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Comment 15 hours ago

What ya'll think your crazy?? T-Gib is gonna land in the house and say, "move over boys, my time to shine." I could only imagine Brax and JT looking at eachother like Da faq?? Okay okay....not really gonna happen but if it did that would sure be quite a scenario lol.

Comment 16 Sep 2014

I love the shovel plays....its one of my favorites that I was waiting for Urban to show. Another one of my favs (and one I think we'll see soon) is the 5 wide look where a slot receiver motions around from one end to the other setting up a speed option out of the 5 wide look. Meyer used that with Tebow and Percy on goal line situations with success. Tried to find a video but no luck.

Comment 14 Sep 2014

It was very obvious JT was really scanning the field yesterday. At least on TV you could see his head moving a lot trying to find the open guy. My early prognosis is that JT is gonna be the QB who finds the open man....no matter who it is.

Comment 10 Sep 2014

Interesting article I just read that was spot on with what happened Saturday night. Quite honestly, I don't think Meyer knew what the heck he was getting into with Bud Foster and his defensive shenanigans. Foster seems like a pretty darn good DC.


Comment 10 Sep 2014

Could it maybe...could it just maybe be the fact Grant is a senior and Kwon is a frosh is the reason Kwon isn't getting played more?? #CmonplayussomeKwon

Comment 10 Sep 2014

From that statement, it sounds like Eli wasn't where he needed to be and recognized the situation he was in as CB with the 3rd and long scenario. Ash makes it sound like he did his job as a DC, its just that Eli simply didn't recognize what needed to be executed on his part. It's still early to see how this defense is panning out under new leadership from Ash, but so far I think Urban made a good hire in Chris Ash.

Comment 09 Sep 2014

I'll get flak for this I'm sure but like any Buckeye fan, I wished we would have won last Saturday night. However, the coaches and players can take a lot from this game and learn. I'd rather have a team like VT play us well schematically and in general to as Meyer said, "exposed a little" so that this young team can really adjust going forward. My wish is Wilson and Marshal get the ball more and Meyer and Herman find creative ways to get those 2 involved.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

For one....it is unfair to a RS Fr. QB to be expected to know and execute the entire playbook. I think Tom Herman is a pretty good OC and knows what he is doing. However, given that the game plan has stayed mostly consistent the last 2 yrs with Brax at the helm....it has changed how TH has to prepare and coach for games. At this point, we know JT can run the football, he's by no means explosive like Brax is but he can run and get the first down. Its time now to get the ball into Dontre Wilson's hands (and in space) and develop the RBs with consistency and utilize the receivers more since we know JT can't bail us out with his legs as easily as Brax always has.