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Comment 02 Sep 2011

Agred - I don't rant about it but I've simply declassified myself as a fan.

Just recently I ordered two shirts from the 11W store and the ESPiN shirt was one of them.  The other?  FICKELLBALL.

IMHO, as much as we get the shaft from ESPiN and SI, I feel like we get the good end of the stick from the NCAA and some other sources.  Does anyone else feel like that? 

GO BUCKS, fuck ESPiN and SI for that matter.

Comment 01 Sep 2011

Ugg ... even with your looks, it is unacceptable to start an 11W post with "happy hump day."  Thanks!

Comment 30 Aug 2011

>> Also, can the Big Ten and the Big Twelve really not switch names, already?

That would be like Coke and RC Cola changing names!  Win for one, epic loss for the other.  I hope we keep the name - we know current leadership isn't to be trusted with these types of decisions. 

Comment 30 Aug 2011

I remember Hartsock as a stud too ... but after seeing your comment in the RECENT COMMENTS section, the first thing that came to mind was the dropped pass in the NC games where, at the time, it seemed like it could have turned things in the right direction.

EDIT:  Why am I cofusing him with Hamby and the TX game??  Must be old age.  Hrm.