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Comment 08 Sep 2014

I was at the game on Saturday night, and it reminded me a lot of the 2007 Illinois-OSU game at The Shoe ... no matter what we did, it never felt like we were going to get over that hill -- even when it was 21-21.

I think Barrett is very capable, as is the O line.  But if the Hokies are sending 6 or 7, where is the hot read?  JT missed Wilson on the overthrow when Wilson had 30 yards to run after the Bucks tied the game.  Where are WR screens? FL screens? Jet sweeps? Bubble screens?  Why on earth put a QB that's played 1 game in 2 years out there and expect him to carve up a stout 4-2-5 defense?  Where is EzE in all this?  He is Hyde size and yet there was almost no attempt to run with him inside?

I am as frustrated as the next guy ... and I believe this team can turn it around.  I also think MOST of the blame for the loss falls on bad schemes that were poorly executed.  And to fall into a prevent with an extra DB on third downs?  Did Ash or Fickell or Johnson wonder how Va Tech got into 3rd and long in the first place?  Why on earth change to a prevent or zone scheme on third down when pressure caused the 3rd and longs?

Lastly, can someone get Corey Smith to extend his arms to make catches? That was a pretty bad case of alligator arms, and is totally unacceptable. Can't be afraid to get hit after you catch the ball.

OK, I'm done with my gripe for last week's game ... I am confident tOSU will turn it around.  I'll be there to watch, like I always am ...

Comment 15 Feb 2014
Anyone else think the advice given to DeShaun Thomas to turn pro was AWFUL? This team with Thomas would be a Final Four contender ... Without him, they shoot slightly better than my nephew's 4th grade team ...
Comment 05 Feb 2014

OSU 2, Sparty 0 ... Top 2 ... RBI's by Jamarco Jones and Dyrius Slade ...

Comment 04 Feb 2014

U of M - #4 ranked public university

The OSU - #16

MSU - #29

Florida State - #40


Malik's parents want a good education ... and the opportunity to play for championships ... they want him out of Michigan -- and have publicly decried MSU ... Sounds like OSU is the best of both worlds ... What am I missing?


Comment 03 Feb 2014

I'm very curious about the recruiting pitch being given to Jones right now ... versus at the time right before he committed.  I can't imagine it's any different ... With 4 starters graduating, he has an amazing chance to step right in and play NOW -- just like some wet-behind-the-ears kid from Sandusky in the 1990's.  

I also was reading about McDowell ... His recruitment has been incredibly quiet.  Anyone with any news about the on-campus visit? Any twitter nuggets from McDowell or his family?