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Comment 07 Nov 2015

I just don't think Warriner is a good OC.  He is a wizard with the OL and deserves a million a year for that by itself...we need Urbz to call the plays I think...

Comment 13 Oct 2015

Agree with those above...

AND to your point Brunstar, that is exactly the reason some of those opposed to the alternates are so staunchly set against it...

OSU is already the upper echelon, we don't need gimmicks and such to help us climb anywhere...we are already the pinnacle of college football and have been for many years....let's act like we've been here before shall we


EDIT: I like the black uni and eagerly anticipate the atmosphere in this game

Comment 13 Oct 2015

It's not that hard to defend if it's situational and you can key on it...it's only hard to defend when that same run threat QB can burn you in the pass game...I don't see PSU taking Hackenburg out and letting some backup QB do anything but run. 

the wildcat isn't hard to defend either...as long as our D reads their keys we will be fine

Im more worried about our offense...time to buckle up the chin straps because this will be the most physical game we've played since Bama

Comment 12 Oct 2015

I personally like throwbacks better as alternates as the represent history of the program.

In this instance I agree with AZ above (and I've said before) I think silver pants and helmets with black jersey would be better...there's been some pics floating around of that in the forums and it's on point!