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Comment 09 Sep 2014

How does Saban beat a blitz?  With a delayed pass after the O Line implodes and 7 defenders are in the backfield *behind the receiver*.  This is one of his all time favorite plays.  Ex:

Apologies to all for showing Bama and LSU, but since our O Line was imploding on its own every play I was calling for this one in the 2nd half... we saw a similar-ish slow sweep / wheel to Dontre but the pass was too high.  Why we didn't try it again is beyond me, because Dontre would still be running if the pass had some touch.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

That's a shame, but true.  Perhaps I'm naive, but I'd like to think not every single OOC game is not about media exposure, recruiting and money.  USC and Texas came to Columbus within the last decade, neither motivated by the need to poach Ohio talent.  (Each currently has 1 player from Ohio on their roster FWIW.)  I suppose I'll just shut my mouth and wish Wisky good luck in their Texas recruit campaign, but it's disappointing that LSU and Bama either weren't asked to or won't consider heading to Madison.  If I were a Badger fan, I would be clamoring for reciprocation instead of getting shoddy home games.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

True, there's no doubt they hate us.  It's going to take some consecutive PAC crushing Rose Bowl wins (?), and probably multiple seasons of .500+ winning against relevant OOC competition, and some playoff wins before anybody suggests that the B1G is worthy and for the ESPN train to have to pause before slamming the B1G week in and week out.

Comment 07 Sep 2014

Sadly I agree.  0 for 4 in primetime the first 2 weeks leaves little room for debate.  There was a perfectly good opportunity to beat an SEC West team, Oregon, an upcoming ACC team and ND.  0 wins.

My one problem with these games is that 3 of them were road games (let's be honest... LSU in Houston?).  Will LSU ever agree to play Wisky in Chicago?  Hell no.  Wisconsin's season opener next year?  Bama in Texas.  I hate that the B1G has some inferiority complex and (IMO) rarely gets teams to come play in their house.  I'm happy to see Oregon going to MSU next year.  Sparty needs to get that one.

Comment 31 Aug 2014

I lived in Austin during the Texas series.  My girlfriend was in grad school there.  My parents got the tickets for the game in Columbus but I went with her to the game in Austin.  It was a bit strange because we had UT season tickets and I always rooted for the Horns cordially except for that game.  It was really great to see us get the win on the road.

As an aside, I'm really excited to see a solid OOC home & home series like this one again.  Cal and Miami were nice but this one seems a bit more interesting.  Having Oregon, Oklahoma and Texas in the coming years is a step in the right direction.  I would love to see a series with Georgia, Clemson, Stanford, and that caliber continuing into the future.

Comment 31 Aug 2014

I personally don't think Bama won today... WVU found a way to lose.  Seriously, with the red zone int / failures on 1st and goal, dropped passes, etc. they left 14-17 pts on the field in my opinion.  I would not drop us in the polls but I won't be surprised if they move down a couple spots.  I would drop FSU and Bama from 1,2.  Nobody played lights out today but even against weaker opponents I think Oregon and Oklahoma are more deserving of 1,2.  Sparty Georgia and TAMU should be considered for top 5 as well.

Comment 24 Nov 2013

We will see how the ACC does during Bowl Season, but very top heavy and mediocre outside of the top two.

I don't disagree at all about that with respect to the ACC, but I would say the same is true for almost all conferences.