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Comment 30 Apr 2014

Based from what I saw in the spring game....I wouldn't come away saying the QBs looked bad because of themselves. In other words, it appeared the newly enhanced playing style of the defense really effected the play of Jones and Barrett. The D seemed to be playing very aggressive man press and looked to be tough to get open as a receiver. It looked like everything happened within 15 yds of scrimmage. The corners, safeties, and LBs were all over anybody running out to catch a ball. Anybody else notice this?? I have no doubt in my mind that if it was soft zone coverage that was utilized instead of aggressive man press that both Cardale and J.T. would have had a better day.  

Comment 19 Jan 2014

Key things for Braxton to have his best year passing....

  • Work on his mechanics and reading defenses
  • Develop a chemistry with his receivers...this was imminent with T. Smith and his receivers
  • Receivers will HAVE to get better with separation and route running...this means D. Smith and E. Spencer
  • It would be in the best interest of the coaches to tweak the playbook a little to get D. Wilson involved in the passing game more. Much like mentioned earlier...Boyd's YAC throws were a huge contributor to his stats in the Orange Bowl. If D. Wilson gets the ball in short yardage and then turns it into YAC....Braxton's numbers improve.

It's going to be a long time before we ever see a receiver corps as good as Ginn, Gonzo, and Holmes. If you could only imagine what our offense would be like with those 3 receivers + Dontre + Eze + Miller = A disaster waiting to rip any defense in the country.


Comment 17 Jan 2014

It will be interesting to see how Dontre is going to evolve from the 2013 season to the 2014 season after a year of PT under his belt and an off season to condition and bulk up. With Hyde and Hall now gone.....Dontre's role has to get bigger. I wouldn't say so much in the read option and hand offs we run but definitely the motion stuff and inverted veer. Dontre is going to be all over the field next year. Urban seems to like having that one playmaker that's a dangerous home run threat that defenses will key in on, in which other elements of the offense will shine when we pass or Braxton's running ability.

Comment 14 Jan 2014

Before Meyer came on board.....it was explained several years ago when Tressel was still coaching that the whole Co-DC thing was simply an in game setup. For example.....Jim Heacock and Luke Fickel used to be the Co-DCs. I believe starting out, Jim was in the booth and Luke was on the sideline. Then the last couple years before Tress got fired they switched and Jim went down on the field while Luke went to the booth. This was done so that both coaches could work as a tandem duo during the game when deciding on what coverages and plays to run. Now obviously the guy in the booth should have the incentative because he has the birds eye view of the action on the field  below. I look at these comments a lot and I'm surprised no one ever mentions that Tom Herman and Ed Warriner are both OCs. I would think however that the way their in game setup is compared to the defense is different. The idea is another set of eyes in case on guy doesn't see something, maybe someone else does. I am willing to bet that Chris Ash and Tom Herman will be in the booth together. Luke will be on the sideline giving the play signals and adjustments etc. via Ash.

Comment 14 Jan 2014

The point in posting that very video is to give a stark reminder of the pain felt. We know what it feels like. Now other teams get to feel it when we crush them on a game changing series. It's kinda like karma, especially if we play psu 

Comment 05 Jan 2014

So let's look at the big picture for our offense in 2014.

What Braxton won't have:

  • Brax is no longer going to have Carlos Hyde or Jordan Hall to hand off to.
  • He won't have Philly Brown to throw to.
  • 4/5 of the line will be gone.

What Braxton will have:

  • A dangerous Dontre Wilson to work with in passing/rushing situations. They will have to work on their chemistry in the off season and hopefully that will be a tandem nightmare for defenses.
  • Evan Spencer and Devin Smith will be the top 2 WRs as well as TE Jeff Heuerman.
  • Someone will rise as RB be it Rod Smith, Eze, Dunn, or Ball but definitely not Dontre.
  • An entire off season to work with Urb and Herman and all the players above to develop a new offensive game plan that will hopefully involve a better pass attack.

I remember when Troy Smith progressed as a passer, he was always finding the open guy no matter who it was. His progressions were faster as he improved and he also became better at reading the defense. Brax has a lot to work on but nevertheless he is very talented and can really shine next year if he builds some strong chemistry with his receivers much like Troy did with Gonzales, Ginn, and Holmes.


Comment 04 Jan 2014

You have to keep in mind that after this year, the team will have 3 classes of Urban's kids and 2 classes of Tressel's kids (counting red shirting). I think we'll see a difference once the team is entirely Urbanized. Vonn Bell will be a legit safety in the coming years and Dontre Wilson after this off season will become a dominate home run threat next year. 

We should know as fans if Urb is making the comments about the D like he is, that change is sure to come! 

Comment 20 Dec 2013

Congrats to Everett Withers on his hiring at JMU. It says a lot about the guy when Urban gives him some praise.

There's a lot of ?'s we all have regarding why our D has not been Silver Bullet like. Is it scheme? Is it the players? Is it the coaching? Who knows, but I'm not the least bit surprised if our D looks better in the Orange Bowl and beyond. As stated, Urban has indicated they are working on it. Between Withers and Fickel, I think Fickel was the recruiter and focus on LBs and Withers was the in game play caller with focus on safeties. There's some speculation that Withers was calling the plays for the secondary while Fick was in charge of LBs and D line play calls. I'd much rather know that there's one DC in charge of in game management with respective coaches in charge of their positions.

If Urbz is gonna hire someone for the D, then I hope we get someone  who runs the D like a boss, man coverage and press with unpredictable blitzes and coverages. If we've got DC who's got a killer instinct, then expect to see The Silver Bullets back.

Comment 14 Dec 2013

Would have been exciting to see my old high school, The Loveland Tigers play against The Massillon Tigers in the state championship. Unbelievable year for Loveland!