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Ohio guy. Brief stint in Indiana for school but brought my talents back to the Buckeye State.

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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Indiana game 2011.
    First game with my Dad since 1993. Hit the Skull Session, had decent seats, GREAT weather, Braxton set a school record, Bucks pulled out a victory, and to top it off after the game we got our picture taken with Gordon Gee and Gene Smith.
    I'll remember that day the rest of my life. That is what it's all about folks.

  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: #27. '95 Heisman Winner,'96 NFL ROTY,9yr NFL Vet, 10K yd RB, Entrepreneur, Restauranteur,Thespian.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: ~still~ Aaron Craft
  • NHL TEAM: Would rather watch Buckeye replays.
  • NBA TEAM: Any and all former Buckeyes.
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: Would rather watch Buckeye replays

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Comment 14 hours ago
It's a giant troll job by Saban. -Puts on tinfoil cap- Offering Ohio guys that OSU might've slow played otherwise thereby forcing the Bucks into offering to keep up with the Jones and not look like jerks to the home state guys. Bama knows some of these guys may commit and occupy spots higher ranked players could have taken, leaving those players ripe for bama to put the full court press on. Removes hat. Or Ohio just has talent and saban wants in on the action.
Comment 20 hours ago
Have 3 or 4 tee shirts in the rotation. A lucky hat for game days. Sweet ass Nike zip up my sister got me (special football related occasions only) couple scarlet block O hats worn sparingly.
Comment 23 Feb 2017
Appreciate the help, but the issue I'm having isnt with signing in here at 11W. It's a full on Google Account problem. I cant sign into my email or Google account at all for that matter. As awesome as Jason is, he probably doesn't have jurisdiction over there. This was a desperation heave to the 11W endzone because I've tried everything else.
Comment 23 Feb 2017
Has anyone else experienced being inexplicably signed out of your Google account today? I noticed a triangle icon with an exclamation point in it on the top info bar of my phone today. Drop down menu says, Account action required. So I ick on it and it takes me to the log in screen and says there were changes to my account that need attention. Here's where it gets interesting. It will not accept my password. My previous password, and all authentication processes end in Google saying basically, sorry you can't sign in. I am beyond frustrated. For as awesome as a company Google boasts it's self as, there is no damn way to connect to a human to work this out. It's all automated bullshit. So, anyone else? Bueller?
Comment 22 Feb 2017
You wonder if it was a calculated risk. Break a bunch of rules, get top talent. Win a Shit load of games, maybe a natty. Eventually get caught. Take the punishment but maybe overall your brand grows and the HC is a Patsy. Seems like it all happened except one part.....
Comment 22 Feb 2017
Agree with the sentiment but it's pretty early in the game to call Sark turned around. He's doing OK, but it takes years and years to be completely past a problem like he had (has?). UV tho.