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Comment 4 hours ago

Boeckman was such an anomaly. He made the ridiculously hard throws look easy and they easy ones...well he made those look difficult.  Unfortunately, my strongest memories of him are losing to Illinois at home in 2007 and looking like a total fool chucking up prayers while getting drilled by LSU in our second in a row title game debacle.  I'm good with no Boeckman on this list.

Comment 4 hours ago

I agree.  And we had this "need to break the long ones" and "turn the 8 yard gains into 40 yards" with the last few backs- I distinctly remember it being discussed with regards to El Guapo and Zeke early in their careers.  If they feed the kid the rock consistently he will have a breakout year.

I'm rooting hard for Weber.  1000 yards as freshman...strong work.  Add that to the fact that he is from *ichigan and he snubbed TTUN for the good guys- the sum of which nearly makes him a Buckeye Legend in my mind!

Comment 4 hours ago

Some of the criticism is legit, however I think the guy is a stud just waiting to break-out.  He just needs consistent carries and I think he can be similar to El Guapo and Zeke wearing down defenses late in games..  

Weber to me is a good back, my only knock on him is vision.  He doesn't seem to read the blocks well when things don't open up per the design of the play.  Zeke is off the charts with his vision so it's easy for us to be critical of the kid...there aren't many other EZE's out there- dude is special.

I am very happy to have Mike Weber on this roster to hand the ball to between the tackles.

Comment 08 Feb 2017

I agree.

Just like a running game can open up the play action passing attack- the reverse is also true.  If you can pass it like nobody's business, the running lanes suddenly get a lot bigger and those safeties stay back.  That's the effect that being "balanced" has on opponents.

Wilson seems to be a master at passing the ball out of run-formations/ action that includes the read-option look.  I expect to see some more RPOs as well with a 5th yr SR QB at the helm

Will be interesting and I am excited to watch it all unfold-- is it April yet???

Comment 08 Feb 2017

Honestly,  they ought to give JT more control of playcalling on the field as well.  If its tempo they want, let the QB call some plays during a series and see how it goes. He has the experience and Meyer has said JT is basically a coach on the field.  Let the kid drive the Ferrari for real.  They could play extremely FAST then-- stop looking back to the sideline etc.  JT calls the play and makes the audible if necessary.  

And I am not saying every series- but maybe a few series here and there- see how it goes.  IF we are going to go with the 5th year senior, give the kid "the keys" for real this time.

Comment 07 Feb 2017

I could see him at OLB after coach Mick puts another 15lbs on him.  That would be scary!  Hard hitting, and top notch cover skills.  Darron Lee 2.0 or better potential.  

I'm happy to have him in the mix at safety or LB- please don't change him to WR-- totally unnecessary IMO

Comment 06 Feb 2017

Must have been regional because I was in St Louis and the game was listed on my guide as being on ESPN2 but I didn't get it. Some stupid Super Bowl bullshit was on.  So, either it wasn't on in this region or Charter cable screwed up.  Needless to say I was not happy.  The win did make me feel better- but I would have liked to have watched it. Will have to check it out on Youtube tonight.

Comment 02 Feb 2017

Shaun Wade is very smooth and natural in his movement. Fluid hips, great ball skills and he just glides when he runs.  Looks effortless.  I think he sees the field early.  One of my favorite recruits in this class.  Kid committed early and stuck with us.  I think he will be our next All-American DB. 

With all of our early departures from the secondary-- SOOOOO GLAD to have you Mr. Wade!