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Comment 19 hours ago

I dont know if maybe you took my comment wrong. But let me just say. I dont see this woman as a innocent victim in this case at all. And I totally agree with what you are saying about girls taking advantage of society's view of men hitting women under any circumstances being inappropriate. I just honestly think he could have handled that situation in a much better way than he did. And I dont think its a coincidence that he's another FSU player who feels like society's rules do not apply to him. Honestly, once she swung on him, he should have restrained her and waited for the bouncers to come and escort her out of the place. When he punches her in the eye hard enough to leave a black eye for several days, I feel no punishment is too much within the legal limits. You would think they would have a team of people down there telling every single recruit the importance of acting like a professional, after everything that has gone on down there. Honestly, the fact that it was another FSU Qb just blows my mind and maybe I'd be a little more willing to hear both sides of the story if there wasn't such a precedent being set down there. I don't know. Jimbo needs to figure something out quick because I just cant see these antics continuing down there without some sort of long term ramifications hurting their entire university at some point. But I do see what your trying to say. 

Comment 23 hours ago

Honestsly, When she lifts her hand, I see it as her saying I was here first, because supposedly this has something to do with her cutting him in the line, Then I see him grab her hand in an aggressive manner maybe thinking she was making a threatening gesture. Then she gets pissed and clocks them. Heres the thing. It doesn't matter what a woman does, as a giant athlete who is almost superhuman, and possibly a future face for an entire university, I would hope you would have enough sense to not retaliate to a punch from a drunk woman half your size that almost definitely did not hurt you any more than a bug bite. In my opinion, that guy should be banished to a community college for a couple of years. The fact that he is another FSU QB is all the more reason you would think he would have a little more restraint. Just ridiculous!!

Comment 06 Jul 2015

Da Nile isn't just a river in Egypt!! HAHAHA!!! They knew there was a storm brewin when he made his way up north. They knew the real answer but they were hoping if they closed their eyes hard and long enough it would pass right over. Wrong!!! Go Bucks!!!

Comment 03 Jul 2015

Yeah, its funny how that works isn't it? LOL, I'm definitely that guy that would drive you crazy, but you are definitely that guy that would drive me crazy too! Its all good. People are different. I will admit that there was this one time when I was with my in laws from WV that someone did it to me and I wanted to crawl under a rock because of the fact that they were just telling me how obnoxious our fan base can be at times literally five minutes before. But I still reciprocated due to the fact that I would never leave a fellow buckeye hangin.  O H !!!

Comment 03 Jul 2015

Anyone notice Ohio State is the only one with more arrests than ejections? Good to know its not only my small tiny town of Marietta that will arrests/give you a ticket for anything. I literally got a ticket for not using a blinker to pull out of a gas station one night! Didn't even know that was a law! So after i threw the ticket away and forgot about it, I didn't realize they suspended my liscense until I went in to renew it. Apparently you have to pay a ticket within 30 days or your license gets suspended. Anyway, I also once almost got a ticket for flipping my ashes on the ground when I used to smoke. The officer said it was littering. I was leaving a bar and asked him how he was going to bag up the evidence when it was blowing down the street? He didn't like that answer at all! But after a verbal lashing he let me be. 

Comment 21 Jun 2015

Yeah, something tells me that if you cant grasp the fact that an 18 year old would not be capable of grasping that then I'm going to have to say your not ready for reality. dont give me that I'm an individual entitled to my own opinion excuse.

Comment 21 Jun 2015

If you are trying to imply racism for using the word animals in this instance , you are an idiot! That is definitely as far away from civilized as you could get! I believe people that low should be locked in a cage just like the animals they are. If they were squared up and that happened, fine! But that is animalistic behavior to say the least!!

Comment 19 Jun 2015

I dont know? I mean, if I say that anything Arod did is meaningless, I would have to say that anything that took place during my lifetime in MLB would have to be meaningless. I just cant throw the baby out with the bath water like that. The way I look at it. He was one of the best to play the game during the juicing era. Just like damn near every other big name player during that era. Sucks, but unfortuantely thats the way it is. I used to be the type of fan that would sit and watch the whole game every day. Now I cant watch a single at bat without turning the channel.

Comment 06 Jun 2015

I hope we get him. He definitely looks like the real deal. Plus I really want to say Grime Time!!

Comment 06 Jun 2015

Man I just dont see how they can not bump this guy up to a 5*. He is traveling around the country on a tour, just to prove he is worthy of it, and has not lost a rep since he started. And he's doing it to make Buckeye Nation proud! What a get this guy is.

Comment 01 Jun 2015

This comment is weird.. At first I thought I was offended. And thought that the comment you replied to was valid. But then I realized that you were right about the pc crap getting over blown. Then I laughed at the last sentence and realized that is the best line I've ever heard when combating the pc crowd. Well done, but don't forget about the sad people. LOL