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Comment 24 Nov 2013

We will see how the ACC does during Bowl Season, but very top heavy and mediocre outside of the top two.

I don't disagree at all about that with respect to the ACC, but I would say the same is true for almost all conferences.

Comment 09 Nov 2013

I wasn't sure before the game, but at half time I feel really good.  That stupid fumble at the goal line would have been a huge crowd killer.  Fewer TOs in the 2nd half means a win for LSU from what I see.


Jimbo and Urban must be DYING to play against this Bama D right now.

Comment 05 Nov 2013

This article makes me want to run through a wall.  Do we dare go out on a limb and suggest that the B1G might actually have a winning record this bowl season?  I would love a DVD of that College Football Final episode with Mark and Rece literally soiling themselves.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this concludes my tenure at ESPN.  Mark May has just hung himself in the corner after watching Minnesota dismantle South Carolina.  I'm going to call for an immediate investigation into aliens and/or witchcraft practices on the Gophers campus."

Comment 04 Nov 2013

In all seriousness, wrap your head around this.  Auburn beats Arkansas (currently winless in the SEC and also on a 6 game losing streak started by losing to RUTGERS #karma) and moves up 2 spots in the BCS.  Texas A&M hands over a million bucks to beat the crap out of UTEP, and the Aggies drop 3 spots.

Takeaway: massive bonus points for beating SEC teams, regardless of how dog turd awful they are, because, well, SEC, duh.  The rule clearly applies even to SEC teams.  God help Mizzou if they ever try to revive that Kansas rivalry.

Comment 03 Nov 2013

If there is an *AQ* undefeated team for us to play and we're undefeated, I'm going to be disappointed with Stanford in the Rose.  Sounds crazy, because I would love a Rose Bowl game, but actually, I'll go further.  If all 3 teams above us win out, and we do too, and we don't play one of the "big 3" (as Musberger called them last night), I will be freaking pissed off.

Stanford seems to be the popular prediction right now though.  I guess I'll be a huge Stanford and LSU fan this week.

Comment 28 Oct 2013

If FSU also wins out, I would assume we'd play FSU instead of Stanford to get a pseudo-playoff despite the Pac relationship with the Rose Bowl.  If we're not able to get into the NC game I would rather play Oregon or Stanford and give FSU a crack at Bama.  I like FSU's chances against Bama more than Oregon's.

Comment 27 Oct 2013

The importance of the line cannot be overstated.  Even without a good O-Line, I think this group of guys would get rushing yards (8 different guys rushed last night), but with the amazing O-Line we have this season, I'd say there is very little doubt we can run *well* on any team in the country.  I sure hope we have the opportunity for the non-starters to get lots of reps between now and whichever BCS bowl game we play in to build in some more depth.

This is perhaps another topic, but I think our rushing attack is the best in the country; Oregon's is the only one that compares to the Hyde/Braxton/Wilson/Hall/EzE/Smith/KennyG/Jones show.  That we have a O-Line to unleash that beast is freaking beautiful to watch.