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Comment 03 Nov 2015

While noting your favorite player i noted your favorite teams. Same as mine. Are you another displaced Houstonian? Sorry for bad typing , recently was in a bad crash and broke 19 bones inc;uding both forearm bones and some in right hand. not used to pecking. lol

Comment 13 Sep 2015

Man, this exact same thing happened to me at the exact same place when I took my kids up for the spring game. Luckily it was only 20 bucks for parking that day. But I witnessed first hand 3 different people arguing about it, and after listening intently, decided it wasn't worth my time to call the police or even argue about it. I did have 5 kids with me including a newborn and 2 year old that were ready to go. But I told my wife to remember the name of the corner so we knew to never park there again. Whats really screwed up is I had to wait a half hour for them to get me out of there due to how tight they pack everyone in there. I'm telling you guys. Dont ever park there!

Comment 10 Sep 2015

Yeah, I got to say, I have been picking up way more of what you are laying down than I could have ever dreamed of in my worst nightmare. Seems to be a lot more schmuckery going around here than there used to be. I literally cant remember the last time I read a forum post that didn't have a Mod edit in it, letting the person that was cool enough to take time out of their day to share a bit of info that they picked up, that they did it wrong. And wow, I didn't realize that if you didn't give a damn about what other fan bases were saying about the bucks on their blogs, that it meant that you had to express your disdain for it, by clicking on the link to the forum post and then taking the time to post a comment saying as much, in a condescending way. How bout, move on and let the people that do enjoy reading it, read it? I mean my soul is only worth Eleven Warriors, but glad they could afford to buy an extra! I'm glad the guys that do all the work for us are getting some extra money for all their hard work they do for us. I just wish people with an extra pair of pants didn't have to act like their opinions matter more because they have them. I promise I will buy the extra pants first chance I get. I hope there is an option to not display my pants when I do. Their the ugliest pants I've ever seen.

Comment 04 Sep 2015

I was actually going to start a forum topic saying what a punk he was, so I'm glad you made this one. I'm a new listener and heard him call a caller a dummy for expressing his opinion. Then he hung up on him and kept talking about how stupid he was.I'll never listen to him again.

Comment 17 Aug 2015

Yeah, I dont know how I'd feel about a basketball logo being on my football uniforms. And i agree about the fact that Lebron is an actual OSU fan, while MJ is all about the bottom line. Also, Lebron is now and the future, while MJ was the past. If it were the basketball team, I dont think you could go wrong, but this is football, and I just dont really see or like the connection.

Comment 14 Aug 2015

I agree! I absoutely find this to be nothing more than a huge pain in the ass, and it has really ruined my browsing experience!!! Please 11W Gods! PLEASE!!!!! 

Comment 03 Aug 2015

Cant help but wonder if Cooper getting a fifth star and all this hype might have swayed him away. I mean, I think he was hoping it would be him that skyrocketed up the rankings the way Cooper did. And now he's the 3rd highest rated DE in his recruiting class being left out of at least 60% of the comments mentioning how deadly our Dline would be if we could get Gary or another highly rated DT. I mean, he believes he is the best DE in the country, and he's the forgotten man in this class due to our success lately. He could be the talk of just about any other teams recruiting class and I think that he's feeling a little overshadowed. I've even commented on this subject in the past about how we need to quit leaving him out of the discussion when it comes to how awesome our Dline hall is this year. I hope he comes back, but if the reasons I listed are why he did this, then I must say I dont think he really believed he was the #1 DE in the country. 

Comment 22 Jul 2015

Yeah.... Not sure I appreciate the tone of his tweet. While I can appreciate his attitude about not resting on his laurels, I certainly don't appreciate his condescending attitude towards the people who's only escape from the daily grind, is celebrating our recent successes on the field of dreams. If he wants to turn the damn page, don't let me stop him. But he comes off a little rude for my liking.We can't all be rock stars that can so easily cast aside once in a lifetime events as if it were just another insignificant accomplishment on the way to bigger and better things! Some of us work dusk to Dawn just to keep a roof over our heads and buy an occasional D. Lee jersey! I think I'll turn the damn page when I'm damn good and ready, thank you very much. Now , end rant!

Comment 21 Jul 2015

Tomorrow morning, my wife will be having our 5th child. 4 of which will have been born in July. 10th, 15th, 21st, and 30th. Needless to say, I will be avoiding my wife in October from now on! I've been looking into a river lot and a camper. I drive a Mercury Mountaineer. Double row seating and still a compartment in the back for groceries. Plus, I get to keep my balls without throwing a set of brass balls on the hitch. Good compromise. I will tell you this, 9 years ago I had 0 kids and was livin la vida loca. Now, when one of my kids see a beer in my hands, they ask if i'm an alcholic. Last time I drank was 4th of July, before that was the Mayweather fight. And before that was the Championship game. I will say, at first , its was boring, depressing, stressful, and sad. But then the oldest boy grew up enough to where he is now my best friend along with all the others, and I could not imagine the things that I used to do for fun, being anywhere near as great as the things I now do for fun. Just seeing your new child smile will mean the world to you in a short amount of time. Just keep pushing until they are to the point where they can joke around with you, and you will see why any parent will die to protect their child. At first, I didn't think i liked the trade off. Now, I realize I couldn't have gotten a better deal if I lived to infinity! Good luck and congrats!! New Bucks!! 

Comment 08 Jul 2015

THank you! Everyone seems to keep forgetting Mr. Hall in the group with Cooper, Bosa, and Gary. I think Buckeye nation needs to show a little more love to Mr. Hall after reading the update and all the comments. You were the first person to mention him, and he is a very big name that somehow keeps getting left out of the discussion due to our spoils. Glad to see you mention him. He's gonna be a beast for us as well.

Comment 06 Jul 2015

I dont know if maybe you took my comment wrong. But let me just say. I dont see this woman as a innocent victim in this case at all. And I totally agree with what you are saying about girls taking advantage of society's view of men hitting women under any circumstances being inappropriate. I just honestly think he could have handled that situation in a much better way than he did. And I dont think its a coincidence that he's another FSU player who feels like society's rules do not apply to him. Honestly, once she swung on him, he should have restrained her and waited for the bouncers to come and escort her out of the place. When he punches her in the eye hard enough to leave a black eye for several days, I feel no punishment is too much within the legal limits. You would think they would have a team of people down there telling every single recruit the importance of acting like a professional, after everything that has gone on down there. Honestly, the fact that it was another FSU Qb just blows my mind and maybe I'd be a little more willing to hear both sides of the story if there wasn't such a precedent being set down there. I don't know. Jimbo needs to figure something out quick because I just cant see these antics continuing down there without some sort of long term ramifications hurting their entire university at some point. But I do see what your trying to say. 

Comment 06 Jul 2015

Honestsly, When she lifts her hand, I see it as her saying I was here first, because supposedly this has something to do with her cutting him in the line, Then I see him grab her hand in an aggressive manner maybe thinking she was making a threatening gesture. Then she gets pissed and clocks them. Heres the thing. It doesn't matter what a woman does, as a giant athlete who is almost superhuman, and possibly a future face for an entire university, I would hope you would have enough sense to not retaliate to a punch from a drunk woman half your size that almost definitely did not hurt you any more than a bug bite. In my opinion, that guy should be banished to a community college for a couple of years. The fact that he is another FSU QB is all the more reason you would think he would have a little more restraint. Just ridiculous!!

Comment 06 Jul 2015

Da Nile isn't just a river in Egypt!! HAHAHA!!! They knew there was a storm brewin when he made his way up north. They knew the real answer but they were hoping if they closed their eyes hard and long enough it would pass right over. Wrong!!! Go Bucks!!!