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Comment 16 Nov 2014

Even better.  Soooo zero wins against a currently-ranked opponent, and lots of close calls.  If the committee has already dropped them after being unimpressive, I could see this week being very ugly for them.

Comment 16 Nov 2014

Look at how much this team is capable of improving in as little as 3 weeks.  I too hope we see it again before B1G champ kickoff.  Wisky has its fair share of weaknesses to exploit.  There is no elite team this year.  If you are looking for elite in all facets of the game, change the channel to Kentucky basketball.

Comment 16 Nov 2014

Just keep winning.  It's a great time for a 2 week lull in our schedule, assuming that's what we're in now(?).  Still lots of opportunity to shake the top 10 up....

  • FSU vs BC, Gators, ACC champ game
  • TCU vs Texas
  • Baylor vs Okla St, Kansas St
  • Bama vs Auburn, SEC champ game?
  • MSU vs Ole Miss, SEC champ game?
  • Oregon @ Beavers, Pac12 champ game
Comment 16 Nov 2014

What sane person, coach or otherwise, actually believes FSU to be the best team in the nation?  Resume:

  • The only win they have over a team still ranked is Notre Dame.  OT, ND had a chance to win in final minute, ND just lost to NU, etc.
  • Taken to OT by Clemson, while they were in the middle of a QB battle
  • Struggled mightily against Okla St, who got destroyed by Texas last night and will likely end the season with a 6 game losing streak and not be bowl eligible
  • No style points, not even on the menu
  • A handful of come from behind wins against perennial ACC bottom-feeders

What a freaking joke.  Just.... Go Gators.  Seriously Go Gators.

Comment 11 Nov 2014

Seriously.  Two words; Huber Heights.  I guess he has a career (and a child) to think of, but his athleticism should have no problem getting on the field next year and hopefully beyond.

Comment 11 Nov 2014

The D stats on the Gophers look alright; they held TCU to 30 (statistically significant) and it's gonna be really cold.  Despite that, they are very one-dimensional on offense.  With confidence in the DBs I look for blitzes and the D-Line to shine.  JT might not get 300 yds passing but I say a 37-14 win boosted by a well rounded rushing attack.

Comment 10 Nov 2014

If they lose this late in the season, with so many other well qualified teams, they're out.  Seriously, to play them in the Rose Bowl, if both teams played like they did on Saturday, would be 4 of my favorite hours of all time.

Comment 10 Nov 2014

Re: Braxton debate... I agree there's no point in debating until it happens, but meanwhile I try to imagine what you do as a defense when you are facing an O-Line actually returning multiple starters, Vannett at TE to (hopefully more often) slip into the secondary from time to time, then beyond the box you see Jalin, Dontre, M. Thomas, maybe somebody younger and then oh yeah Braxton to catch passes, with Zeke standing next to Joe Thomas in shotgun.... and my face MELTS.

FWIW, JT is my QB.  Braxton is on the field, make no mistake, but JT is my QB.

Comment 02 Nov 2014

Offense playcalling like tonight?  We win TO margin, guessing 1-0?  O-Line plays well?  If so, and I think so, Buckeyes.  I won't be stunned (history should tell me to bet on Sparty) if they lose but I like OSU to win their next 5, going who knows where in January.