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Comment 19 Oct 2014

AndyVance, It appears we are in the same boat. My wife is also a native West Virginian. But she is smart enough to realize the Buckeyes are #1 and are the only colors allowed in this house. But we do pull for the Mountaineers too. Although sometimes its hard to pull for them when I live right on the border of OH/WV. I literally can see WV from my front porch as its right across the river. Her family all lives over there and I'm a nice guy so I dont rub it in. LoL. How do you get a one armed West Virginian out of a tree? Wave to them. HAHAHA

Comment 02 Oct 2014

I'm going with the next obvious choice here. I just happen to be an excellent fisherman. You might say that I am a Master Baiter...............

Comment 07 Sep 2014

Honestly , I am just astonished! I thought for sure that our fan base was a lot more down to earth than this. Seriously! What in the heck did you expect? Another undefeated season? Seriously? C'mon man! Before we lost Braxton, I would have been amazed if Urban pulled off another undefeated season. After losing Braxton, I knew better. Be rational for a minute and think of how many new pieces are in place this year. How many NFL players did we lose? Top running backs and one of the best we've ever had, Top receiver that we had last year, Top linebacker and one of our all timers, Amazing DB with world class speed and first rounder to boot, 4 offensive linemen out of five of which I think 3 are now starters in the NFL that Urban said was the best he's ever seen, and oh yeah, the 2 time BIG player of the year and annual Heisman front runner of a QB to boot. You guys are really this mad because we aren't blowing out last years #4 ranked Defense with a redshirt QB who unfortunately hasn't had time to ease into the position? Yes, we are The Ohio State!!! And yes we dont rebuild, we reload!! But when you only have 3 seniors starting on your team, and this is the first year where the large majority of your team is made up of Redshirt Freshman and sophmore's who are starting for the first time, its gonna take a while to become amazing. Especially an O-line to learn each others tendancies and begin to gel. The coaches could not have won this game for us, I'm sorry to piss in your cheerios, but its just the truth. We all hoped that we would have a Jamis Winston, but the fact is , guys like those are very few and far between. Thats not to say J.T. wont some day be amazing, Jamis from last year could not have won this game, I think Braxton might have been able to, possibly. But dont start throwing Urban and the staff under the bus because we had to replace the majority of our team and they didn't just explode out of the gate. There is still a lot to be happy about in Buckeye Nation!!! The future is bright!!! The present is still great to watch and enjoy these guys grow and learn. It sucks! But it is what it is.

Comment 17 Aug 2014

Yeah, no doubt! I mean, why doesn't anyone ever point out how Oregon chokes every year? I mean they litteraly lose every single game that matters! We havn't been much better recently, but why do they get a free pass? #3? Seriously? GTFO!

Comment 17 Jul 2014

I remember when I was a teenager and I almost " NEVER" looked like that with my shirt off. Ha, it is both sad and funny to see the effect time takes on my body as I age. Still got the guns though! By guns I'm talking about my gun collection.

Comment 29 Jun 2014

After watching an interview he did and reading this interview. I cant help but feel more impressed by his maturity and ability to convey his points so clearly, than any interview I can remember of a recruit. What he said about the stars and just the fact that he is smart and mature enough to realize that yeah those stars are an indicator of physical traits but in no way measure the heart of a man, makes me really believe this kid gets it and will definitely put a lot of smiles on the faces of buckeye nation in the near future. Glad to have you Grant!! GO BUCKS!!!

Comment 27 Jun 2014

I am 100% sure he is for sure coming here because I am also 100% sure that he already came here. 


And thanks

Comment 26 Jun 2014

Wow,, LOL< I didn't realize i was in the hospital that long. Sorry for the repost, I thought I had read all the stuff i missed on here. Apologize for double post.

Comment 18 Jun 2014

PlaceKicker U too!

Comment 20 May 2014

FUCK FRANK REICH,  I was living in H Town until I was 15 or so, and that happens to be my worst memory of any sporting event ever!!!!!! Warren Moon deserved better!!!! And that dude clearly stepped out of bounds!!!! CLEARLY!!!! It was the only time I actually cried over a lost game, although I have been close a few other times. But that seriously messed with my young developing mind. I still slap babies and puppies if present when the memory returns. J/K ,,, CLEARLY!!!! But Seriously!!!

Comment 04 May 2014

Its like watching an old ginsu knife infomercial! LOL, He slices , he dices ,I choked on an apple when he made that one handed interception. It looked like he was playing middle school teams. Beam me up!

Comment 26 Apr 2014

Dude ,, seriously quit trolling the boards with your politiical views. There is a reason why its an actual rule on here. The point of this site is too discuss our love for the Bucks and get along while doing it. Your vitriol is nothing but devisive. If everyone on here put there political thoughts out there this site would not be so great. We dont have to agree about chris mathews or bill oreilly in order to talk about how awesome the Bucks are. Keep your thoughts about politics off these boards or watch your stickers dissapear and maybe your account too.

Comment 19 Feb 2014

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Comment 16 Nov 2013

I personally think that a lot of it is mental, I think that these teams in the B1G feel like they lost before they even take the field sometimes. I also think if the Buckeyes do their thing and destroy an SEC team in particular, you will see the tide, (no pun intended) start to turn.