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Comment 17 Oct 2016

I know myself and a fellow OSU student are going. Anyone know of any OSU tailgates that we could hit up beforehand?

Comment 29 Sep 2016

Not to be that guy but the stats say he threw a touchdown pass on the road one time... Regardless, no rushing or receiving TDs on the road is interesting.

Comment 06 Sep 2016

No we haven't met up. I moved over the summer so much of my free time was dedicated to that and I've just been trying to get situated here. When is that rush event?

Comment 06 Sep 2016

Just as an FYI, at Freshman Kickoff, the head of Block O told all freshman to say "O-H-I-O Let's Go Bucks". Myself and most other avid Buckeye football fans knew better and just laughed it off knowing it would never stick. At the game on Saturday, the "Let's Go Bucks" that freshman started with slowly began to fade after each kickoff because they realized that 1) they were in the minority and 2) it singled them out as freshmen. There is no way this goes away until the whole student body makes a majority decision to change, which will never happen. After the Burns pick-6, almost every student still there was yelling "rip his f******* head off!" So while I'm sure the university will continue to try and get rid of this, it won't work because freshmen hate being different and want to fit in. 

An interesting way to make this work would be for the refs to throw a flag and call the crowd for unsportsmanlike conduct. That would get the students attention in a hurry.

Comment 02 Jun 2016

Yeah i specifically had them in mind but wanted to open it up to any others who may not have said they are incoming freshmen. Just curious why does Block O suck?

Comment 01 Jun 2016

I would like to believe that Delany would be all over this idea and that Sankey is the one holding back, but something tells me Delany is afraid of it.