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Comment 27 Mar 2016

Garmin also auto-syncs with TrainingPeaks... disclaimer: I am a TrainingPeaks employee. Nothing wrong with Strava, but if you want to keep your data private you can also use TrainingPeaks, which doesn't make that available to the public in any feed or anything like that by default.

Comment 27 Mar 2016

Sorry I'm just seeing this. I got distracted by a terrific spring storm and flipped back to winter mode*, but did just see a 12 speed cassette for MTB - http://www.bicycling.com/bikes-gear/reviews/sram-unveils-12-speed-drivetrain. I have to believe 11 is enough on the road and in general, but I suppose time will tell if these take off.

* https://www.instagram.com/p/BDcPOvtQnD_/?taken-by=_brettburch

Comment 19 Mar 2016

You'll fall over... nearly everyone does. I did it. I don't see an issue with the platforms on a cruiser ride through town, but for anything more than super casual, your form / endurance / power / fun will increase when using the whole stroke rather than just smashing from 11 to 5 o'clock.

Comment 19 Mar 2016

I don't see many, if any, triples. The vast majority are 34/50 compacts. Cassettes vary by preference and preferred riding / terrain style. Most people I know don't mind topping out their gearing on the descents and prefer something that climbs better, but I'm sure there are TT folks who would rather not have a climbing cassette and want to be able to max out their descents. 11 speed cassettes appear to be on their way to becoming standard over 9 or 10.

Comment 18 Mar 2016

Colorado in general, but I would suggest Boulder specifically, is perfect for cycling. Let me know if you anybody is ever in the area and wants a partner or suggestion for a route on a road ride. I work for a company that caters to pro coaches and endurance athletes, including cyclists, so we get a lot of great lunch rides in.... tough to beat a 2000' climb for lunch.

Comment 18 Mar 2016

Practice clipping in/out in a doorway in your house, or next to your bed (fall the right way...).

Also, don't do this yet, but if you use Shimano cleats, I just switched from the yellow (6 degree) to the blue (1 degree) and it feels much better (and more power) without the extra range of motion. If you're feeling bold on your next set of cleats, consider the blue or red ones.

Comment 15 Mar 2016

Verne a 16 seed? The Verne & Gary show on SECBS is the only bad thing about Saturdays in the fall. You can't even hear the commentary sometimes with their heads so far inside Saban's colon.

Comment 15 Mar 2016

In. I'm fairly certain I overthought the whole thing so I plan on burning my bracket next Sunday.

Comment 13 Mar 2016

I can't help it; growing up when not living in Ohio, I lived in Kentucky for a few years. Hate it all you want but in Kentucky UK bball is analogous to OSU football in Ohio, so be careful calling the kettle black all you pots out there. I'm not saying the fans are the same, but the expectation/venue/tradition/etc have their similarities. Go Cats.

Aside from UK, I'll go Boulder Buffs and whoever is playing Duke or Michigan.

Comment 06 Mar 2016

He was great to watch every Sunday the last several years and I'll miss him on the ol' local team. This year was an odd mix of terrific and horribly frustrating watching him at times. I for one am glad he stopped after such a huge win rather than trying to eek out another year or two - it would not have been pretty.

Comment 08 Feb 2016

He had a 56.6 QBR, errant throws / near picks, etc. 3 drives starting inside their own 14 yard line and only got 1 TD. Needed a defensive TD to get to 24. No way he comes back. Wherever else he might go, he won't have a defense like this season to win games for him. He's done.

Comment 08 Feb 2016

Several weeks ago I got a hard time here for using the horrific cliche that defense wins championships. Ladies and gentlemen, if it pleases the court, I would like to call attention to some breaking evidence and encourage those praising the unstoppable Panther scoring machine to reconsider their position.

How 'bout that local team?!?!?!?!