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Comment 21 Dec 2016
Forget 2016. That Curtis Samuel run against Ttun is one of the greatest Buckeye plays of all time.
Comment 28 Nov 2016

How do you not see us getting in? The Buckeyes had the hardest schedule in the nation, and it really isn't even close. Conference championships, head-to-head, etc only come into play when teams are "equal" and need additional consideration... there is no equal to Ohio State right now. The only reason Bama is #1 is because they haven't lost. Bama is the unquestioned #1, Ohio State is the unquestioned #2 in the committee's eyes. If Bama loses (to Florida, yeah right...) Ohio State is the unquestioned #1. Everyone else is fighting for the last two spots. Wisconsin's best wins are losses. Penn State could potentially end up with two good wins if they beat Wisconsin, which would probably knock out Clemson or Washington before knocking us out. Have faith my friend!

Comment 20 Nov 2016
I have no fear in this game. These Buckeyes have played up to expectations in every big game against ranked opponents this year (remember PSU was unranked when that game happened). Urban is possibly the greatest big game/rivalry game coach of all time. These boys will be ready. O'Korn and his friends should have started preparing long before October. They won't know what hit them.
Comment 20 Nov 2016
The current football gods are Woody Hayes and Bear Bryant. Next in line are Tom Osborne and Urban Meyer. Nick Saban is ineligible due to his pact with Satan. It's gonna suck to be a ichigan fan for a long, long time.
Comment 16 Nov 2016
Ramzy: 1) I didn't care what the implications were, I enjoyed that Iowa win. 2) Of course you rooted for Iowa, they're your first love. 3) Every year you just have to remind us of the history with the Spartans, don't you? 4)Thank you. We love you. (and we don't say it enough)