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Comment 23 Apr 2015

"I see a happy guy, I see it's going to be what it's going to be, but he's great."

What's not to be happy about?

Back living in the great state of Ohio, your home state...Check.

Head Coach of The Ohio State University Buckeyes...Check.

B1G Champion...Check.

Beat Nicky Satan on his home turf in first even CFB Playoffs...Check.

National Champions and winners of the first ever CFB Playoff Championship Game...Check.

New contract worth over $6million a year...Check Mate.

Comment 23 Apr 2015

I hope he's 100% and can throw just so everyone can remember how good he was...however, I agree that he isn't prototypical NFL QB and never was going to be...even if he had remained 100% healthy.  I just wish he would call Hines Ward and have a talk.  I see the second coming in Brax potentially if he will open up his mind to that line of reasoning.

Bottom line though, I love Brax and what he has done for the university and state of Ohio.  Guy is a class act and an elite athlete...I wish him all the best in whatever he decides is best for his future.  He's done enough and sacrificed enough for Buckeye Nation already...nothing left to prove to me!

Go Bucks!

Comment 10 Mar 2015

The committee thought OSU was the right call and we proved them right by winning it all.

 I think that the CFP committee would have to feel like they made a mistake to give TCU a "make up call" which would inherently admit some sort of wrongdoing...I don't see that happening.

Much to the dismay of those toads...the system worked as good as could have been expected in its first year and when we won the whole thing, no one outside of Texas or Oxford Mississippi could argue with it anymore.

Comment 10 Mar 2015

The ONLY way we can threaten 80yd TD pass is with Cardale Jones and to a much lesser extent JT Barrett.

Totally Disagree with this comment.  

JT and Brax (when healthy) could both threaten an 80yd TD pass.  And, while CJs arm is strongest of the three, Brax (prior to injury) was not too far behind.  He had a very strong arm and was quite a capable passer...he was just asked to run A LOT more than CJ and a good bit more than JT.   What we all saw this offense evolve into was what Meyer envisioned for Brax this year as well,  It just so happened that Brax never got the chance to run it.

Bottom line (and I have said this before and will not change my tune) is that all 3 of these guys can run the offense we saw against Wisky, Bama and Oregon.  Assuming all 3 are healthy and 100%, I am happy with any of them taking the snaps.

Comment 11 Feb 2015

Why does everyone always say JT is a better passer than Braxton? 

I saw JT miss just as many open guys as Braxton did. 

We've also seen Brax throw 50+ yard TD passes on a line and hit the receivers in-stride. 

Many of Cardale's TD passes were helped tremendously by Devin Smith making plays.

And, in 3 years (limited by some missed games, injuries and weak WR corps) Braxton's numbers are good enough for 4th all time in TD passes and 9th all time passing yards...I would say that is pretty good, given that I am pretty sure he was asked to run the ball A LOT more than those other 8 guys in front of him.  I can remember games where he had less than 10 passing attempts in some games.

Look, JT had a GREAT year.  Cardale had a phenomenal debut and finished The Chase and brought home a National Championship. 

All 3 of these guys are good enough to start for any team in the country.  What happened at QB at tOSU this year has never happened anywhere before. 

I argue that, IF Brax was healthy and played all year we may have fallen short of the NC due to the play-calling and the rest of the offense (esp. O-line) taking his athletic ability for granted which gives some guys an excuse to take a play off etc... I think that might have equaled a loss somewhere along the line--possibly MSU or Bama.  However, once it became clear we had a new QB in JT who needed the help, everyone's game went up a notch after the wake-up call that was the VT loss.

 AND if JT was our QB going into the playoffs and throughout we might've lost one of those games as Bama and Oregon would've had A LOT more film to watch. Also, the play-calling wouldn't have changed for CJ to feature the deep ball and more running by Zeke (less running by QB).

No matter what this season was special and no one can take our UNDISPUTED National Championship away.  ALL 3 of these guys have been integral in the evolution of this team, the final product being what we saw in NO and Dallas.

ALL 3 deserve to start if healthy.  No one is "better" than the other as they each bring arguably very similar traits to the field and ALL 3 can run the offense we saw against Bama and Oregon.

I am picking more of the OFFENSE we saw in those last 3 games with a side of Silver Bullet defense as my favorite recipe for a repeat.  Which QB takes the snaps?  Any one of the 3 is fine with me.

Lets just enjoy this NC and let the coaches figure this one out.  That's why they get paid the big money folks.

Comment 11 Feb 2015

I like my Michigan content like I like my women

Would that be: Trashy? Miserable? Pathetic? Sad? Pitiful? Woeful? Worthless? Insecure? Irrelevant? Insignificant?

Those are words that come to mind when I think of "Michigan content"

Comment 09 Feb 2015

Dude grew up a UM fan and, whether we like it or not, he doesn't have to embrace the disdain for TSUN that we have. 

He just needs to show up and run over those A-holes come that late November day.

AND, I will give him a break until he shows up on campus and gets all of the free Nike tOSU gear. 

As torn as he was in making this decision do we honestly think he's ever gonna look at scUM in the same light that we do?  I'm not sure..

Comment 09 Feb 2015

Awesome look inside our D.

Great write up.  I LOVE defense and I am pumped with the return of the Silver Bullets!

Will miss #26 if he is truly done...I like his physicality and his nose for the ball.

And,  #43 is one of my favorites.  Can't wait to see him next ear and with Kwon on the field more...I am drooling just thinking about it

Comment 09 Feb 2015

Saw this yesterday in a forum post.  Love how it incorporates Gus Johnson's call during the B1G Championship game


Nice video and good choice of music!   Really appreciate these videos as they help fill the offseason with reminders of our boys and their quest to complete The Chase!

Love being a Buckeye!

Comment 06 Feb 2015

Agreed Sam.  He is only 17 and if he feels he was misled or whatever then let him out of his LOI.

Makes no sense to try to force a kid to do something he doesn't want to do.  OSU is above that.  We don't need to force kids to come play here.  If it comes to Weber wanting to go, I hope Meyer says "No problem, Good luck and see you in AA next November"

While keeping Weber as a commitment would be great, we will be just fine without him.  Ask all 3 Heisman trophy finalists, including in the winner, if they think OSU is scared if he goes to scUM to play against us...I think not.

AND, while we are at it...tell coach Coombs not to bother with the ENTIRE state up north anymore...we don't need any of their 3-4 blue chip players they produce each year...let em all go to scUM and LOSE ANWAYS.

When Wilcher calls just have someone say..."yeah, thanks...not interested"

Comment 06 Feb 2015

In 2005, Houston Nutt hired Malzahn as OC and QB coach at Arkansas straight out of high school football.

It is highly rumored that Nutt did this to help persuade young Mitch Mustain (a very highly touted QB recruit that played HS football for Malzahn) to sign with the Razorbacks.

It HAS happened before.  I think bringing one of Weber's coaches along to tOSU (if they are good enough) to coach RBs would be GREAT with above mentioned benefits as bonuses.

That being said, I doubt it Meyer will go that route.

Comment 04 Feb 2015

My take,

It seems injuries for Bogard are well documented...not a stretch there.

Reeves started at nickel when healthy all season long so doubt he's being forced out due to oversigning...

Tanner never made it beyond ST (where he was pretty good)--maybe he's been told he likely wont get on the field next year and could be getting "pushed" in that direction if anyone is being "pushed" at all

Either way, as with any player, if coaches feel a need to make room for others and have a discussion with a player, don't these guys have a right to transfer?  They can pick any number of 1AA schools who would love to have them and they would likely play

So, IMHO if any player is being "pushed out" then have some pride and transfer if you want to play.  Also, if you are being "pushed out" you obviously have under-performed and probably haven't held up your end of the bargain with your scholly...coaches don't force out good players who do all that is asked of them etc...see Evan Spencer, Curtis Grant

My feeling is that these 3 are truely injury issues...and it sucks because Reeves reminded me A LOT of Antoine Winfield.