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Occupying Mississippi for Grant and Sherman (via Sandusky, OH)

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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Sitting next to my dad in Sun Devil Stadium as the orange and green fireworks went off, then seeing that yellow flag!
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Chris Spielman, although Mr. Bosa is starting to shrug himself into making a case!
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  • MLB TEAM: baseball is way too boring
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Comment 08 Jan 2016

That was a good synopsis. I don't want to give anything away to anyone who doesn't know his story yet, however they really don't make people as tough as he was anymore.

Comment 08 Jan 2016

Pretty upset to find out the things they added to the movie that didn't really happen. I am a history nerd so i will definitely go see it, however I suggest everyone to look up Hugh Glass and read his story. Its a shame they had to change up the story because the truth is amazing enough!

Comment 28 Nov 2015

As someone who's formative years was during the 90s I do. This isn't enough. If we win the next twenty games in a row it still won't be enough, however it is pretty enjoyable for now! 

We won the first salvo here against a new coach. If you think for a moment Harbaugh won't be planning for this game for next year already tonight in his basement you are crazier then he is. It is going to be an interesting series the next few years.

Comment 11 Oct 2015

I would have been more worried before yesterday, however our offense is beginning to click, and I think they will really roll out for the blackout. Hackenburg as a pocket qb will be just what the doctor ordered for our D. Good Guys win big under the lights.

Comment 04 Oct 2015

I noticed Wilson blocking well on a few plays as well. I think he may be becoming a football player!

Comment 04 Oct 2015

For what its worth, it seemed to me that Dontre Wilson played one of his better games yesterday. He had some good blocks, and you could argue if he doesn't make that tackle on the pick, it turns into a pick six. His effort has impressed me this year. He may never live up to the hype that accompanied him here (how many players actually do), but I think we will see a lot of good things from him through next season..

Comment 04 Oct 2015

I think we need to fire Urban and hire any number of quality coaches such as Hugh Freeze, Brian Kelly, or Mark Richt. Oh wait, unlike us their teams choked when it counted yesterday.

Has anyone noticed we aren't the only ones struggling this year? There is no one dominant team. I think it is just a weird year in college football.

I know we have played Indiana close the last few years, but has anyone thought that perhaps they may have a pretty good offense and an improved defense or it least got fired up to play the number 1 team in the country at home against a packed crowd.

When I was a Senior in High School our team went 5-5, yet one of the teams we beat in a shootout ended up making it to the state semis. Were we the better team(I doubt it) or just more amped up? 

How about if we had an offense like Baylor or Oregon and put up video game numbers yet choked any time we faced a team with even a shadow of a defense?

I admit I am a huge JT fan and am not a huge fan of Cardale Jones leadership style or some of his decision making, but come on people, enjoy the ride! EzE put together the best game by a running back since the year I was born. Enjoy the ride, trust in the guy whos winning percentage only trailes Knute Rockney and Frank Leahy. We fix the turnovers and we are looking pretty darn good.

Comment 05 Sep 2015

I think that Unionization thing really messed up their program for those two years. I think he has the ability to have them consistently in bowl games again with all that mess behind them.

Comment 05 Sep 2015

"the Park Service failed to prevent."

For what its worth this is a National Forest and therefore under the US Forest Service, not the National Park Service. Also Manti La-Sal National Forest covers 1.2 Million Acres in two states. I imagine they are stretched pretty thin. Your incorrect criticism of the National Park Service failing to prevent this also borders on a political statement because it ignores the fact that staffing levels for the Forest Service, NPS, and Fish and Wildlife have all been cut drastically. You yourself use the example of Gettysburg as an example later with people ignoring signs right in front of a Ranger yet then you criticize the Forest Service for not being able to prevent this in a 1.2 Million Acre site.

You have really good insight most of the time and I really enjoy reading your comments. I apologize for calling you out like this but as someone who works in this field for the agency incorrectly slandered I take issue with your statement.

This is 700 year old artwork that is now destroyed, what do you think would happen if someone went into the Louvre and put their name on the Mona Lisa? It is no different. There may not be a sign right by the rock, (in fact the quickest way to get people to do something you don't want them to do in a remote area is to put up a sign telling them not to do something) however I guarantee you there is literature in every entrance station that strongly phrases this is wrong, not to mention illegal, not just a stupid stunt but a crime on federal property. I imagine this was probably referenced by the staff to them as well since they are a special group.

"Either way, these kids are probably in a helluva lot of trouble now, and I'm sad that they'll be made an example of for something that, it sounds like, has been going on for a long time and that the Park Service failed to prevent."

These are not "kids" they are intelligent young adults, likely upperclassman if they are at a filed school, smart enough to make it into one of the greatest universities in the world, who should have known better.

*This is my opinion and not that of the NPS or USFS.

Comment 12 Aug 2015

I played OT, Center, and DT at (Sandusky) Perkins from 99-01 (graduated 02) was part of the 99 15-0 State Championship Team that beat Ironton for the Division IV Championship. I got to warmup and watch from the sidelines. We won the AP Poll the next year but lost to Coldwater in the playoffs (the only game I ever started). My Senior year we dropped to 5-5. Buckeyes Brandon Schnitker was a year ahead of me and Tyson Gentry was two years behind. My knees and back still give me issues from football and wrestling.

Comment 26 Jul 2015

Nice Share! I think if Wisky doesn't miss too much of a step with the new coach (no 59-0 jokes as much as I love it!) and Minnesota continues their trajectory, the West with even a solid Nebraska will be respectable. 

Comment 26 Jul 2015

Texas is still Texas and that is why they left in the first place. Even though Nebraska fans are the nicest in the country it doesn't mean they don't have their pride. I don't see them going back to the Big 12 for all the tea in china.

I work in the tourism industry and get to talk with people from all over the country and always love to talk college football. I have talked to quite a few Nebraska fans. I always ask how they like the BIG 10. I haven't heard a negative comment about it and it usually includes a gripe about Texas. Their only two complaints are the loss of the Oklahoma Rivalry and the fact they aren't winning. If they get back to winning at a consistent level, which I really think they will with the new coach, any talk of them leaving will be a complete waste of time.