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Comment 22 Nov 2015
I personally believe he should issue an apology to BuckNation for his comments on leaving. It was neither the time nor place. Idk if he said it out of anger or sadness but when you say you are leaving this team and "there is no way you are coming back" you are also walking out on us. Maybe he should come live down here in the South as an Ohio state fan and see the shit we deal with on a day to day basis from sec and acc fans. Especially when we lose. Then we will see...
Comment 26 Oct 2015
I can't wait for Ohio State to play a game in South Carolina again. 90% of this state is Ohio transplants. The last time there was a game here was USC vs Ohio State for basketball and the entire arena was Ohio State fans.
Comment 07 Oct 2015
Because a new offensive line and offense with tons of young fresh talent not yet broken in going into the second game of the year is no excuse for JT losing that game right? Ronnie, your argument is so inane it hurts. Cardale has a veteran crew while JT was breaking in a new offense. He has no excuse...
Comment 05 Oct 2015
Cardale does not have the accuracy anymore. He under threw the deep ball several times against western that should have been t.d.'s. This game he continued his inconsistencies by bullet passing inaccurate throws with a wet ball to receivers. Most passes were behind or way high and very difficult to catch especially given that a bullet throw was not needed. Urban saw this and fearing more interceptions (cardale now has more int than tds) he shut the passing game down.
Comment 23 Sep 2015

A lack of a true deep ball threat also does hurt. When we had Devin Smith, we could count on him always dragging a defender or two 20+ yards down the field with him. Then when a run or shovel pass would bust to his side, there would only be a few guys to beat on the outside because the corner and safety were well down field. I think we can expect to see someone step up a few more games into the season but it is still too early to tell who.

Comment 11 Sep 2015
Went to ESPN to read some articles on other teams but all I saw were articles about how ole miss is the best team because they handled an fcs opponent.
Comment 08 Sep 2015

For some reason I am sad that J.T. is not the starter even though I told myself I would not be upset regardless of whom was picked. I just feel like he put so much into this team last year and during camp. But hey.... Urban Meyer is a wizard and maybe that dual QB system he was talking about was simply switching up who would start between games every once in a while to keep Defensive Coordinators frosty. I personally would like to see just one QB so that they can get a groove and get going. Braxton showed last night why he is one of my all time favorites.

Comment 19 Aug 2015

Lest we forget! This is the same sports network that gave Bruce/Caitlynn? the courage award over MUCH BETTER candidates. Naming this clown to the HoF does not carry much weight or relevance.

Comment 30 Jul 2015
It may just be me, but I can't stand when people use age as an excuse. When I was that age I was a couple years into my military career and was responsible not only for my own safe keeping but those around me who were equally as young or younger. Kids these days need to learn responsibility, self-control, and discipline. I think Darron Lee is a good example of that and that is why he is my favorite player right now.
Comment 28 Jul 2015

Finish last, get the first pick, and get Cardale... Thats as simple as it needs to get for the Browns.

Comment 24 Jul 2015

I think J. Marshall is filling the Devin Smith role while B. Miller is filling the Marshall role but as a better passer. My dream is having D. Wilson and J. Marshall both on the field at the same time playing wide outs. How many teams have the players to cover two speed demons like that? Usually they only have to worry about one guy. I predict Zeke will have a 2000+ yds season with how spread the field will be covering Marshall, Miller, Wilson, Thomas/Smith, Barret, and Vannett.

Comment 09 Jul 2015

If you are making this argument then you absolutely CANNOT leave out Michigan St. (top 5 finisher repeatedly and bowl win streak in New Year's 6 games) and Wisconsin that averages the same 2 or 3 losses each season and has a decent bowl record (see New Year's 2015 when they beat Auburn without their head coach). Then you have Minnesota that is on the rise and held TCU to their season low (yes I know they self destructed in their bowl game) as well as Nebraska that has a coach that supposedly is the right fit and has a good field returning. 

This is what I propose. If the SEC wants to prove their dominance, come up North and play a game or actually play in a Neutral site that isn't in the South. Notice my name, I am from Ohio and played ball in SC and my first year down here I can tell you that it does effect performance if you are not used to the humidity.I'd like to see those over-rated schools play in the cold and get a taste of their own medicine.

Comment 21 Jan 2015
Someone compared this to a hockey line up. I think its more along the lines of picking you team for super smash brothers
Comment 12 Jan 2015
Woke up this morning. Pissed on the scum logo in my toilet bowl. Threw up because of the money riding on this game. Put on my uniform. Walked out of the house and threw a double deuce to the Oregon flag flying at my neighbors house. Went to the chow hall. Ate 8 eggs. Went to gas station and bought $8 dollars of monster (going to be a long night). Got to work at 8 till 7. Volunteered to work on the plane at spot 8. Made plans to kick off the party at 8. Today my lucky number is 8.