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Comment 21 Sep 2014

I have to admit for the first time in a long time I was happy with big performance. Hopefully there will be major changes in programs to make them more relevant (I.e. Indiana increasing budget on athletic program 3 years ago to make better. Looks like it is paying off). This weekend FINALLY showed a step in the right direction. Except TSUN there are major overhauls in the close future.

Comment 13 Sep 2014

Guys, I really believe it is time we join a new conference. Like the big 12. We could continue matchups against tsun but get new opponents in ok ut and ou plus it's a more respectable conference than the trash we are in

Comment 07 Sep 2014

This is me after weeks of talking up the big ten after a pretty good showing in last years  bowl games.

1. Open mouth.

2. Insert foot.

Comment 31 Aug 2014

Tired of seeing people ragging on the defense. Before jt started to get comfortable and the offense found a rhythm late in the game the defense was on the field the entire game. Throw in the fact they were playing against a very skilled triple option offense they are not used to and still held them to 17 despite nearly 40 minutes on the field, I think the had a very good performance. An average performance on their part would've resulted in a different game in which the score would be much different for navy (20+). 

Comment 31 Aug 2014

Not sure why facts are being down voted. We do not find the competition for healthy growth from big 10 play. Hence the reason we struggle in out of conference play


Comment 19 Aug 2014

Only in my 3rd year enlisted Air Force. I am a lifelong bucknut and not afraid to show it down here in sc. There is a war going on for those of you still safe up home. A war against the sec that your brothers and sisters  down here with me are fighting against an arrogant and fact-less enemy. It is a tough fight but one I will gladly partake. Our Honor Defend!!

Comment 04 Jan 2014

Best part about it is living in the south is listening to the usual comments about how ohio state puts the o in choke and blow. Clemsux is a joke down here and they embarrassed us. Therefore I am willing to offer my defensive coordinating talents to the ohio state university. Be ready for the 3-3-5 my friends and Marcus at mike

Comment 03 Jan 2014

So from what I have seen living in Carolina is a very sloppy and consistently sloppy South Carolina team managed to beat Clemson handily. I can not picture a scenario in which Ohio State can't beat Clemson regardless of secondary issues.