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Comment 09 Dec 2014

Honestly, they look just like the pair I bought a couple months ago. Just more scarlet. And more stupid on the bottom. But I do like the more red, even though its the same shoe other than that.

Comment 08 Dec 2014

Yeah, actually it is a huge difference. When the head of the National Refs Association or whatever its called. Formerly, I should say. Writes three articles about how the S.E.C refs are talking to a " Mystery Man" that is not reffing the game, in important games when big calls are being made made. And stating his love for the SEC and how they had better knock it off and get it together before they ruin the credability of the league and other curious things. And then even the SEC fans agree in all the comments and argue that they need to knock it off, I'd say thats different than saying that an entire football team laid down, gave up a Heisman, and a Big Ten Championship so OSU could make the playoffs. A lot different!!

Comment 07 Dec 2014

Favorite post on there is the one where this guy points out

FSU’s opponent records was 83-63. That is pretty damned good. Alabama’s opponents won 79 games. Oregon 73.

BU and TCU’s opponents won 60.

Not sure if you notice, but somehow he forgot to mention only one team's stats there. That would be The Ohio State Buckeyes! And that number would be? 85! I guess I see why he left it out. HAHAHA!

Comment 03 Dec 2014

I for one really like it that people point out links and articles about what people are saying about us, whether it is bad or good. I enjoy reading all the info I can about my Bucks. I dont see why anyone would lump that in with repeat threads about a topic?

Comment 29 Nov 2014

I agree with everything you just said. But at the same time, after the VT game, who would have thought J.T Barret would become the beast he has? Maybe we can get lucky again and Cardale is also amazing? Really, he is a beast runner so if he can be somewhat effective distributing, we could still surprise some people! Just hate to see a record book season end early to such a great guy! Get Well Soon J.T.!!

Comment 22 Nov 2014

Yeah, couldn't help but think of tiger woods put where it stopped at the rim of the hole with the NIKE logo right in the camera, stood there for a second and dropped in the hole. If that football had a NIKE logo on it, that would have been hilarious. My favorite Aussie in the world, our punter.

Comment 22 Nov 2014

Really! 3 years since we hired Chris Ashe? Wow!! Time flies!  I think its been 10 games and we are starting to see the improvement in the pass defense since Ash came in and teams are figuring it out as well so they are going more run heavy on us as opposed to last year when they went pass heavy. Big difference is, we have the personel to make adjusments and fix t his problem where we didn't have the personnel last year to fix the passing game. 

Comment 22 Nov 2014

LOL, I thought you were talking about the UPSET ALERT that just rolled across the bottom of ESPN's score thingy. Where they just showed Indiana's final touchdown change the score and showed a minute left. The game has been over for 15 minutes when I saw that. Had to laugh. They really wanted to make sure everyone saw that apparently. I know they have been giving us props, but I feel it has been done begrudgingly.

Comment 22 Nov 2014

I think last year they devoted a lot of resources to stopping the run, which made the pass defense horrible, I think this year its the opposite. It seems that we are putting to much of our resources into stopping the pass and not enough into stopping the run. Notice how great the LB's have been in pass protection. I think its just a matter of time with all of that young talent before they figure it out and put it all together. Really, our run defense handles their RB except for those two long runs, he was stopped at the los most of the game. Give it a little time and think all will be right in this world.

Comment 19 Nov 2014

I might have read your comment, and picked up a vibe you didn't intend to put out. I also have 4 children. I completely agree with your sentiments when it comes to the messages that Jalin was receiving on twitter, but I feel thats different than offering words of encouragement or even just following his tweets. I personally wouldn't do either, but thats just me. I feel like any player on OSU is a celebrity whether they want to be or not and if they didn't want the attention, they probably wouldn't have a public account like that. But I dont believe they should be subjected to idiots just because they are celebrities. I dont even think the celebrities that everyone agrees are celebrities should have to deal with the idiots out there. Sorry if I came off harsh due to misunderstanding you. I see now that your heart was in the right place.

Comment 18 Nov 2014

Okay,, hate to be mean but that was just stupid. JK, but not really.

Here are some things to think about

1. Miss has 1 win against a current ranked team and thats 14 Auburn. There ooc schedule includes 4 teams that I have never heard of that, other than that, they barely beat Arkansas by 7 points, LSU by 5 points and UAB? by 13 points. Impressive? I think not! Also they play 1 less conference game than they should which would give the SEC 7 more losses if they made it 9 conference games. Add 7 more losses to the SEC records instead of definite wins against teams you more than likely havn't heard of and that would hurt perception even more. But they did beat a 3 loss Auburn right? And they had that Impressive loss against Alabama whos only top 25 win is against them so thats impressive too. So show me where thats a quality team that deserves it more than us.

2. Baylor and TCU have a rank that is inflated because of a sorry Oklahoma team that isn't as good as it was supposed to be. Baylors only win against a current top 25 is TCU but they did throttle KANSAS!!! Which is something TCU could only do by 4 points. I dont normally use the transitive win perspective, but if you cant beat Kansas by more than 4 with even your 3rd string players and you dont have a defense that can hold a team under 55 points, YOU ARE GARBAGE! TCU's best win is Kansas St who's best win is Oklahoma who is no longer ranked at all. You see where this conference is a paper tiger yet.

3. Our only loss is against VT who caught us at the beginning of the year when we were breaking in a new qb, 4 new Olinemen, a new running back, New recievers, and 2 first round Defensive players and more. Everyone on earth knows we would destroy them now.

4. While everyone on earth knows we would easily avenge our loss right now, we cant say the same about the teams ahead of us that lost. 

That is all

Comment 17 Nov 2014

I typically don't bother commenting on this subject but do read the comments. I don't have a twitter account and created my facebook page just this year. That being said. When I read your comment, I couldn't help but think to myself; who the hell are you that anyone would give a rats ass what you think when it comes to your opinion on whether or not a person should tweet a player? I mean, the guy is an adult, as all of the player on the Bucks are. So for you to come across the way you did, like he was stalking players or something, to me, makes you look like you think your opinion is worth way more than it actually is. You should do you, and let other people do what they do. Nobody cares if you have a problem with it or not. Not saying that you shouldn't express your opinion, but the judging came off harsh. I don't think shaming is needed here, but that my expressed opinion.