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  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Chris Spielman, although Mr. Bosa is starting to shrug himself into making a case!
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Comment 08 Apr 2015

We have a baby on the way so we are pinching pennies but I am excited to order one of these once tax returns arrive! I am looking forward to wearing this here in Mississippi where 1/3 of the people are Ole Miss/Miss. State fans, 1/3 are LSU fans, and the rest are Bama fans. Needless to say it has been much more tolerable here since January!

Comment 11 Mar 2015

"Look, I will be the cantankerous, contrarian troll this team looks like it needs. If I have to stand up here every day and slander a bunch of buff 18-22 year-olds and successful millionaires... then I'll be that for my team."

That McMillan guy and the Johnny or Billy Bosa or whatever his name is are both severely overrated. Oh, and all the quarterbacks are terrible and couldn't even start for tsun.

Comment 15 Jan 2015

Can I just say how happy I am to have a truly hate-worthy coach back in the Big 10! I was so disappointed when Bert left but now that wound has been healed. I hope the 11W Staff cooks up some Harbaugh's Wild Ride articles as I have really missed the Bert and Barry story articles from a few years ago.

Comment 02 Jan 2015

Agree about Ferentz all the way, but some credit today needs to go to Tennessee. Much like us they are a young team, started the youngest Oline in the country, and experience is finally kicking in. I think bowl practices benefited them a great deal. I think they will be a team to watch the next few years.

Comment 02 Jan 2015

It is easy to knock Maryland and Rutgers (not that it hasn't been hard to get used to them) but they did much better then expected this year. Both made bowls (a certain blueblood in Ann Arbor couldn't do that) and Rutgers was able to beat another Power 5 team in their Bowl Game. I think 20 years from now we may look at it differently. Delaney brought the Universities money, now the wins are apparently showing up as well.

Comment 02 Jan 2015

I wasn't born until 1984, but from what I have read the 68 team with the Super Sophomores was pretty exceptional. Having experienced the 2002 Season first hand I would have to say this year's team compares to it, however comparing seasons really is like comparing apples and oranges in my opinion. Each team is composed differently with separate strengths and weaknesses. 

Comment 02 Jan 2015

I noticed it too but looked at it another way. JT is always trying to pick up a nugget to improve himself - not to say Brax is not, however last night if you looked in his eyes Braxton was hurting because he desperately wanted to be on that field more then anything, he is the ultimate competitor. I think that is why there was the stoic look.

For what its worth during the BTN Postgame when the stadium was nearly empty I noticed Braxton walking in the background with JT on his scooter - they were laughing and both seemed extremely happy. I think we will see him back next year. The competitive spirit he has will want to take back the starter job.

Comment 30 Dec 2014

"Personally, I hate the SEC more than scum.  I rooted for scum when they played Meyer's Florida team in the bowl game"

I hate the SEC with a passion having to live down here and deal with their crap 365 days a year - yet you sir must not be a child of the 90s that had to grow up in a world full of Michigan arrogance. I admit I felt a little bit sorry for them this season, yet I would never ever say that I root for them - you need to recreate the soap scene from A Christmas Story, I hope you don't get soap poisoning. 

Comment 27 Dec 2014

This would be very good for Cinci - I think it is logical for the Big 12 so that West Virginia isn't on such an island. I think they should have grabbed Cinci, WVU, and Louisville at the same time but missed their chance. I think it is bad for us because it allows teams like Texas and Oklahoma to have a bigger presence in Ohio as they would be playing here somewhat regularly and therefore have a better chance of taking recruits out of Ohio.

Comment 13 Dec 2014

In all fairness there are a lot of Ohio State fans we could say this about as well. I think especially with any blue blood program with a long history of winning whether it is us, Bama, USC, or whoever you get that - it is just part of the nature of the College Football beast. The idiots are always the ones that are the loudest. 

Comment 13 Dec 2014

My wife is from Tennessee and a huge Vols fan - needless to say not a big fan of Kiffin.  I am still shocked he ended up there as he and Saban really make the odd couple. I think it will be a good game but would really be happy to see Kiffin pull a Kiffin and coach like he did at USC.

I am personally really curious to see about the consistency of our D. We put it all together and looked awful good against Wisky, but I'd like to see them do it two weeks in a row before I believe the Silver Bullets are back to stay.

Comment 13 Dec 2014

If you remember correctly Urban did have a pretty down year at Florida when he lost Charlie Strong and Dan Mullen going 7-5. This was before he proceeded to leave the cupboard bare.

Comment 04 Dec 2014

Has Dan Mullen's name come up? Unfortunately I am living in Mississippi at the moment for work and having the gauge of football here, I think MSU hit their ceiling this year - it might be a good time for him to leave. He has shown he can compete at a high level even without top recruits, he is young, so if succesful he could be there for awhile. He is from Urb's coaching tree so he could give the media alot to talk about in terms of a Woody vs. Bo part 2. He also has that SEC street cred which should help on the recruiting trail.

Comment 04 Dec 2014

If he is from Clyde that explains it - I played in the same conference in high school, their fans through rocks at us and at our bus, as well as a bunch of racial slurs.

Comment 04 Dec 2014

If FSU loses I don't think they have a prayer of being in - the committee has already seemingly been looking for a way to get rid of them all season. Not to mention they are likely the most hated team in America right now, as someone said a few weeks ago, "what does it say about a team that makes you root for Notre Dame, Miami, and Florida all in the same season?"