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Comment 20 Nov 2016

Stopping their run. We seem to struggle against pro style offenses with teams that have any ability to match up personnel wise. 

If we can't stop their run game it will be a long day I'm afraid. 

Comment 17 Nov 2016

This weather bothers me-- It seems our OC doesn't have confidence in JTs arm strength to make the throws when its windy and cold, not to mention a wet ball.  I know many on here think JT is just as capable as anyone else etc; but I question his throwing motion these days.  Has Tim Beck been tinkering with his delivery?  Seriously, the vast majority of his throws are not tight spirals and I don't remember that really being an issue in the past--just this season.  His accuracy has appeared to suffer as well- maybe not in the stat column- but in the eye test-- he just doesn't look like he throws as good a ball as even the RS Fr JT that took over for Braxton. Of course this is just my opinion and we know what they say about those...


Comment 17 Nov 2016

LOVED this game- but always brings back the nightmare in the Natty- Tressel was flat out-coached in that NC game- so glad that other coach is now on our sidelines.  Will always love Tress for what he did for tOSU football and the University as a whole, but UFM is on another level completely.  We are finally ELITE again and its thanks to having an ELITE head coach.  

Comment 27 Oct 2016

Get beat in a "white-out" and then plan some lame-ass "Scarlet-out"?  Not a good look.  We are Ohio State.  We don't need these gimmicks and as many others have said above the stadium is nearly all scarlet for every home game.. SMDH. 

The one black-out with the black unis...that was cool. This..not so much.

Comment 23 Oct 2016

Special teams only reason we lost really. OL struggled, receivers except #4 and #85 and sometimes #80 can't get open and make a play to to help the QB.  Special teams awful and bad to rush that FG and not use TO as time was running out

Comment 22 Oct 2016

Why do we continue to give these fools their white out game??  We play them at 12noon and kick their ass. But yet we agree to this BS? The crowd makes us conservative and them aggressive and the weather isn't helping. 

Comment 22 Oct 2016

I think it's time for Urban to call out the receivers again. Outside of Curtis Samuel, the true receivers cannot get open. They just can't. And Noah Brown is has disappeared as well. See how it goes from here- but if it doesn't get better, he should call them out

Comment 15 Sep 2016

I liked the scheme we ran against Oregon in the NC game with the TE coming over to "wham" the nose tackle.  This would free up our center and guards to get to the second level.  Oregon had pretty good 3-4 defense with some really good tackles/DEs (see DeForest Buckner) and we were able to run all over them and let's not forget running against Alabama.  I know our OL is young at tackle but I think the "wham-trap" could get Weber downhill in a hurry.

That being said- as much as I like Weber for choosing us over scUM- does anyone else question his vision just a little?  Maybe he just needs reps at game speed but IMO his vision is lacking a little.  Either that or Zeke just has me spoiled!

Either way- GO BUCKS!!!