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Comment 28 May 2015
so... The last time Ohio State played Northern Illinois, the Buckeyes went undefeated in the regular season, played for the national championship, and Urban Meyer was the coach of the national championship team. I say we repeat all three of those things!
Comment 14 May 2015
Sorry Bro. Most of us base our opinions on actual games, not spring games. Sure he had some mistakes early last season, but when it mattered, he was clutch. To say he isn't a complete player is a bit much. I'm a big Dontre Wilson fan and hope he still does great things, but his injury was a blessing in disguise. I don't know if the Buckeyes are Undisputed Champs without Jalin stepping up the way he did.
Comment 11 May 2015
He should have to play the first 13 games, then miss the final 3, plus the first playoff game...
Comment 27 Jan 2015

I selected "other" because I am not the great Ed Warinner, and I have no clue.

On a related note: if you take the "ar" out of Warinner, you have Ed Winner.

Coincidence? I think not.

Comment 09 Jan 2015

I like Cardale for 121 yards rushing, 6 flattened ducks, 3 hurdled ducks, 2 TD's. In the air, I'll say 279 yards, 3 TD's... that puts him at 400 total and 5 TD's...

Add in Zeke's 240 yards, 2 TD's...

and some other random runs...

Buckeyes get 700 yards of offense and win 56-24... SHOCKING THE WORLD!

Comment 09 Jan 2015

fwiw... the jags started a ton of rookies this season, and had a ton of injuries as well... but when they were healthy, they were actually doing kinda decent...

not that it'll matter... hairball still can't touch Urban & Co.