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Comment 12 Feb 2015

I think OSU will wait and have most the backers Camp. I am sure a lot of OSU offers are not committable .

Comment 22 Jan 2015

It is a way of slow playing a recruit. If the kid turns out to be a great recruit they can tell the recruit we offered you way back when, if he doesn't they never give him a spot. To me it is like a way of hedging your bet on a recruit. The recruit can report the offer, no one knows if it is committable or not, and the school can tell them it is committable later or never let them commit.  My son has one, I didn't report or list it. To me they aren't offers.

Comment 22 Jan 2015

First off, the academics are super hard. They teach and coach kids from across the world. Many Japanese kids go to IMG for golf, which the Japanese wouldn't tolerate the American education system, especially for 70k a year. Most country's have much better education than we do now. My son is at IMG , he is a 3.98 student and is amazed at how hard the school is. He has 5 hrs of homework a night. He gets up at 5 and lifts for 1 hr. Breakfast( which is custom picked for him by a nutritionist ) then classes till 12 and his lunch. At 1:30 he has position specific drills and coaching till 3. Then a shake and a team meeting at 4. Goes to dinner at 6. Usually has 3-6 hrs of homework and in room curfew at 10:30. They have a brutal schedule and there isn't any break on grades or schooling no matter who you are or what sport you play. We play Florida teams but are not eligible to play in State tournament. We are playing tentatively , we fly to Bishop Gorman in Vegas, fly to St. Peters prep in Jersey, fly to St.Ed's in Cleveland, fly to St.Johns in D.C, then we play some top Florida teams at home. We were ranked #16 in the Nation this season , but look for us to win a National title this next season. We have some of the top players in the Nation. My son is getting bigger and has always been fast. Got a text today from his defensive coordinator. " Wow, he is fast "   Oh , by the way, IMG gives scholarships. After spring ball and training my son should be 235 lbs, 6'2 and run legit high 4.4 to low 4.5 forties. There is not a better place on the planet to prepare for college football. Playing with and against the best players in the country , excellent coaching, academics, and speed and strength.

Comment 15 Jun 2014

Jango Glackin has been to 5 camps and 5 offers. He just picked up Indiana yesterday to go with his 4 MAC offers. MSU , Michigan, and Purdue are very interested in him. Heard he had great Camps at MSU and Purdue. A kid getting 5 offers from Camps in a week is pretty impressive.


Comment 12 Jun 2014

Jango Glackin a LB out of Lebanon Ohio should be on that list. He has put up great numbers at Camps and was a Best of the Midwest All Team . He is a 210 lbs OLB with 4.5 speed and 36 verticle.