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Comment 2 hours ago

I hope Fickell tells them about that '06 game and the lifetime of regret they feel allowing those jack-legs to come into OUR HOUSE and beat us thus ruining the shot at the national championship...

THAT is a feeling I KNOW these guys don't want to feel...

There were multiple NFL all-pro players that have retired and still say that game is their biggest regret in their playing careers...

NO repeats of '96 Fellas....LETS ROLL!

Something tells me that I'm not gonna get much work done this week....

Comment 22 Nov 2014

Jist kick the thing out of the end zone every time and make them go 80

Comment 20 Nov 2014

UV for the research and points well made.

I originally went in to edit the post to say that Stoops' pay was ok with me partially because of longevity and consistency at the position and that some schools seem to look upon stability at their HC position favorably (see Iowa)...but I got called away from computer to do something (work) and forgot to save it...

Reading your response opens my eyes to see that stability must weigh more heavily than I thought at OU and Iowa at least...haha

Comment 20 Nov 2014

Hyde replaced Hall, who replaced Boom, (Smith was expected to) Boom replaced Beanie, Beanie replaced Jonathan Wells, who replaced Mo Clarrett..

Not sure but I think this is not quite accurate...

Hyde took place of J. Hall who was injured and lost his spot to Hyde which he never relinquished.  Hall sub'd in admirably for Hyde during 1st three games last year while Hyde was suspended.

Hall and Hyde replaced Boom and Zoom.  Boom and Zoom replaced Beanie and Pittman.  Pittman and Beanie replaced Mo Wells and Mo Hall who both worked to replace Mo Clarrett who replaced Jonathan Wells.

I agree with the notion that teams like Ohio State "re-load" rather than rebuild but some of the names above were far better players than the others.  It took me a couple of years with Boom to "forget" about Beanie.  Beanie helped me feel better about losing Pittman though... while Pittman was a welcome enhancement over the disappointments of Mo Wells and Mo Hall who together didn't equal Clarrett...and Jonathan Wells was a disappointment until his senior year when he went off for something like 1,200 yds.

It may take another year of Zeke to make me "forget" El Guapo...who would've been in NYC if it weren't for his suspension

The above may not be perfectly accurate (I did ZERO research on it) but its closer than putting Jonathan Wells as replacing Clarrett

There's always that next guy who makes people forget about the last.

I've personally never forgotten Eddie and our elders (and us that never got to see him play) have never forgotten Archie

Just sayin...

Comment 19 Nov 2014

I have no problem with Stoops making more than Urban considering how long he's been at Oklahoma and what he has accomplished there (albeit not so much lately) 

Urban has some catching up to do in his Ohio State career to be on par with Stoops and Saban.  Once he accomplishes those goals, his pay will be right on par, if not on top.

That being said, my only complaint is that ALL of them are grossly overpaid.  

I did spare you all my soapbox rant I deleted about how screwed up our priorities are in this world.  Its a game for goodness sakes.

$5 million/year salary is roughly 100 times more than the median US household income...smh

Comment 11 Nov 2014

I think that we will see the Dontre hole will be filled by a mixture of Marshall (primarily) with Samuel sprinkled in there.  Also some different looks using 2 TEs and then possibly some Noah Brown (but sparingly).

I'd like to see Warren Ball get some more carries from the RB spot to ease the increased work-load that Samuel may face picking up some of the Dontre duties.

Ball reminds me of Beanie.

Comment 11 Nov 2014

Lets get Conley some good experience in the next few weeks so he's more solid by the time we need the depth in the post season

Let's just keep a safety over top and a LB underneath because he is a liability.

A blowout 1st half and let him play the whole 2nd half would be ideal...

Comment 11 Nov 2014

I'd like to see both guys play next year.  That being said, Braxton will not be prepared for the NFL by running our offense.  If he has eyes on being an NFL QB the best thing for HIM and HIS LIFE would be transfer to a team that runs a pro style offense or go straight to the draft.  I'm for the draft of those 2 options.

However, another option would be, IF he is able to get healthy and make all of the throws, it would be an ultimate display of loyalty to a player for Urban to bring on an NFL QB coach of some kind to work with Braxton at OSU next season.  Urban/Herman could install a separate pro-style offensive package similar to what we see Chip Kelly running in Philly or what the Seahawks do for Russell Wilson.  Let Brax and/or JT run it and allow them to split time and learn it together while maintaining the current playbook that both of them already know. 

We could begin a slow transition to an offensive scheme that better prepares our QBs for the NFL. I think this would only help the program in the long run by decreasing the number of designed QB runs, minimizing hits on our QBs improving their longevity and prepping them to play on Sundays.  It would help in recruiting elite level QBs and WRs as well.  

Just my opinion is all...

Comment 11 Nov 2014


AND, He will not do that. 

Reason?  Oregon does no more to prepare him for the NFL than staying with OSU.

Also, this was HIS team and he feels like he has unfinished business here and IF he decides to come back to OSU it will be to finish that business, to win back his job, prove all of the naysayers wrong, win a B1G championship and have a shot at the National Championship.

Otherwise, there is no reason he risks further injury by coming back to run a read-option QB run offense...he should roll the dice in the draft, get paid big $$$ to further rehab his shoulder with an elite NFL medical staff and see what happens.  No question, he will get drafted...even with a bum shoulder.  IF the shoulder doesn't make it back to allow him to throw, let an NFL coaching staff teach you how to be a WR, RB or HB and make your $$$. 

Then, save that $$$, invest large chunks of it and live off of the interest and find your way through life comfortably.

THE MAN has options!

Comment 11 Nov 2014

Here's hoping that #5 on defense sees plenty of time on the field covering that TE...Leidner found that TE Maxx (with two XX's) Williams to be quite a reliable target.  Kid is legit and can catch.  Leidner looked like he can throw too...so PUHLEASE let's see Kwon out there covering him.  Grant will get abused by this dude...

Comment 10 Nov 2014

It will be what it will be...a competition as Meyer said.

After all, does anyone really think that Braxton wants the job handed to him?  Do we really think that JT wants the job handed to him either?

These guys know what the deal is...they've been through this before.  They know who their coach is.  They know that Urban runs a program that focuses on competition and NO ONE is entitled to playing time. 

Something tells me this is going to be much less of an issue than we are all making it right now.

Comment 10 Nov 2014

Don't think for ONE SECOND that Braxton doesn't see what is happening.  He is injured, NOT DEAD.

He is planning now what is best for him because, after all, it is HIS LIFE.

For us, it is a game.

That being said, if he rehabs his shoulder and HE decides what is best for him is to come back to tOSU and play QB, then he is #1 on depth chart heading into spring ball.  From there it is a competition.  He will know going into camp that he will have to compete to remain the starter.

IF he's successful, I am VERY HAPPY to have a healthy #5 leading this team.

Bottom line is that Braxton has to do what is best for Braxton.  AND the rest of us need to stop worrying about it.  He is in control of his situation and you better believe that Camp Braxton is analyzing all of the possibilities as we speak.

The game of LIFE is more important than the game of football...even OSU football (if you can believe it).

Comment 10 Nov 2014

Agree.  Eli Apple made that play by staying "home" and not following the receiver in motion.  And credit Fikell/Ash...called a zone D in that situation just because of the potential for mis-direction.  Great call and clutch play from Eli.