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Comment 09 Oct 2014

I think last weekend's short yardage failures inside the 10 yd line had more to do with how fast we were trying to snap it (I know, before they get lined up etc) but each time they were successfully lined up and ready to stuff the run inside and they had players looking to contain the outside run as well if JT kept it.  They watched our film...we, and dare I say nearly 100% of the time, in short yardage (less than 3 yds) use fast tempo/hurry-up to the line and run the same 1-2 plays.  Credit their coaching staff for having them prepared to stop it.  Saved themselves from having 60 plus put up on the scoreboard.

On the second one I think it was...I was screaming for the "jump pass"!!!

Would've been good for six!

BTW---I hate by weeks!!  GO BUCKS!!

Comment 08 Oct 2014

This debate is silly when we haven't even played half of THIS season as yet.  I am happy with the development of JT but some recognition needs to go to Warriner for fixing that O-line made up of reserve D-linemen.  They had an awful start but have made serious progress in a short time---which allows JT to do his thing without worrying about getting his butt planted in the field turf. 

As far as Braxton is concerned...IF he recovers and is able to make all of the throws then he should start at QB for us next year.  No question...he's earned it.  However...IF he does start, and JT continues his current solid play this year...they should split time and Meyer/ Herman ought to spend some time this offseason figuring out a way to get them both on the field at the same time.

My personal, humble opinion though...Braxton is more like...and I really HATE to say it...TEBOW...albeit faster and more agile.  He is a superior athlete in college FB capable of Heisman trophies and national championships.  He's usually one of the best overall athletes on the field at any given time and capable of taking over a game and winning all by his lonesome. 

HOWEVER, he's not NFL QB material. Period.  If he comes back from this thing and can still throw it with the same velocity, he will get a look at QB in the NFL but he will likely suffer similar fate of Tebow, Pryor, Troy Smith and base case scenario--Alex Smith...who is good...but got lucky the Chiefs brought in Andy Reid or else he would be holding a clip board somewhere on the sidelines. 

My opinion...I think the best thing for Braxton if he hopes to make a living in the NFL is to move to RB or TE, maybe even a slot receiver etc.  Hell, work out for NFL scouts and see what position they think his athleticism translates best to on the field.  I really HATE to even say that and I'm not sure how it would shake out for him to make that kind of move...but I think it's his best chance at an NFL playing career.  IF it were me, and I have watched how elite players from this type of offense (Tebow, T. Smith-both Heisman winners, Alex Smith, V. Young, Pryor etc) transition to the NFL and fizzle out and then I suffered this type of injury to my throwing shoulder...I would be looking for plan-B.  Just, as I said, my opinion.

Comment 06 Oct 2014

it’s a very balanced where I’m very involved in the play-calling myself with Tom

Does anyone know if this has always been the case? 

I am wondering if the reason we are seeing better offensive production against the "Bear" front and cover zero is because Urban took over some of the play-calling duties from Herman after the VT game??

Comment 03 Oct 2014

some bikes are definitely more fun to ride than others...

Comment 03 Oct 2014

I just wonder when the love affair with Oregon will end in the media...  Its the same thing every year... preseason top 5, play their way to #1 or 2 and fall against an unranked team...and this time at home in front of a mighty crowd of 55,000 fans.  I think they lose 2 more times (UCLA and Oregon State) and Mariota falls short of the big prize and Oregon continues their history of having ZERO Heisman winners.  Oregon is nothing but a Nike/ESPN hype-machine that consistently falls short of expectations. 

But hey, they are light-years ahead of scUM!

So, they've got that goin' for them...which is nice

Comment 02 Oct 2014

Every week will be a test.  When you play at Ohio State you have to expect that every team you face is going to give you their best shot.  I think these guys will continue to improve.  We also have 4 more games against capable, but not scary, defensive lines as well as a by week before we go kick in Sparty's door an rain on their B1G championship parade!


Comment 01 Oct 2014

...TP and BM ...

When I read this I couldn't help but think about the relationship between TP and BM...here's my take on the whole thing...

TP was kind of a BM and BM had to step in and take the roll of TP once TP flushed his opportunity down the toilet...so BM kind of had to clean up TPs mess for once...kind of a roll reversal there don't ya think??

Comment 30 Sep 2014

The question is why was the safety biting so hard to the opposite side of the field.  (He must have had a key that told him he had to be there, I just don't know what it was).

Its because the same action that sprung the receiver for the TD on the right side of their formation (top of our TV screens) was occurring on the left side of their formation (bottom of our TV screens).  So the safety on the other side of our defensive formation did the exact same thing as the ones who got beat.  The play could schematically be successful if he thrown to either side but Gunner is right handed and it is a much easier play to see and throw to the right for him... Its no secret we run quarters coverage and that was a really well designed play to get those safeties to come down to cover the screen pass and slip the receiver through the gap into wide open space with no deep help.  Credit Tubberville and staff on the design of that play and their team executed well because those plays are about timing...bad timing can turn into offensive pass interference rather easily.

Comment 26 Sep 2014

I just think they are expecting us to come out and try to establish the run.  I've said it more than once that I think our O-line is better at pass protection than run blocking (And, yes I am fully aware of 7 sacks given up to VT).  I would like to come out and spread them out and throw it all over the place with quick throws, WR screens etc. 

And someone help me here...with Dontre and Samuel---why is it so hard to get them matched up man-man on a LB?  That's BIG yards all day long.  Hell, most safeties can't cover them either.  I think we need to add a little "west coast" offensive flair to this team.  Keep those rockets in the backfield and throw it to them from there.  Neither is a true receiver or RB so give them elements of both.  Give me a wheel route to Dontre or Samuel, middle screen, slip screen, option routes out of backfield with 3 other receivers on the field running off the coverage...I just think they would be borderline "un-coverable"---which isn't a word but the best term I could use to describe it. 

Last question...anyone know the status of Heuerman?  He was limited by foot injury which is why I don't think he has had many plays called for him in passing game...


Comment 26 Sep 2014

I would just like to see some coverages and blitzes that will confuse Kiel and their O-line as well as more press-man coverage... and when we do go to zone, some zone blitzes with corners and/or linebackers coming hard in appropriate situations.  If we do a good job of disguising our coverages early, Kiel might be good for a couple of picks which could get them down early and help us jump out to an early lead. 

And PLEASE, PLEASE don't line us up in 4-3 playing zone all night!  We shouldn't be out on the field with less than 5 DBs at all in this game.  Reeves and other DB's on depth chart better be ready to STEP-UP!  And the 2 LB's on the field should be Kwon and Lee/Worley.  Grant will get exposed in coverage so he should not be asked to cover...if he's on the field it should be to blitz or even rush the passer from a stand-up DE/Viper spot.  I might even like to see Bosa, Bennett, and Washington down with Grant/Worley/Lee at viper.  I like Frazier and Miller but they lack that explosive first step that Spence has...I think a quick LB there would tough to block for either tackle that Cinci has...bottom line IMO, a vanilla defense will get beat and cause me to have to buy a new TV.  I can't afford a new TV... 

Comment 25 Sep 2014

Even though they gave up 7 sacks against VT---6 were in the 4th quarter against tremendous pressure from Bud Foster bringing every type of blitz you can think of.  Also, a few of those were on JT being a new QB and not making adjustments or accounting for the free man (ie: corner blitzing) as well as receivers not going "hot" and JT not looking to the "hot" receivers when/if they did actually run the appropriate hot routes.  The play calling was atrocious as well as has been established. So, all of those sacks don't fall directly on the O-line. 

My point is this...the O-line is NOT good (last year we had a good O-line).  But, IMO, after watching every snap of every game this year, their pass blocking is better than their run blocking.  I'd rather UFM and Herman bring us out in 4-5 WR sets and let JT quick pass it around the lot---which will help the O-line and open up the run.  UC can't match up and cover Thomas, D. Smith, C. Smith, E. Spencer, Heureman, Dontre, Dixon et al.  We need to spread them out and get those playmakers in space.

Comment 25 Sep 2014

Its a theme on almost every team in the country..."take it one game at a time" type approach.  Coaches try to keep their team focused on the current opponent until after the game and then focus on the next opponent.  We all know this is to prevent players and coaches from overlooking their opponent on any given week.  I have personally adopted this approach for myself this year.  After all that has happened losing Braxton, losing to Va Tech, losing Spence etc...I really don't care about anything other than beating Cincinnati this weekend.  And after that our focus will be beating Maryland. 

I don't think any of us can predict where we will be at the end of the year and I think its wasted energy to worry about getting into the playoff.  So, as far as this being a statement game, I think every game is a statement game for this team. 

I just hope we aren't too focused on making statements about making a statement and we go out on the field and actually make a STATEMENT! Otherwise its just all a bunch of wasted statements...you dig?


Comment 23 Sep 2014

~~"It's very special," Washington said of playing against Cincinnati. "... It's just that feeling of playing against my hometown, my home city."

In keeping with the family feelings for Washington...I would like to think of it as little brother coming into big brother's bedroom and mouthing off--not a good idea.  Little brother needs to be put in his place.  But when its all said and done, you still love your little bro...you just had to teach him where he fits in and what his role is in the family...Cincinnati is, after all, in the great state of Ohio...therefore they are football family...but they just need to remember where they belong.  Its time to give them a fitting reminder!  GO BUCKS!

Comment 17 Sep 2014

I like this article because I don't think JTB gets enough credit for what he did do against VT. 

JT wasn't put in a position to succeed against VT.  He did make some rookie mistakes that should have been expected as a young QB making his second start in college and playing in only his second game in 2 years.  His supporting cast let him down BIG time starting with the coaches, the receivers and the O-line.  The "IFs" are endless but IF #84 doesn't drop the pass in the end zone things are different--not to mention the other drops.  Also, IF the coaches made adjustments appropriately or had a game plan the protected the young man, things likely would have been different. 

Remember, we were in that game until the end.  The pick-six at the end was garbage points for them because by then JT was pressing and had NO confidence in his line.  That was really a 7 point game with 10 points left on the field that JT put the team in position to get against tremendous pressure, horrible blocking and questionable play-calling...the supporting cast just didn't execute (see #84 and our kicker #96)---granted they are freshman too--but those missed opportunities don't fall on JTB.

Throughout all of that, the kid was as cool as a cucumber...that's a good sign for this team that cannot be overlooked.   

Comment 17 Sep 2014

I agree that everyone is hungry for money and that, right now, most B1G schools seem to be content with mediocrity.  That really sucks for us as we reside in what is felt to be the worst conference of the power 5 right now.  I hate that the B1G sucks and I join everyone in their desire to find a way to motivate these schools to STEP-UP!  But, my reality filter being very effective leads me to this conclusion...How, under the before mentioned "suck-tax" model, would these schools grow their programs and increase recruiting efforts, expand facilities etc while getting penalized by what would need to be substantial monetary sanctions?  I just think that kind of penalty defeats the purpose of the revenue generated by the BTN etc.  To say to these schools: " You-Suck!"  "You need to do better!"  "Now, give us the money you need to go recruit better and build better facilities and hire better coaches!"  Just doesn't make sense to me IMO...

  Now a proposal to put a certain amount of the BTN revenue aside for a yearly performance BONUS for schools that meet certain goals...I will buy that.  But an arbitrary "you suck" tax will hand-cuff teams that need to get better--how do you expect that they improve if you take the money they need to make improvements?  That would only make the disparity from top to bottom in this conference WORSE.  The rich would get richer and the poor get poorer and that would not help anyone.  Do you we really want make the bottom half or even two-thirds of this conference weaker? 

Besides, these schools, presidents, boards etc will never institute a punishment (financial or otherwise) for failure to perform in athletics. 

Remember, these are academic institutions first and foremost.

So, in all reality, all of this is just wasted commentary because a 'suck-tax" will NEVER happen.