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Comment 31 Dec 2016
Fuck you offense. You assholes should have to come down here and live for the year while all the acc and sec fans shit on you.
Comment 09 Dec 2016

Mine was ridiculous for several reasons:

1) It shows Clemson beating Ohio State when I showed Ohio State having home field advantage (everyone knows we do)

2) It showed Watson throwing 3 picks which sounds right but it also showed J.T. throwing 6!!!!! wth?

Comment 28 Nov 2016

As a The Citadel grad, I would love for Clemson to lose so that we are the best team in the state. We beat Carolina last year and would have the better record this year. Here's to hoping we win our play-off's.

Comment 22 Nov 2016

Read ND is appealing the decision which comes as no surprise. However, what really gets me is that UNC and Ole Miss have yet to receive any sanctions. Ole Miss should get the Death Penalty at this point seeing as the investigation revealed that 9 of the NUMEROUS violations were Level 1 (highest level).

Comment 22 Nov 2016

That "Oh my GOOOOOOOOD!" face he makes is priceless.

Comment 21 Nov 2016

Do not like this for two reasons:

1) The context of it could stand to mean _ichigan vs Ohio being that they are TSUN.

2) I live in the South now and love it. No need to bash paradise.

Comment 16 Nov 2016

Nate Silver was a hell of a lot closer than anyone else was. 

If referring to media, yes. However, I think most of us non-media members knew what would happen.

Comment 16 Nov 2016

Going to go with 62-3 because 62 - 3 = 59. 59 is the number of points we scored against Wiscy in the 2014 BTCG. 2014 is the year we went to the playoffs and beat Alabama. The National Title was won in 2015 for the 2014 season. 2015-2014 = 1. 2015 + 1 = 2016. We go to the playoff's in 2016 and win it all. Illuminati confirmed.

Comment 16 Nov 2016

Weber met all expectations so far this season

I like to think he didn't just meet expectations but exceeded them thus far this year. He has developed into a powerful and dangerous runner and a very good blocker. We have a tradition of having amazing backs only for the next to come in and surpass his predecessor i.e. Pittman > Herron > Hyde > Zeke.

Comment 15 Nov 2016

The current division alignments cause an imbalance in the conference. Outside of Wiscy there is NOT a solid team from the West. Yes, some teams pop up every once in a while and decide they suddenly want a football program but besides Wiscy and Nebraska you do not see any steps to create growth or improvement. Ohio State and Michigan are to the Big 10 what USA is to NATO. They fund the rest of the conference with viewership, investments in their programs, etc. while the rest ride the coattails and squeak by. Hopefully the rest will take notes from Nebraska and Wiscy who seem to have woken up. (PSU is a different story because crimes and stuff...)

East:  tOSU , MSU , scUM , Penn St , Indy , Rutgers , Maryland

West: Iowa , NW , Wiscy , Nebraska , Minn , Illini , Purdue

Comment 28 Oct 2016


No Student Debt - This is something that can take years to pay off. That $200-$500 / month payment is the difference between a new truck or a Ford Pinto.

Southern atmosphere - No such thing as a stranger as everyone is friendly. The whole "Yankee" thing is a farce unless you are from New England. People down here realize the Mid West is not Yankee since it is farm country. I have a thicker twang than most people down here.

Weather - It's the South. You have 2-3 really hot months with humidity but the rest are amazing.

Game Day - The feel will be very similar to Ohio State as Bama fans (except bandwagon) don't play into the whole "SEC is one team" crap.