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I am an 18 year old freshman in college, not OSU sadly, that loves reading anything and everything to do with Ohio State.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: In 2005, I went to the enemy's territory for the tOSU vs *ichigan game. We won 25-21, and as a 9 year old kid growing up in *ichigan as a Buckeye, getting to go to school the next Monday and brag about the game and how Ohio State won was the best thing ever.
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Comment 04 Jun 2015

yeah they just ignore that one guy all the time. what a shame

Comment 20 May 2015

I personally am a fan of kid rock, because i live 5 minutes away from him, his son went to my elementary school, and he's a pretty great guy giving back to the community i live in

Comment 06 Feb 2015

Weber had been committed to OSU for almost two months by the time signing day rolled around. He didn't have to commit, and he didn't have to sign on signing day. He could have waited it all out. The personal agenda by his high school coach and the michigan fan base is the only thing that is blowing this up. Michigan fans had turned their back on this kid in the blink of an eye. as soon as drayton leaves, they all want him again. Before I even knew drayton left, I thought his tweet meant he was hurt by how quickly everyone in his home state had turned on him. One last thing, I saw someone say this on twitter and I agree, shouldn't a coach be lifting the kids head up, getting him ready to go play college football, making sure everything is good for his transition? No, he has a personal agenda in getting this kid on the michigan football team, and will say anything and everything, at the cost of weber, to get him there while bashing Ohio State in any way possible. Weber has legit reasons to be upset. Angry? No. Mislead? No. This happens. And it's not as terrible as people are making it out to be. Urban will have a capable replacement. We are National Champions. 

Comment 06 Feb 2015

i dont get the 100% mislead remark. Maybe 5% mislead? Coach Drayton isn't 100% of the puzzle for Weber going to Ohio State. You have coach Coombs, Urb, his teammate Alabi, another alum Webb, he has the brand of Ohio State, the school and academics, etc. The list goes on and on for what Ohio State can sell to their recruits. The other 95% is still in tact, Ohio State still has rising academics, the football team is supposed to be better next year, and he's surrounded by players on the Ohio State roster already that are helping him pick his head up, like Dunna and Price. Who's to say the next guy wont be better than Drayton? And it's not like Ohio State can't produce quality running backs. Names such as Archie Griffin, Eddie George, Beanie Wells, and Ezekiel Elliott come to mind. Fresh off a OSU championship, Weber is still in good and capable hands. Like I've heard, college football is a business and these types of things happen quite often and Drayton is not the only coach to leave yesterday after signing day.

Comment 16 Jan 2015

ive been a fan for as long as i can remember, and being honest i cant remember if i watched the 2002 championship game as a 7 year old or not. but my true fandom came when my dad took me to the 2005 osu @ ttun game (that comeback though). i sat in uncharted territory, but was sitting next to an older fan, a woman who was a fan of ttun. she made it a fun and great experience for me as a kid, and when the good guys won, she said she was happy i got to see them win in the first game i saw. been an avid fan since! congrats to you, you great father!

Comment 16 Jan 2015

this is me a couple times a week, you're not alone!

Comment 16 Jan 2015

"jimbo will implement a system just for you so you dont get hurt. nothing will happen to you" is she on the staff?

Comment 14 Jan 2015

wow this is very solid information, thank you remy! its absolutely crazy to see how our running backs rack up the yards compared to other conferences. The Big 12 is understandable in the sense that they usually have better quarterbacks and throw all over the field, but beating out the pac 12 and the sec for most yardage and having the B1G's top 3 rushers have more yardage than anyone else is pretty special.

Comment 12 Jan 2015

chilis chips and salsa. had them every game except vatech (you're welcome)

Comment 12 Jan 2015

found out today my microeconomics professor graduated with a phd from Oregon. she was talking about the national championship, and I hit her with a subtle "go bucks." my favorite, simple line to get the message across. she said she was nervous cause the last time we played lol, and then went on to say we will see who eats crow at our next class meeting. Confused because all I had said was go bucks, and after she said they have Marcus, I said we have cardale, i said I guess we will.