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Comment 30 Oct 2014

But he had a winning record in the SEC! If he would have stayed at Vandy they would be in the top ten this year with the Alabama and Mississippi Schools on their way to being the 4th SEC Playoff team!

Comment 30 Oct 2014

Except that JT didn't have linemen holding him up and he didn't take a targeted shot to the head. There is a huge difference between pain and injury. In a contact sport like football you are going to be dinged up a bit, and probably sore every day once contact starts in preseason through the bowl game. The difference between the two is staggering, as is the difference between Morris' injury and JT's ding.

Comment 10 Sep 2014

Chris Spielman didn't even start immediately as a freshman. The only person to do so in recent memory, if not ever was Andy Katzenmoyer - to say Grant hasn't made some impact plays when he has some sacks and tfls is ridiculous. Also if you think Grant has issues in pass coverage, how do you think a true freshman would fare?

I hope Kwon is as advertised, but I would rather see him get some time against an easier opponent to build him up - not that his one play wasn't great Saturday night. If he looks significantly better after a good bit of time Saturday and still doesn't get more time after, then I think there is good reason to gripe, until then I will trust the coaches.

Comment 09 Sep 2014

Lomar - Way to Go!!! 

I am just speaking for my self here but I imagine I am not the only one - You all still up there in the promised land have no reason to complain, yah the game didn't go as hoped for - but if you think you have it bad imagine being one of us fighting the good fight down here in SECville. It really, really, really, sucks. I am sick of hearing complaining about the media and everything else, because you really don't have a clue how much crap we take on a daily basis.

Also - for all you complainers, you can look at the negative, or you can rewatch the game film and see some of the plays made by some of our younger guys. In the next couple of years this is going to be a very good football team, maybe scary good. Replacing four linemen was never going to be easy, breaking in a new qb doesn't help, not to mention a new defense. This won't be a storied season by our standards, but we should still be at worst in a New Years Day game (AT WORST!). Suck it up and enjoy the fact that we are not Purdue or Illinois, we are THE Ohio State University, where setbacks are simply momentary. 

Comment 06 Sep 2014

When you put it like that it makes you sound like a terrible person who needs a priority lessen, Buckeyes should always be the main concern over girlfriend or fun time at bar with friends. If you are DVRing it then pick her up, you wont have to watch the commercials and you can listen to it on the radio.

Comment 06 Sep 2014

If you haven't been dating long then it wasn't meant to be, if you have been dating long enough she should understand or get over it. There are only a few days a year she has to deal with it!

Comment 29 Aug 2014

I feel you, I was at the 03 game in Camp Randall my sophmore year of undergrad and for a time probably hated them more then TTUN, but a lot of that died when Bert went to Arkansas, and I guess it helps that Gary Anderson is a Meyer protege not to mention perhaps the most likeable coach in the BIG personality wise. Not to mention I currently live in Mississippi due to my job and the SEC fans are relentlessly jerks for the most part - even Miss St fans who don't have anything to brag about. On Wisconsin indeed every week but whenever they play us!

Comment 27 Aug 2014

Once again great article - brings back memories of watching the Neutron Man with my dad from C-Deck. For what its worth I never knew the original version of the song - TBDBITL version was the only one I ever knew of. 

As far as the 98 MSU game - my dad and I sat in C Deck until they started to literally turn out the lights in stunned silence. All I can remember from that game is wondering why they didn't keep feeding the possessed beast that was Joe Montgomery that night.

Love your stuff Ramzy!

Comment 21 Aug 2014

My idea of a successful season is Barrett coming out with his hair on fire this year and forcing a QB controversy next Spring and August to give Braxton that extra push he needs to bring home all the personal and team hardware they deserve. Barrett has the skill to be the BIG Freshman of the Year unless one of his teammates takes it instead. The Sky is not Falling my Friends!!!

Comment 10 Apr 2014

I really think they thought he was going to be another Bo for them since he isn't as polished as other coaches. I honestly thought he was going to do a much better job then he has there. Hate for tsun aside he does seem to be a descent human being - but that doesn't help too much when you are on the hot seat. I am starting to think they should have kept Richrod another year and he might have turned the corner but who knows, thats why I am not an AD.

Comment 09 Apr 2014

I like the idea in principle, however for those of us in the deep south due to work or whatever other unfortunate reason that would only make the crap we go through on a daily basis ten times worse. I am a huge tOSU fan, but I don't think I am quite ready for martyrdom! I work with the Civil War for my job on a daily basis so trust me when I say I am not exagerating.

Comment 09 Apr 2014

Because Meatchicken knew they wouldn't be as lucky in football against UConn as they were last year every year!

Comment 09 Apr 2014

Lee had a bunch of deep south troops in his army. Sherman would actually accept a surrender April 26, 1865 that was larger than Grants of the last major Confederate Army in the field. Chalk another up for the Buckeyes! I was astonished that Phil Sheridan did not make the bracket - he deserved to be there much more so than Custer did, had far greater accomplishments, never moved to Michigan, and never got Siouxed.

Comment 06 Apr 2014

I watched an interview of Franklin on BTN and he seemed very intense - personality wise he reminded me alot of Urban. It seems to me that with the four team playoff we would want Penn State and every other team to be as good as possible.

As for the rivalry issue, those are made, not created. When PSU joined the BIG a rivalry was forced on us - so I think we naturally detested it. Wisconsin was turning into a big rivalry before they moved divisions and Bert left. Sparty is definalty a current rivalry because of last year and the two top dogs on the block mentality. While our series with PSU is lopsided in the last decade or so we only have a 3 game advantage on them all-time. I distinctly remember attending some games in Happy Valley with my dad that didn't turn out well for us. The rest of the time we have played each other extremely close, usually within 10 points or so either way. Their students are kinda jerks, but what college kids aren't - I sure was arrogant about OSU when I was in Columbus and I went to Capital. While it may not be the Horseshoe and Script Ohio, and the Ramp Entrance and everything that makes OSU so special you have to admit Beaver Stadium and the whiteout are one of the next best things to experience as an objective fan of college football. I personally think he is going to a good job at PSU and they are going to begin to be the game we circle on the schedule in the near future, maybe not this year, maybe not the next, but soon after that. I think the fact that some OSU fans are so adament that it isn't a rivalry shows how much of one it is slowly evolving into.

- One last thing, please just stop with the pedophile references, it is not classy or representative of most of the people that are follwers of 11W, the people responsible for it are no longer part of their school, and it is disgusting to use such a terrible situation and its victims as a jibe.


Comment 20 Mar 2014

ACLs and meniscus are two very different injuries. I went through a meniscus tear during spring conditioning for football in high school and had my knee scoped, and again with the other knee playing backyard football in college and you are off the crutches in a day or two. If this was in the middle of the season he would be back in a few weeks at the very worse. My brother in law played for Capital and tore his meniscus as well in the middle of the season and missed 1 game. This isn't a big deal, its a comparatively minor injury, the sky is not falling, its a contact sport and injuries happen. To put it in context look at the Detroit Red Wings, they have twelve players injured and are fighting for a playoff spot right now. If they don't get it this will be the first time in two decades they haven't made the playoffs. A meniscus tear in spring football is not the end of the world and it does not mean Mr. Marshall is doomed to be injury prone. I think the comparisons to Mike D'Andrea are extremely premature.