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Comment 5 hours ago

I like this article because I don't think JTB gets enough credit for what he did do against VT. 

JT wasn't put in a position to succeed against VT.  He did make some rookie mistakes that should have been expected as a young QB making his second start in college and playing in only his second game in 2 years.  His supporting cast let him down BIG time starting with the coaches, the receivers and the O-line.  The "IFs" are endless but IF #84 doesn't drop the pass in the end zone things are different--not to mention the other drops.  Also, IF the coaches made adjustments appropriately or had a game plan the protected the young man, things likely would have been different. 

Remember, we were in that game until the end.  The pick-six at the end was garbage points for them because by then JT was pressing and had NO confidence in his line.  That was really a 7 point game with 10 points left on the field that JT put the team in position to get against tremendous pressure, horrible blocking and questionable play-calling...the supporting cast just didn't execute (see #84 and our kicker #96)---granted they are freshman too--but those missed opportunities don't fall on JTB.

Throughout all of that, the kid was as cool as a cucumber...that's a good sign for this team that cannot be overlooked.   

Comment 9 hours ago

I agree that everyone is hungry for money and that, right now, most B1G schools seem to be content with mediocrity.  That really sucks for us as we reside in what is felt to be the worst conference of the power 5 right now.  I hate that the B1G sucks and I join everyone in their desire to find a way to motivate these schools to STEP-UP!  But, my reality filter being very effective leads me to this conclusion...How, under the before mentioned "suck-tax" model, would these schools grow their programs and increase recruiting efforts, expand facilities etc while getting penalized by what would need to be substantial monetary sanctions?  I just think that kind of penalty defeats the purpose of the revenue generated by the BTN etc.  To say to these schools: " You-Suck!"  "You need to do better!"  "Now, give us the money you need to go recruit better and build better facilities and hire better coaches!"  Just doesn't make sense to me IMO...

  Now a proposal to put a certain amount of the BTN revenue aside for a yearly performance BONUS for schools that meet certain goals...I will buy that.  But an arbitrary "you suck" tax will hand-cuff teams that need to get better--how do you expect that they improve if you take the money they need to make improvements?  That would only make the disparity from top to bottom in this conference WORSE.  The rich would get richer and the poor get poorer and that would not help anyone.  Do you we really want make the bottom half or even two-thirds of this conference weaker? 

Besides, these schools, presidents, boards etc will never institute a punishment (financial or otherwise) for failure to perform in athletics. 

Remember, these are academic institutions first and foremost.

So, in all reality, all of this is just wasted commentary because a 'suck-tax" will NEVER happen. 

Comment 15 Sep 2014

I know this "suck tax" thing sounds good from the surface but in all reality how does it help these schools to punish them financially and hurt their ability to fund their programs for needed upgrades, facilities, recruiting budgets etc?  

I don't have the answer outside of (like I mentioned earlier) these schools have to WANT to be better and have complete BUY-IN from the top down.  There needs to be a culture change in the B1G regarding our conference being competitive within the national landscape of CFB.  It only makes good sense both athletically and academically.  Every performance of students either on the field, on the court, in the community, and throughout the country reflects  on your institution.  RIght or wrong, that is a fact.  Again, tell me what it would hurt to increase the focus on football for once?  Its not like the academics are going to suffer.  In contrast, enrollment will likely increase with greater success within the football program...what is so bad about that?

Comment 15 Sep 2014

I Couldn't agree more.  I love Ohio State and I bleed Scarlet and Grey but we have as much to do with the downfall of the conference as anyone...I hate to say it but it is true.  On the biggest stages in January 2006 and 2007 we laid an egg against the SEC giving away national championships.  BOTH of those teams we played were not better than Ohio State but beat us rather easily.  If we just compete in those games and keep it close, or win 1 of 2, this isn't so bad.  Also, our record against the SEC is what it is...poor.  And, the one time we did beat them in a bowl game, we beat Arkansas with what every SEC fan and media critic thought were key players who should've been ineligible.  We saw that come to fruition when the  sanctions stripped us of our wins thus striking our W from the record books completely. 

Let us also not forget that these recruits likely primarily watch ESPN whose anti-buckeye sentiment and anti-Big Ten sentiment is glaring. Then there is the Maurice Clarett incident, the tattoo-gate scandal, the Jerry Sandusky (sicko) that destroyed Penn State and literally killed a living legend in Joe Paterno... all in the last 8-10 years.  The parents of these kids remember this stuff...this conference has IMPLODED and not one school in the B1G is saying anything about it.  We just put our heads in the sand and say "We just want to win the B1G this year"...well good for you...that means dick on the national landscape of college FB and only means marginally more now with a playoff system. 

Recently, we win 24 straight games and lose the last 2 which just so happen to be the ones anyone outside of OSU care about.  The end result is that 24-0 in the B1G means nothing.  The reality of it is that if you are Ohio State, or Meatchicken, or Penn State or Nebraska--you carry the banner for this conference.  We need to take care of our business and hope the others get themselves squared away too.  Otherwise, this trend will continue, the BTN will die costing these teams serious $$$ and we will basically be no better than the Big East was...and FBS conference that really doesn't matter in the national picture (we are almost there now).

My only solution is this...the presidents of these schools and their athletic directors need to get the picture...whether you like it or not, kids decide to enroll in schools who have success in athletics.  It effects enrollment and therefore it is permanently tied to academics.  This is a proven fact.  The presidents, board members and athletic directors need to make a plan...a proactive (or somewhat reactive at this point) campaign for this conference and its return to the top.  The money is there as was discussed above, now they need to USE IT!  I understand the argument that these are academic institutions first so if you can show me how an aggressive campaign for athletic dominance HURTS academics, I will concede. Check the SEC school enrollment numbers and see if they are suffering...I think not.

Comment 15 Sep 2014

Did he take any notes? 

Let's open up the Trapper Keeper fellas and refer to our notes.

My comment was more guided towards the fact that our personnel is a good bit different than last year and it would be nice to see some new packages installed to get the most out of the speed we appear to have on offense.  I think Oregon would be a good one to study.  And lastly, start working on it now and an unleash it against an unsuspecting foe (aka MSU) at a critical time in the season .  I'm happy with the results against KSU but they are light-years away from what we will face against MSU.

Comment 15 Sep 2014

~~Gerry DiNardo I believe said that

It was Matt Millen, a former NFL coach turned CFB analyst for ESPN.

And, for almost the whole first quarter, he said what many of us said here on 11W regarding our thoughts on the VT game.  Made me feel good that we weren't all delusional in some way...

I think we are just passionate, highly educated, football crazy NUTS and when you get that all mixed together you get BUCKEYES!


Comment 15 Sep 2014

I wholeheartedly agree that we need an identity.

I would like to see Meyer and Herman have a look at Oregon's offense and develop a few packages like that for this team. They are predicated on speed.  IMO, our teams offensively have very similar personnel...I know JT is not Mariota, but I believe he has the tools to be very productive in that kind of offense. If we install the packages soon they will be ready by late October and into November.  We have some big games on the slate and the time is now to develop that "new wrinkle" that might give us an edge. 

Comment 12 Sep 2014

Worried is an understatement right now.  Lets not forget Tuberville has won a few games in his career and he will not be intimidated by Ohio State

Comment 12 Sep 2014

How about laws??  If its marijuana...it is like, uhhh, illegal...I think?  It can't be tolerated period.  In the real world, many employers have drug testing policies...you test positive for an illegal one...you lose your job.  These kids are not above the law.  Just a shame so many of these kids don't understand how blessed they are.

Comment 12 Sep 2014

~~Whats up With The Wide receivers?

I am not sure that we will ever see exceptional WR play under Urban Meyer because of his system.  He had capable WR at Florida but none that were outstanding. Percy Harvin is the exception but he was not a true WR playing from the H-back/slot position.  He is just now becoming a real receiving threat at WR position in the NFL.  Urban also had an all-everything, Heisman trophy winning QB in Tebow while there and Alex Smith at Utah. Given all of their undeniable talent and ability they were not incredibly valued at the next level.  Tebow doesn't even play in the league right now and Smith has been a journeyman QB waiting to land in the right "system" with the right coach.  Lets be honest here...Urban Meyer has not been able to bring in a blue-chip QB as yet and I doubt he will because these kids and their advisors know this...  His system doesn't prepare quarterbacks to play quarterback in the NFL.  Unfortunately, most highly touted HS QBs want to know that they will have a shot at the pro's to play QB.  They do not want to spend 3-4 yrs in college playing QB and feel pressure to go to the combine and work out as a WR, H-back or RB etc.  My point with the WRs is this...this system is run-heavy, read-option and utilizes WRs mostly for blocking.  Again, most young, talented HS WRs want to go to a school that is pass-heavy that gets them involved in running routes and catching passes...the NFL is, after all, more of a passing league than a running league.  I have reserved myself to the fact that we will not produce a ton of NFL talent at QB or WR under Urban Meyer.  I think Devin Smith is clearly our best true WR but needs to polish up his intermediate route-running.  Thomas looked pretty good last weekend but honestly looks a little "flat-footed" and I don't think he has great speed making him more of a possession guy...his route running is decent and he will be a productive/solid receiver for us if he stays healthy.  Bottom line is this..."we got exposed a little bit" was a very telling statement from Urban.  To me, it means our system, our offense, the types of players we are able to recruit at the QB and WR position will not have a ton of success whenever we see this kind of defense.  AND, to make sure you all don't bring it up...#5 is an exception to this as he wasn't recruited by Meyer and he is essentially Superman.  However, I worried about his ability to transition the the NFL at the QB position as well...he has the talent but jumping into an NFL offense after operating 3-4 years in this TYPE of system is not easy.  Ask Tebow, Alex Smith, Young, Locker, Pryor, Denard Robinson, Pat White etc...all GREAT college QB in read-option offenses who really struggled with being accepted as NFL level QBs.  Just my opinion is all...

Comment 11 Sep 2014

Not sure how he has proved anything as yet...he's had maybe half a dozen snaps (or less) in 2 games...I only remember the 1 against VT when he blew up a play...but Grant played well against VT and Navy IMO and his experience as a 5th yr senior in getting everyone lined up etc is overlooked.  I agree that #5 on D looks more athletic overall than Grant but it doesn't make him the better player. I also disagree with the notion that Raekwon has proved he is better than Grant at being a leader...remember that #14 is a captain.  That being said...NONE of this is me saying that Kwon shouldn't see the field more,  he definitely deserves more snaps, however to say he is a better playmaker and leader than Grant through 2 games...I'm not drinking that kool-aid.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

Agreed.  Sometimes a controlled pass rush that forces a QB to stay in the pocket rather than always going for the sack is more effective--especially a short QB who has proved he can make plays escaping through holes and get outside the pocket.  I understand they rolled the pocket a good bit,  I was referring to the  times when he escaped from the pocket under tremendous pressure and made the play. All I am saying is that once he burned us a few times, why not keep him in the pocket looking to get hands up and tip or bat a ball--especially on 3rd and long.  DL-men rather than putting their heads down to get low leverage underneath the tackles for the rush, push hard with eyes on QB ready to bat a ball.

Comment 10 Sep 2014

Look, I don't let it eat at me all week long.  I enjoy healthy debate etc. which is one of the reasons I am on this site.  It is an excellent one stop shop regarding Buckeye football and a way to connect with other Buckeye fans.   That quote just pissed me off and struck a nerve. I personally don't want a head coach that isn't disappointed in a loss like this, certainly not one paid and absurd $4 million/year.  That being said, can I change it? No.  And if it doesn't matter to you, why are you on here reading everyone's comments?  Just so you can make comments like this one?  I would figure you would have more going on in your life...

Comment 09 Sep 2014

Agree and I've said in many times in numerous spots this week...I'm not sure we even have an actual FB that is capable of blocking like Boren did...and our coaches most likely don't have many double tight (2 -TE) formations in their playbook.  I guess we should also remember that Heuerman is nursing a foot injury...

Comment 09 Sep 2014

~~"I'm not disappointed, but this season is how you evaluate it."

Yeah, $4 million a year likely eases some pain...Give me 1/25th of that per year and I wouldn't really be disappointed either (that's $160,000--or so my I-phone calculator tells me)

But since I don't have that--I would like to go out on a limb here and say that 99% of Buckeye Nation is disappointed with the season so far and I, for one, would like to think the coaches are disappointed too...in themselves most especially.  I mean, what does it hurt to admit it?  Fitz said he's embarrassed as the leader of the ship and that the whole team is embarrassed...I like the honesty.  So if Urban is not embarrassed or disappointed with how things have gone on the field so far this season, I'm not sure he's in it for the right reasons...you see--99.9% of Buckeye faithful don't make $4 million/year...we work hard for those tickets and t-shirts...we bleed Scarlet and Grey and take it personally when people spew negativity at our Buckeyes and we take it on the chin all week long in the media and at our work-places etc...especially those of us proud enough to wear our gear outside of the great state of Ohio.  Its tough out here being a Buckeye fan but we stand behind our boys no matter what...I would just like to hear that our coaches bleed with us when we get beat up on the field.  I thought we were all in this for Ohio State and Buckeye Nation.  Have some Pride for goodness sake!  Or is your paycheck all that matters?  Coaches don new logos, move to new towns etc based on a paycheck...They will say their next stop is "home" or  "the greatest place in the world"for some extra cash. Not ONE self respecting Buckeye fan would ever change allegiances like that.  This is family, man!  Get with the program.  If you aren't disappointed then you are in the wrong place my friend.

Comment 09 Sep 2014

Agreed.  Its not a compliment to anything we did LAST YEAR.  Beamer and Foster didn't care about last year...they saw a RS Frosh QB--largely untested who has played 1 competitive game in last 2+ years and 3-4 new starters on the O-line...ask any DC and their game plan will be...stop the RUN, blitz like crazy to rattle the young man and make him beat you with the forward pass...if he can.  He couldn't.  Not by himself.  He needed help from the O-line and receivers...we all know how that turned out.

Comment 09 Sep 2014

Yeah, tell that to our d-line.  They played pretty well over all and I don't blame them for our loss...not at all.  But VTs QB was 6ft tall in his shoes standing on his tip toes...not 1 batted ball by us.  Baffles me. A batted ball on 3rd and long = punt or pick.  Either way a better outcome than we saw Saturday.

Comment 09 Sep 2014

At least announce that there's no reason to panic and that "we know what we need to do and are making adjustments to the offense just in case we see this again...we just weren't ready for it and credit VT and their coaches...they caught us with our pants at our ankles..."  At least acknowledge that what is likely one of the highest paid coaching staffs in the country have this thing under control...everyone gets caught unprepared at times...ok by me...but lets not hang the rest of the season on..."we will be good against 4-3 defenses".  That's absurd and completely surreal to me.

Q:  "Coach Meyer, are you saying then that the offense that you and Coach Herman have installed in this team will only work correctly against the 4-3 traditional defense??"

A:  (fill in the blank)

That's how it sounds me. This is comical.  This is funny.  We look like we belong in the funnies section of the newspaper.  No one in the national landscape of college football takes us seriously anymore.  It started under Tress and Meyer hasn't done a thing to change the perception. 

To quote Charlie Brown: "Good grief."