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Comment 03 Sep 2015

Liedner throws an UGLY ball, no wonder receivers can't catch dang thing

Comment 03 Sep 2015

These gophers look bad and I fear they are gonna get sent back in their holes early 

Comment 27 Aug 2015

Per ohiostatebuckeyes.com:

6'5" 220lb receiver xfer from GT in 2013--> sat out that season due to xfer rules. Played in 11 games on special teams last season but did have 1 catch for 13 yds against Illinois.

Played in 25 games at GT 2011-2012 with 18 catches for 284 yds and 2 TDs in 2012 starting 7 games.  

3 sport athlete in high school playing football, basketball and running track

All sounds good but I guess he just hasn't lived up to potential?  Sounds like he could add some size at receiver or possibly add depth at TE...just not sure what happened to him?

Comment 26 Aug 2015

What's happened to Jeff Greene?  Dude is huge and a veteran guy who played at GT fairly well from what I can remember...Hell, he might have been to Blacksburg before too seeing as he played in the ACC

This might be just what he needs to step out and be a leader..an example for the younger guys

I think he needs to be part of that committee

Comment 26 Aug 2015

Jeff Greene anyone??  He was a decent player at GT and has at least some experience...hell he may be the only player on the team to have seen Blacksburg (if he went there which I don't know if he did..)

Just saying he has some experience, is an older guy..a veteran and has some proven skills albeit none recently...

Otherwise depending upon his progress I say Braxton out wide 50% (or more because he is bound to draw coverage) with Samuel at H,and then move Braxton to H then put Samuel in the slot and move Clark/Dixon out wide.  

Keep 'em guessing--motion them to death

Comment 18 Aug 2015

I call this overstepping the bounds of good taste because you put it in a forum regarding Ohio State Football.  I too liked the movie, but do not think this gif  is appropriate here and should be removed.  

A reference of "curb stomping" your opponent on a football field and viewing that gif are completely different IMO. 

Also, if you have to preface your comment with a warning about graphic content, it has no place here.

Again, just my opinion.

Comment 13 Aug 2015

I agree with the comment but the gif just doesn't fit to me...yes I understand the arms being raised to signal a TD and a gif from the movie "Platoon" in a comment about a possible platoon system for our QB/offense.. but dang...that was a serious moment in a gritty movie about what our men lived through in Vietnam...guess it's my patriotism getting in the way?

Comment 13 Aug 2015

Kid played HS ball right down the road.  I about jumped through the ceiling when he picked The Good Guys.

Love this kid and the fact that he is a Buckeye.  A true testament to the recruiting staff and Urban Meyer to pluck a gem like this from the deep south. 

Also, a true testament to good parenting and coaching as all reports are that he is a quality person off the field as well.


Comment 13 Aug 2015

I skipped a wedding for extended family back in '06 for the Game at Texas.

Needless to say I am no longer a part of that family but that's another story...

I am much happier now!

Comment 10 Aug 2015

Along those lines, I understand you cannot tell what someone is thinking just by the look on their face, however Mike has the look of someone who is still not sure that he did the right thing...from that NSD interview to every other photo I've seen, I'm just not sure that he is settled on his decision quite yet.

And here I was thinking that CFP trophy and playing with a multiple pre-season Heisman favorites on a team with REAL potential to compete for a repeat national title would've put his mind at ease...

I hope he soon finds peace in his decision because I believe he has the goods to be a special player here and the surrounding cast in place to make it happen!

**Quick, someone introduce him to Feder, Bowen and Prince!**

Comment 10 Aug 2015

Braxton keeps working with Joey he may be more of a pure WR on most downs thus making a little more "space" to get Curtis on the field at the H

Also, I thought I read somewhere that Curtis was making the transition to WR...was this just another term for the H-back position maybe?

Comment 10 Aug 2015

Both reasons are as good as any.  Hines was a college QB at UGA and became an all pro WR and his team mates loved him for his willingness to do whatever it took to win.  Whether that be blocking, returning punts, catching one over the middle on third down, or even throwing the occasional pass...Hines did all that was asked of him and more. And, he did it with an extremely competitive spirit coupled with class and a smile on his face.

I just think that, if it were me making that transition, there isn't another player I would choose to model myself after.