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Comment 23 Jan 2015

Tyvis' explanation to Taylor Rooks sounds like it came right out of a coach, parent, advisors mouth...

And the "I guess" part of Tyvis' Twitter sign off kind of sounds like a kid who gets in trouble outside and mom or dad calls him inside.  Just before he walks away he says to his friends "I guess I gotta go in and can't play anymore" 

This is a straight up UFM/tOSU imposed 3-4 month Twitter restriction for these two...


Comment 16 Jan 2015

I appreciate your reply and points are valid...I guess I didn't convey mine clearly enough...however he decided to stay which I cannot fault him for at all. Surprised me and many other people, including the "experts".  His maturity and desire to get his degree are both refreshing and revealing showing that he has grown up a lot since his infamous tweet and it reveals a deeper relationship with his coaches and team mates than any of us will ever know IMO.

Great for Ohio State and hope it works out best for him as well. This HAD to be a difficult decision no matter how much he says it was easy.  If for some reason he doesn't win the job and ends up sitting for the year or gets hurt etc his chances of being drafted into the NFL could potentially be ruined.  Even Meyer himself (if he wasn't playing mind games with everyone) said Cardale's stock would likely not get higher than it is now.  I tended to agree as I feel Meyer would prefer Brax or JT as starter given their running prowess.

To answer your questions even though the point is moot at this time...

1.  Brady was 6th round pick because of that lack of arm strength WITH college experience greater than 3 games.I fully believe Cardale would've gone 3rd-4th round at latest....just my opinion

2.  Brees is exception to rule given his height of 6'0" and was considered a bit of a reach at beginning of second round but his pedigree could not be argued as he essentially carried Purdue while he was there.

3.  And, I don't remember saying NFL caliber with respect to being ready to step in and play right away...in fact I think I mentioned that I doubted he would be vying for a starting job at this point.  He would need at least 2-3 years to learn the game at the NFL level before being "the guy" for any team.

4. Furthermore, by saying he is more of a "prototypical" NFL QB than Brax and JT doesn't exactly mean he is "better" than either of them as it relates to playing QB at tOSU.  Does it mean he is not as good a QB as Brax or JT if one of those other IMMENSELY talented players gets the starting nod??  Not at all. He has shown he is as at least as good.  I fully believe that Brax or JT could've led this team to wins against Wisky, Bama and the ducklings....IF he is not the starter next year It simply means Brax or JT fit better into what Meyer and Co envision for the offense.  SEE Tebow. and Alex Smith..being the starter and Mr Everything in Meyer's offense doesn't automatically translate into a stellar NFL career.  

5. Also, by "prototypical" I mean size and arm strength--which is all that seems to matter outside of durability (which is a wild card since he only played in a handful of games) to NFL scouts.  Given his sheer size and strength, I am pretty sure he would be fairly durable.  He punished some pretty big players in the Alabama and Oregon games.  Ask Landon Collins if he is solid...haha.  Cardale is more of a "pass-first" type of QB or "pocket passer" if you will than the others...especially Brax.  JT is as good in the passing game just lacks the size and arm strength of Cardale...and I thing Cardale may be a bit more accurate...which all separate him in the eyes of NFL scouts.

All of that being said...this was not a comparison of Cardale, Brax, and JT as it relates to playing QB in College at tOSU (like my post said)...it was more of a "I think he will get drafted because of his NFL characteristics" of which he has more than Brax and a slight edge over JT given sheer size and strength...that is all

I've said it before and will say it again...the type of offense we run at tOSU and that Meyer loves DOES NOT prepare players for the NFL.  You can put up HUGE numbers and win Heisman's etc and still not be the apple of an NFL scout's eye...it is just a fact we will have to deal with...I, for one, can live with it while Meyer brings us multiple National Championships!

At this point if he doesn't play much next year his best possible scenario that I can see is a Matt Cassel type of thing...

BUT...I am HAPPY he is coming back, because IMO we are better with Cardale than with JT and Brax has huge ??? on whether he will even be healthy.  If we can find that deep threat receiver to replace Devin Smith (calling Jonnie Dixon!) we will be great with #12 in the game.  Otherwise, JT may be the better fit to keep defenses honest on the QB run.  

Comment 15 Jan 2015

Doubt Cardale is vying for a starting NFL job at this point.  And I don't think this has anything to do with comparing Cardale to JT and Brax in college FB and who is better as QB of Ohio State...

IMO, Cardale is more of a prototypical NFL QB than JT and Braxton.

He has NFL desired size at 6'5"

He has NFL desired arm strength that is well documented and has been on display

He also has the "X" factor that all pro scouts will tell you is the hardest thing to predict....I agree the rest of the team stepped up and Cardale didn't win those 3 games by himself, but that is not the point. 

The "X" factor or "IT" factor was on display by handling the pressure, his pocket presence was exceptional, and he stood tall and made plays when they were needed, accurate passer, moved chains with feet. etc.

No one is saying he is NFL ready to step in and start.  Especially not Cardale and that is what he was saying when he said he wasn't ready yet.

Don't see any way he doesn't get drafted in 3rd-4th round at latest.

Given him having 2 month old daughter and not being assured of playing much next year, I doubt his draft stock gets any higher.

NFL= right decision

Comment 13 Jan 2015

I don't see any reason why he couldn't beat out Braxton and JT.  The offense is better with him in my opinion.  Zeke is better with #12 back there and so are the receivers and the Oline.  Just my opinion.

That being said, I think he should look to the NFL and get his $$ now.  He can finish his degree any time.  After all, he has a little one to care for too...being a parent changes your priorities.

Comment 12 Jan 2015

I downloaded the watch ESPN app on my xbox one to be able to watch the game streaming on the internet just in case the dang rain screws up my Dish...gonna have 97.1 The Fan or the home team radio dialed in as well via the web on another computer to hear the call by Paul Keels...dang good to know I've got options!

My wife has been laughing at all of my superstitions and my preparation for this game...she's a UGA fan and I told her if she wants to experience being a fan of a team playing in the NC she should consider herself lucky to have married a BUCKEYE!

She agreed.

Comment 09 Jan 2015

Has anyone considered the pride of a man who had his starting job ripped away and then fans, media etc all conveniently "forgetting" about him and calling JT the "better" QB etc...after all he did for this team, coaches, and all of us fans.

I think he PISSED OFF about all of it.  We fans can be so "what have you done for me lately" it is really shame.  I know the key is winning and that is all that matters, but this is real life for these kids.

NOT ONE person doubted Braxton as the ONE and ONLY QB before this season and we were all touting him as a legit Heisman candidate and proud that he was on our side. 

Now, just because his shoulder didn't heal as we all expected after he tore it up on the field gutting it out in pain to try to bring home a BCS bowl win for his teammates and us fans...now many of us say he isn't good enough even if 100% (which is a BIG IF)...??

Many of us say that he needs to transfer?  We'd rather have someone else at QB?

That would PISS ME OFF...and not to mention the "why me?" stuff he is likely feeling.  I think that is what we see on the sideline and I can't blame him.  He is there for his team in his own way while watching his dream and all he worked for lived out by someone else.

I think the dude really wants to stay and prove everyone wrong but there are folks in his camp telling him a transfer would be best.

If I were him, I would look to the NFL now and rehab with an NFL team and medical staff.  His athletic ability alone will get him on a team and let's face it...the salary of "Mr. Irrelevant" is probably 3-4 times or more higher than the average salary of a college graduate entering the job grind...I say he's worth much more than the last pick in the draft with one questionable arm and he should take his $$ and see what happens.