02 Sep 2015

Why post this?

This is an Ohio State site Flappy. Welcome to the board, but don't click on the thread and even comment if you're pissy about what "your team's site" produces.

Good luck next Monday.

Comment 30 Aug 2015

Find any post of mine (ever) where I predict a 60+ win. I'll wait.

Comment 30 Aug 2015

From what I'm seeing, VT is saying they have more experience and we both "essentially" have the same teams that played LY, so that's why they'll win.

There's a difference between cocky and confident, VT fans are toeing the line.

Comment 23 Aug 2015

The 26 hour replay in a nutshell:

8minutes of the game - commercials - "due to time constraints, we'll be moving forward in the broadcast" - more commercials - last 5 minutes of the game.


Comment 22 Aug 2015

4) Stoops. Big games aside his teams are always impressive

Isn't his nickname "Big Game Bob"?

Never understood why Stoops always got/gets a pass for losing big games, given he does have his 1 title.....but the criticism for Tress from the media was brutal when "his teams never showed up".

"Teflon Bob" is more fitting imo.

Comment 09 Aug 2015

Just because they "return" these starters doesn't mean they're going to put up lots of points.

Given we did lose last year to the Hokies, this is the "same" offense that put up 3 points against Wake Forest.

Brewer made some incredible 3rd and 15+ plays in Columbus last year, can't really see him doing it again.

Comment 26 Jul 2015

While Key went to USC, it's cool to see how involved he is now with OSU since his nephew has stepped onto campus.

You gotta believe Mike has given Brax some tips as well.

Comment 22 Jul 2015

I don't always listen to Mike/Mike......but when I do, I regret it.

Summary of what every show consists of you ask?

Golic: Mentions/compares playing in the NFL to EVERY topic discussed, ND this/ND that, yells at Greeny.

Greeny: Says WAY too much about a topic/question when a simple sentence will suffice, yells at Golic.


Comment 17 Jul 2015


1. '98 MSU - Given, will always be at the top.

2. '07 Florida - After the initial KO return, it felt like a no-brainer.....then the nightmare began.

3. '09 USC - Was in the Shoe for this game, one of the loudest games ever.....and we basically gave the game away.


1. '15 Bama - Yes, not the Championship, but something about beating them just gives this the #1 nod.

2. '06 Meechigan - #1 vs #2, definitely lived up to the hype.

3. '03 Miami - David vs Goliath